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Burbank Adult School Holds Graduation Ceremonies

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The Burbank Unified School District announced the following have graduated from their Adult School program in 2018.

Photographed by Ross A. Benson

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Cinthya Almeyda

Elizabeth Alvarado

Angeles Amado

Hakop Jack Arganyan

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Elise Bliss

Isaias Bonilla

Jaelan Bowlby

Gloria Bui

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Leticia Camarena

Alexandra Canaan

Andrew Cardiel

Erika Carnegie

Brandon Castro

William Clay

Devon Cobos

Marilyn Coss

Anapaula Cristerna

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Ricardo De La Torre

David Delgado

Victoria Delgado

Ricardo Duran

Lidia Duron

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Kevin Flores

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Ryan Garcia

Emin Ghahramanians

Danny Giaba

Aaron Gillett

Abel Gonzalez Urquiza

Juan Gutierrez

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Zachary Haas

Weston Hayes

Barbie Herrera

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Armen Injyan

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Ashlie Jones

Christopher Jones

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Cindy Lemus

Ruth Lira

Arlene Lopez

Olivia Lynn

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Taylor Maclachlan

Lianna Manukyan

Micaela McGuire

Ryan Monette

Eric Montalvo

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Najee Packard

Diego Perez

Jeremiah Pineda

Daisy Poschin

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Anthony Ramirez

Rosa Ramirez

Kasra Rashidian

Armando Robles

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Cristian Salinas

Paulina Silva

Eric Solorio

Daniel Sosa

Juan Sosa

Kyle St. Marie

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Christian Terranova

Aram Terteryan

Christopher Tilton

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Alyssa Urteaga

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Toribio Velasco

Nadia Vielma

Leslie Villegas

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Karolina Zepeda

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian


Burbank and Burroughs High Schools Along with Adult School Held Graduation Ceremonies this Week

The photographers of myburbank.com were on hand for the colorful ceremonies and here is a gallery of pictures from the last couple of nights.

A complete list of graduates will be online the next couple of days along with additional pictures.

Click on any picture in the gallery to view it larger Congratulations graduates.

Burbank Boy Scouts Build And Donate Manipulative To BAS Parent Ed Program

Two Burbank Boy Scouts built and donated a manipulative to the Burbank Adult School Parent Ed Program recently for their local Pack 219 project. Daniel Roth and Spencer Solberg, both 10 years old, presented the educational toy to Linda Matsumoto, Parent Ed Program director, on December 11.

The two boys, both Webelos, built the manipulative to fulfill part of the requirements for the Boy Scout Craftsman Activity Badge, which requires members to build two different wooden objects using a coping saw or jigsaw which can be put together with glue, nails, or screws and then finished with paint or stain.

Spencer Solberg and Danny Roth with a manipulative they built for a Boy Scout project. (Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

Spencer Solberg and Danny Roth with a manipulative they built for a Boy Scout project. (Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

“I saw it in Arizona at the Phoenix Children’s Museum and I thought the kids in ‘Mommy and Me’ would like it because I saw a ton of kids playing with it,” said Solberg, a fifth grader at Jefferson Elementary School.

(Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

Spencer Solberg. (Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

Children use the manipulative by lifting the washers and watching them fall. The washers are different sizes and different weights so they make unique sounds and fall at different rates of speed.

Solberg and Roth met at the BAS Mommy and Me program when they were four years old.

“It was very hard to build but very physically and mentally rewarding,” commented Roth, a fifth-grader at McKinley Elementary School.

“Physically, because I had done something I had never done before. Mentally because I felt good about making something for someone else.”

Building the manipulative “took a lot of work and a lot of time,” Solberg also said. “Sometimes it got frustrating using the drill because my hands got numb when the drill was shaking. But in the end, it was worth it.”

(Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

Danny Roth. (Photo Courtesy Caroline Solberg)

One thing Roth learned by making the project, he said, is “wood can be used to build things without names.”

“It was fun to build it,” added Solberg. “Danny and I got to drill and cover it in stain. We also got to sand it and put the washers and rods together.”

“It was fun to see it come together and think how much fun the kids would have.”

Why did Roth want to donate the manipulative to the BAS Parent Ed Program?

“Because that’s where I met my friend, Spencer,” he answered.



