Sizzler Saying So Long to Burbank Diners

By On June 21, 2019

The inside has changed very little in all these years

Sunday, June 23 will mark the last day for the Sizzler that has been a mainstay in Burbank for over 50 years at the corner of Hollywood Way and Chandler.

Longtime employees including manager Ray Lim will soon be out of a job, “We are going to close on Sunday, our lease has expired.” “I, myself, have been here for 17 years”, said Lim, who also said he heard the plans for the property may include a new office building.

Large salad bar was always a lure to customers

Customers inside have also heard of the last Sizzler in Burbank fate and are saddened, “I hate it, it make me sad. It’s all about the bottom line for any landlord or commercial property. I am going to miss the friendliness of the staff, their chitchat and their food is good.” commented customer Candy Ross.

Longtime customer Mike Graceffo has been visiting the last Burbank location on and off for the last 25 years. “I like it. I mean, I have been coming here for a very long time. I like the salad bar and the atmosphere here. It’s a great Burbank place, you run into a lot of people from Burbank.”

There is no timeline or plans on file yet for the property.

Lim said, “We have many good memories and it has been a good job for us, but now we have to go.”

The Sizzler staples, Malibu Chicken and the salad bar