Sun Valley Shooting Victim Seeks Aid by Burbank Police in 7-11 Parking Lot


Burbank Police on routine traffic enforcement along Hollywood Way spotted a black car traveling at a high rate of speed southbound Hollywood Way around 2:45 pm  Monday afternoon,  the officer followed the car to the parking lot of the 7-11 convenience store located  at Hollywood Way & Burbank.

The driver told  the Burbank officer that his passenger had been shot in Sun Valley near the area  of Clybourn and San Fernando Road and he was transporting  him to what he thought was the nearest hospital Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Burbank Paramedics were called to treat the victim who was suffering from a single gun shot to his upper chest area. Burbank Paramedics  treated  the victim  at the scene and transported him to a local trauma center outside of Burbank.

Burbank Police closed off the parking lot with police crime scene tape and preserved the crime scene and waited for Los Angeles Police Department, who’s area the crime occurred in.

They responded to the 7-11 lot and took over the investigation, including talking to the driver who witnessed the shooting.

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