Robbery Attempt Foiled at Target

By On December 24, 2014

Editor’s Note: It was incorrectly reported that Pasadena’s police helicopter was involved in the arrest when in fact it was the Glendle/Burbank joint operated helicopter. As a reader writes in: It was actually the Burbank/Glendale Police helicopter, Air-1, comprised of a Glendale Pilot and Burbank Tactical Flight Officer that handled this call and was instrumental in apprehending the suspects. We could not agree more and regret the wrong airship being identified.

Burbank police were called out to target on Christmas Eve a little after 4:00 pm for a report of an armed robbery in progress. It was also reported that three men were in front of the store fighting with store security.

Burbank/Glendale’s police helicopter.  was in the area and spotted the three individuals immediately running through the Empire parking lot in the area of Outback Steakhouse.

With police starting to arrive on scene, one suspect looked to be taken into custody by an off-duty officer who stopped a suspect by Sports Authority.

The helicopter, known as Air 1, quickly located the other two individuals who were still in the parking lot and directed officers toward them. One suspect resisted officers as he was taken into custody, with officers taking control of the situation.

The third suspect was taken into custody without any incident.

The man identified by Target security as the suspect who stole the merchandise that was later recovered, also had felony warrants on him to add to his Christmas cheer.