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Party For The Arts Gala Honors Three Arts Education Champions

The Burbank Arts for All Foundation seventh annual gala, Party for the Arts, celebrates three leaders of arts education support on Friday evening, April 20, at The Globe Theatre at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Party for the Arts Gala proceeds will directly benefit the Foundation’s support of Burbank Unified School District efforts to provide arts education to every Burbank public school student.

NBCUniversal will receive the Patron of the Arts Award, John Burroughs High School theater teacher and Drama Department head Guy Myers will be presented with the Arts for All Educator Award and volunteers Penny and Michael Zambrano will be honored with the Champion of the Arts Award.

party for the arts

Peggy and Michael Zambrano dancie at 2016 Party for the Arts Gala. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“Being a good neighbor is part of the DNA of NBCUniversal,” commented NBCUniversal Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tracey Cohen.

“We believe it’s not just about moving our business forward; it’s also about moving people forward and giving back. We are proud to support Burbank Arts for All Foundation and help them fulfill their mission to have every child in Burbank receive a quality arts education.”

Michael and I are humbled to receive the Champion for the Arts Award,” said Penny Zambrano. “We believe that when you volunteer you get back more than you give. We encourage more people of Burbank to get involved in the schools.”

 “Receiving an honor like this for something I love doing and that brings me so much joy is truly one of those over the moon moments,” commented Myers. “I am so fortunate to teach passionate and talented students who give it their all and to be supported by dedicated parent and community volunteers who help make it happen.”

Burroughs High Drama teacher Guy Myers and students shown here at the 2017 CETA Awards. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation has been there with us on this journey from the very beginning, making sure that we had the funds necessary to make our productions top notch. When I look back on all of the shows and the wonderful successes we have had, I don’t even see the work anymore, I just see the love.”

Fritz Coleman, NBC4 Southern California Weathercaster, will reprise his role as Master of Ceremonies for the gala. Hosted cocktails, a silent auction and live entertainment will also be part of the festivities.

Sponsorships and tickets are still available for the event. For more information on attending or supporting the Party for the Arts Gala, visit the Foundation’s website here.

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation is thrilled to host a very fun evening at our Party for the Arts Gala, while raising critical funding to support our mission,” commented Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “We believe the arts are transformative for kids.”

“Not just the students who elect to study choir or music or dance, but also the students in a geometry or science class, English language learners, and students at BUSD’s alternative learning campuses.”

“We very much appreciate the support of the Burbank community and remain committed to furthering creativity in the classroom for the thousands of kids in Burbank Unified.”


Experts Talk About The Business Of Music

Four experts in their fields from the music industry talked about their experiences getting into the music business and what they look for when hiring people at the Creative Circles Forum The Business of Music.

Held at the Garry Marshall Theatre and presented by the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, the forum was attended by a nearly packed house of students, parents, Burbank Unified teachers and staff and members of the community.

the business of music

L/R Ryan Shore. Charles Inouye, Amy Roach, Bill Bennett and Trena Pitchford. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Chief Business Development and Consultant at B Brands Bill Bennett (also formerly President of Geffen Records, Maverick Records and Warner Bros. Nashville), iHeartMedia Connections VP Amy Roach, two-time Emmy Award winner and Grammy Award nominee composer Ryan Shore and Golden Reel Award-winning music editor Charles Martin Inouye answered questions posed by the audience and by moderator and Burbank Arts For All Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford.

“We all know that music programs in schools have a tremendous positive effect on kids,” commented Pitchford. “Kids who practice and perform music demonstrate improvement in a wide variety of areas effecting their academic, social and emotional development.”

L/R Panelists Charles Martin Inouye, Amy Roach, Ryan Shore and Bill Bennett. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“But how can a kid who is inspired to play a tuba in band translate those skills into a career? Burbank Arts for All Foundation was thrilled to bring together over 80 guests including donors, parents, professionals and students to provide practical advice and insight into the many careers involving music right here in Burbank.”

