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Man Arrested for Breaking into Restaurant, Stealing Alcohol

On Thursday, March 29 at 4:00 a.m., Burbank Police found a man suspiciously pushing a shopping cart full of beer and wine bottles in the area of Ontario and Pacific Avenue.

The man was found to have receipts from Isabella’s Italian Kitchen at 1220 W. Burbank Blvd. Police soon discovered that the restaurant had been burglarized, with the front door forced open. The alcohol from the shopping cart had come from the restaurant’s refrigerator.

Police arrested the suspect who has been identified as Saul Salazar, 31 of Bakersfield.

(Photo supplied by the Burbank Police Department)

Salazar was booked for burglary and three outstanding warrants.

The case is currently under review for charges. A charge for being in possession of stolen property is likely.

Salazar’s bail is $50,000 and he is due to appear in court tomorrow.

Man Arrested For Breaking Into South Hills Church

On Monday, November 6 at 10:15 AM, the Burbank Police Department received a report of a man breaking into South Hills Church, located at 222 S. Victory Blvd. While the police were on their way, an emergency communication operator received a call from a man inside the building, saying he had broken into the church.

The suspect, Andrew Quintana, a 46 year old man from Hesperia, was arrested when police arrived to what they originally assumed was a burglary in-progress. However, Quintana told officers he parked his car in the church’s lot and broke into the building simply to seek “sanctuary.”

“He said he was being chased so he had to break into the church,” said Deryck Artero, the South Hills Church children’s ministry director. “Once he tore down the door handle with a crowbar, he heard the security alarm and called the police on himself, saying that he was being chased.”

Following three services on Sunday, the incident happened to occur on the only day of the week when no one was working at the church office.

“Monday is our day to chill and take a breather. Thankfully no one was in the building,” said Artero.

Quintana was booked for burglary. He is currently being held at $20,000 bail.