School District Says Man Arrested for Entering Burbank High Campus

Burbank High School (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

In an incident Tuesday, an adult male entered the Burbank High School (BHS) campus while appearing to be intoxicated. The quick response from the school’s custodial staff and administration, as well as the Burbank Police Department (BPD), ensured the safety of the students present, leading to the arrest of the individual.

The incident took place at approximately 1:26 pm when the unidentified male entered the BHS campus, raising immediate concerns among the staff. The custodial staff wasted no time and immediately contacted the school administrator, who promptly responded to the call. With the assistance of the custodial team, the assistant principal confronted the individual and requested him to leave the campus premises.

Despite the assistant principal’s request, the individual refused to comply, prompting the school administration to call the BPD for assistance. The police arrived swiftly and took control of the situation, ultimately leading to the arrest of the intoxicated individual. The efficiency displayed by the BPD in handling the incident reflects their commitment to ensuring the safety of the community.

Fortunately, due to the ongoing summer vacation, only a limited number of students were present on campus. Some students were in the quad returning textbooks, while others were participating in athletic activities. The students engaged in athletics were under the supervision of the coaching staff, ensuring their safety during the incident. Additionally, BHS had two administrators present on campus to address any potential issues, demonstrating the school’s commitment to student welfare.

This incident has underscored the importance of school security, prompting a comprehensive safety review that was initiated in the spring of 2023. In light of recent events, BHS has been implementing a range of efforts to fortify campus security. These measures include the installation of fencing and the planned implementation of a new campus entry system scheduled for the upcoming fall semester.

To further enhance safety protocols, the District Administration and the Board of Education are actively engaging in discussions and collaborations with the City of Burbank, the Burbank Police Department, and the School Resource Officer. Their collective focus is to streamline pathways for additional safety improvements at the Burbank High School campus. In the following weeks, representatives from the educational and law enforcement authorities will conduct a site walk to thoroughly assess the campus and explore every potential option to enhance security measures.

As investigations into today’s incident continue, the Burbank High School administration assures parents, students, and the community at large that they remain committed to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all students.


    1. As a resident of the Burbank community since 1991, I find myself deeply unsettled by the recent incident at Burbank High School. This event, far from being an isolated episode of disturbance, taps into a nerve of concern that runs deep within our communal consciousness. It highlights the disquieting reality of public intoxication and substance abuse that, like a specter, looms over our community.

      The palpable shadow of another haunting figure, a chronic public inebriate in Magnolia Park who remains resistant to housing aid, deepens the gravity of this predicament. His saga stands as a stark testament to the nuanced complexity of addiction. Even in the face of extensive resources and interventions, a disheartening inertia seems to hold him, and others like him, in the relentless grasp of substance abuse.

      In the face of this, a question percolates to the surface: Is the proposed construction of a Tiny Homes facility in Burbank truly a step toward salvation, or could it be a precipice poised above a deeper abyss? While such facilities have been championed as an innovative solution to homelessness, they have also been marred by their own demons, with incidents of overdose sullying their reputation. Should we invite this potential Pandora’s box into our community, or is it incumbent upon us to explore alternative pathways that may provide safer havens for the afflicted?

      The Burbank High School staff and the Burbank Police Department displayed commendable courage and efficiency during the recent incident. However, the situation beckons for solutions that transcend momentary interventions and delve into the roots of the problem. As part of the community, we must rally behind the call for comprehensive, enduring, and above all, compassionate strategies to combat public intoxication and addiction.

      I have previously voiced support for the involvement of the County’s Office of the Guardian, advocating for court orders to commit chronic public inebriates to mandatory addiction treatment. This may serve as a two-pronged approach that addresses both immediate public safety concerns and lays the groundwork for the long-term rehabilitation of those locked in the painful embrace of addiction.

      Burbank, our shared home, is a sanctuary of community and camaraderie. We are stewards of its safety, its integrity, and its heart. We are called to protect not just the physical spaces we inhabit but also to extend our collective strength and compassion to those who stand on the margins, reaching out for help. This is no small task, but I firmly believe that with thoughtful collaboration, steadfast determination, and a shared belief in the power of community, we can rise to this challenge and usher in a brighter, safer future for all.

    2. This is a follow-up comment after I read the arrest report found at this link and took the time to review court records by searching the man’s name and date of birth at the courthouse:

      It is noteworthy to mention that this individual has a lengthy history of arrests in Burbank, spanning over 20 years. More disturbing is the fact that not too long ago, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation for brandishing a weapon or firearm.

      Given the seriousness of these offenses and the pattern of criminal behavior, it is evident that we need our authorities, including prosecutors, judges, and possibly the county, to consider the possibility of commitment to a mental health institution. Underlying mental health issues that necessitate professional treatment may be at play, and addressing these could be critical in preventing further harm to our community.

      It could also be prudent to probe into any potential substance abuse problems. Such understanding could offer valuable insights into motivations and help chart out appropriate intervention strategies. According to police arrest logs, drugs, particularly meth, appear to be a major catalyst for property crimes in Burbank. According to many medical professionals, meth causes severe, permanent, and irreversible mental issues.

      The safety of our community, especially our schools, should remain our top priority. A comprehensive approach addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, focusing on rehabilitation, is the need of the hour.

      These concerns necessitate action. We urge the appropriate authorities within the Burbank Unified School District to work closely with the County Public Guardian and other relevant agencies. Our focus should be on addressing the issues surrounding repeat offenders and individuals with a history of criminal activity.

      Allowing such individuals back onto our streets raises serious safety questions. This individual, for instance, seems to have an unsettling bond with Burbank, given the numerous run-ins with the law over two decades on severe charges.

      Perhaps parents wish to follow up on this case, show up for this person’s court hearings, and make their voices heard on the matter so that the judge can fully understand the impact this person is having on them and their children.

      The criminal case number for this person’s case is 3BK01293 and you can search the status of the case at; and if you wish to attend the public hearing for his first court appearance, you can attend on July 26, 2023 at 8:30a.m. in Department 3 at the Burbank Courthouse at 300 East Olive Avenue.

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