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“Explosive Device” Threat at Walmart Prompts Police Response

Burbank police received a call from Walmart around 1:20 pm on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 27 of a threat.  The store was immediately evacuated of both customers and employees while waiting for Burbank police to arrive.

Walmart Parking lot nearly empty while the Burbank Police investigate after a suspicious phone call received and the store evacuated. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

An employee who was in the store at the time of the evacuation told myBurbank that “Talking to other people who know, they said there was a caller who said there was a bomb in the store and then the evacuation was called. The employee later said the store manager thanked the employees for evacuating the store within two minutes. The threatening call was made to the Pharmacy.

Police sent out an update at 2:00 pm with the following, “At about 1:20 PM, Burbank Police received a call from Walmart reporting that a suspicious phone call and a perceived threat was received inside the store by an employee. At this time, the details of that threat are unknown, as Police Officers have not yet spoken to the employee who answered the call. Store management chose to evacuate the store prior to the arrival of police. We are working with store personnel to investigate this incident and determine the validity, type, and origin of the threat.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

myBurbank was keeping followers aware of the situation via Twitter, reporting a possible bomb threat per the employee until corrected by Burbank Police in an email.

At 2:43 pm, Burbank Sargent Derek Green said “Our released statement never mentioned a “bomb” threat as you said in your Tweet. It said we had yet to interview the employee to determine what kind of threat.”

At the time, more than an hour had passed and it is not known why it took so long to interview the employee.

Employees hung out near their cars while Burbank Police searched the store during the incident. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

At 3:10 pm, police then sent out a release, “Ongoing police investigation at Walmart in Burbank. Allied agency response with explosive detection dogs being deployed to search Walmart following phone call threat of an alleged explosive device inside the store.”

Dogs searched the store until 3:22 pm when they said there was nothing found in the store. Police at 3:45 pm said they deemed the store safe for re-entry.

No other details have been released at this time.

In the release, police said, “The Burbank Police Department takes all threats seriously and investigates any threat, perceived or otherwise, to the fullest extent necessary to protect and ensure the safety of the public.”

Employees wait for the sign that the store is safe and they can return to work. (Photo by Ross A Benson)



Burbank High Once Again Victim of Bomb Threat Hoax

For the second time in five days, Burbank High was the victim of a bomb hoax on campus.

This morning (Monday) Dr. Michael Bertram, Burbank High School Principal, was notified by a BHS teacher that a student had reported seeing graffiti on a bathroom stall referencing a bomb. Dr. Bertram immediately notified the Superintendent’s Office and the Burbank Police Department of the situation.

After consulting with Burbank police, a search of the campus was conducted. It was determined after the search that the threat was not credible.

This follows another incident on September 24 when a Burbank High student received a text message of a bomb threat and immediately reported it to the school’s administration. Burbank police determined the phone number was voice over IP (a computer-generated phone number, which was not traceable)

“Safety is our top priority”. said  Kimberley Clark, Burbank Unified School District’s Public Information Officer. “We take every precaution to keep everyone safe. Please take this time to have a conversation with your child that we take these matters seriously, and continue to encourage open communication between students, staff, and parents.”

Man’s Bomb Comments Halt Train At Burbank Station

With tensions running high after Monday’s terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon, local law enforcement responded in full force Tuesday when a passenger on a Metrolink train made a possible bomb threat.

 Sheriff's K-9 Units checked cars in the parking lot of the Burbank Train Station. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sheriff’s K-9 Units checked cars in the parking lot of the Burbank Train Station. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

According to police, a female witness noticed a man walking around the Burbank Train Station speaking in a rambling manner.  When the man boarded the train he made a comment about the bombing in Boston, and that he had a bomb.  She then notified the train conductor, and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department was notified.  The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for security on Metrolink trains.

The train was halted at the Burbank Station at 12:28 p.m.   Officers from the Burbank Police Department were first on the scene, and evacuated the passengers from the train.  They were escorted to a safer area away from  the train. The suspect initially refused to leave the train.  He finally got off the at about 1 p.m., and was detained by officers.

Twelve Burbank officers responded to the incident, along with the patrol captain, watch commander, two sergeants, and detectives.   A command post was set up uner the Olive Ave. overpass, on the west side of the train tracks, near Flower St.  The Burbank Fire Department also responded to the train station.

Parking Control Officers and a supervisor were also utilized to block access to the area.  Front St. was closed from Burbank Blvd. to Verdugo Ave.  Olive Ave. was closed from First St. to Lake St., and the overpass was closed to pedestrians.  Flower St. was closed to northbound traffic at Verdugo Ave.  The California Highway Patrol closed the Verdugo offramp from the southbound Golden State Freeway.  All streets in the area were opened to traffic shortly before 2 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Bomb Squad, along with bomb-sniffing dogs rushed to the station from Sylmar.  The three double-deck passenger cars were searched and no bomb or other suspicious packages were found.  Because the suspect was seen in the parking lot of the Burbank Train Station, the parking lot and train platform were also searched.

Unidentified man who is suspected of  making threats on a MetroLink is taken into custody. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Unidentified man who is suspected of making threats on a MetroLink train is taken into custody. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


The unidentified suspect was taken into custody the Sheriff’s Deputies on an unrelated warrant.  It has yet to be determined if he will be charged with a crime regarding his comments on the train.

According to Metrolink Public Information Officer Scott Johnson, 45 passengers were on the train when it stopped at the Burbank Station.  When the incident finally came to an end, 20 passengers got back on the train to continue their trip to Glendale and Los Angeles Union Station.