Panelists also talked about the future of their respective fields, from branding, composing and developing individual careers. Intellectual property, Virtual Reality and branded content were some of the future-focused topics panelists touched upon.

14.8 million American artist-creators earned almost $6 billion from posting their music, videos, art, crafts and other works online in 2016, according to a report recently released by the Re:create Coalition.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

After the hour-long discussion, the students and other members of the audience spoke with the panelists one-on-one at a reception.

“Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Poquito Mas, kids from John Burroughs and Burbank High schools attended the evening for free and were inspired by our expert panel,” Pitchford added.

“These special opportunities validate their instincts as they begin to plan life after high school. The Foundation is incredibly honored to support students as well as Burbank’s creative economy by connecting public education with creative experts in Burbank.”

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation hosts Creative Circles Forum conversations twice a year to bring our community together in support of the arts, arts education and creative innovation in Burbank,” Pitchford also said.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

She noted The Business of Music forum was presented “in support of BUSD’s Music Is Instrumental campaign… [to connect] vocal and instrumental music programs in BUSD to career pathways with some of the top businesses in Burbank.”

To date, the BUSD Music Is Instrumental campaign has raised more than $81,000 towards the initial, 2017-18 goal of $120,000 for instrumental repair and replacement at the district’s secondary schools. A number of community efforts, including 1000 For 100 and You’ve Been Noted, have raised money and spread awareness of the campaign.

The Business Of Music Forum Aims To Engage Students

Four experts in the music industry will talk about careers at The Business of Music Creative Circles Forum on Thursday evening, March 8.

Panelists in the one-hour discussion include iHeartMedia Connections VP Amy Roach, Chief Business Development and Consultant at B Brands Bill Bennett, two-time Emmy Award winner and Grammy Award nominee composer Ryan Shore and Golden Reel Award-winning music editor Chuck Martin Inouye.

Presented by the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, The Business of Music aims to engage Burbank students with ways to work in the music field as adults.

business of music

Panelists Bill Bennett, Charles Martin Inouye, Amy Roach and Ryan Shore will discuss The Business of Music at the March 2018 Creative Circles Forum.(Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“Thousands of kids participate in BUSD’s general music, instrumental music and vocal music programs,” commented Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “Over our 12 year history, Burbank Arts for All Foundation has invested thousands of dollars into these music programs throughout the District and, this year, we continue to support BUSD’s Music Is Instrumental campaign.”

“Through our next Creative Circles Forum focused on The Business of Music, the Foundation strives to connect public education to career pathways by hosting an inspiring dialogue with leading experts in the fields of music.”

“Guests and students alike are sure to hear inside tips and tools of the trade, gain exposure to the vast field of jobs in the music business and have the unique opportunity to mix and mingle during the reception,” she added. “We guarantee an engaging evening for anyone with a love for music!”

Tickets for the event are $20 for general admission and $10 for current Foundation Community Circles Members. Students with a Burbank Unified high school identification card will be admitted free of charge.

Some tickets will be available at the door beginning at 6:30 p.m. More information on the event can be found here. Free parking is available on site and on surrounding streets.

The Business of Music Creative Circles Forum begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Garry Marshall Theatre located at 4252 West Riverside Drive in Burbank.

Burbank Arts For All Foundation Focuses On Elementary Student Creativity

Burbank Arts for All Foundation hosted a Community Exchange gathering on recently at William McKinley Elementary School, highlighting creativity for kids through a few examples of arts programming in BUSD’s elementary schools.

Among the guests in attendance was BUSD Board of Education Vice-President Dr. Roberta Reynolds and Clerk Dr. Armond Aghakhanian, Burbank City Council Members Bob Frutos and Sharon Springer, and District Representative for State Senator Anthony Portantino, Arda Tchakian.

Foundation Program and Outreach Manager, Saundra Montijo, welcomed guests and shared how these Exchange gatherings are a part of the Foundation’s resource-sharing and advocacy efforts, fostering an open dialogue on what’s happening in arts education in Burbank Unified Schools.

