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Southern California Band Galvanized Souls Brings New Meaning to Music


Photo By: Jared Sagal – Rockerrazzi Media

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to some great new music by the band, Galvanized Souls.

A self-described “modern grunge” band, Galvanized Souls is a breath of fresh air in an industry where technology largely dominates vocals. Natives of Southern California, Galvanized Souls is made up of four members, all who were introduced to music at an early age.

Galvanized Souls plays across Southern California, and were recently crowned the winners of the 2013 Thousand Oaks Battle of the Bands. The band just released a self-titled, five track EP.


Photo By: Jared Sagal – Rockerrazzi Media

Listening to the EP, I felt as if their music transcends time. Their punk/grunge quality is reminiscent of the 1990’s, with hints of Nirvana, yet can eclipse through time with their heavy guitar sound and clear, harmonized vocals.

My favorite song on the EP is “Shut You Down.” The vocals are really the focal point of the music, and the clarity of the overall sound is attractive and engaging. The main vocalist in the song has a Kurt Cobain-like drawl, really relishing each word and note. That distinct sound is incredibly captivating.

Each song in the EP is well-balanced and alluring, but what interests me the most is the nuance to their music. Each song encompasses a different style and almost a different genre. This layered and nuanced touch to their music is what makes them unique. Band members Matt DeMartini and Chris Traylor said their distinct sound is what distinguishes them from other bands.

“We think it is cool that people cannot categorize our music because that may set us apart from the pack,” they said an email interview.


Photo By: Jared Sagal – Rockerrazzi Media

Their talent is clear, and as soon as I finished the last song in the EP, I hit repeat and listened to the entire CD again, an obvious indicator of really great music.

In addition to their original songs, Galvanized Souls also covers Cher’s “Believe” and recently released the music video. The video focuses on troubled teens and shares an important message about helping others.


DeMartini and Traylor said the music video for “Believe” was meant to help young adults who may be dealing with difficult issues.


Photo By: Jared Sagal – Rockerrazzi Media

“We have also seen a lot of people committing self-harm and if we can help just one person with this video, it would be all worth it,” they said. “We think there is a big crisis out there and not enough people recognize the importance of the issue of troubled teens.”

They also recognize that suicide is one of the leading causes of death for young adults, and wish to try and spread the message of hope and help. “Believe” is a beautiful video, highlighting the importance of recognizing warning signs and helping others to believe in getting better.

I’m impressed by Galvanized Souls for many reasons. Their music is undeniably good. Their talent is palpable. But even more impressive is their passion for reaching people through the power of music.


Photo By: Jared Sagal – Rockerrazzi Media

Galvanized Souls is currently independent and have not yet signed with a record company. They play around the Southern California area and hope to tour in 2014.

Galvanized Souls has upcoming shows in Camarillo, Los Angeles and Orange.

For more information about the band and for a list of their upcoming shows, please visit their website at http://galvanizedsouls.com.

For their music videos, check out their YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/user/GalvanizedSouls?feature=watch

John Burroughs High School ‘Bands’ with Goodwill for Donation Drive Fundraiser

JBHS Instrumental Music Association is teaming up with Goodwill of Southern California to raise money needed to keep the band program marching on.  Donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, and household items and you’ll bring music to the ears of the Burbank community.

“We’re not asking for money, just helping to get you started on your spring cleaning and help support our kids at the same time,” says music director Tana Barnett.  Donate a bag or two of stuff you no longer need and you help the JBHS band– it’s that simple!   By cleaning out your closets and garages you not only help the marching band raise money, but also help Goodwill create job training opportunities for those with special needs.  The goal is to fill an entire Goodwill donation truck!

Drop off your gently used donations to the John Burroughs High School parking lot on Sunday, April 14th, between 10:00am and 4:00pm.  Bring a bag, or a carload!  If you’re unable to personally drop off your donation on April 14th or have a lot to donate, send an email to jbhs_band@yahoo.com so arrangements can be made to pick up your items. For additional information on the JBHS Instrumental Program and for donation receipts, check out their website at www.jbhsima.org.

Burroughs Band Participates in Liberty Bowl Festivities

The John Burroughs High School band headed to Memphis, Tennessee right after Christmas for a fabulous musical adventure. Two years ago the award winning JBHS band participated in the Sugar Bowl halftime show, and this year they will be showcased at the Liberty Bowl. An elite squad of approximately 50 of the band program’s most dedicated students, from Freshman to Seniors, will proudly represent John Burroughs High School on the national stage.

“We are really excited to once again have this honor,” stated Tana Barnett, Director of Bands. “It is so great for the kids to see how their hard work in the classroom and all those lonely hours practicing pays off in a performance like the Liberty Bowl.”

