Secret Art Show Submission Deadline Nears For Talented Local Artists, Celebrities, Students, Teachers


The deadline for artist submissions for the Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Secret Art Show is Friday, September 20, 2013. The Secret Art Show is a sale of “secret” works of art in the form of unsigned 4” x 6” original pieces of art created by artists, celebrities, animators, students, teachers, well-known community leaders and talented non-professionals. Proceeds from the sale of these donated, original art works will go to help fund arts education for Burbank’s more than 16,000 public school students.

The art should be signed on the back and include a brief biography of the artist, submitted with the piece, so that the purchaser will be able to learn more about the artist creating the work. The work itself can be paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, collages, doodles, whatever the artist imagines. The entry form can be downloaded here.

The Foundation can provide 4″ x 6″ cards for artists to use. Artists may also use other mediums, as long as it measures 4” x 6.” Once the Burbank Arts For All Foundation receives the submitted art, they will post it on their event web site. Donated works will be displayed on the internet until the next year’s event. The website will list each “Secret” artist and link to their websites, providing exposure for these charitable artists.

The Secret Art Show will be held on Friday evening, November 1, at a location that is still “Secret.” The evening will showcase over 400 miniature “masterpieces” and will benefit the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization. For more information, visit the Burbank Arts For All website.



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