Senator Portantino Presents Resolution Proclaiming May as National Bike Month in California

Senator Anthony Portantino (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D – Burbank) made a significant stride in promoting cycling and bicycle-friendly communities in California with the introduction of Senate Concurrent Resolution 67 (SCR 67). Today, on the Senate Floor, Senator Portantino presented SCR 67, which proclaims May 2023 as National Bike Month in the state of California.

As the author of SCR 67, Senator Portantino expressed his personal enthusiasm for the resolution, stating, “I never thought I’d become a daily biker, and then it happened. That’s why I am personally excited to mark May as Bike Month and take this opportunity to encourage the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation.” The Senator emphasized the importance of promoting safer streets and the benefits that bike-friendly communities bring to public health, traffic safety, and the environment.

National Bike Month, established by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956, has since become a cherished tradition for millions of Americans. Bicycles offer an affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation for individuals across the country. The primary objective of SCR 67 is to raise awareness about the advantages of bicycling and to foster the development of safe and accessible bicycle-friendly communities.

In response to the Senate’s recognition of Bike Month, Marc Vukcevich, State Policy Advocate for Streets for All, a nonprofit organization advocating for climate and transportation justice, expressed their excitement. “We are excited to see Bike Month recognized by the Senate,” Vukcevich declared. “Biking is surging in popularity as a way to have fun, as a way to get great exercise, and as a form of transportation. Encouraging more people on bicycles is a great policy choice and something that should be celebrated.”

Kevin Claxton, the Interim Executive Director of CalBike, California’s statewide bicycle advocacy coalition, commended the Senate’s acknowledgment of bike riding as a means to foster health, joy, and connected communities. “The bicycle provides climate-friendly transportation and recreation for millions of Californians,” Claxton stated. CalBike, an organization dedicated to promoting bicycle use throughout the state, welcomed the recognition of Bike Month as a significant step forward.

With the proclamation of May 2023 as National Bike Month in California, the state aims to emphasize the positive impact of bicycles on the environment, public health, and overall well-being. As more individuals embrace cycling as a mode of transportation, California’s communities can become greener, healthier, and more connected.