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All Four Local Incumbants Cruise to Easy Victories

With 100% of the precincts reporting, all four of Burbank’s elected officials have been re-elected.

Congressman Adam Schiff had one of the largest margins of victory in the area as voters saw right through the grandstanding Phil Jennerjahn, who was not even endorsed by the California Republican Party.


ADAM SCHIFFDEM 100,05875.89
Precincts Reporting253
Total Precincts386
% Precincts Reporting65.54


State Senator Carol Liu did little campaigning as she easily defeated Gilbert Gonzales who ran an aggressive campaign.



CAROL LIUDEM 109,18161.96


Precincts Reporting370
Total Precincts544
% Precincts Reporting68.01


Assemblyman Mike Gatto had his hands full with Glendale’s Paul Krikorian in early returns before extending his lead


MIKE GATTODEM 56,65059.78
Precincts Reporting180
Total Precincts243
% Precincts Reporting74.07


Congressman will continue to represent the tiny sliver of Burbank in the Southwest corner of the City.  Sherman did not campaign in Burbank, ignoring local voters in his fight with Howard Berman


BRAD SHERMANDEM 108,85360.49
Precincts Reporting376
Total Precincts376
% Precincts Reporting100

St. Francis Students Get a Lesson in Democracy

Seventh grader Lauren Ryan drops her ballot into the box during the St. Francis Mock Election (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

St. Francis Xavier School students and faculty held their own mock presidential election today with President Barack Obama continuing as our country’s president with 59% of the vote.

“Voting is a fundamental right as an American, and it should be as easy as 1-2-3,” said Dr. Paul Sullivan, principal at St. Francis Xavier School.  “We wanted to convey to the children how easy and important it is to exercise their right to vote.”

St. Francis Xavier third grader Jasmine Peete thinks about her choices as she records her choice for President of the United States. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Students milled through Holy Cross Hall on campus today placing their votes for whom they thought should be the next president. After learning about democracy and the election process in school over the past few weeks, students were excited to make their choice.  “I was happy to vote because I feel like I voted for the right person,” said second grader Clint Geryak.

The students were tuned into the real world as President Obama was re-elected by the adults also.


Burbank Schools Show a 13 Point Gain in the 2012 Academic Performance Index

Burbank schools continue to show marked gains in the Academic Performance Index (API). The API is part of the California accountability system that measures the academic achievement of districts and individual schools. The state target is 800 on a scale of 200 to 1,000 and the Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) has all of its regular program schools well above that mark for the second year in a row.

The latest release of the API on October 11, 2012 demonstrates that the BUSD continues to show growth, both as a District and at individual school sites. Nine schools posted double-digit gains, and the District as a whole now stands at 846, a remarkable accomplishment.  Although there are many positives in the data, as shown in the chart below, a couple of schools stand out. The first is Miller Elementary School, which increased 24 points over last year and is now at 873. The second noteworthy accomplishment is the gain shown by Muir Middle School. They posted a 23 point increase, which now puts them at 888, just 12 points from 900 and an extraordinary accomplishment for a middle school. In addition, both high schools deserve recognition for making double digit gains, which is more difficult to do at the high school level. Overall, the performance of the District and individual school sites was outstanding.

 API Information, 2007-2012



Growth API


Growth API
















Burbank USD
































































































Luther MS








Jordan MS








Muir MS








Burbank HS








Burroughs HS








* Reflects recalibration of Growth API.

Musurlian Comes Up Empty in Emmy Quest

As they will always tell you, the honor is in the nomination.  With that, Peter Musurlian was honored twice this year by the local Los Angeles Emmys with two nominations.

Reading from a Teleprompter, Burbank's Peter Musurlian was also a presenter, he was nominated in two categories.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

His two nominations this year were for a local story on the Burbank Rose Float, and the other for an in-depth look at a Europe-based non-profit environmental organization, which focuses on national parks in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union.

Musurlian was nominated in the Public & Municipal-Operated Cable category for his mini-documentary, called “The Burbank Centennial Rose Float.” The second Emmy nomination came in the Information Segment category for his piece called, “Saving the Wild: The Caucasus Nature Fund.” Musurlian shot the story last summer in Armenia and Georgia.

The 50-year-old Station Manager & Senior Producer of the City of Burbank’s government access station, called “The Burbank Channel,” has garnered 10 prestigious RTNA Golden Mikes over the past decade and, over that same time period, has received six Emmy nominations from the Academy of Televisions Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood, California.

Musurlian has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism & Political Science from USC in Los Angeles, as well as master’s degrees from Baylor University (Political Science) in Texas, American University (Journalism) in D.C, and the University of Redlands School of Business (Management) in California.

In the 1980s, Musurlian reported for television stations in Montana, Texas, and Washington D.C., and for nearly a year in the 1990s, worked as a solo television journalist for the U.S. Army in Central Europe, venturing into Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia, for which he received a NATO Medal and an Army Commendation Medal.

Warner Bros. Announces 2012 Reach Program Honorship Recipients

Warner Bros. Studios has announced high school seniors Nicole Calderon, Syed Ibrahim, Kashawn Campbell, Jacqueline Gunning, Makenzie Kizis and Mariah-Rose McClaren as its 2012 Reach Honorship recipients.

