Summer Family Fun: The Ultimate Rage Room Experience at Break Room LA

The Rage Room at Break Room LA. Photo by Ashley Erikson

Are the summertime blues getting to you? Break out of the mundane and into Break Room LA, home of the ultimate rage room experience. Kids ages 10 and up can participate with an adult in the room, making it a fun family experience.

The rage room offers a safe experience to smash, break, and shatter to your heart’s desire. Located in the heart of the city, the facility has a cool, industrial vibe that sets the tone for the mayhem to come. When booking, the package you choose which will determine how long your session is and how many glass and ceramic items you get to break per person. While 30 minutes may seem like a short amount of time, it’s more than enough time to get the job done.

After a brief safety orientation (because, safety first!), you’ll gear up with protective equipment: coveralls, gloves, and a face shield, before stepping into your very own rage room. The room has a plastic barrel in the middle for you to use as a stand for your glass smashing, or you can just beat the heck out of it if that’s what you want to do.

The Rage Room at Break Room LA. Photo by Ashley Erikson

Each room has a bluetooth speaker and a phone stand for video and pictures (upon request). Put on your favorite music to get your adrenaline pumping and items shattering.  Heavy metal is the perfect vibe if you ask me. The room will have a crate of your breakables, as well as a few electronics for you to destroy as well.  If you run out of items, you can always add on more for an additional cost.

On the wall you’ll find your weapons of choice: baseball bats and crowbars! The timer starts and you’re let loose in the room to rage the minutes away.  As glass cups disintegrate against your crowbar, sending shards around the room, you’ll understand why the face masks and coveralls are important. Ever wanted to see what it was like to smash a TV with a baseball bat, Break Room LA has got you covered.

So if you’re hanging around the house, tired of the kids fighting, and wondering when school will be back in session, just take the family to Break Room LA and let the stress smash away.

To watch a video reel from our time in the Rage Room, CLICK HERE! For more information or to book your session, visit Break Room Los Angeles. Happy smashing!

The Rage Room at Break Room LA. Photo by Ashley Erikson
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