School Board Votes 5-0 to Close Burbank Schools


In an emergency meeting of the Burbank Unified School District Board, the board decided to close all City of Burbank schools starting Monday, March 16, through 27.

The unanimous decision to cancel all instruction for the week and close the schools was a response to the Coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic.

“We’ve been exploring options here in Burbank,” said School Superintendent Matt Hill. “Given the situation, the governor’s proclamation, as well as advise from the county [health department], we’re moving toward closure.” 

During the two week Spring Break, the board will work to develop options for the students and parents. Online classes, packets of work, or learning centers were discussed during the session.

Parents in attendance voiced their concerns over the methods that will be offered as alternative instruction. Jasmin Stewart-Harbin’s nine year old son has autism and is enrolled in LEAP, a special eduction program for autistic students.

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 “Since there is not going to be any school, I was wondering what is going to happen to our children,” said Stewart-Harbin. “Some of the children are not tech savvy to work independently. A lot of the parents aren’t trained to teach their children.”

Stewart-Harbin suggested video conferencing classes would be a good way to keep the LEAP students in visual contact with their teachers. 

The schools are schedule to reopen on March 27; however, the date could be rescheduled.

“Everything is changing day by day,” said Hill. “We are following the advice of the department of health.”

Information on the school closings can be found on the school district website.