Through its Reach program, Warner Bros. awards scholarship-internship packages, known as Honorships, to six graduating high school seniors passionate about the business of  entertainment. As part of these Honorships, students are awarded scholarships as well as paid work experiences at Warner Bros. during the summers they are in college. Additionally, each summer they are provided mentoring and networking opportunities with entertainment industry professionals. Successful Reach program graduates are eligible for full-time positions at the company after completing their degrees.

“The Reach program allows us to tap into the talent in our local community,” said Michael Walbrecht, Vice President, Public Affairs, Warner Bros. Entertainment. “We are committed to the professional development and career success of our Reach recipients, and the internships provide them with the unique opportunity to gain practical experience within multiple departments at Warner Bros. while honing crucial business skills and building relationships with industry professionals.”

Nicole Calderon and Syed Ibrahim, both graduating seniors from Burbank High School, are this year’s winners of the Burbank Reach Honorships, created specifically for residents of the Studio’s longtime hometown. Calderon will be a freshman at the University of California Santa Barbara in the Fall and plans to major jointly in economics and communications. Ibrahim will be attending the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California starting in the Spring of 2013 and will be pursuing a degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Both will receive a $10,000 college scholarship coupled with the opportunity to complete four consecutive, paid summer internships at the Studio while in The Los Angeles County Reach Honorships were awarded to Kashawn Campbell, Jacqueline Gunning and Makenzie Kizis. All three students will also receive a $10,000 college scholarship and the opportunity to complete up to four paid summer internships at the Studio.

A graduating senior at Thomas Jefferson High School, Campbell will be attending the University of California Berkeley, majoring in communications. Gunning, who attends Champs Charter High School, was accepted into the honors program at California State University Chico and plans to major in communications. Following graduation from Malibu High School, Kizis will be attending Tulane University in New Orleans this fall and will focus on international relations, Mariah-Rose McClaren is this year’s winner of the Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Reach Honorship. In addition to a $10,000 college scholarship, she will be offered internship positions in the Studio’s animation department, learning from some of the best in the business. McClaren, a student at Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska, will attend Santa Monica City College and pursue a degree in animation.

For more information on the Reach Program, visit www.wbcitizenship.com .

Burbank High Graduates Ready to Take on the World


While Valedictorian Enrique Meneses was giving his Valedictorian speech his Grandmother Maria Cabria gives 'Thanks'' while his mother Nydia Meneses listens in. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

While Valedictorian Enrique Meneses was giving his Valedictorian speech his mother Nydia Meneses claps in happeness.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)


BHS Principal Hani Youssef introduces Valedictorian Enrique Meneses who maintained a 4.55 grade average and is heading to Harvard. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank High School held their graduation ceremony Friday night at a packed Starlight Bowl.  Here is a list of all the graduates



