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Rick’s Sports Corner: Burbank High’s Aram Araradian Looks For Super Season

By Rick Assad

There is real uncertainty as to when the high school football season will commence its season. And that’s because of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic which has the world on pause.

But whether football begins in the fall or another time, Aram Araradian will be under center for the Burbank High team.

Burbank High quarterback, Aram Araradian, who will be a senior, looks over the defense. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

“The expectation is that there will be a season and we need to prepare as such,” said Araradian, who completed 112 of 199 attempts for 56.2 percent and threw for 1,958 yards with 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions in seven and one quarter games after suffering a season-ending injury. “Now, what we do to prepare may currently be affected and different from the norm, but we are all doing what we can. I think there is a great lesson in all this with learning to be concerned with only the things that we can control and doing what we can to effect the desired outcome.”

Araradian then added: “Our 2021 senior class is a tightly knit group of friends and we are all on the same page of what needs to be done,” he said.

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way Araradian, who passed for more than 350 yards twice last season and accounted for one rushing score, has been able to prepare for the season.

With a clean pocket, Aram Araradian looks for an open receiver. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

“The COVID-19 pandemic has really forced us to change everything we had planned for this offseason and summer,” he said. “I was planning on in-person visits to a number of colleges as well as participating in some showcase camps, but that will not happen. We are basically in a holding pattern waiting to see how things will unfold. Everyone is in the same predicament, so there is nothing we can do except wait.”

On July 20, the CIF Southern Section, the high school governing body, will try to render some clarity when it will announce a fall schedule.

Though Araradian, who was on the freshmen squad and junior varsity as a sophomore and played a few varsity games during that stretch, had a productive junior campaign, it was cut short because of an injury.

Aram Araradian drops back and surveys the field. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

“I got injured in the beginning of the second quarter of game eight last year against Muir High [a 20-15 loss],” said Araradian, voted Offensive Player of the Year as a freshman and Player of the Year as a sophomore. “I rolled out to my left, threw a pass and got hit and landed awkwardly on my shoulder which resulted in the sprain of the AC shoulder [acromioclavicular joint].”

Araradian added: “Being on the sideline and not being able to play had to be one of the hardest things I have gone through,” he noted. “I did not want to let down my team and coaches and wanted to go back out, but I couldn’t move my arm and the sideline doctor did not allow me to go back in the game. I never imagined that would be the last game of my junior year.”

After losing to Muir, the Bulldogs then defeated Glendale 27-0, before being edged by rival Burroughs 29-28.

As a junior, Aram Araradian threw for nearly 2,000 yards and accounted for 14 touchdowns. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

Burbank won a CIF Southern Section first-round Division VII playoff game versus Don Lugo 40-20, but then fell to Serrano 35-13 in a quarterfinal match.

Because football is a high-contact sport, getting hurt is a real possibility.

“I know injuries are part of the game and can happen at any time,” Araradian said. “That is why I do my best to take care of my body in the offseason by eating right and hitting the gym to get stronger and faster. I have two trainers, A.J. Moosa and Chris Aguado at District Sports with whom I work out with three to five times a week and they have really gotten me strong. I also have a nutritionist [Tommy Clarck] and a chiropractor [Dr. Sarkis Cholakyan and Dr. Sevak Ovsepyan] I visit regularly.”

There’s some pressure, but Aram Araradian gets off the pass. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

Burbank coach Adam Colman, who quarterbacked the Bulldogs a few years ago and graduated from UCLA, leaps high praise on his senior field general, who has claimed the Student-Athlete Award every year.

“He’s the ultimate leader by example,” he said. “He is so focused and works so hard, it’s impossible for others to not follow his lead. He helps create a culture of competitiveness and determination. Every day is a chance to get better.”

Moving the Bulldogs downfield and scoring a touchdown or even a field goal is challenging, but thrilling for Araradian.

“My thoughts are more on the execution of the play,” he said. “I trust my coaches and teammates and as we are marching down the field my concern is about making the right reads and executing on the play and protecting the possession.”

When the opportunity presents itself, Aram Araradian will run with the football. (Photo courtesy Aram Araradian)

For Araradian, there is something special about football.

“I think it is the perfect parallel to life and everything it throws at you,” he said. “Football teaches you to be prepared, be a team player, be accountable and stay sharp both mentally and physically. It also teaches you to strategize and look at the long-term goals and how to set up your next move.”

