Scott to Take Over as San Bernardino’s City Manager

New City Manager Mark Scott. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The San Bernardino Sun reports that Burbank City Manager Mark Scott, who quit in mid Novermber, has been hired as the new interim City Manager.

Scott will start on February 8, just three days after leaving Burbank.

The Sun reports he will receive a one-year contract for $248,000. Scott made just under $300,000 in Burbank.

According to the Sun, Scott had expressed interest in the job days before the terrorism attack that hit the city on December 2.

Scott told reporter Ryan Hagen of the Sun, “I’m at the point in my career where I’m looking to join a high-functioning team,” Scott said, “and I believe you’ve got many people here — including yourselves (elected officials), including people in the audience — who are capable of fulfilling the promise.”

Burbank Chamber

Hagen also reported that Scott told him he will continue in Burbank until the first week of February, but he’ll spend a significant amount of time in San Bernardino until then.

There has been no comment from Burbank City officials on Scott or the fact that he will spend a large amount of time away from Burbank while still collecting his salary in January.