Stacy N Abarca

Ziad Anton Abdullatif

Breana Abdulour

Adena Abnoos

Abraham Abrahamian

Aroutin Abramian

Nelson Abramyan

Jennifer Acoupians

Gevork R. Adanalyan

David Adzhyan

Armen Agajyan

Kristina Agazarian

Tony Vartkez Agazaryan

Albert Aghajanyan

Argin Aivazyan

Anthony Brandon Akl

Samvel Sam Akopian

Lilit Akopyan

Tatevos Alagulyan

Erika Marie Alarcon

Dylan Jade Alejandro

Brittany Alexander

Elizabeth V. Alfaro

Madison Alfonso

Emma Alkhasian

Coy Lynden Allen

Antoinette Denisha Alles

Cnarik Aloyan

Alexander Alvarez

Arthur Amadian

Adena Amirian

Meray Ammari

Tadeh Anbarchian

Magda Ariana Andrianos

Janet Antunez

Joseph Jack Anz

Celeste Renee Anzo

Valerie Arabome

Amelia Elizabeth Arce

Francisca Jazmin Arguijo

Natalie Armoutian

Armen Arthur Armstone

Atheynee R Arnold

Natalin Aroyan

Hovakim Khachik Ashchyan

Alek Astourian

Avedis Allen Atikian

Eric Avakian

Nareh Avedian

Edward Avetisian

Rita Avetisyan

Mariam Mary Avoyan

Zohrab Avoyan

Tonya V Awadisian

Khachik Chris Ayvazian

Janna Ayvazyan

Salim Aywaz

Peter Basim Ayyoub

Pierre Joseph Azar

Evet Azarian

Daniel Badih Azzam

Irina Babajanyan

Anthony Babakhanian

Larisa Babakhanian

Minehli Babakhanians

Kelly Bagger

Andrea Baghaee

Sara Danielle Baird

Marine Banjarjian

Hannah Barlow

Hovhannes Johan Barsegian

Tanya Barskhian

Dima Basbous

Sarah L. Bates

Nicholas Joshua Beckmann

Alina Bedrosian

Elvina Begi

Stepan Gevork Beldikyan

Jesus Rafael Beltran

Kelly Bermudez

Jamie Angelique Banzon Bernabe

Michelle Ann Berner

Mariah Sarah Bevard

Gabriella Aimee Marie Mitry Biehl

Emily Blanco

Olivia Victoria Blomberg

Arman Sarkess Boghosian

Millie Diane Bolton

Trisha Gaile Agustin Bonifacio

Frank Eloy Boquin

Deana Boskova

Olivia Paige Bradley-Skill

Quortney Ayric Brazier

Khachatur Chris Brdotyan

Nicholas Alexander Breen

Reilly Ann Brennan

Jeremy Duvall Britton

Troy Daniel Brogmus

Caine Collin Brown-Kennedy

Christina Rose Bruner

Alexander Valdez Buenviaje

Dalena Diep Bui

Andrea Carolina Burgos

Angie A Buritica

Seda Byurat

Daniel Alexander Calderon

Nicole Kristen Calderon

Matthew Elton Caldwell

Mitchell Hunter Camacho

Sergio Camey

Enrico Gabriele Cappelleri

Angeleah Canos Carolino

Luke Jacob Carr

Jennifer Carrasco-Reyes

Talia Daniel Cassandra

David Lenin Castaneda

Nohely Castillo

Herman Hassan Castro

Christopher Raymond Cavalluzzi

Jerric Alba Cayas

Geovanni Cerezo

Nicole Chang

Susie Chang

Yun Suk Chang

Anaelle Katryne Charles

Adrian Manuel Chavez

Branden Paul Chin

Melanie J Cho

Catherine Jhun Chua

Saverio Anthony Cimmarrusti

Flavia Estefany Claros Guardia

Kentucky Seale Clawson

Kathryn Jane Coderko

Gabriella Cohen-Herrera

Leyla Consbruck-Metz

Jennifer Michelle Contreras

Jeremy Leonel Contreras

Rochelle Christian Brianne Copeland

Josue Enrique Cornejo

Isabel Casilda Corona

Codey Corso

Ramon Antonio Cortes

Dion Costa

Alec Gabriel Cowan

Candice Coyco

Emily Thoa Cramer

Erich Jason Crawford

Colson Richard Cripps

Vanessa Z Cruz

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Kasey Marie Dagenais

Matteo Dal Monte

Armin Danielyans

Tatevik Darbinyan

Deandre Jaymes Alexander Davis

Elizabeth Kathrine De Caro

Jolaica Robles De Guzman

Monica De La Cruz

Lorenzo Oliver De La Fuente

Stephanie Jeanne De Leon

Neil Anthony Dekovich

Andrea Rosanna Del Rio

Javier Del Rio

John-Louis Harrison Dell

Ariana Della Catena

Lala Sandy Demirchyan

John Pierre Demircift

Lusine Demirdzhyan

Connor James DePerna

Andrew Jones DeSalvo

Nica Detiquez

Lorelita Mae Cheng Deypalan

Gabriel Rolando Diaz

Stephanie Marie Diaz

Katharine LePique Dickson

Kyle Ismael Dizon

Enrique Antonio Dominguez Meneses

Mariya Anna Dondonyan

Hocy Dost

Joseph Alan Douglas

Mary Dzhambaryan

Nicole Helen Elizabeth Eccles

Mireille El Jabi

Roxanne Alice El-Hachem

Simon Elmoyan

Shereen Samey Elzaiat

Genesis Lisbeth Erazo

Nshan Nick Erzrumyan

Kristian Alexis Escobar

Alexander Escutia-Flores

Jacqueline Esquivel Paredes

Steven Mateum Estavillo

Cynthia Estrada

Jocelyn V Estrada

Perni Eysaeiankhongi

Rouya Faizi

Isael Farias

Haman Farizi

Anthony Scott Farrel

Arif-Hussien Fata

Diva Cheyenne Fechter

Sarkis Harut Fermanyan

Alyssa Rose Fernandez

Andrea Benedicta Fernando

Adam Reinhold Von Fisher

Frederick Fiterz

Michelle Caitlin Foley

Robert Wesley Fowlkes

Ricardo Frausto

Jackson Henry Frazier

Kristen Ariana Fregoso

Paul Xavier Frias

Chansarine Kassie Fronda

Mary Rita Gabrielian

Talitha Sarine Galstyan

Giancarlo Gamboa

Blanca P Garcia

Christina Lorena Garcia

Evelin Garcia

Gregorio Garcia

Jonathan Garcia

Jose Angel Garcia

Juan Salvador Garcia

Stephanie Garcia

Diany Vanessa Garcia Leal

Lilith Garibyan

Teresa Garibyan

Danielle Garrison

Jasmine Lydia Gary

Anahit Gasparyan

Paul Allen Gatton

Lusine Lusy Gedjeyan

Nicholas Santino Geraci

Erik Brandon Gerharter

George John Gerro

Diana Gevorgyan

Nerses Gevorkian

Narae Gharabagi

Almara Gharabeigi

Manifa Gharapetian