Annual Boo Bash Coming October 18

The 30th Annual Boo Bash Carnival family Halloween event hosted by the Burbank Parent Education Council is scheduled for Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Burbank Adult School, 3811 Allan Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505. This annual event for children ages 1-9 features carnival games, prizes, a spooky maze, a costume parade, cake walks, a bake sale and food for purchase. Additionally, the event will have a children’s concert featuring the Wonderland band, performing a set at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.. Children 2 and over are $6 each; Adults and children under 2 are free. The concert, games, prizes, cake walk and maze are all included with the price of admission.

The Burbank Parent Education Program is a school full of resources for parents and their children to gain knowledge in parenting and child rearing skills. Classes are available every day of the week for parents and their infant to school-age children. The Boo Bash event is offered by the Parent Education Council as a service to the community.

For more information about the Boo Bash or Parent Education Program, visit www.burbankparented.org or call (818) 558-4733.

Burbank Adult School Unveils Bright Hallway Graphics At Open House

Burbank Adult School showed off 10 new large photos celebrating the diverse programs the school offers at an Open House held on Wednesday, January 29. BUSD staff and administrators, students and community partners gathered to toast the unveiling of the artwork, which was made possible by generous donations from local businesses, Coloredge and Outwater Productions.

“For many years now, the main hallway has been in dire need of a makeover—or as some have said, an ‘extreme’ makeover. Since I began at BAS several years ago, I’ve heard many times from students and other visitors to the site that although the main hallway is clean and orderly, it feels a little on the cold side,” Principal Joseph Stark said at the ceremony. He mentioned an interaction with community member and retired advertising creative director Bob Matsumoto which then jump-started the project for brightening up the school’s interior.

Adult School Principal  Joseph Stack unveils one of the new art pieces with former school member Debbie Kukta  ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Adult School Principal Joseph Stark unveils one of the new art pieces with former School Board member Debbie Kukta ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Matsumoto, who has worked with BAS in the past on advertising and marketing efforts, and BAS Art Center photography instructor Rob Outwater collaborated with Stark on the six-month project, a series of 10 photographs and new signage in the main hallway of BAS. Matsumoto brought David Luckenbill, a senior account executive at Coloredge, on board. Coloredge, a leading creative production agency in the world of visual communications, then donated the prints to the makeover project.

“Each photo is meant to capture the essence of the various programs we offer in a way that is immediately compelling and inspiring,” added Stark.

Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, City Council Member Jess Talamantes and BUSD Board of Education member Ted Bunch attended the event, along with BUSD Superintendent Dr. Jan Britz, Director of Elementary Education Dr. Tom Kissinger, Director of Secondary Education Emilio Urioste and Director of Human Resources Anita Schackmann.

“Thanks to the efforts of many people, but primarily Mr. Bob Matsumoto, this project is available for anyone that would like to visit the Adult School,” commented Bunch. “It was an outstanding event to introduce a  project that adds beauty to the school.”

The graphic for the certified nursing program is revealed. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The graphic for the certified nursing program is revealed. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“Burbank Adult School is fortunate to have an innovative and creative principal who can envision how to make a cavernous hallway come alive for our students through art,” Britz said about Stark’s work at BAS. “He creates partnerships with local community colleges and businesses to keep academic programs updated and prepare students for career pathways.”

“On behalf of all the staff and students at Burbank Adult School, I want to express my sincere appreciation to Bob Matsumoto, Rob Outwater, Kathy Lencki and David Luckenbill, for the extreme generosity of your time, talent and resources in making this project a reality,” added Stark. “We are eternally grateful and look forward to enjoying our new hallway area for many years to come. I think that this is precisely the kind of giving that makes Burbank a special place. In BUSD we are truly so fortunate to receive such tremendous support from the local business community.”

BAS serves nearly 6000 members of the Burbank community and BUSD, providing programs for adult students’ needs and interests, including Career and Technical Education (CTE), Adult Basic and Secondary Education, Parent Education, English as a Second Language (ESL) and personal enrichment classes. Students of varied backgrounds and interests find BAS an important and affordable resource for personal and career growth. BAS partners with the City of Burbank, local educational and social service providers and hometown businesses to provide classes and programs. BAS is open to all adult students in the area, not just Burbank residents.

