Schultz Announces Strong Fundraising Lead in Assembly Race


The campaign for Nick Schultz, candidate for California State Assembly District 44, is proud to announce his significant fundraising lead in the race to succeed Laura Friedman in the 44th Assembly District. Showcasing his overwhelming support, the Schultz campaign has successfully raised over $480,000, surpassing the nearest competitor by more than $220,000.

The campaign attributes this fundraising success to generous contributions from within the district, organized labor, and democratic advocates, underscoring Schultz’s widespread appeal and strong grassroots support.

“Leading the fundraising race is a clear indicator of the momentum behind our campaign and the trust that voters, local workers, and statewide policy leaders place in our vision for the future of District 44,” said Nick Schultz. “This remarkable financial support empowers us to run a robust campaign, deeply engage with our voters, and address the pressing issues that matter most to our community.”

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