Youlen Elvira Ghazalian

Colleen Ghazery

Paolo Gheyvandian

Roni Ghoorchian

Cody Earl Gibson

Steven Andrew Girod

Rupal Golakiea

Kaylyn Ann Goldman

Lillian Arielle Golshan

Jose Luis Gomez

Tom Harrison F Gonzales

Ashley Lauren Gonzalez

Damarie I Gonzalez

Emilio Brandon Gonzalez

Matthew C Gordon

Taylor Megan Gore

George Jacob Grair

Sylvia Gabriela Granados

Jenna Kathryn Greene

Edit Grigorian

Sarkis Grigorian

Talin Grigorian

Raymond Grigoryan

Madeleine Elizabeth Guevara

Ian Khristopher Gutierrez

Michelle Del Carmen Gutierrez

Omar Gutierrez

Silva Gyuloglyan

Ashot Gzogyan

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

David Siamanto Hacobian

Amanda Hacobian

Gohar Hakobyan

Avetis Bijan Hakopian

Ellen Hakopyan

Ani Halajyan

Khachik Halajyan

Suzi Gayane Halajyan

Kristen Marie Hale

Mary Ana Hareyan

Malak A Hariri

Lusine Harituny Simonians

Gevorg Haroutunian

Eric Joseph Harrison

Emmanuel Hartounian

Bella Hawili

Alice Haytayan

Kevin George Hefner

Andrew Steven Hernandez

Crystal Diana Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez

Nalani A Hernandez

Pablo Benjamin Hinojosa

Jordyn Skyler Holland

Evanne Ashley Hollingswort

James Jun-Taek Hong

Cornelius Hopson

Avetis Hovakimyan

Sarkis S Hovakimyan

Eliza Hovhannisyan

Patrick A Hovsepian

MacGuinness Monahan Huntley

Daniel Jee-Woon Hwang

Smile and lets make this a KODAK Moment. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Syed A Ibrahim

Juan Ernesto Iduarte

Klyvia Schlegel Iha

Ninelya Iranosian

Alina Iskandaryan

Edita Issagholian

Mesrop Janoyan

Z’dra Ayelesha Jaye

Broderick William Jenkins

Danny Jimenez

Patrick Josaphat

Eunice M. Jun

Jacob Jin-Soo Jun

Eric Jae Hoon Jung

Phillip Joon-Young Kang

Maria Karaseferyan

Susan Karsian

Nella Kassab

Rajdeep Kaur

Shubhneet Kaur

Andranik Pierre Kechedjian

Elyse Kellerman

Miles Colin Kelley

Sean Powell Kenehan

Anthony Michael Kern

Leo Keshishian

Romel Keshishian

Christine A Keshishyan

Arvin Khachatourians Vayghan

Araksi Khacheryan

Sona Khachikyan

Kristineh Khodagholian

Thomas Khodjasarian

Da-Ae Janice Kim

Eugene Kyungmin Kim

Eun-Jee Kim

Julie (Hee-Young) Kim

Hyeong-Jin Kim

James Young-Soo Kim

Miyon Sara Kim

Sarah Chung-Eun Kim

Regina Sun-Mo Koo

Demitrios Masud Korkis

Milena Kraljevski

Christian Alexander Kruchenko

Anna Marie Kunza

Mariam Kyarunts

Bryan Nelson Lainez

Samantha Alicia Lamb

Alexander David Lambert

Aaron Parke Lansing

Cassidy Ann LaPenna

Courtney Janelle Laurent

Harley Maxfield Lavitt

Alexander Doyoung Lee

Chan-Hee Lee

Daniel C Lee

James Lee

Jonathan Jinyoung Lee

Justin Lee

Suerim “Serina” Lee

Tae Hun Lee

Young-Shin Lee

Hannah Joy Leff

Luc L LeFrancois

Andrea Leguizamon

Branden Joshua Leiva

Virginia Rose Levitt

Samantha Rose Lilienfeld

Chelsey Yvette Linder

Zachery Ryan Lindquist

Cristina Elizabeth Lopez

Jesse Lopez

Jose Luis Lopez

Blanca Yasmin Lopez Perdomo

Ty Montgomery Lucas

Kevin Luong

Senior Speaker Nicole Calderon gives her speech "Truth or Dare: Can you Dream, or Are you Scared?. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

David Anthony Magallanes

Paul Andrew Magallanes

Preni Mahmoodi

Sandi S Makhoul

Serri Malih

Farah N Malla

Pereni Manoukian

Vaheh Manoukian

Daoud Zuheir Mansour

John H. Mansour

Javier Manzano

Nisa Ann Marckese

Daniel Eric Mariano

Vincent John Marinelli

Sarmen Markalian

Arpine Markosyan

Arpine Markosyan

Jodi Marie Marks

Melissa A Martin

Andres Martinez

Christopher Martinez

Daniel Elias Martinez

Hanaly Martinez

Maribell Martinez

Jacqueline Massian

Elian Antoun Massoud

Louis Antoun Massoud

Daniel Arturo Mata

Zachary Michael Maxham

Julian Robert Maynes

Bruno Hamm Maynez

Rebekah LeeAnn Mc Donald

Calvin West Mc Lain

Arnold Meda

Brianna Vanessa Medal

Monique Gabriella Medeiros

Agnes Megerdichian

Meghedy Megertichian

Amanda Meidaa

Joseph John Melendez

Isabel Cristina Melendres

Narik Nareg Melkonian

Tadeh Menasakanian

Grigor Menejyan

Caldwell Garrison Zenger Menschik

Paulina Ani Mikaelian

Kevin Dean Miller

Astkhik Minasyan

Chatkaew (Bell) Mingcharoenwong

Tina Mirzakhanian

Christopher Matthew Mitilian

Marina Sosi Mkrtchyan

Vardan Mkrtchyan

Ani Mnatsakanian

Arturo Ponce Montano

Valente Guadalupe Montes

Carlos Damaso Morales

Sebastian Xavier Morales

Rachel Taylor Moskowitz

Irma Vanessa Mosqueda

Jaimee Elizabeth Mound

Talin Mousamasihi

Aaron Augustine Munoz

Anahit Muradyan

Graham Murphy

Steven Youssef Nahhas

Moriah Rose Nakada

Melanie Tina Nalbandyan

Mark Nassim

Crystal Anne Navarrete

Roman Gabriel Navarro

Alexander Naveira

Aidan Mark Nazarian

Natasha Rozik Nazarian

Rojeny Nazarian

Esfir Nazaryan

Romena Nazaryan

Deanna Nazlikian

Craig Nesbitt

Marko S Neskovic

Christopher Diep Nguyen

Dylan Tho Nguyen

Fridaah Rokiyah Nguyen

Melanie Thuykhank Nguyen

Varand Nikolaian

Alec O’Brien

Burbank High Class of 2012 . (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Vielka-Camille Ocampo

