Santa’s Mailbox is Back at Ugly Mug Coffee House

photo courtesy of the Ugly Mug Coffee House

A bright red Santa’s Mailbox can be seen in front of the Ugly Mug Coffee House along Burbank Blvd with stunning handprinted lettering and a promise to keep the Christmas spirit alive during this difficult time.

This is the second year for the coffee shop’s mailbox and it will continue to be a Burbank tradition for years to come. The Ugly Mug Coffee House, owned by Steve and Emily Nalbantian, has been a huge part of the community since its opening and even received an Honorary Service Award from the Bret Harte Elementary’s PTA earlier this year.

Santa’s Mail Box was handcrafted by Emily’s father, Steve Harriman, who is a Burroughs graduate from the Class of 71’ and a talented sign maker. The mailbox can be found out front of the coffee shop along Burbank Blvd and kids are encouraged to come inside to grab a fun template letter to use or drop off their own letters from home.

Letters with a return address will receive a reply from the desk of Santa Claus accompanied by a small gift.  This Christmas the mailbox has received over 60 letters and Steve and Emily hope to receive many more. Visit The Ugly Mug Coffee House at 3112 W Burbank Blvd and join in on a little Christmas magic.

photo courtesy of the Ugly Mug Coffee House