Santuari Restaurant Offering First Christmas Holiday Brunch


Release from Santuari Restaurant:

Nestled in the beautiful city of Toluca Lake, SANTUARI RESTAURANT, an exquisite venue offering fresh Californian cuisine with delicious Mediterranean accents, will be celebrating its first ever Christmas Grand Holiday Brunch Sunday, December 23rd from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

“Join us for our inaugural Holiday Brunch event,” states Santuari’s General Manager Kim Gregory, “celebrating the holidays with our exclusive a la carte brunch menu and libations. Gather with friends and family to exchange early gifts or just celebrate each other with unmatched food, service and masterfully crafted brunch cocktails.”

The Holiday French Toast at Santuari Restaurant

Several exquisite dishes will be available to attending guests. The first of these is the Everything Flatbread, a tasty meal made with creme fraiche, salmon lox, red onions, crispy cappers, egg yolk and tarragon chives. If guests are in the mood for a burger, the Chorizo Brunch Burger is recommended. It’s made with a house-made pork chorizo, topped with a sunny side egg, mojo pickles on a toasted brioche bun.

“One of the greatest things about Santuari Restaurant is the diversity of the dishes guests can choose from,” explains Aurora DeRose, a “Best of Los Angeles Award” community member, “it always stuns me just how versatile and talented this venue is.” Santuari Restaurant won the award for “Best New Restaurant – 2018,” a prestigious award amongst the Los Angeles community.

For example, guests can try out the Vegetable Egg White Frittata, Chef Mica’s vegetable egg white frittata, which is made with egg whites from organic eggs, a house-made salsa verde, shaved radishes, red onions and garnished with fresh parsley. If this doesn’t suit their taste, a Holiday French Toast is available, which is made with house-made cranberry currant compote, Chantilly creme, toasted almonds and lightly dusted powder sugar.

“We underwent two years of upgrades and remodeling, and our restaurant is now ready for the holidays,” states Kim Gregory, “It’s an amazing space that features separate bar, lounge, and patio menus. It’s going to be a fantastic experience for our guests.” The newly renovated bar and lounge are highlighted by a specialty cocktail menu, as well as fresh approaches to classic cocktails, craft beers, and a boutique wine list.

“Santuari offers stunning dining and lounging areas and is the perfect way to treat yourself to an amazing lunch. I positively devoured the rib eye steak and paired it with a glass of Merlot. Delicious! This is will now be my go-to spot in LA,” raves Michelle P., a BoLAA member and satisfied diner from Los Angeles, CA.

Reservations for the Sunday Brunch can be made at or call 323-902-9700

Santuari Restaurant is located at

6711 Forest Lawn Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90068

(across the LA River from Warner Brothers)