St. Francis Students Get a Lesson in Democracy

Seventh grader Lauren Ryan drops her ballot into the box during the St. Francis Mock Election (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

St. Francis Xavier School students and faculty held their own mock presidential election today with President Barack Obama continuing as our country’s president with 59% of the vote.

“Voting is a fundamental right as an American, and it should be as easy as 1-2-3,” said Dr. Paul Sullivan, principal at St. Francis Xavier School.  “We wanted to convey to the children how easy and important it is to exercise their right to vote.”

St. Francis Xavier third grader Jasmine Peete thinks about her choices as she records her choice for President of the United States. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Students milled through Holy Cross Hall on campus today placing their votes for whom they thought should be the next president. After learning about democracy and the election process in school over the past few weeks, students were excited to make their choice.  “I was happy to vote because I feel like I voted for the right person,” said second grader Clint Geryak.

The students were tuned into the real world as President Obama was re-elected by the adults also.