The Foundation’s current advocacy work also includes the formation of a team of parent leaders called the “Arts Advocacy Leaders,” a group that meets throughout the year to discuss arts education in BUSD and develops ways that the Foundation can best serve each of the District’s parents, students, and teachers.

Jennie Ford, Parent at Walt Disney Elementary, stated, “As a parent who wants to do my part in helping grow access to the arts in our school district, I am pulled in many directions to offer service. There’s always plenty of meeting options with multiple organizations and often at the same time.”

“I find it’s the most inspiring, progressive, and solution-oriented group of arts advocates that do more than just talking about what they want to see happen. I always learn something new or build a relationship with a person I haven’t met before. It makes me feel like my volunteer time is making a difference and I am ‘In the room where it happens’!” 

For Wednesday’s Exchange, Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Executive Director, Trena Pitchford, facilitated a panel discussion featuring BUSD elementary educators Liz Costella (Principal, McKinley Elementary), Alicia Boylan (Teacher, Bret Harte Elementary), and Dr. Jennifer Meglemre (Principal, Roosevelt Elementary).

Because every school site in BUSD is unique with its own culture and student population, each site has developed its own approach to bringing arts instruction into its classrooms. All eleven elementary school campuses begin developing their arts education programming using their unique strengths and their Principal’s vision to meet the needs of their students.

Pitchford encouraged the guests to keep in mind that the constant in public education is change. “While our focus today is arts education, we also know that schools have many other requirements in order to provide an excellent education. The Foundation always keeps in mind the holistic view of how to support a child’s social, emotional, and academic learning career. It is quite amazing how much BUSD schools accomplish.”

The panel conversation began with Principal Liz Costella sharing some of the challenges faced in implementing arts programs at her school site. She emphasized the importance of outside funding to support sustaining a program over time.

“Lack of funding and facility space are two of the main obstacles school sites can face when determining what arts programming to move forward with, and both challenges must be heavily weighed in making programming decisions,” Costella continued.

“A program like the Art Gallery, which was funded through a grant from the Foundation, is a great example of a sustainable program. Teachers and students can view the works of art throughout the year and teachers can incorporate the art into their curriculum per grade level.”

Teacher Alicia Boylan shared the impact of arts integration on her students. Ms. Boylan infuses the arts into all aspects of her teaching, giving students a new approach to core subjects such as math.

Struggling students are able to use art to find success in difficult subjects, while shy, introverted students are given the chance to shine through creativity. Students are also taught to embrace and learn from mistakes, rather than fear them, which develops their problem-solving skills.

In the “Sketching in Math for Fun and Glory” project, also funded by the Foundation, students created fractals and the Fibonacci sequence through doodles in their own sketchbooks. “I think it really resonated with my students because they were sketching in their own book, coming up with their own ideas. It was their work and they were very excited about math.” Many of Ms. Boylan’s students continue to use art as a learning tool far beyond her classroom, even bringing the techniques taught to them into their future school years!

Principal Dr. Jennifer “Dr. Meg” Meglemre told guests how she has worked with her parents and teachers to build a successful music program over her 7 years at Roosevelt Elementary school, resulting in every student being exposed to music every year. In the beginning, parent groups were funding most of this program; however, as the District has begun to take on some of these costs, parent-raised funds have been redirected to other programming and needs.

Dr. Meg went on to explain her approach when ideas are presented to her by teachers, parents, and students. She stated, “If I ever write my memoir, it will be called ‘Starting With Yes.’ When an idea is presented, my response is always, ‘Yes, I love it! And then: how can we do it?’ It opens up the dialogue to explore what will be needed and the challenges there may be to determine the idea’s overall possibility.” In empowering those within the Roosevelt community with the freedom to innovate, a positive and collaborative atmosphere has been fostered at the school.

Guests were then treated to a slideshow presentation on the many arts programs offered at McKinley from parent leader and PTA Arts Chair, Ali McNeeley. The faces of excited, smiling children and teachers engaged in a large variety of arts activities appeared on the stage’s screen, to the delight of all present. Highlighted programs included several Foundation grant-funded projects, such as the school’s Rainforest mural, REMO Drum Circle workshops, Garri Dance artist-in-residencies, and the school’s hallway art gallery.

