Statement By James Etter On Resignation From Burbank Police Commission


Burbank Police Commissioner James Etter announced that he is stepping down from the Police Commission.  While nothing is being said if he being forced out, he did provide the following statement:

To those who have supported my tenure on the Police Commission, I thank you. I have new opportunities and feel good about the progress of the Police Commission of the past three years. I look forward to their progressive forward-thinking under the leadership of Elise Sterns-Nissan.

I continue to serve as a County Water Commissioner and look forward to new opportunities in the future.  My time on the Police Commission has been fruitful and rewarding.  I cherish the time I have been in servitude to this community, on both the Police Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board. They have been meaningful.  I will continue to be in the profile of this community as a citizen, and an advocate of correctness.  God Bless.

Commissioner James Etter

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center