Roll With Me: A Man’s Journey Across America in a Wheelchair

Gabe Cordell

On April 1st, 2013, Gabriel Cordell, a charismatic 42 year old who has been  paraplegic for the past 20 years, will leave Burbank, CA, and roll his wheelchair 3,300 miles across America to his home town in West Hempstead, NY, arriving June 10, 2013.

Gabe Cordell

Cameras will be following this adventure, and the ensuing documentary will be a film about one man pushing his physical, mental, and emotional boundaries to the extreme limits, as he becomes the first person to manually cross this country in a wheelchair in 70 days.  To prepare for the upcoming challenges, he has been training five days a week at the Burbank Community YMCA, the place Gabe has deemed “my second home.”

On back roads and through forgotten towns, this doc will follow Gabe on the most important journey of his life. One that has seen him through paralysis, recovery from sexual and drug addictions, and on through his ultimate desire to prove that with will, determination, and a bit of work no one has to be constrained by their past and held to circumstances.

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