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New Burbank Fire Chief Eric Garcia Announced

Following the announced retirement of Burbank Fire Chief Tom Lenahan in October, the Burbank Fire Department plans to promote Assistant Fire Chief Eric Garcia to the position.

Chief Garcia joined the BFD in 1994 and gained many titles over the years. He has been very instrumental in Burbank’s Emergency Medical Service and in his current role as Administrative Chief where he handles on all areas of the department.  In 2012, Garcia became a Battalion Chief.


“I’m very thankful for the opportunity and eager to get to work. I’m proud to serve the City of Burbank,” said Chief Garica.

Garcia’s promotion will be made official in a change-of-command ceremony taking place on December 28. The new Chief will be making several placements and promotions within the ranks once he takes over the office of Chief.

Starting in January 2018, Chief Lenahan will takeover as Fire Chief of the recently renamed Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Jaws Of Life Used To Remove Driver Of Car Struck By Loose Wheel On Freeway

Thursday evening, January 9, Burbank Fire Department used the Jaws of Life to extricate the driver of a white Honda Civic from his vehicle after it was badly damaged by loose car wheel on the 5 Freeway. At 10:40 p.m., Engine 11 was dispatched to the scene, along with Paramedics and a Battalion Chief, according to Capt. Peter Hendrickson of the Burbank Fire Department. He added the car looked like it had been struck by a very large object.

The car had stopped on the right shoulder of the northbound 5 Freeway near the Buena Vista exit. CHP officers also responded and stopped all lanes of traffic so the Fire Department could work. The driver and sole occupant of the Honda Civic sustained serious injuries, according to Officer Tom Miller of the California Highway Patrol.

The driver was taken to Holy Cross Trauma Center and the last BFD unit cleared the scene at 11:13 p.m. No further information on the accident or the condition of the driver is available at this time.

Suspicious Burbank Fires Under Investigation

Firefighters arrived at the auto shop and found smoke coming from the building (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Burbank fire units responded to a call reporting a possible structure fire near N San Fernando Blvd and N Buena Vista St at around 1 a.m. Saturday morning.  The fire was located in a small industrial complex, and was contained by firefighters within approximately 30 minutes.

While not believed related to recent arson incidents in LA County, Burbank Fire Department (BFD) is investigating the fire as suspicious.

The fire destroyed many vehicle inside the business (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

At approximately 2 a.m. BFD responded to a car fire on 2100 block of N Rose St.  The car, a 2006 Corvette, was destroyed.  This incident, according to Sergeant Darin Ryburn, Press Information Officer for the Burbank Police Department, was suspicious and similar to fires reported last night in Sun Valley and North Hollywood.

Sgt. Ryburn advises all Burbank residents that he would encourage our residents and business owners to please be observant of their surroundings.  All of the fires have been late night or early morning.  If residents hear or see something please call the police immediately. If they become aware of a fire, be cognizant of vehicles leaving the area and provide that information to fire and police personnel.

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Given the nature of the N. Rose St. fire, all inquiries on the possibility this fire was related to the recent string of arson fires in LA County are being directed to the LA City Fire Department Public Information Officer.

According to Erik Scott, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, LAFD responded to an additional 13 fires early Saturday morning, bringing the total number of fires suspected of being set by one or more arsonists to over 30 in just two days.  Scott also noted LA County Fire responded to another possibly related call in the Lennox area.

An arson investagor shoot pictures of a car on Rose St. that may be linked to the Los Angeles arsonist (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

If anybody sees or suspects suspicious activity, call 911 and report the activity as quickly as possible.  Currently, officials are looking for a male driving a white and tan mid-1990s Lexus ES300, but they would not give details.

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Robeks Juice Gets A Little Watered Down

Broken Sprinkler Head leaves Juicy Joint all wet. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Burbank Fire Department received a water flow alarm without a reset (water was detected running through the pipes and not stopping as when sprinklers are turned on for a reason) and responded a full alarm and plenty of equipment thinking there was a fire at 1001 San Fernando Blvd late Tuesday evening.

What they did discover was a broken sprinkler head in a backroom of Robeks Juice. They downsized the assignment and between a truck company and engine company, they cleaned up some of the water and left the rest for the tenant to mop up.


Quick Work by Burbank Firefighters Help Save Belongings

There was no damage to the vehicle pulling the trailer due to the quick response of Engine 12    (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

There was no damage to the vehicle pulling the trailer due to the quick response of Engine 12 (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

A family from Canoga Park can be thankful for the quick work of Burbank Firefighters as they responded to Alameda and Pass late Wednesday night to put out a trailer that was being pulled which caught fire.