BUSD’s Arts for All Plan is supported by an ecosystem that includes the District, parents, community partners, and Burbank Arts for All Foundation working together to offer creativity in every BUSD student’s education. Over the past 12 years, this ecosystem has supported the District’s efforts to rebuild and sustain arts programming at every level.

Upon reflection for the evening’s focus, Pitchford stated, “Community support and parent volunteerism is essential to the success and sustainability of BUSD’s arts ecosystem including support with fundraising, volunteering time, and in-kind donations of skills and resources. Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Arts Advocacy Leaders are working to develop ways to best support the needs of parents and arts supporters in our community. We want to ensure they have the tools and resources to best benefit them both now and as they continue through their child’s educational journey through BUSD.”

While many strides have been made in arts education in BUSD, there is still much work to do. The Foundation invites our Burbank community to join us as we continue this important work to make sure that BUSD’s children have the quality arts education they deserve.  For more information on Burbank Arts for All Foundation and how you can get involved, visit: www.BurbankArtsforAll.org

The Secret Art Show Nets Over $30,000

More than 400 people attended Burbank Arts For All Foundation’s The Secret Art Show on Saturday, September 30. The event, now in its fifth year, netted more than $30,000 for the public school arts education nonprofit.

That number is expected to rise, as the post show online auction with over 400 pieces of mini artworks and 44 larger works from The Artists Salon runs through October 22.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Supporting arts education through creativity is the backbone of the Burbank Arts for All Foundation,” commented Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “The Secret Art Show is a tremendous opportunity to see this mission in action.”

The Secret Art Show was sponsored by Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Cornerstone Masonry, Alisa Cunningham Properties, mOcean and Volpei-Gussow Real Estate.

“People from Burbank and beyond come to The Secret Art Show because they love the 4″ x 6″ works of art, but there are new people who come for the first time every year and they are delighted when they see the Foundation’s mission in action.”

Pitchford noted the guests at The Secret Art Show included “a mixture of school board members, State and local City government, representatives from the entertainment industries, parents, teachers and artists of all types.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

State Senator Anthony Portantino, Burbank Mayor Will Rogers, Vice Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, and Councilwoman Sharon Springer, actors Tom Everett Scott and W. Earl Brown and Emmy Award winning actress Valerie Mahaffey attended the event. Several of the artists featured in The Artists Salon also stopped by to support The Secret Art Show, including Ana Bagayan, Annick Biaudet, Menua Chaparyan, Adam Cramer, Frank Dietz, Michael Hirsh, Adonna Khare, Catherine McGann, Andre Nieves, Christina Ramos, David Shannon and Randall Williams.

“Understanding the passion of what we are trying to do with our funding to help every child in Burbank have a sequential, quality arts education is a conversation, not just a quick glance,” said event co-chair Karen Broderick. “Bringing people together over the Secret Art to help them understand our mission is always our favorite thing to do!”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“It takes a village to realize our mission and The Secret Art Show is no different,” added Pitchford. “Through the generous sponsors and in-kind partners, volunteers, secret artists, staff and Board of Directors, we are so grateful to host a fun, artistic event that raises critical funding to sustain our mission.”

“Because of their generosity, we are also able to focus on raising awareness of our cause at the event. Through conversations with our guests, we build our village and garner new support to help all kids learn through creativity, overcome their everyday pressures through art, and accomplish their academic goals. We thank all of our supporters who believe in us to continue this important work and fulfill our mission.”

The remaining artwork in the post show auction can be viewed here and the pieces available through The Artists Salon here.

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation hosts its next Community Exchange on Wednesday, October 11, at D’Argenzio Winery. The Foundation’s fall Creative Circles Forum will be held on Wednesday, November 8. More information can be found on the organization’s website at www.BurbankArtsforAll.org.

