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Frutos, Springer Elected to City Council

(Photo y © Ross A. Benson)

Sharon Springer and Bob Frutos have been elected to the Burbank City Council after election results have been finalized by Burbank City Clerk Zizette Mullins Friday. Mullins had to wait until all ballots that were postmarked by election day were delivered and counted.

Current Mayor Jess Talamantes was reelected in the primary election held in February as he received over 50% of the vote.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The results can be seen as an upset after the primary election which saw Gordon receive 4,799 votes compared to 3,914 votes for Springer.

Mullins released the results that showed Frutos on top with 6,300 votes, Springer picked up the final seat with 5,666 votes. Gordon came in third with 5,287. The results held about the same margins that were first announced on Tuesday.

Juan Guillen was also one of the finalists and placed fourth with 3,783 votes.

City Treasurer Debbie Kutka along with School Board members Steve Frintner and Char Tabet were also elected outright during the primary election.

The newly elected officials for all seats will be sworn in during the annual May 1 meeting in the council chambers where a new Mayor for the year will be selected. The newly elected members will serve four year terms.

There were 11,555 total ballots cast out of 66,481 eligible voters which marked a 17.4 percent return rate in the all-mail election

Schiff Endorses Frutos in Re-election Bid

The following release was supplied by the candidate:

Congressman Adam Schiff recently endorsed City Councilmember Bob Frutos for re-election to his seat in the February 28, 2017 election.

“In the many years that I have known Bob Frutos, I have seen him take on very complex issues and work with other elected officials to make a difference in our community. He brings valuable experience to the table that benefits Burbank and it’s residents and I am happy to support Bob in his campaign for re-election to the Burbank City Council.” Congressman Adam Schiff

“I am grateful to have received the support and endorsement from our Congressman, Adam Schiff.  As your councilmember, I am committed to continuing to make a positive and lasting difference in our community.”  Bob Frutos said.

Field Set for Burbank’s Elections in February

Just when you thought you were done with all of the election bombardment, get ready another round beginning in early 2017 as residents will vote for new officials in the City of Burbank with the All Mail Ballot for the Burbank Primary Election to be held on February 28, 2017

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Councilman Bob Frutos, who will run to retain his seat, is shown with City Clerk Zizette Mullins with his nominating papers (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Up for grabs will be three Council Member Seats, one City Clerk Seat, one City Treasurer Seat and two Board of Education Seats

Council members Bob Frutos, Dr. David Gordon and Mayor Jess Talamantes seats are going to be open with all three of the incumbents seeking to return to the council.   Richard Carr, Sharon Springer, Juan Guillen, Konstantine Anthony, and Gregory R. Sousa have also qualified for the ballot according to City Clerk Zizette Mullins.

In the Burbank Board of Education race, both member Charlene Tabet and President Larry Applebaum are up for re-election and both have filed their papers to run again. Newcomer Steve Frinter will be the third candidate vying for the two open school board seats.

City Treasurer Debbie Kukta and City Clerk Zizette Mullins have also decided to run for re-election and both will run unopposed.

Any candidate who receives 50% plus one vote in the primary will be elected and the remaining seats candidates will face off in the General Election on April 11, 2017 in another All Mail Ballot Election.