Engine 12 was quickly on scene and put out the fire which started while the family was traveling westbound on the 134 freeway and pulled off when they saw smoke.  The bearings on the trailer had heated up and the contents in the trailer caught fire.

After putting out the fire, firefighters unloaded most of the trailer to make sure they got all the hot spots and to save as much of the contents that they could for the family.

There were no injuries and because of the quick work, no damage done to the vehicle pulling the trailer.

Quick work by Engine 12's crew helped to save items that had caught fire in this trailer (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Quick Work by Firefighters Save Structures From Auto Fire

Burbank Firefighters extinguished this truck fire in the 1900 block of Ontario St. on Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Firefighters and police responded to several 911 calls of a truck into a garage with a person trapped inside and on fire Thursday afternoon.  Upon arrival Burbank Firefighters found a small pickup truck in a rear alley in the 1900 block of  N. Ontario with the cab and engine were well involved with fire, with the fire having the potential to spread to the garages the truck was parked next to.

Quick action by Burbank Firefighters stopped the blaze from going anywhere. Damage to the truck was reported to be $ 20,000 and the damage to the garage was $ 2,000. Fire units were under the direction of Battalion Chief Steve Briggs.

There were no injuries to civilians nor firefighters. Burbank Police closed local streets and the adjoining alleys, until the fire was extinguished and the truck towed.

Trees Fall, Stucture Fails, Power Out – Burbank Survives Overnight Winds

This temporary wall at a building being remodeled in the 700 block of S. Victory Blvd. was a wind victim (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

The winds came to Southern California on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and Burbank was not spared.  Reports had wind gusts as high as 85 mph locally during a four hour period between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., before the winds began to settle for the morning.

Damage in Burbank was actually light compared to other nearby cities.  Damags was limited to some uprooted trees, branches that knocked down wires, and for one business, a temporary wall protecting the business during construction was blown down.  There were also reports of numerous trash cans being blown down and around in the neighborhoods that were scheduled for pickup Thursday.

This tree on Victory Blvd could not hold up to wind gust overnight, (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

One of the few power outages reported was in an area between Magnolia and Chandler, between Victory in Buena Vista.

As usual, Burbank Water and Power crews were on their game and had power restored quickly.  Forestry Divison units were making sure Burbank streets remained clear and safe.

Burbank Fire units were kept busy checking on different minor incidents in town, while Engine 11 had to respond to Pasadena for a major apartment house fire.  Although Burbank made it through reasonably unaffected, Glendale and Pasadena were hit very hard with numerous trees being uprooted in both cities, along with the major fire in Pasadena.  There was also a grass fire near Occidental College that forced some evacuations and took 40 L. A. City firefighters about an hour and 45 minutes to control.  No major damage was reported in that incident.

Winds are still in the forecast for Thursday and may increase as darkness approaches.  You may want to bring in any lawn or patio furniture, and add extra rocks to the pockets of small children.

The right gust at the right angle can snap any tree and this one is ready to become kindling wood for the El Pollo Loco grill after its demise (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Car Crash Turns Drivers World Upside Down

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Firefighters from both Burbank and L. A. responded to the corner of Clybourn and Riverside Saturday afternoon for a vehicle that had turned upside down.  It was reported that the young female driver of the vehicle was driving westbound on Riverside when she veered over and hit a parked car with the impact then sending her car upside down.

Photo By Ross A. Benson

HazMat Response Finds No Danger

Photo By Ross A. Benson

The Burbank Fire Dept’s Hazmat Unit along with several other pieces of fire equipment and Burbank Police were called to the CVS Drug Store located at 511 N. Hollywood Way Friday evening by a man who claimed that after he went into the local CVS Drug Store, upon returning to his car, someone put an unknown chemical inside making him feel ill. The Fire Dept’s Hazmat Technicians suited up and with high tech sensing devices  went in to investigate. After several tests  the inspection of the red Chevy with Arizona plates was deemed safe with NO traceable amounts of any known chemicals.
Police informed the owner of the car that nothing was found. Burbank Police left and were recalled later by the same male who claimed someone had locked him inside the bathroom within the CVS, and the CIA were responsible.  So goes a Friday night in Burbank.

Photos By Ross A. Benson

Burbank Firefighters Get The Scoop On MDA Fundraising

Photos By Ross A. Benson

Burbank Fire Fighters were on hand to help the hundreds of people who came out for Ben & Jerry’s FREE SCOOP night. While some on duty and off duty firefighters scooped Ice Cream, others helped Fill The Boot for MDA.  Burbank Firefighters Local 778 will be out in force the next couple of weeks filling Fire Boots with money to help MDA and Jerry’s Kids.  (top) Capt Mark Hatch perfects his scooping techniques, as (bottom) Capt. Peter Hendrickson  perfects the single scoop cup fill.