Though Araradian has been on the varsity fulltime for one season, he proved the stage wasn’t too grand.

“I think my success comes from the fact that throwing has become second nature and I do not have to think about the mechanics of throwing,” he said. “I have been working with my quarterback coach [Anton Clarkson] since I was eight years old and have repeated the correct motions of the quick release, the accurate throw, the finesse throw, the strong throw, the timing on the throws and the proper drops for each throw. So, when I’m playing in a game, I do not have to think about anything but dissecting the defense and taking what it gives me. I also spend a lot of time breaking down film and looking at tendencies so I can make my decisions faster.”

Because of Araradian’s 4.0 grade-point average and football acumen along with skill, several colleges are interested in the left-hander thrower.

They number Whittier College in Southern California, Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas and Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, who have offered Araradian football scholarships along with eight others who are interested and they partially include Yale University, Columbia University and the University of San Diego.

“I would love to have the opportunity to play at the next level,” said Araradian, who isn’t sure what he will major in, but is leaning towards law or business. “That is my goal. I believe my determination, work ethic and attention to detail are the things that will set me apart. I take pride in what I do, regardless of what it is and get laser focused on the task(s) at hand.”

Looking to the future is certainly fine, but Araradian has an important job right now and that’s leading the Bulldogs on the football field, whenever that is.

Start of Football Season Not Important to Players, Coaches

The high school football season is scheduled to begin in two months. But with so many concerns still out there because of Covid-19, many players and coaches have many concerns and are learning that they will have to deal with whatever cards they are dealt.

They have been limited to meetings through the use of technology and have not been on the field together in more than three months.

“I don’t think the season is going to begin at its usual time, but I do believe there is going to be a season,” Burroughs quarterback Jon English said. “I think the season will be pushed back to some point in the winter. I know it is going to be difficult for the athletic directors and schools to have more sports packed into the winter season, but I think they will make it happen.”

Jon English will take on a new role this year with Burroughs. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank coach Adam Colman said he has tried to keep his team focused even though the school  year ended two months early as a result of the pandemic.

“Zoom has been huge for us. During the spring, we were meeting twice a day and treating it like regular spring ball but on the computer. We were able to install most of our concepts, watch film, draw up stuff on the whiteboard,” Colman said. “Since our dead period at the start of June, we’ve scaled back because there is only so much you can go over in theory and, eventually, the kids just need to go out and do it. So far in the summer we’ve tried to focus on efficiency so we meet twice a week on Zoom. One meeting is to go over updates and just give them a space to share and talk about everything that’s going on. The second meeting is dedicated to workouts. Our strength and conditioning coach, Omar Trancoso, has been able to put together some great videos of workouts the kids can do at home with minimal equipment and by getting creative with what they have available to them.”

Burbank quarterback Aram Araradian agrees with English in the thought that they won’t be playing on Friday nights in two months.

“At this point I do not think the season will start in time, and at this point I wouldn’t mind when the season starts, as long as it does start,” Araradian said.

Burroughs coach Jesse Craven still has not met his team in person and has also relied on Zoom.

“With this being my first year as the head coach and without being able to meet our team in person yet, I have to understand that the players don’t know who I am yet,” Craven said. “So the focus for me this spring was to connect with our seniors and try to build as much of a foundation and open line of communication with them first.”

Without practicing, there will need to be lots of catching up to do when the teams do hit the practice field.
“A reasonable amount of practice days before the season begins is two months, with a week and a half of practicing in full pads.,” English said. “That is enough time for teams to get in game-ready shape.”

English added that he trusts that schools will have a plan figured out to best project athletes from the spread of Covid-19.

“Covid will always be a threat throughout the season, but as long as every school takes the precautions to make sure everything is safe then I think the season will be as it normally is with a few changes to the amount of spectators that are allowed in the stands,” English added.

Burbank football coach Adam Colman will enter his fourth year as head coach.

Araradian said he does not favor the changing of a helmet to help prevent the spread of Covid.

“I think covering the mouth during practices and games would make it extremely hard for the player to breathe, so I don’t think changing up the face mask would be effective in keeping everyone safe,” he said.

Colman said he isn’t worried about when the season will start.