Attending the art unveiling are, from left to right, photographer Rob Outwater, David Luckenbill, Coloredge Senior Account Executive, Principal Joseph Stark and Bob Matsumoto, Creative Director. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Attending the art unveiling are, from left to right, Rob Outwater, Coloredge David Luckenbill, Principal Joseph Stark and Bob Matsumoto. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

On Thursday, September 19, 2013, the Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of Resolution 9, joining adult education programs throughout the country in celebrating Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, from September 23-27, 2013. This year’s theme at Burbank Adult School (BAS) is, Family Literacy: A Family Affair.

BAS is a thriving adult school program which serves the District and community by providing programs that meet students’ evolving academic, family and career goals. The core programs offered are Career and Technical Education (CTE); Adult Basic and Secondary Education; Parent Education; English as a Second Language (ESL); and personal enrichment classes.

Annually, BAS serves nearly 6,000 students of varied social, economic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Through innovative partnerships with the City of Burbank and local educational and social service providers, BAS demonstrates its relevance as an integral part of the fabric of the community and offers a uniquely valuable resource for students who reside in the region.

Upcoming activities planned in connection to Adult Education and Family Literacy Week are the following:

• Monday-Thursday, September 23-26, 2013 – After morning classes (11:15am-12:15pm), parents and children will gather in the outdoor play yards for reading activities.

• Wednesday, September 25, 2013 – The BAS Parent Education Council (BPEC) program is sponsoring a workshop entitled, “Raising a Reader from Day One” (6:30-8:30pm at BAS). The workshop is open to all parents in the community with infant through toddler age children.

• Thursday, October 3, 2013 – BPEC in partnership with Barnes and Noble (731 N San Fernando Blvd., 4:00-6:00pm) will hold a book fair entitled, “Milk and Bookies” which will include a book reading and signing with writer, Drew Daywalt, author of “The Day the Crayons Quit.” Portions of the sales will be donated to BPEC as well as the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC).

Burbank Adult School Inducts Honor Society Members

A special ceremony was held at the Burbank Adult School Wednesday evening, as the school honored a group of students who were inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society.

Nominated by teachers at the school, the student inductees had to meet the high standards set forth by the NAEHS.   To qualify for induction the students must have demonstrated dependable attendance, a cooperative attitude, and self-reliance in performing school related tasks.  All of the inductees were lauded for not only being outstanding students themselves, but for helping other students.  They came from the Adult School’s English as a Second Language (ESL) classes,, Basic Adult Education classes, and Parent Education classes.

Honored were Gayane Abgaryan, Kathy Bramwell, Heidi Jimenez, Noe Lemus, Oxana Levin, Rutilia Martinez, Maynor Mejia, Gloria Ortiz, Miriam Reynoso, Hitomi Takashi, Emineh Tounian, Libelin tornero, Shannon Traxel, and Diana Vardanyan.

As their fellow students, family, and friend looked on in the school’s Helen von Seggern Auditorium, each of the inductees was presented a certificate by Adult School Principal Joseph Stark, and an NAEHS lapel pin.  They also received two letters of recommendation, according to Dr. Lia Lerner, who is the NAEHS coordinator for the school.   One is for potential employers, and the other to assist them if they choose to further their education after completing classes at the adult school.

Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Orientation to be Held

The 2013/2014 orientation meetings for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten will be held in the Burbank Adult School auditorium on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. The same
presentation will be offered at 7:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 6:30 p.m., in order to accommodate the schedules of parents and family members.

Each session, which will be hosted by Dr. Tom Kissinger, Burbank Unified School District’s Director of Elementary Education, will cover all areas of interest to parents of incoming students. Specific topics will include: how to enroll, what can be done to prepare your child for the kindergarten year, arranging tours at the different schools, and the curriculum that is covered during the kindergarten year. “This event is a must for parents of our incoming kindergarten and transition classes,” says Kissinger. “We really take the time to answer everyone’s questions, and help them feel comfortable about the upcoming year.”

The presentations will also be attended by site principals and teachers, as well as representatives from parent organizations and the Board of Education. The Director of Special Education will also be in attendance to answer any questions parents may have about accommodations for students with special needs.

The Burbank Adult School is located at 3811 Allan Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505. For more information about this event, please contact Teri Smith, Administrative Secretary in the BUSD Instructional Services Department. She can be reached at: (818) 729-4401.

You can also contact Dr. Kissinger directly at tomkissinger@burbankusd.org