Burbank’s Secret Art Show Benefits Public School Arts Education

The Secret Art Show, Burbank Arts For All Foundation’s annual pop-up art gallery, is slated for Saturday evening, September 30. More than 600 miniature works of art will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, for a $40 donation per piece.

secret art show 2017

One of the more than 600 mini-artworks available at the Burbank Arts For All Foundation 2017 Secret Art Show. (Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

Now in its fifth year, The Secret Art Show pop-up debuts The Artists Salon this year, a collection of market price art ranging from $50 to $6500 per piece.

Eighty pieces of visual art will be displayed in the Salons, including sketches and acrylic paintings, sculpture and ceramics from a range of professional artists.

The Artists Salon will be located in the pre-entry area to The Secret Art Show, and is free to view. Items from The Artists Salon are available for pre-sale and interested patrons should contact Executive Director Trena Pitchford ahead of the event.

“Some of our more collectible and award-winning Secret Artists generously donated larger pieces of work for The Artists Salon,” commented event co-chair Alexandra Helfrich.

“Among the many things we love about The Secret Art Show are its contributions to enhancing the cultural community in Burbank, and the excitement of our guests as they build their own art collections with original work from artists from all over the country.”

Artists with miniature (4″ x 6”) works of art in The Secret Art Show include New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Loren Long, talk show host and comedian Conan O’Brien, Warner Bros. animation designer Jay Shultz, author and two-time Emmy Award-winning actor in “VEEP” Tony Hale, “SpongeBob SquarePants” art director Peter Bennett, actor Joe Mantegna, middle and high school students from Burbank Unified, members of the Burbank Art Association and artists from DC Entertainment, The Walt Disney Animation Studio and Nickelodeon.

secret art show 2017

One of the more than 600 mini-artworks available at the Burbank Arts For All Foundation 2017 Secret Art Show. (Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

The identities of the creators of the mini masterpieces in The Secret Art Show are hidden from view until a piece is purchased. White-gloved attendants at the tall shelves laden with art assist event goers with their selections.

“The Secret Art Show is a celebration of art,” commented Pitchford. “While the event raises critical funding for our mission, it also honors the unique artistry of each of our Secret Artists.”

“What the public does not see is the excitement of the hundreds of Secret Artists when they submit their work, whether it is their first time or their fifth time or whether they are a student artist or an established artist.”

“Behind each secret work of art, there is an artist with a story to tell and we encourage the community to discover the story that speaks to them at The Secret Art Show.”

Music and live art demonstrations, in addition to a hosted reception with wine, craft beer and hors d’oeuvres, add to the atmosphere.

A silent auction of approximately 40 items including box sets of music, handcrafted sculpture, prints from ACME ARCHIVES, Ltd., book collections, tickets to The Broad’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors and more will also be held during the event.

All proceeds from The Secret Art Show and a portion of the proceeds from The Artists Salon benefit the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

Tickets are $50 VIP for 6:30 p.m. entry. General admission, at 7:00 p.m., is $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

More information on the event can be found here. The Secret Art Show will be held at ATB Studios, located at 157 W Providencia Ave. in Burbank.

Burbank Arts For All Foundation Honors Outgoing Board Chairs

Burbank Arts For All Foundation honored outgoing Board of Directors Chair Carrie Brown and Vice Chair Bob Mohler at a reception at Woodbury University on Wednesday, July 12. Brown and Mohler have served for the past four years and will be succeeded by Jill Vander Borght and Tom Vice as Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors.

“I’ve been in awe of your absolutely tireless dedication to our cause, working alongside Trena [Pitchford, Foundation Executive Director], soliciting donors, attending BUSD meetings, participating in the Annenberg Foundation’s Alchemy Leadership Training, initiating new governance policies and all the while inspiring 22 equally passionate fellow board members to keep raising the bar in support of arts education in Burbank,” commented former Board of Directors Co-Chair, BUSD alumni parent and CEO of mOcean, Craig Murray.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The Foundation also highlighted arts education programs the nonprofit organization has funded at Luther Burbank Middle School.