Sophia Oganesyan

Yuuki Okuda

Matthew o’Neill

Jerelyn Michele Ontiveros

Arlen Orogian

Jenny de la Caridad Ortega Goḿez

Ani Ovasapyan

Edward Ovsepyan

Carlo Alaric Ramientos Pacis

Jonas Padervinskis

Zebedee Tahura Padriga

Breanna Verenice Padron

Soo Hyun Paik

Mary Papayan

Angela Papazyan

Sarkes Sam Papazyan

Eric Alexander Parada

Benjamin Park

Hannah Park

Erika Partida

India Nicola Pascucci

Irene Pashapour

Dhara Patel

Peter Andy Patpatian

Monica Paz

Danielle Kay Pendleton

Natalie Rose Pentkowski

Erick Peralta

Griselda Pereyra

Jorge Alberto Perez

Amy Louise Persinger

Edwin Petrosian

Gevorg Petrosyan

Peter Petrousian

Jo-Anne Frances Pacuribot Pijano

Filip Piliposyan

Alexis Pineda

Katherine Piralyan

Arvin Pirjanian

Haley Ann Pirruccello

Nicole Rai Plascencia

Ryan Michael Pohlmann

Maya Payne Polon

Yvonne Popoca

Jonathan Carey Pun

Noelle Christian Quito

Maria Guadalupe Raigoza

Melanie Rains

Melissa Ramirez

Sergio Ramirez

Nancy Renteria Vazquez

Rudy Angel Renteria

Andrea Silva Reyes

Eduardo Reyes

Jacqueline Kate Reyes

Wendy Reyes

Centiya Reyhanian-Hadani

Vicente Jesus Reynoso

Ghadir Rezko

Soo Hyun Paul Rheem

Rosalie Angelina Ricci

Meghan Ann Richmond

Kelly M Rivera

Ashlynn Aryn Robertson

Kevin Robles

Gabriele Marie Rodriguez

Herlinda Nicole Rodriguez

Juan Christopher Rodriguez

Antonio Leonardo Roman-Exposito

Lena Ann Romaszewski

Alexander Jay Rossi

Maria Regina Aldana Rudas

Matthew James Ruiz

Ani Rupenian

Steven Edward Rush

Norma Alicia Ruvalcaba

Photo By Ross A Benson

Ariane Akemi Sadanaga

Monteh Sadeghian

Paulina Alessandra Safarian

Pauline Saisirikul

Jayson James Salomon

Syeda Adeeba Samreen

Elizabeth Sanchez

Gabriela Phoenix Sanchez

Margareth Lizeth Sandoval

Rafael Estuardo Santa Cruz

Jonathan Martin Santiago

Diana Sarabia

Armen Allen Sargsyan

Sisuan Sarhadyan

Adena Sarkes

Diana Nora Sarkisian

Agavni Annie Saryan

Jane Satha

Dominique Danielle Savoy

Melanie Leigh Scallon

Patrik Eric Schmolka

Gabrielle Selina Schnaid

Robert Wayne Schubert

Mitchell Austin Scott

Monique Segura

Nicole Ania Senane

Natasha Ruiz Servin

Karen Set Aghayan Sangbarani

Arvin Setaghaian

Narbeh Sety

Sona Shaboyan

Cynthia Shahian

Ajmin Shahmirzayan

Ryan Haig Shamalian

Anna Shamirian

Christina Shamirian

Preni Shamirian

Anna Shanazari

Shahzad Sharif

Andrew Christopher Shea

Vikesh Shrestha

Nicholas D Shutt

Imani Zoe Smith

Karolina Anna Smolinska

David Aram Soibatian

Zachary Alexander Solomon

Michelle L. Songstad

Arvin Sookezian

Manuel Soto

Desiree Stephanie Soto-Bonilla

Zachary Alan Spahr

Daniel Harrison Starkand

Valerie Patricia Stein

Joshua Andrew Sterling

V Kayson Clark Stevens

Jonathan Taylor Stoll

Allison Rose Lee Suchy

Cristian Leonel Sujuy

Andro F. Tadrous

George F Takla

Monte Tamazyan

Hacop Jack Tataryan

Jemma Jenny Tataryan

Gevork Tatevosyan

Hayley Maria Taylor

Harut Hagop Ter-Akopyan

Ryan James Tiegs

Jonathan Tirado

Eliza Tirityan

Jonathan Tokatlian

Norvel Torabian

Ani Torosyan

Adam Michael Torvinen

Amber Lynn Travis

Tania Trigueros

Jonathan C Trujillo

Victor Romello Turner

Vincent Rasheed

Kavita Govind Vaghashia

Brian Derek Valadez

Cesar Miguel Valdez-Medina

Nichole Alexandra Valencia

Tatyana Nicole Vallejo

Armen Vartan

Angelina Flora Vartanian

Valery Ixtchel Vasquez

Gisell Velasquez

Amy Jasmine Velasquez Calero

Laura Gabriela Velazquez

Laura Elizabeth Viebahn

Marla Gabrielle Viesca

Joshua Evander Vignolles-Jeong

Aolani Pamela Villapudua

Leslie Janine Villarreal

Christopher Villicana

Anthony Scott Viscarra

Nicholas Luca Vitagliano

Andrea Lucine Von Hartmann

Alex Voskanian

Todd Michael Weaver

Robert Wells

Andrew Kenneth Wernstrum

Katrina L Whaley

James Kai Williams

Christopher Matthew Win

Rebecca Alan Wright

Graduating Seniors from the BHS In Sync Chior. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Stephen Mathias Ybiernas

