St. Francis Xavier Installs New School Officers

Elected officials all line up to take the pledge of office. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)
Dr. Paul Sullivan of St. Francis Xavier School lights a symbolic candle held by incoming school president Kaitlyn Maddigan under the watchful eye of Councilman Jess Talamantes (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

St. Francis Xavier held their installation ceremony at the school on Thursday.  Students from all grade levels assembled in the school’s church to listen to speakers and pray for their new class officers.

Burbank City Councilman Jess Talamantes was the keynote speaker and talked about the students and class leaders possible bright futures.

Student Council Elected Officers

2012/2013 School Year

              President                       Kaitlyn Maddigan

                   Vice-President              Kayla Santos

                   Secretary                       Allison Salvador

                   Treasurer                      Michael Romagnino

                   Reporter                       Austin Oberlander

                   Officers of Service        Daniel Maddigan,        Ana Tressel

  Officers of Religious Affairs      Shereen Aziz,     Becky Doyle

                   Boys Sports                   Kyle Lucero

                   Officer of Spirit            Allison Romagnino

                   Historian                       Ryan Maddigan

Elected officials all line up to take the pledge of office. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Appointed Officers


City of Burbank Youth Board                  Lauren Ryan

                   Community Service      Jide Hospidales

                   Girls’ Sports                  Haley Lefevre

                   Assistant to Girls’   Sports       Gabriella Angrisani

                    Assistant to Spirit        Isabella Augustine         Aidyn Kehrli

                   Snack Cart Set up        Weston Dunkin-Butcher,       Andrew Jaramillo

                   Snack Cart Treasurer    Collette Lee

                   Courtesy                         Reem Dabbous

                   Publicity/Posters                   Olivia Oberlander         Isabella Mardirossian

                   Pride Patrol                  Matthew Fowler

                                                          Connor Flynn

                                                          Skye Pingul

                                                          Isabella Scozzola

Burbank City Councilman Jess Talamantes addresses the students and teachers at the school assembly. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

 Kindergarten                Joseph Augustine

Representatives            Miles Kenney

First Grade                    Lauren Ryan

Representatives            Taylor Serna

                   Second Grade               Nathan Priestley

                   Representatives            Jonathan Topete

                   Third Grade                  Ella Santos

                   Representatives            Lincoln Melcher

                                                          Alternate:  Cole Clark

                   Fourth Grade                Alexandria Sorensen

                   Representatives            Matthew Aziz

                   Fifth Grade                             Giselle Gonzaga


                   Sixth Grade                   Hope Clark

                   Representatives            Valeria Cobilich

                   Seventh Grade              Rebecca Penaflor

Representatives            Joseph Whelan

Eighth Grade                Julian De La Rosa

                   Representatives            Jasmine Ztintun

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