Luther Principal Dr. Oscar Macias thanked the Foundation for years of support at the school including theater programs, sound system upgrades, instruments for the band program, theater integration for English Language Development students, culinary arts, drawing and photography with Wacom tablets and media arts.

Macias also gave a nod to the Foundation’s support of the Poetry Book Project and a new instrumental strings program that will begin this fall, for the 2017-18 school year.

Approximately 100 guests attended the event, including donors, volunteers and partners, as well as BUSD Board of Education Vice President Dr. Roberta Reynolds and member Steve Frintner, administrators and teachers.

Also in attendance were Burbank City officials including Vice Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, City Council members Jess Talamantes and Bob Frutos, Burbank City Treasurer Debbie Kukta and representatives from the offices of Congressman Adam Schiff, State Senator Anthony Portantino, State Assemblymember Laura Friedman and L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

More information on Burbank Arts For All Foundation and their upcoming events in the community can be found on their website.


Jordan Middle School Unveils “History Of Burbank” Mural

David Starr Jordan Middle School unveiled the mural History of Burbank, a collaboration between Jordan students and professional artist Henry Goods, on Monday, May 22. The expansive mural covers the entire back wall of the Cougar gymnasium and depicts scenes amd images recalling Burbank’s history.

Funded in part with a grant from the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, with donations of paint from two Burbank businesses – Catalina Paints and Bisordi Paint Company, the History of Burbank mural took shape under the leadership of parent Anne Askerneese and Assistant Principal April Weaver.

history of burbank

Professional muralist Henry Goods worked with Jordan Middle School art students on the “History of Burbank” mural. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

To begin the project, all 325 sixth-grade students researched the history of Burbank in their Social Studies classes.

Elaine Rosenberg from the Burbank Historical Society then visited Tamara Fiola’s Advanced Art class to talk about Burbank’s history. The Advanced Art students, in grades 6-8, then sketched out images to include in the mural. The students worked with Goods, painting the mural over a period of several days.

The mural includes scenes of farming, Dr. David Burbank, the Burbank canning industry, Moreland Trucking Co., Heavy Weight Champion boxer James Jefferies who raised prize winning cattle and whose historic farm was later moved to Knotts Berry Farm, the pumpkin-shaped hardware store, Lockheed, film/motion picture studios, Bob’s Big Boy, the Equestrian Center, the Airport, the Metro, Starlight Bowl and more, explained Askerneese.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Although the mural depicts the wonderful History of Burbank, it is the students who worked on this project that represent our future,” commented Weaver. “They were hardworking and dedicated.”

“We are very proud to share this piece of art with the community, and would love to work with BAFA again to incorporate more art experiences  into our classrooms.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Mr. Goods, Ms. Askernese and Ms. Fiola did an excellent job guiding the students through the process to create a student-centered learning experience,” Weaver added. “The students will remember this project  for the rest of their lives.”

“This is the first mural at Jordan school that has been a collaboration between students and a professional muralist,” said Askerneese, who has assisted on other mural projects at other Burbank Unified school. “The mural has generated excitement on campus. It has inspired students to start new conversations about the history of our city.”

“The mural not only brightens our campus, but it reminds students that they are part of a unique community whose influence and achievements are felt across generations and across the world.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Party For The Arts Celebrates Burbank Arts Heroes

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation holds its sixth annual gala, Party For The Arts, on Friday, April 21, at The Globe Theatre, located on the Universal Studios lot. This year’s event honors Jordan Middle School music teacher Christine DeMore, volunteer Brenda Burroughs and patron Woodbury University.

Every spring, the Foundation recognizes three pillars of support for arts education in Burbank public schools with the Patron of the Arts Award, the Arts For All Educator Award and the Champion of the Arts Award.

“Our Party for the Arts guests will enjoy a festive yet elegant evening celebrating with the Burbank community while feasting on fine food, hosted cocktails, music and dancing and many will leave with fantastic auction items,” commented Trena Pitchford, Executive Director for Burbank Arts For All Foundation.