“In terms of starting the season later, I think I speak for all coaches when I say we just want to do whatever is safe for our kids,” Colman added. “Obviously we all want a season, but their long-term health and the health of their families is what is most important. If it’s decided that starting the season later is the best way to do that, then we’ll roll with it. It would definitely make it a unique and memorable season.”

Craven agreed that he is not concerned about the start of the season.

“There are a lot of people in the city of Burbank and really across the world that are dealing with very real and tough things,” he said. “While I would love to be practicing and preparing for the season. I feel it is important that (I) and our team maintain perspective during this time.”

Burbank Football Eliminated From CIF Playoffs

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The scoreboard doesn’t always tell the story in a football game and it certainly did not Friday night when Burbank High hosted visiting Serrano High of Phelan at Memorial Field in the quarterfinals of the CIF Southern Section Division 7 playoffs.
Top-seeded and undefeated Serrano may have come up with a 35-13 victory, but it was much closer than the score may indicate.

Trailing 28-13 midway through the fourth quarter, Burbank appeared to be on the verge of cutting the deficit in half when receiver Jack Sapyta was stopped at the 1-yard line after a catch from quarterback Vinny Vang. A late and unexpected flag came in against a Burbank receiver downfield and essentially killed the momentum the Bulldogs had in what essentially would have been a one-touchdown game midway through the final quarter.

“I had never seen that called before. It wasn’t even against the guy who caught the ball,” Burbank coach Adam Colman said. “I just wanted an explanation (from the referees). It is what it is.”
Serrano (12-0) was ahead of the entire game, but it wasn’t a comfortable lead until late in the contest.

“I knew coming in this would be a physical football game,” Serrano coach Casey Maholchic said. “Hats off to Burbank. They gave us pretty much everything we could handle.”

Serrano got on the board with 4:54 left in the first quarter when 6-foot-2, 225-pound fullback Cade Beaujean scored on a 1-yard run.

The Diamondbacks doubled their lead with 8:56 left in the first half when quarterback Parker Chaffee scored from a yard out.
Burbank struggled offensively in the first half but brought some great momentum into the locker room after Vang hooked up with Brandon Pena on a 29-yard touchdown with just six seconds left in the half.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank (5-7) trailed just 14-6 at halftime.

Serrano went up 21-6 with 3:42 left in the third quarter on another 1-yard run from Chaffee.
But Burbank fought back as Vang hooked up with Ben Burnham on a 26-yard touchdown with 11:44 to play, making it 21-13.

“He just gutted it out and did his best and showed a lot of heart. He kept us in the game,” Colman said of Vang.
Serrano later got two fourth-quarter touchdowns from Joseph Zuniga.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Vang, who was making just his second start ever at quarterback, finished 11 of 16 passing for 136 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 96 yards on 13 carries.

For a second consecutive playoff game, Burbank missed five starters due to injury, including starting quarterback Aram Araradian and his backup, Kuba Raymond.



Burbank Football Stops Glendale, 27-0

The Burbank High football team didn’t come out looking like its usual self Friday night when the Bulldogs hosted Glendale High on their home field.

But eventually the Bulldogs got things together and it was enough to earn a 27-0 Pacific League victory.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The second half was played with a running clock as Glendale has struggled with keeping enough healthy bodies this season.

“I think we came out thinking we were way too good, too cocky. We turned it around in the second quarter,” said Burbank running back Isaac Glover, who finished with three touchdowns.

Burbank (4-5, 3-2 in the league) played without star quarterback Aram Araradian, who is nursing a shoulder injury and is hoping to be able to return for the regular-season finale against Burroughs.

Burbank turned the ball over twice in the first quarter and didn’t seem to be fully focused.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

“They came out ready to play. Their coach did an amazing job getting them fired up to play,” Burbank coach Adam Colman said of Glendale. “Being at home and it was senior night, (our) kids were a little distracted. We need to fix that.”

Burbank was held scoreless in the first quarter. But Glover’s 39-yard touchdown with 10:33 left in the first half broke the deadlock.

Glover added a 29-yard touchdown run with 7:25 left in the first half.

The Bulldogs scored for a third time in the quarter at the 5:44 mark as quarterback Kuba Raymond hooked up with Ben Burnham on a 33-yard pass.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Glover added his third touchdown of the game with 3:35 left in the first half, scoring from one-yard out. He finished with 10 carries for 172 yards.

