Stretch Yoga Celebrates Two Years In Magnolia Park

Owner Liz Baghaei with Manager Eva Quinonez stands in the main entryway of the Stretch Studio. (Photo By © Ross A Benson)

Stretch Yoga, a hot yoga workout studio, celebrated two years in Magnolia Park with a community party on Saturday, October 27.

The 5000 square foot open space welcomed nearly 200 people to share in the celebration. Vendors included Kulae, Harmless Harvest, Better Bootch, Plush Puffs, Yogabela, Shakti,  Lulu Lemon, Bougie Bakes, Doterra Oils, Sojihealth, Moments Tea, Ike’s Sandwiches, Fresh Brothers Pizza, Hoke Poke and Millie’s Cafe.

Hand-made cards by Star Fire Says, jewelry by Maekavera, Jennergy body painting, sketch artist Jingjing Cao and DJ Rolando Calip added to the festivities.

“People got to connect on a different level and see each other outside of doing a rigorous practice of Hatha yoga and it was really nice to see people out of the yoga room, dressed up and celebrating over their passion, food and music,” commented Stretch Yoga owner Liz Baghaei.

Owner Liz Baghaei with Manager Eva Quinonez stands in the main entryway of the Stretch Studio. (Photo By © Ross A Benson)

“I love doing business in Magnolia Park,” she added. “It’s a tight-knit community of very diverse people from all walks of life. Everyone is very supportive of each other.”

“Case in point, everybody showed up and helped in some way to bring a celebration of the studio together for the anniversary. Whether they gave us food, products or came in and helped out physically. Everyone wanted to be a part of honoring stretch as its own entity.”

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

“I think a lot of that has to do with the type of wonderful community of families and people who are striving to find growth, health and balance that live in Magnolia Park,” Baghaei also said.

“Our business has grown, slowly but surely. Due to the type of physical work that we do, it requires a certain level of commitment and openness to be able to practice yoga on a regular basis. So the people who prioritize their well-being, bodies, self-development and growth have stayed with the studio and love it. Our community has flourished with people that are like-minded.”

“I feel proud of this space and how it’s growing authentically and the interconnected web of people that have become part of it.”