Senior For A Day Program Brings Together Two Kinds Of Seniors

By On April 30, 2018

Senior high school students and senior citizens spent the day together on Friday, April 26, for the pilot program Senior For A Day. The seniors shared information about their lives, their experiences and their future plans.

Students at both Burbank and John Burroughs High Schools were paired with local business and airport representatives and seniors active in the community, according to Roosevelt Elementary Kindergarten teacher Linda Walmsley, who created the Senior For A Day program.

senior for a day

Senior Community Members and ASB members pose during a break in the classes at John Burroughs. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

The senior citizens attended classes, toured the campus and learned about “the challenges of being in high school in 2018,” she explained.

“The students [shared] their thoughts about education and their future plans. The senior citizens [shared] their successes and thoughts about living in the complex world that will challenge the students as they move toward adulthood.”

Superintendent Matt Hill and Vice-Mayor Emily Gable-Luddy attended lunches held for the program participants on both campuses and talked “about the importance of working collaboratively to make our city and the schools the best they can be.”

Jailene Arias and “Senior For A Day” Jim O’Neil take notes together in class.
Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The “Senior For A Day event was a success!” added Walmsley. “Seeing the senior citizens and the high school seniors interacting, talking about the challenges facing our city and our schools and thinking about solutions was a joy for me to observe. The city and school district staff that worked with me to coordinate the day were wonderful.”

“It was so refreshing to spend the day at Burbank High with our future leaders and learn about their aspirations,” said Crown Realty Executive VP Jim O’Neill. “It is evident that BUSD is providing varied academic and social programs in which all students can participate and be involved.”

“Praise to Principal Bertram and his staff for all they do to mold our next generation. Big thanks also to the four Bulldog cheerleaders who provided their time for me to experience high school as a ‘Senior for the Day,’” he also said.

Daniel Azarian, Chris Also, and James Mansour look over a study guide with “Senior For A Day” Don Ludwig, and Barry Gussow. Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Former BUSD Board of Education member Audrey Hanson thought the program was “a very meaningful morning – learnt a lot about Burroughs from ASB student Jackie Baradosi.”

Hanson was “very impressed with the curriculum at the AP level and the interaction with the teachers. Also impressed with the varied programs offered to meet to-day’s reality.”

“It was great showing Mr. Michael Hastings around campus and having him sit in on my AP Econ and AP Bio classes,” commented Burroughs senior Louis Kahn. “I was intrigued by what he does for a living and the various jobs that he has held in the past.”

“All the seniors within ASB who participated in the event found it to be a worthwhile experience and we will miss not being able to do it again next year!”