The Bulldogs will now enjoy a bye week before taking on rival Burroughs Nov. 1 at Memorial Field. Burbank is seeking to win its fourth consecutive game over the Indians, something the Bulldogs have never done before.



Burbank Football Drops Tug of War With Muir

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Penalties are supposed to be difference makers in football games.
Following in the footsteps of crosstown rival Burroughs, the Burbank High football team could not overcome 21 penalties committed by visiting Muir High in a 20-15 Pacific League loss Monday night at Memorial Field.

The Bulldogs suffered a major blow when quarterback Aram Araradian went out with a shoulder injury early in the second quarter.

“He’s the heart and soul of the team. When he went down the team kind of gasped and were like what’s going on,” Burbank coach Adam Colman said. “I thought Kuba (Raymond) did an amazing job coming in in a tough spot. He missed pretty much the whole week of practice with the flu. So he really didn’t get reps in practice.”

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank (3-5, 2-2) got a big break early in the game as they were able to force Muir receiver Jamier Johnson to fumble the ball. The loose ball ended in the end zone and Burbank’s Lucas Sheppe recovered for the touchdown.

Muir (6-1, 4-0), which is ranked No. 1 in the CIF Southern Section Division 11 poll, tied things when quarterback Amaris Harrison scored on a 1-yard run with 3:28 left in the first quarter. He was later hurt in the third quarter and did not return.

The Mustangs took the lead when Tyrikk Lawson scored on a 24-yard run with 11:18 left in the first half.

Playing with backup quarterback Erik Wallace, Muir took a 20-7 lead as he hooked up with UCLA-commit John Humphrey on a 3-yard touchdown pass with one minute to play in the third quarter.

Burbank made things interesting early in the fourth quarter as Max Mendieta tackled Wallace in the end zone with 10:07 to play, resulting in a safety.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Later in the quarter the Bulldogs Ian Miller intercepted a pass and returned it deep into Muir territory.
Raymond then scored on a 1-yard run with 3:36 to play.

“Our defense played amazing. They kept us in it until the end,” Colman said. “The kids battled. That’s all you can ask for.”

Burbank is set to host Glendale High on its campus Friday night at 7 p.m.


Burbank Football Can’t Keep Pace With Crescenta Valley, Lose 45-14

By Rick Assad

For the Burbank High football team, it was about time for its offense and angles for its defense when it faced Crescenta Valley.

Seemingly from the start, the Falcons were all over junior quarterback Aram Araradian, who had roughly three seconds to get rid of the football.

This is how it went on Burbank’s first series, which began at the Bulldog 29-yard line: senior running back Isaac Glover had a two-yard run. On second down, Araradian’s pass to junior wide receiver Brandon Pena went for no yards and on third down, Araradian was sacked for a six-yard loss.

The two defensive linemen chasing and harassing and causing nightmares for Araradian (13 of 26 for 250 yards with two interceptions) were 6-foot-7 senior Chuck Meyer and 6-6 Logan Tourville.


Quarterback Aram Araradian, shown in a win over Pasadena, had an off night against Crescenta Valley. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank’s defense needed to tackle better in open space and not allow Falcon receivers room to roam.

Neither occurred and as a result, Crescenta Valley remained unbeaten and coasted to a 45-14 Pacific League win over the Bulldogs at Glendale High’s Moyse Field on Friday night.

“Every phase of the game, mentally, physically, emotionally, they took it to us,” Burbank coach Adam Colman said. “They were hungrier than we were and that was evident.”

Colman added: “A lot of those seniors were sophomores and we’ve gotten them the last couple of years and they came out mad about that. They wanted to get back and be a championship team and set themselves up for a playoff run.”

There were two bright spots for the Bulldogs (242 total net yards) and the first was Araradian’s 56-yard scoring pass to Pena (122 yards on eight catches) with 1:52 left in the opening quarter that evened the game at 7-7 and closed a 75-yard, five-play trek.

The other was a one-yard carry from Glover (29 yards on 10 rushes) with 3:08 left in the fourth period that ended a 50-yard, two-play march as the Bulldogs (3-4 and 2-1 in league) cut the Falcons’ lead to 31 points.

For much of the evening, Araradian was running away from the Crescenta Valley defense which sacked him five times for minus-forty yards.

