Skate Oddity Turns Burbank Upside Down for Stranger Things Skate Nights

Hellfire Skate Club night at LA Kings Burbank Sports Center. Photo courtesy of Skate Oddity.

Skate Oddity turned Burbank “upside down” for their Hellfire Skate Club event at the LA Kings Burbank Sports Center on August 20th and 28th.  The Stranger Things themed roller skating events were put on by Skate Oddity, a “rock ’n’ roller disco” group that has been holding 80’s music and culture inspired skate nights at the outdoor rink.

The LA Kings Burbank Sports Center is an outdoor roller rink located next to Ralph Foy Park and the Northwest Branch Library.  Couple, James David, founder/resident DJ of Skate Oddity and event producer, Brynna Ashley, have been renting the space monthly to hold their retro alternative skate nights since February 2022. “Our events have a heavy alternative 80’s influence, but we do play music from other eras. Most of which was influenced or influential to the 80’s,” said Ashley.

Hellfire Skate Club night at LA Kings Burbank Sports Center. Photo courtesy Cheryl Mann and John Kiefer.

The Hellfire Skate Club events were a huge success, completely selling out, and bringing large crowds out to the rink both nights. Attendees dressed up as they favorite Stranger Things characters or donned 80’s inspired looks, while elaborate photos ops and iconic scenes were set up around the rink. One of the dugouts of the rink was turned into a creepy scene from Vecna’s lair while the other dugout was transformed into character, Eddie Munson’s, trailer. Even the DJ booth was decked out in tinsel to take guests back to the 1984 Snow Ball from season 2.

Guests laid blankets around the park, and even those that didn’t come to skate still enjoyed the vibe and sang along to Kate Bush, Metallica, Siouxsie and Banshees, and The Clash. David and Ashley also dressed up, and played the part of hero Eddie Munson, and cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham. David played guitar on top of the rink’s dugout cage and performed a final act with Ashley to conclude the night and wrap up the two character’s proposed love story.

Hellfire Skate Club night at LA Kings Burbank Sports Center. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Mann and John Kiefer

Every detail of the event was themed from the show, including the vendor area, where a large banner displayed the infamous “Starcourt Mall” from Season 3 of Stranger Things. All of the vendors were hand picked to go with their event’s theme and carried nostalgic horror and alternative gifts, a lot of which reflected the Hellfire Club logo. “Our vendors are always local small businesses and chefs. We always have vegan vendor options too,” said Ashley. “Just another way to bring our themes to life and give back to our local community of small businesses.”

Even the food vendors had fun with the theme and offered Stranger Things inspired goodies. The Caffeinated Cart was there serving up a special “upside down” latte made with red salted caramel oat milk and topped with Eggo waffle cereal. Karrot Bakes sold Demogorgon tarts and Luna’s Sweets and Treats had custom Hellfire Club cookies.

Hellfire Skate Club night at LA Kings Burbank Sports Center. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Mann and John Kiefer

“Skate Oddity really is a labor of love,” said Ashley. All of the money from the ticket sales goes back into continuing the event and all of its expenses, including renting the rink, decor, generators, speakers, lights, staff, and insurance. “Thankfully we have an amazing skate community who volunteer to help with setup and take down. We couldn’t afford to do this without such a supportive community,” she added. If you are interested in being a sponsor or volunteer you can email the team at

Hellfire Skate Club night at LA Kings Burbank Sports Center. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Mann and John Kiefer

Bringing your own skates is also recommended but there are $5 skate rentals available at the rink while supplies last. White there isn’t an age limit on the event, they do recommend ages 11 and up. “We want kids to be and feel safe in the rink, so we recommend they have some skating experience prior to attending.” said Ashley, who explained how the rink can get very crowded with fast skaters. “It’s a really fun event for both kids and parents who are into the whole alternative thing,” she added. “Our community is extremely warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental to every lifestyle and skill level.”

Events are held monthly or bimonthly and are announced on Skate Oddity’s Instagram @skateoddity. Advance tickets are recommended to reserve your spot as events do sell out. Past skate nights at the LA Kings Burbank Sports Center have included a Depeche Mode tribute night, 80’s prom, Vampires of the 80’s: Lost Boys VS The Hunger, and Valentine’s and Vinyl.

Skate Oddity’s next event at the LA Kings Burbank Sports Center will take place on Saturday, October 22nd from 4:30-9:30pm. The Halloween Edition: 80’s Slashers skate night will be a tribute to the iconic horror and slasher films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

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