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Burbank Council PTA Honors Reflections Arts Program Winners

Burbank Council PTA honored 65 Burbank Unified School District students at the annual Reflections Arts Program award ceremony on Sunday, February 25, at Burbank High School.

Student winners’ art was on display in a gallery showing, with the awards reception held after the viewing for first, second, third places and awards of merits prizes.

“Sunday’s reception and award ceremony was a great reminder that Burbank has so many young talented artists,” commented Nancy Lozano-Stecyk, Council PTA Reflections Chair.

“We were so honored and proud to have been able to recognize students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade, from 16 different schools in Burbank with their interpretation of 2017-2018 Theme, ‘Within Reach.'”

The winners in each of the six categories of Visual Arts, Music Composition, Photography, Dance Choreography, Literature and Film now move on the the next round of competition in the First District PTA, which serves an area of Southern California from Burbank to Pomona.

After several rounds, winners from the state level move on to the national PTA Reflections competition, with winners honored at the annual convention held in June.

Burbank Council PTA Honors Dedicated Volunteers

Burbank Council PTA recognized 55 members of the Burbank community with Honorary Service Awards on Tuesday, April 19, at the organization’s 67th annual gala event honoring some of Burbank Unified School District’s most dedicated volunteers.

The Burbank Council PTA also honored its outgoing President, Amy Kamm, with a Continuing Service Award, and John Costanzo, BUSD Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator, with an Outstanding Administrators Award.

Parent volunteers, outstanding teachers and administrators from BUSD’s 11 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools were nominated by each school’s PTA organization for the Honorary Service Awards.

“We were happy to honor some of the finest people for their efforts in our schools and in our community and give them some well-deserved recognition and a fun evening out,” commented Burbank Council PTA Honorary Service Awards Chairman Pam Paterra,

All recipients were presented with Certificates of Recognition from the office of Senator Anthony Portantino. Cub Scout Pack 50 performed the flag ceremony.

The John Muir Middle School Instrumental Music Association’s Chamber String Ensemble, the John Burroughs High School IMA Jazz Combo and the Burbank High School Vocal Music Association’s mixed vocal a capella group, Burbank Voices, entertained the attendees.

Board of Education members Larry Applebaum, Dr. Roberta Reynolds, Char Tabet and school board member-elect, Steve Frintner, were on hand to recognized the honorees.

Burbank Unified School District Superintendent Matt Hill, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Tom Kissinger, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Assessment Sharon Cuseo, Director of Secondary Education Dr. John Paramo, Director of Elementary Education Dr. Peter Knapik, Director of Safety and Student Services Dr. Brian O’Rourke, Director of Human Resources Anita Schackmann and Peggy Flynn, Arts & CTE Coordinator, were also in attendance.

Burbank Council Honorary Service Awards Celebrate Service To BUSD Children

Burbank Council PTA celebrated volunteers, teachers and administration at the organization’s annual Burbank Council Honorary Service Awards event at Pickwick Gardens on April 20.

“We honored 62 recipients for their kindness and dedication to our children from all of the Burbank schools,” stated Brenda Burroughs, Burbank PTA Council Honorary Service Award Chairperson. “This is such a lovely event that honors people who dedicate so much time to the service of our children.”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“The PTA Honorary Service Awards are designed as a unique way for PTA units, councils, and districts to publicly acknowledge both individuals and organizations for outstanding community service to children and youth in a community,” she added.

“All funds collected with this program are used exclusively to support the California State PTA scholarship and grant programs.”

This program offers six different types of awards:

Very Special Person Award (VSP) – This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for their service to PTA.

Honorary Service Award (HSA) – This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding service to children and youth in your community, going above and beyond what is asked of them.

Continuing Service Award (CSA) – This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for ongoing or long-time service to children and youth, providing support year after year.

Outstanding Teacher Award (OTA) – This award may be given to recognize a teacher for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or community.

Outstanding Administrator Award (OAA) – This award may be given to recognize an administrator for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or the community.