Burbank Arts For All Foundation honors Jordan Middle School Vocal Music Director Christine DeMore as its 2017 Arts for All Educator Award. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“But most importantly, they will leave knowing they have played an important role in ensuring Burbank’s students learn through creativity in their classrooms as they prepare for their futures. We guarantee a wonderful night out.”

Woodbury University has shared its substantial resources with the Burbank Arts For All Foundation and the Burbank Unified School District for many years, furthering the development of arts programs and opportunities for local public school students.

DeMore, as Vocal Music Director at Jordan, has helped build the confidence and musical knowledge of the sixth-, seventh- and eighth- graders who have passed through her program over the years.

“The impact that Christine DeMore has had on students in our district is profound and far-reaching,” commented Suzanne Weerts, member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Brenda Burroughs will receive the Champion of the Arts Award from the Burbank Arts For All Foundation. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

Burroughs’ years of volunteering in the community and with the Burbank Arts For All Foundation sets an exemplary standard as well.

Formerly called the Party On The Plaza, this year the Foundation’s annual gala has become the Party For The Arts.

In addition to hosted cocktails and dinner, live music and a silent auction of some very special trips and items, NBC Weathercaster Fritz Coleman returns to emcee the event.

Sponsorship and digital ad deadline for the event is Friday, April 14. A limited number of tickets are available for the event until 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 20, or until the seats sell out.

For more information on the event, stop by the Burbank Arts For All website. Information on sponsorships, ads and tickets can be found on the Party For The Arts webpage here.

“Preparing Kids For Innovation” Forum Focuses On Creativity And Technology

The co-mingling of arts, sciences and technology was highlighted at a recent Burbank Arts For All Foundation Creative Circles Forum, “Preparing Kids For Innovation.” More than 125 guests attended the forum, held at The Colony Theatre in Burbank.

Approximately 40 students from Monterey High, Burbank High, John Burroughs High, Muir Middle, Luther Middle and Jordan Middle schools listened to the panelists talk about their personal experiences.

Moderated by Steve Venz (Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator and Project Lead for Arts + STEM Collaborative, Orange County Department of Education), the “Preparing Kids For Innovation” panelists included Jessie Kawata (Creative Strategist and Industrial Design Lead, JPL), Mark Hatch (CEO, Maker Partners), David Card (Physics and Engineering Teacher, Burbank High School) and Andre Bormanis (Writer, Producer and Science Consultant, Star Trek.)

“The evening’s conversation was very inspiring, exploring the worlds of space, engineering, the arts and even the entertainment industry!” commented Trena Pitchford, Executive Director of the Burbank Arts For All Foundation. “Our panelists were exceptional, sharing innovative ideas and insider insights of their industry.”

“The Foundation was thrilled to host another Forum where high school students receive practical tips and advice from the pros and our donors and guests enjoy a peek into the many ways an arts education and Burbank’s local economy are connected.”

Kawata talked about how her art education from ArtCenter College of Design added a new culture to JPL with design based strategies in her work with scientists. She works with JPL scientists to not just visualize space missions but to also brainstorm new space exploration projects.

As CEO of Maker Partners, Hatch said he likes to hire students with a degree in art, such as a Bachelor of Fine Arts, “because they know how to make anything.”

Hatch also talked about potential grant opportunities to build maker spaces through the California Community College Maker initiative that seeks to grow innovation in education and prepare students for STEM/STEAM careers that require 21st Century skills.

Burbank High teacher Card discussed that engineering and physics always include “Form, Fit and Function,” while emphasizing the tenet should require beauty and elegance. He talked about his new Intro to Engineering class and its project based learning opportunities that inspire kids to be creative.


Bormanis encouraged students to follow their passion, to not just color within the lines but look for opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.

Burbank Unified Board of Education President Larry Applebaum, Vice President Steve Ferguson and Clerk Dr. Roberta Reynolds also attended the forum, along with Burbank City Council Member Bob Frutos and Arda Tchakari, representing California State Senator Anthony Portantino’s office.