Nicole April Yeghiazarians

Omar Mamdouh Yehia

Jeen Gang Yim

Steve Yoo

Aliya Janell Young

Ryan Yousefi

Remy Youssefi

Serena Zadoorian

Anasheh Zakane

Alfonso Zamarripa

Erik Zargarian

Rick Esduardo Zelda

Angela Zhamkochian

Salutatorian Olivia Paige Bradley-Skill listens as Principal Hani Youssef speaks of her. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


Burroughs Breaks In New Memorial Field With Its First Graduation Ceremony

Burroughs graduates play kazoos during commencement ceremonies. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Congratulations to the following seniors who graduated from John Burroughs High School on Thursday, May 24.


Brittni Abril

Gabriela Acevedo

Michael Acosta

Benjamin Aguayo

Claire Aguilar

Nicolas Aguilera

Ife Ajibola

Angelica Alatorre

Taylor Alcantar

Kimberly Alcantara

Diego Aleman Sanchez

Stewart Alexander

Christian Alfaro

Nicholas Alfaro

Karol Alonzo

Amanda Alvarado

Ruby Alvarado

Alexander Alvarez

Anush Ambartsumyan

Alexa Anassian

Dinora Anaya

Zander Anding

Brandon Andrade

Hannah Andrews

Megan Anghel

Maria Anzaldo

Lydia Anzures

Melissa Aranda

Athena Arce

Anthony Arellano

Shane Arenal

Samantha Armas

Melissa Arriaga-Trujillo

Michael Atienza

Sareen Avakemian

Alex Avelar-Escalante

Andre Avila

Ezekiel Aviles Zuniga

Hugo Ayala

Leonel Ayala

Martin Ayala

Daniel Ayala Robles

Estevan Ayon

Nicole Baczkowski

Joslin Badrian

Paul Bae

Francisco Baez

Cooper Baldwin

Myles Banks

Nathan Bankston

Alejandro Barbosa

Miguel Barrientos

Paola Barrios

Christopher Baughman

Carlos Bautista

Courtney Becht

Zachary Beimford

Damien Beltran

Tyron Bennett

Tristan Kim Bitanga

Christjian Blackburn

Lanae Blocker

Francesco Boccuzzi

Eric Boehme

Ivone Boensel

Miles Bonner IV

Joseph Bozeman

Jordan Bradley

Tatiana Brandon

Maylin Brennan

Zsanai Brown

Brandon Bu

Tee-Jay Christian Bual

Donald Bubbins

Samantha Buliavac

David Burns

Rona Cabrera

Katelynne Calderon

Nelson Camacho

Charles Camacho-Plancarte

Cindy Camberos

Cassandra Campbell

Alex Campos

Aileen Canaria

Zane Carey

Marcos Carmona

Angie Caro

Julia Carras

Giovanna Carrasco

Andrew Carrillo

Nicole Carrillo

Estephany Castellanos

Josie Castellon

Osvaldo Castro

Juan Carlos Castro-Bojorquez

Ryan Catalasan

James Cebedo

Elizabeth Cerna

Andrew Cervantes

Elizabeth Chadwick

Kamalpreet Chahal

Savineh Chaharmahali

Monessa Chahayed

Elizabeth Chang

Romario Chavez

Salena Chavez

Summer Childs

Adnan Chowdhury

Wesley Ciamacco

Sarah Clack

Connor Clayton

Christopher Coauette

Luke Coblentz

Jonathan Cohen

Nicholas Colbert

Molly Cole

Tyler Connaghan

Robert Conrad

Mina Contreras

Heather Cope

Ricardo Corado

Janna-Tessa Coria Mozannar

Alexandra Coronado-King

David Corral

Conner Coughenour

Andres Covarrubias

Charlotte Cox

Alejandro Cruz

The Burroughs Class of 2012 back on the Memorial Field to receive their diplomas. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Kayla Cruz Esposto

