SY Performance Monthly Muscle Flex: Active Recovery Days: Reasons To Consider Infrared Sauna Sessions

Burbank Infrared Sauna owner Jeannette Tashjian show here in one of her sauna units, has said, “My greatest joy is watching my clients walk through my front door with an aliment they’ve been struggling with for years, only to see it disappear bit by bit with each sauna session….”

Burnout. Scatterbrain. Quiet quitting. Fatigue. Cellular Stress. In a post-pandemic world, people of all fitness levels are reevaluating what good health actually looks and feels like. Even bona fide gym rats are recognizing the importance of resting.  But, if you can’t stand the thought of taking a whole day off to rest, or if you’re worried that skipping the gym is going to negatively impact your mental health, there is a solution. It’s found in active recovery sessions.

The Importance of Active Recovery Sessions

As you might surmise, active recovery sessions are days that you skip the weights. But they aren’t sit-on-the-couch surrounded by junk food either (Who? Me?). Instead, you take an active approach to resting your muscles by engaging in low-intensity physical exercises.

Active recovery days are great days to hike up to the Wisdom Tree or Wildwood Canyon, ride a bike, or practice yoga, Pilates, or tai chi.  It’s a great day to go paddleboarding or kayaking. You’re moving on active recovery days, so the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood your muscles need is flowing.  But for the ultimate active recovery session, I suggest you consider adding an Infrared Sauna session.

Infrared Sauna Sessions: Surprising Benefits Confirmed by Experts

If you think Infrared Sauna sessions are some kind of pseudo-woo-therapy, I hate to tell you, but you’re wrong. On the contrary, according to the world-famous Cleveland Clinic, Infrared Sauna sessions offer the following benefits:

  • Expedited Muscle Recovery

The heat from the Infrared Sauna improves blood circulation which can heal the tiny tears in your muscles that result from building muscle mass.

  • Improved Circulation

The heat in Infrared Saunas causes your blood vessels to widen and increase the amount of blood flowing through your body. This lowers your blood pressure. Your heart rate also increases, giving you the cardiovascular benefits of exercising, while giving your muscles a break.

  • Pain Relief

Those sore muscles? They are going to love an Infrared Sauna session.  According to studies, individuals who suffer from chronic pain show improved outcomes after regular Infrared Sauna sessions. That’s to say nothing of the reduction in oxidative stress, and the boost your immune system will get. 

Expedited muscle recovery, improved circulation, and pain relief are some of the myriad benefits that infrared sauna sessions can do for you.

According to my fellow local business owner Jeannette Tashjian, who owns and operates Burbank Infrared Sauna, her customers get even more benefits from regular Infrared Sauna sessions.

“My greatest joy is watching my clients walk through my front door with an aliment they’ve been struggling with for years, only to see it disappear bit by bit with each sauna session. Clients with autoimmune illnesses are feeling better, cancer patients have reported that their blood work is improving, clients struggling with weight loss are suddenly able to lose those extra pounds. People are benefitting from sleep patterns being restored, and anxiety levels dropping. I see the smiles on faces of clients who were once in pain, as they experience less pain in their joints and muscles.”

But it’s not just her clients who have benefitted from Infrared Sauna sessions. “My personal health has changed drastically after using an Infrared Sauna for 5 years. I was able to transition through menopause without prescription intervention. My inflammation levels are at a bare minimum.  My overall health is the best it’s ever been,” she told me.

Infrared Sauna and Active Recovery: My Own Experiences

I’d be remiss to suggest anyone consider something I haven’t personally done and benefitted from. Each time I’ve done an Infrared Sauna session I’ve felt much better coming out than I did going in. It soothes tired muscles. It makes my skin feel plump and full (my skin, not my body!). I also sleep like a baby after a session. My wife seconds these emotions (and believe me, she doesn’t always agree with me). 

Bottom line: if you’re looking to make the most of active recovery days, an Infrared Sauna session is a worthy addition to your routine.

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