Crescenta Valley (6-0 and 3-0 in league) proved too good from the start as it moved ahead 7-0 when junior running back Sebastian DeLeon capped a 60-yard, five-play excursion with a one-yard run and 8:03 left in the first quarter.

Senior runnning back Isaac Glover, pictured in a recent Pacific League game, had a rushing score for the Bulldogs against the Falcons. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Falcons were knocking on the door two possessions later, but senior running back Maximus Grant (109 yards on 22 carries and 65 yards on two receptions) fumbled at the Burbank two-yard line as the ball squirted into the end zone.

On its next series, Crescenta Valley, the CIF Southern Section Division X No. 1 ranked team, did score to make it 14-7 as senior quarterback Chase Center (13 of 18 for 252 yards) located senior wide receiver Angel Ochoa with a short pass which resulted in a 47-yard touchdown as 8:17 remained before halftime.

Ochoa, a defensive back, would add an interception and a 65-yard return with 4:21 left in the contest that made it 45-7.

“We’re talking about a team, in terms of Burbank, that was scary offensively, that highly-touted quarterback [Araradian], and he is good, I’m not saying he’s not, but once again you saw what our defense can do,” Crescenta Valley coach Hudson Gossard said of his stifling defense. “Late score at the end. We held them to seven points basically the entire game.”

With 2:51 showing before the intermission, Center (59 rushing yards on 12 carries) had the ball at the Crescenta Valley 47-yard line and six plays later hooked up with senior wide receiver Colby Rees (87 yards on four receptions) on a 20-yard strike as the Falcons’ extended their lead to 21-7.

The next time Crescenta Valley, which only punted once, had the football, it marched 61 yards on six plays and ended when Center drilled Rees with a 24-yard laser for a 28-7 edge as 45 seconds remained.

The Falcons (418 total yards) took the second half kickoff and made it 35-7 when Center hit Rees with a 22-yard scoring pass as 6:49 was left in the third quarter and finalized an 11-play, 67-yard drive.

When sophomore kicker Anthony Sharlakian converted a 30-yard field goal with 2:01 on the clock in the third period, the Falcons zoomed ahead 38-7.

Burbank’s next league match will be play on Friday at 7 p.m. when it hosts Muir at Memorial Field.

Burbank Football Starts Quick And Prevails 39-21 Over Pasadena

Rick Assad

When a quarterback has multiple targets at his fingertips, he’s likely going to rack up significant yardage and score multiple touchdowns.

Aram Araradian has that luxury as the left-handed throwing junior piled up 256 yards through the air in a 39-21 victory over Pasadena in a Pacific League matchup at Memorial Field on Thursday night.

Aram Araradian hands off to Isaac Glover, who had 150 yards and one score. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Araradian ended his night by completing 14 of 25 pass attempts with one interception and launched two touchdowns.

For good measure, Araradian also tacked on a five-yard rushing score that came with 1:49 left in the third quarter and shoved Burbank ahead 33-7, which finalized a 48-yard, five-play march.

“We knew we were playing a talented team, so we knew we had to come out strong,” Araradian said. “All our skill guys have trust in the line and faith in the line that they can get their stuff done and then we do our stuff, run, pass, whatever it is.”

Araradian, who carried the ball five times for no yards, said having so many exceptional players around him does make his job that much easier.

Aram Araradian gets tackled on a running play. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“I put the ball in the spot and they go and get it,” he said. “They’re guys that get yards after catch. It could be like a 10-yard pass and it goes 25, 30 yards.”

On this evening, Araradian’s favorite target was junior wide receiver Brandon Pena, who hauled in nine receptions for 188 yards.

Pena’s 19-yard catch on Burbank’s first possession made it 7-0 with 8:51 left in the initial period and it capped a seven-play, 40-yard drive.

Senior wide receiver Ben Burnham, who is another favorite target, chipped in with four receptions and 61 yards.

Burnham’s 25-yard scoring grab with 50 seconds left before halftime from Araradian, saw Burbank (3-3 and 2-0 in league) slide ahead 27-7.

Aram Araradian passed for two touchdowns in a 39-21 win over Pasadena. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“We came out and ready to go. But we executed and kept the drive alive,” Burbank coach Adam Colman explained. “The offense grinded it out. Stayed on the field.”

