St. Robert Bellarmine Art Show Illuminates Students Skills

Third grader Javier Gramajo shows off his costume at the St. Robert Bellarmine annual art show.

In Burbank, the talent of St. Robert Bellarmine School students took center stage at a vibrant local art show. The Parish Center played host to the second annual exhibit on April 25.

Many captivating artworks, crafted by 125 students ranging from TK to 8th grade, adorned the display. Orchestrating this visual feast was Mrs. Tiffany Bakas, the school’s dedicated art teacher for the past two years. A Burbank native with a prior stint running an art school, Mrs. Bakas infused this year’s theme with the inspiration of Disney and Pixar magic.

“It’s incredibly rewarding for the kids to witness their creativity showcased,” Mrs. Bakas shared. “They’ve poured their hearts into these pieces throughout the year.”

Guests were treated to a delightful array of pieces inspired by beloved Disney and Pixar classics like The Princess and the Frog, Coco, The Fox and the Hound, Moana, Mulan, and Up. Yet, the showstopper emerged in the form of the Monsters, Inc. room, where fluorescent monsters danced under black lights.

Mrs. Bakas also encouraged students to embody their favorite Pixar characters. “I’m Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille,” exclaimed Javier Gramajo, a spirited third-grader, barely able to contain his excitement. While he gamely posed for photos in the black light room, his infectious energy permeated the gathering. His mother, Erica Ramajo, echoed the sentiment, praising both the event and Mrs. Bakas’s impact on the students.

“We’re big fans of this school, and Mrs. Bakas is a wonderful addition,” Ramajo remarked. “The children absolutely adore her.”

The St. Robert Bellarmine School art show served as a fitting finale to the academic year, celebrating the boundless potential of creativity and imagination. Through their artwork, Mrs. Bakas and her students eloquently demonstrated the transformative power of self-expression and storytelling.

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