Steven Cseh

Kristine Marie Cuesta

Andrea D’Agostaro

Jasmine Daniel

Kelsey Danzeisen

Nicholas Dao

Arienne Alyssa Dasalla

Janam Dave

Andrew Davis

Jessica Dean

Addam Debebe

Mewael Debretsion

Chadney Delaney

Martha Delgadillo

Alanna Dergan

Eve DeSantis

Christina DeVeyra

Valerie Devito

Robyn Dewett

Gabriel Diaz

Laura Diaz

Natalia Diaz

Stephanie Diaz

Brenna Dilger

Lauren Dimailig

Julia Dimayuga

Vivian Dinardo

Dillon Disiere

David DiStefano Jaloma

Karlee Dontanville

McKenzie Dotson

Tessa Dudley

Arnnalyn Dumpit

Alexander Duran

Austin Eamnarangkool

Alyssa Ehredt

James Elliot

Zachary Elliott

Gabrielle Elong

Dakota Emata

Catarina Emerson

Valerie Enciso

Kevin Enriquez

Brandon Epperson

Cristobal Escobar

Jacqueline Espinosa

Dayana Espinoza

Carla Espinoza Morales

Kevin Estandarte

Alejandro Evangelista

Sean Farmer

Taryn Fashaw

Raeann Faussett

Aimee Felix

Gustavo Ferrat

Jocelyn Fierros Aguilar

Victoria Fink

Erin Fiske

Eric Flores

Jasmine Flores

Kenya Flores

Clayton Francis

Daniel Frantz

Jacob Freed

Kyle Freudenberg

Amber Frias

Stephanie Friedman

Kevin Gait

Giuliano Galang

Regina Galang

Sarrah Gallegos

James Galutza

Amanda Galvin

Michelle Gamba

Alexis Garcia

Alyssa Garcia

Amanda Garcia

Christopher Garcia

Karen Garcia

Kaylee Garcia

Kevin Garcia

Riley Garden

Christian Garia

Justin Genova

Christopher George

Anika Gerardo

Andrew Jason Geronimo

Emily Gilbert

Elijah Girgis

Krystal Glaude

Priscilla Gnanapragasam

Jordan Goldberg

Dylan Goldsack

Pedro Gonzales

Denise Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez

Tanya Gonzalez

Ryan Gordon

Isabella Goschin

Alexander Gouge-Schajer

Rachel Grady

Annie Green

Erika Green

Laura Green

Alejandra Grimaldo

Julio Guillermo

Ashley Gustafson

Hayley Gustafson

Francisco Gutierrez

Idania Gutierrez

Jessica Gutierrez Umanzor

Angie Guzman

Burroughs' Valedictorian Anthony Mark gets a shake from School Board Member Ted Bunch as School Principal Mr Emilio Urioste, Jr looks on. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Brandy Haas

