SoCal ETSY Guild At The Burbank Town Center Till Sunday


It’s all about art this weekend at the Burbank Town Center.


Members of the SoCal ETSY Guild are back for the quarterly pop-up show displaying their homemade arts and crafts on the first floor of the mall today and tomorrow while an art installation centering on the theme of peace is on the second floor in the Sears wing.Burbank Town Center ESTY Guild Show promo

The pop-up show features artists who are members of the SoCal ETSY Guild, a team of more than 2,500 local artists based throughout Southern California, said its founder Stephanie Payan. The purpose is to create consumer awareness of shopping local and buying handmade goods, she said. Guild members participate in pop-up shows in Burbank, San Diego, San Pedro, downtown Los Angeles and Riverside. Burbank is now a quarterly stop on the circuit, Payan said.

New ETSY member Katherine Arion creates portraits of people in pastels.

“I start with the eyes and then I add all these shadows and they clarify by the time I finish the portrait,” she said. “They start very mysterious and become very striking by the end of the session.”

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She works fast, painting one person in five minutes and if three are in the portrait, it takes about 20 minutes.

Born in Romania, she completed four years of instruction at an art college and four more years of classes in her home country then continued her art study in Paris. She paints in the style Neo-Fauve, a romantic take on Fauvism with touches of Post-Impressionism. Her subjects are Sequoia trees, landscapes and portraits.

After coming to the United States, she took art classes at Los Angeles Valley College and Los Angeles City College. She learned to draw very fast while studying storyboarding at Otis Parsons. The result was a successful career in storyboarding for TV commercials and print advertising. Her main claim to fame is modernizing the most recent illustration of the little girl on the Morton Salt label.Burbank Town Center ESTY Guild Show promo

Veteran ETSY member Marilyn Johnson, of Seadragon Designs, had a new product to show Burbank shoppers in addition to her fused glass and jewelry creations. She just started making message boards and stretched canvas decorative art using whimsical patterned fabrics.

Photographs and postcards can be tucked into ribbon that is crisscrossed on the message board canvas and secured with buttons. Children’s boards hold little hair barrettes that clip right on to the ribbons that are attached to the canvas.

Her stretched canvas decorative art pieces are two canvases attached with the smaller top canvas centered onto the larger bottom canvas that acts like a frame. One artwork featured a bird fabric on the top canvas while the bottom canvas was a floral fabric.

“It has the same color tones, so you get the dimensional effect of the birds on the floral background,” Johnson said.

Another piece had a seashell patterned fabric on the top canvas and the bottom piece was covered in a marine blue solid fabric — a great wall hanging for a beach cottage.

Also continuing until Sunday is an art installation titled “A 100-year Journey from Ararat to America and Back” by Father Vazken Movsesian and artist Gregory Beylerian on the second floor in the mall’s Sears wing.

It is a story of discovery finding treasures of spirituality in Armenia and understanding how those gems of faith have brought tranquility to the soul of a people, reads the art statement.

It is an interactive exhibition of photographs, music and words celebrating peace. The installation’s purpose, the creators said, is to awaken passion in the hearts of all who come to see it.



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