Roosevelt Elementary School Students Celebrate Their Namesakes Birthday


Friday was Teddy Roosevelt’s 154 birthday (born in 1858) and the students at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Burbank celebrated the day with a school-wide picnic and observance on their athletic field.

MC Tim Conway Jr. called upon different Roosevelt Elementary students to give facts about Teddy Roosevelt (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

The day got off to a start with Burbank Mayor Dave Golonski joining the students in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Burbank Community Band playing of the National Anthem.  The Burbank Sunrise Kiwanis helped arrange for the band.

The day was hosted by KFI radio talk show host Tim Conway Jr., who MC’d the event.   Several students took to the microphone to deliver interesting facts about the 26th President of  the United States.


Strike up the Band! The Burbank Community Band performed the National Anthem (Photo By Craig Sherwood)


    1. Tim Conway, Jr. said: “I started saying ‘DING DONG!’ shortly after
      hearing Rory Emerald say it on his cable access TV show. I don’t know
      how he felt about it. I think he took it good-naturedly. I myself
      would’ve been flattered!”

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