Ethan Hachey

Ryan Haggerty

Bridget Hagopian

Spirit Haitz

Tamar Hallajian

Christian Hanks

Amber Hannick

Jasmine Hansen

April Harris

Theron Harrison

Hannah Hart

Natalie Hauptman

Daniel Hausfeld

Heather Haynes

Hailey Hays

Kathy Henry

Courtney Hentz

Alex Hernandez

Arturo Hernandez

Daisy Hernandez

Edwin Hernandez

Kristie Hernandez

Sharon Hernandez

Cassandra Herrera

Edwin Herrera

Kristine Herrera

Cindy Hickok

Tanya Hidalgo

Allison Hollenbaugh

Alexis Howard

Taylor Howie-Sawdon

Savannah Hughes

Tuesday Hunsaker

Bradley Hunt

Brandon Huynh

Miguel Ibarra

Elijah Iniquez

Jesse Ising

Sarineh Issagholian

Selena Jackson

Kody James

Kody Jensen

Brandon Jimenez

Rogelio Jimenez

Ryan Johnson

Timothy Johnson

Kenichi Kajimoto

Nelson Kalayky Montano

David Kalpakian

Victoria Kapper

Hayleeanna Karr

Mihran Kazanchyan

Daniel Kiefer

Abigail Kelley

Sarah Kelly

Matthew Kelsey

Christopher Kesicbasian

Sarah Kingsbury

Makayla Koons

Connor Kramme

Carolyn Krystal

Colton Ku

Rowena Kumaratunga

Michael Kyriacou

Jacob Kim

Anthony Mark

Jeffrey Markgraf

Anshu Maskara

Nicolette Moreno

Noelle Ruiz

Ryan La Borico

Ryan Labayna

Gabriel Lacayo

Phillip Lam

Vanessa Lanza

Danny Lara Jr

Sidney Larin

Alec LeDoux

Stephanie Leiva

Brittany Lewis

Michael Lima

Thomas Liro

Zoe Lo Menzo

Caitlin Loera

Salina Lohacharoen

Amy Lopez

Andres Lopez

Brenden Williams

Hector Lopez

Jocelyn Lopez

Kimberly Lopez

Sherrilyn Lopez

Ravipa Losakul

Lauren Lotz

Eduardo Lozoya

Garett Ludlum

Alberto Luna

Erika Luque

Michael Lyons

Nathaniel Macaranas

Calley MacDonald

Christian Madrigal

Julian Magallanes

Shayna Mahoney

Levon Malakyan

Jonathan Marino

Marley Marra

Briana Martinez

Helen Martinez

Izabelle Martinez

Joseline Martinez

Josue Martinez

Raul Martinez

Anshu Maskara

Geena Massara

Brandon Mayorga

Grace McCarney

Corey McCoy

Charlotte Medrano

Patrisha Mejia

Samantha Mellon

Miguel Menjivar

Savannah Mersola

Gentzel Mesina

Tyler Meyers

Kevin Meza

Naera Meza

Hannah Milanovich

Joseph Mills

William Minniear

Amee Minsal

Anna Mirabal

Kassandra Mireles

Sharokina Mirzaie

Saleem Moinuddin

Janelle Molin

Anthony Monroy

Alexa Ysabel Monteverde

Jesus Morales

Marie Moran

Joselin Moreira

Vanessa Morejon

Joseph Moreno

Karen Moreno

Annie Morgan

Marilyn Mota

Robert Motz

Rita Murphy

Marissa Musgrave

Allyson Nash

Dominic Navarrete

Karen Navarro

Tran Nguyen

Alexandra Nissing

Tayler Nunez

Ike Nwachie

Haley O’Brien

Steven Ochoa

Armen Odadjian

Joseann Offerman

Violeta Oganesyan

Denim Ohmit

Jaqueline Olivas

Joseph Olympia

Bianca Orozco

Jaime Ortega

Danielle Ortiz

Rachelle Ortiz

Blake Osborne

Joseph Pacheco

Saul Padilla

Elsy Paniagua

Lilith Paparo-Prieto

Giselle Parada

Christian Paris

Lucine Parmakszyan

Elizabeth Pascual

Jorge Payez

Christopher Peale

Jon Pena

Eli Peppmuller

Alyssa Peres

Alejandro Perez

Dakota Perez

David Perez

Michelle Perez

Nicole Perez

Noemy Perez

Saige Perry

Danielle Perry-Kellier

Andrew Pham

Alison Phan

Elenie Philippas

Evan Philpot

Steven Pierce

Gregorio Pineda

Gabriella Pineiro

Natasha Pineiro

Kevin Pinkus

Itzhak Pleites-Morataya

Jerrod Plummer

James Powell

David Pucio

Mark Puente

Kathryn Purdy

Janelle Qualls

Alfredo Quinonez

Lester Quintana Arevalo

Moises Quintero

Alexander Quispe

Alyssa Quiterio

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Fernando Ramirez

Jaime Ramirez

Marcos Ramirez

Wen Ramon

Daylin Ravel-Tone

Maximillian Reis

Christopher Reithel

Beatrix Reyes

Eduardo Reyes

Kayla Lynn Reyes

Matthew Reyes

Ashley Rhee

James Rivera

Paris Robinson

Olivia Rodas

Charles Rodriguez

Jessenia Rodriguez

Rudy Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez

Stevan Rodriguez

William Rodriguez

Cameron Rogers

Angelique Rojas

Jason Rojas

Wesley Rolph

Fred Romero

Nohely Romero

Austin Ross

Matthew Roth

Vanessa Rountree

Jeannine Ruiz

Robert Rutecki

Matthew Saavedra

Sergio Saenz

Lorena Salamanca

Pamela Salapong

Daniel Salazar

Melvin Salazar

Vanessa Salcedo

Jacklyn Salgado

Jairo Sanchez

Tatiana Sanchez

Veronica Sanchez

Aaron Sandoval

Parker Sands

Mark Santa Isabel

Ryan Santa Isabel

Guadalupe Santarriaga

David Santeliz

Alex Santiago

Melissa Santiago

Victoria Santos

Nicolas Sanzana

Trevyn Savage

Arianna Sawinski

Miranda Schaefer Arellano

Jacob Schillaci-Noack

Haley Schulman

Sarah Schwartz

Mikayla Sciberras

Israel Segura

Melissa Sencion

Ernesto Serrano

Cristina Seta

Nuor Shatila

Brian Shinn

Brandon Shulkin

Saul Silva

Michael Simeone

Savannah Simmons

Frank Simpton

Ashley Skifstad

Marin Sklan

Adam Slater

Robert Snader

Jose Solis

Rodrigo Solis

Ambar Solorzano

Kevin Songco

Dezi Soriano

Cristina Sosa

Alexander Speidel

Aimee Spore

Jeremy Steel

Jourdan Steel

Megan Stephenson

Brittani Stevens

Forrest Stevens

Aimee Strauss

Jenna Struble

Davon Stuart

Lachapelle Swain

Christian Switzer

Teadora Taddeo

Chloee Tarazon

Morgan Tashjian

Averyanna Taylor

Chloe Telles

Ashlie Tello

Dang Thai

Aalilyah Thomas

Austyn Thompson

Karen Thompson

Sandra Thompson

Trevor Tilton

Kelsey Dayne Tiongson

Rebecca Todd

Kevin Tom

Angelica Torres

Martin Torres

Samantha Torres

Sergio Torres

Daniel Tran

Kendrick Trejo

Steven Trejo

Shannon Trujillo

Nina Tumpunya

Photo By Ross A. Benson

David Umana

Jesus Valdez

Monica Valdez

Sebastian Valdez

Chantel Valdivieso

Maria Valenzuela

Deidrea Valle

Randy Valle Juarez

Joshua Van Dam

Erika Varady

Lizet Vargas

Victoria Vasquez

Grant Vaught

Diana Vazquez

Ivan Vega

Adam Velasco

Erick Velasquez

Alec Villalpando

Jonathan Vititoe

Jessica Vu

Kristen Wade

Nicole Watkins

Madeline Weiss

Austin Whitlock

Jonathan Wijesooriya

Caila Williams

Nicole Williams

Eric Wilson

Skyler Winkler

Brittaney Wong

Max Worthy

Brandon Wright

Logan Wright

Nicholas Wurtz

Stephanie Yha

Marie Yokers

Andrea Young

Camille Yuson

William Zaourbekov

Adrian Zaragoza

Kayla Zifchak

Emily Zsarko

Natalie Zuniga


Total Happeness. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Grace McCarney who gave the Farewell Speach and Jeffrey Markgraf who gave the class reminiscence give it all a thumbs up. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)