To give the students as much experience as possible, the entire four days will be jam packed with musical activities. A visit to Memphis isn’t complete without taking in Graceland. They will get a sense of national history at the Civil Rights Museum, and music history at the Rock and Soul Museum. “We really pride ourselves in giving students in our Instrumental Music Association program a depth of music experience,” explained JBHS IMA President Robert Jung.

The Liberty Bowl will be held December 31 and then students will welcome in the New Year at a special celebration organized for the student musicians performing at the Liberty Bowl.

Upon their return, the music program will turn its focus to concert season, where students perform in one of three bands: Concert, Symphonic, and Wind Ensemble, as well as in small ensembles and solo performances. “We try to give the students a broad exposure to music. Those students who choose to continue with music in college have a strong foundation, and those who enjoy music through high school gain a greater appreciation and understanding about music,” added Ms. Barnett.

Other upcoming activities the Burbank community is invited to attend include:

Swing Night – January 19, 2013 – come enjoy and even dance to the Big Band music of yore, all provided by JBHS musicians. Sweeney Todd – February 8th-10th – JBHS Drama Production, featuring live music from the IMA; Festival Prelude, April 4th – JBHS IMA Free Spring Concert;
Burbank On Parade, April 13th – see the Marching Band strut their stuff in the City of Burbank’s annual parade; LIVE at the Burroughs Bowl, May 18th – IMA perform scores from various feature movies.

For more information, contact Director of Bands: tanabarnett@burbankusd.org, JBHS IMA

(Photo Courtesy Conrad F. Olivas, III)

Burbank On Parade: Strike Up The Band For Bill Kuzma

Memories old and new are what keep Bill Kuzma coming back each year to direct the Burbank Burroughs Alumni Band in Burbank On Parade.

A 1965 graduate of Burbank High School, Kuzma was the band director at his alma mater from 1970 to 1980. He also was with the Burbank Police Boys Band and later Burbank Police Youth Band as a member, drum major, assistant director from about 1963 and then became director in 1971.

He remained director from 1971 to 1979.

One of his favorite memories as drum major of the Police Boys Band was the year they participated in a parade to determine the Southern California Youth Band Championship in Lynwood.

“When I went on stage for the award ceremony I was told that we had won the Music Sweepstakes Award for being the best band and named champion. It was our first of many six-foot musical sweepstakes trophies,” he said.

A memory that stands out for Kuzma as director happened during the tour to Europe taken by the Burbank High School Band and Drill Team. They were performing an outdoor concert on the Fourth of July in Kufstein, Austria, at the base of a bluff that had a castle at the top.

“I invited children in the audience to come direct the ‘Stars and Stripes Forever,’ by Sousa and our sousaphone player had tears coming down his face because of the emotion of the moment –playing such a historic American classic in a foreign country,” he said. “At the end of the concert, as the sun was setting into darkness, there was organ music blasting from the castle a la Dracula.”

The memories come flooding back when he returns every year to direct the band in the community parade. The best part is seeing the friends he has made over the years, he said.

“I truly enjoy seeing people who have had music in their background come back and perform again whether or not they have kept up on their instrument. Being in a band or related performing group like drill team, color guard, flag team and banner carriers makes one part of a select family — almost like having ‘circus blood’ in your veins.

“It’s fun to perform (after a very short rehearsal) and catch up with people who you knew as young adults and see how and what they’re doing now as adults. Recapturing memories and making new ones!”

John Burroughs Band Members Receive Honors

Excellent and superior not only describe the John Burroughs High School Band, but are also two of the highest honors musicians can earn in competitions. This spring the JBHS musicians have been competing as soloists, in small ensembles, and all three band groups, and they have consistently received the highest honors and much acclaim.
On April 1 there was no joke being played when the JBHS Wind Ensemble received the highest rating of the day, Unanimous Superior, at the SCSBOA Festival of Bands hosted at Excelsior Auditorium in Norwalk. The JBHS Symphonic and Concert bands both received Excellent ratings in performance and Superior in Sight Reading. “The kids have been working really hard all year and I was glad to see them recognized,” said Tana Barnett, Music Director.
On April 2 the JBHS Jazz Ensemble had an impressive showing at the Fullerton Jazz Festival earning an overall Excellent rating and finishing sixth in their division. In addition, three musicians were singled out for Outstanding Soloist awards.
The JBHS Instrumental Music Association offers a comprehensive music experience for high school musicians, with the bands regularly taking top honors. Earlier in the year the JBHS musicians competed in a Solo and Ensemble Festival where two soloists earned Superior ratings and 23 ensembles were named Superior. Both soloists and the Superior ensembles qualified for the state level competition.
In addition, clarinet player and graduating senior Emily Connor was named to the All-State Band and performed at the California Band Director’s Association annual conference in Fresno.