Colman then added: “We’ve got a lot of weapons,” he said. “When our ground game is working like it was tonight, you just kind of pick your poison. It’s really tough to stop. It puts a lot of pressure on the opponents. They’re all unselfish and about the team.”

Burbank’s ground attack was highly effective as senior running back Isaac Glover accounted for 150 yards on 29 carries, that included a pair of first-half touchdowns.

“Just overall team-work,” Glover explained on why Burbank prevailed over a much-improved Pasadena team. “We just executed on every single level. Moving the ball and executing. Everyone doing their job.”

Isaac Glover gets free on the right side and runs for yards. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

What’s Glover’s approach each and every week?

“Watching film and seeing what they do,” he said. “Learning a new game every week.”

Glover’s six-yard romp into the end zone with 1:57 left in the opening frame made it 14-0 as Burbank drove 80 yards on 13 plays.

Glover’s second scoring tally was a four-yard blast with 7:11 remaining in the second quarter as the hosts pulled ahead 20-7.

On this drive, Araradian calmly and confidently marched the home team 92 yards which consumed 10 plays.

Araradian then positioned Burbank (414 total net yards) down the field after getting the football at the Pasadena 31-yard line and used six plays with senior running back Tyler Murphy (eight yards on five carries) scampering in from two yards and 8:21 left in the game that made it 39-14.

Pasadena (3-2 and 0-2 in league) has skilled players up and down its lineup and trimmed Burbank’s advantage to 14-7 when senior running back Au’dante Bailey (51 yards on seven carries) scored on an eight-yard run that ended the first quarter and finished a five-play, 58-yard excursion.

Bailey’s 68-yard kickoff return for a score for Pasadena (245 total yards) with 1:38 remaining in the third quarter sliced Burbank’s lead to 33-14.

When Pasadena sophomore wide receiver Mekhi Fox (92 yards on six rushes) raced 60 yards with eight minutes remaining in the contest, Burbank’s lead was reduced to 18 points.

Burbank, which began the season with losses to Moorpark at home and Golden Valley on the road, has now won three of its next four games.

Burbank’s next game will be Friday at Moyse Field on the campus of Glendale High when it plays Crescenta Valley.

Burnham Leads Burbank Football Past Arcadia

Burbank High senior wide receiver Ben Burnham has played well of late and scored a pair of touchdowns last week in a loss to Hart High.

Thursday night he became the first receiver in school history to gain more than 300 yards in a single game, as he scored three touchdowns in leading the Bulldogs to a 48-7 road win over defending Pacific League champion Arcadia in the league opener.

“I’ve been locked in mentally and I’ve been focused on running my routes. Everything after I catch it just comes naturally,” Burnham said.  “I can’t say enough about my quarterback. He’s a great player, a great teammate, a great leader.”

Junior quarterback Aram Araradian finished 11 of 16 passing for 351 yards with three touchdowns.

Having played a tougher schedule in the first half of the season, Araradian has now passed for 1,387 yards in five games.

Burbank (2-3) jumped on Arcadia quickly and was never under any serious threat.

Araradian and Burnham hooked up on a 32-yard touchdown at the 9:58 mark of the first quarter.

An interception by Austin Blacano helped set up Burbank’s second touchdown, a 1-yard run by Isaac Glover with 5:54 left in the first quarter to make it 14-0.

Tyler Murphy scored on a 1-yard run later in the quarter to make it 20-0.

Araradian and Burnham hooked up on an 89-yard touchdown at the 9:11 mark of the second quarter to make it 27-0. Burnham’s single game record broke the previous school record of Cody Cardenaz, who had 209 yards against Pasadena in 2008.

Arcadia (1-3) took advantage of great field position following a Burbank turnover to help score its lone touchdown.

Glover scored on a 15-yard run with 2:22 left in the first half to make it 34-7.

Araradian and Burnham hooked up again with 58 seconds left in the quarter for their third touchdown. Burnham did not play in the fourth quarter.

Burbank’s lone touchdown in the second half came with 7:14 left in the third quarter as Murphy scored on a 9-yard run.

Bulldog coach Adam Colman was pleased with how his team responded from a tough nonleague schedule in which saw some ups and downs.

“It was nice to get on the board quick and to get to play with a lead. We’ve looked back and some of our losses and we said if we get a lead early it’s a whole different complexion. We really emphasized starting strong,” Colman said. “The defense was awesome and helped give us great field position. It’s nice to start off league with a win, especially against the defending league champs.”
Burbank will host Pasadena High next Thursday at Memorial Field.

Hart Still Too Much for Burbank Football

It has been more than three decades since the Burbank High football team last defeated Hart High.

The Bulldogs will have to wait to attempt the feat against one of the top programs in California history.

Friday night Burbank showed it has improved vastly from the days of the Foothill League when it was frequently dominated by Hart.

But the host Indians still had too much in a 31-13 win over the Bulldogs at College of the Canyons.

“A couple of crucial mistakes got us down at half but we battled,’’ Burbank coach Adam Colman said. “A lot of mental mistakes cost us. We just didn’t execute in crucial spots. That’s a good team and you can’t make mistakes against Hart.”

Hart (1-2) didn’t get on the board until 15 seconds remained in the first half when running back Taden Littleford scored on a 3-yard run.

Hart took advantage of a Burbank turnover to set up its second touchdown. Littleford added a 12-yard touchdown run with 6:17 left in the first half to double the Indians’ lead to 14-0.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank (1-3) did answer back, however. Junior quarterback Aram Araradian hooked up with Ben Burnham on 49-yard touchdown with 4:29 left in the first half. Araradian finished 14 of 29 for 234 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

Hart got a break  in the closing seconds of the first half when Burbank appeared to have tackled Littleford, who spun away and gained 52 yards. That set up a field goal with 4 seconds left and Hart kicker Cruz Lopez did not miss from 30 yards out.

Hart quarterback Zach Johnson, who is committed to UC Berkeley, scored on a 26-yard run early in the third quarter to help give his team a 24-7 cushion.

Araradian and Burnham hooked up on another long touchdown with 25 seconds left in the third quarter, helping cut the deficit to 24-13 going into the final quarter.

Littleford scored on a 2-yard run with 2:45 to play to cap the scoring for the Indians.

“We knew what we were getting ourselves into. That’s why we schedule these games,” Colman said. “We’d love to win and felt like we left an opportunity out there. With our nonleague schedule the whole point was to schedule up and go play some top quality opponents. We wanted to win them all, but no matter what happens it prepares you.  Now we’re ready for league. Hopefully we go on a run and get in the playoffs again and be battle tested come playoff time.”


Burbank Football Has No Break Down in Win Over Orange Vista

By Damaris Duran

The Burbank High football team didn’t have the best of times getting to its football game Friday night in Perris against Orange Vista High.

The Bulldogs’ bus broke down en route to the Riverside County school, causing the contest to start late.

But the Bulldogs didn’t let a minor setback before the whistle interfere with the plans they had for on the field.

With elevated spirit and energy that the team brought with them onto the field, the Bulldogs pulled off a surprising 35-21 come-from-behind victory to earn their first victory of the season.

“Control what you can control. Just lock in mentally, start visualizing and you’re ready to go,” Coach Adam Colman said about what he told his team.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The night started in Orange Vista’s favor when junior Randy Wilkins scored the game’s first touchdown in the first quarter.

But Bulldog junior Jarren Flowers helped even things up as his 45-yard interception return with 2:57 left made it 7-7.

By the end of the first quarter, Orange Vista had scored again to take a 14-7 lead.

Both teams demonstrated strong defenses that the scoreboard remained intact throughout the second quarter.

Burbank drew even again late in the third quarter as quarterback Aram Araradian completed a 57-yard touchdown pass to junior Brandon Pena.

It was anybody’s game at that point going into the fourth quarter before Burbank stepped up and took over.

With less than seven minutes remaining, once again, Araradian completed a 12-yard touchdown pass to Pena to give Burbank a 21-14 lead.

On Orange Vista’s ensuing drive, senior Vincent Vang intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown, the Bulldogs’ second pick-six of the night.

Orange Vista was not finished, however, as it rallied quickly to score, cutting the difference to 28-21.

To finish the night off, senior Ian Miller scored returned an onsides kick attempt by Orange Vista all the way with just 31 seconds left to play.

“[We’ll] get home, get some sleep, wake up tomorrow, watch some film and get back to work,” said Coach Colman. “We got Hart next week and it’s a great program, great team, so we’ve got to get back to work.”