Golden Oak Service Award (GOSA) – This award is given to recognize, as the most prestigious of the Honorary Service Awards, an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in a school or community.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Bret Harte Elementary PTA

Andrea Aceves, Honorary Service Award

Lisa Crystal, Honorary Service Award

Dennise Gil, Honorary Service Award

Patty Reinoso, Honorary Service Award

George Washington Elementary PTA

Leslie Collins, Continuing Service Award

Amanda Smedley, Very Special Person Award

Aylin Ghookhassian, Honorary Service Award

Suzan Khajo, Honorary Service Award

Cara Cruz, Honorary Service Award

Joaquin Miller Elementary PTA
Shylo Choe, Honorary Service Award

Guillermo Carvajal, Honorary Service Award

Jamie Sanchez, Honorary Service Award

Providencia Elementary PTA

Gabriella Bonino, Honorary Service Award

Sharyn Gersh, Honorary Service Award

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary PTA

Ana Connell, Honorary Service Award

Nicole Kvarda, Honorary Service Award

Erin Kelly Park, Honorary Service Award

Melisa Lomet, Honorary Service Award

R. L. Stevenson Elementary PTA

Janine Dowers, Honorary Service Award

Clyde Carpenter, Honorary Service Award

Karen Carter, Honorary Service Award

Mark Kaim, Honorary Service Award

Jennifer Moore, Honorary Service Award

Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary PTA

Paul Kim, Honorary Service Award

Maureen Williams Baer, Continuing Service Award

Diane Franco, Honorary Service Award

Katie Hall, Honorary Service Award

Thomas Edison Elementary PTA

Lydia Reid, Honorary Service Award

Lisa Cates, Honorary Service Award

Dora Jaramillo, Honorary Service Award

Julie Williams, Honorary Service Award

Thomas Jefferson Elementary PTA

Michele Higginbotham, Continuing Service Award

Harriet Pape, Honorary Service Award

Ladan Aram (Nana), Honorary Service Award

Kristi Chase, Honorary Service Award

Walt Disney Elementary PTA

David Dobson, Golden Oak Award

Christina Ellixson, Continuing Service Award

Denise Dang, Honorary Service Award

Jennifer Klein, Very Special Person Award

William McKinley Elementary PTA

Lisa Brennan, Honorary Service Award

Colleen Elkins, Honorary Service Award

Dru Smith, Honorary Service Award

Sarah Terry, Honorary Service Award

David Starr Jordan Middle School PTSA

Sarah Reed, Outstanding Teacher Award

Jarrod Hettler, Honorary Service Award

Monique Kaloustian, Continuing Service Award

John Muir Middle School PTA

Dr. Greg Miller, Outstanding Administrator Award

Carol Briggs, Continuing Service Award

Luther Burbank Middle School PTSA

Brenda Burroughs, Continuing Service Award

Stefanie Enokian, Outstanding Teacher Award

Burbank High School PTSA

Cindy Jaeger, Honorary Service Award

Lauren Longeretta, Honorary Service Award

Coy Allen, Honorary Service Award

Stephanie Slocombe, Honorary Service Award

John Burroughs High School PTSA

Emily Pierce, Outstanding Teacher Award

Susan Vander Borght, Honorary Service Award

Jane LeGate-Clarke, Continuing Service Award

Linda Rosen, Golden Oak Service Award

Burbank Council PTA

Marsha Ramos, Honorary Service Award

Brian Kaplun, JBHS 201,  Honorary Service Award

Jessica Little, JBHS 2014, Honorary Service Award

Susie Miller, BHS 2015, Honorary Service Award

Burbank Council Honors Annual PTA Reflections Arts Contest Winners

The Burbank Council PTA recognized winners of the annual PTA Reflections arts contest at a reception held on Saturday, January 23, at Burbank High School. Twenty-three entries from elementary, middle and high school students in the Burbank Unified School District won first place for their entries in Dance Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Literature, Photography and Visual Arts.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“The Reflections program is an amazing opportunity for students from Kindergarten through high school to show their unbelievable talent and it brings community awareness to arts in our schools,” commented Wendi Harvel, Burbank Council PTA Reflections Chair. “This year’s theme was ‘Let Your Imagination Fly,’ which is exactly what our student-artists did!”

“They found inspiration everywhere… from their own houses, to their schools and even local landmarks like the Griffith Observatory,” she added. “Each and every one of them poured their hearts into their work, and I was honored to be part of this event for a second year.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Nearly 70 BUSD students in grades Kindergarten through 12 were honored for their first, second and third place prizes in the Burbank Council PTA round of competition.

The Burbank Council PTA’s first-place winners move on to the next round of competition in the First District PTA. After several rounds, winners from the state level move on to the national PTA Reflections competition, with winners honored at the annual convention held in June.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Council PTA Recognizes Over 50 People Making A Difference In Schools

Burbank Council PTA acknowledged many members of the public school community at the 64th annual Honorary Service Awards banquet held Wednesday, April 16. Fifty-six individuals and organizations were recognized for their efforts on behalf of children.

Board of Education members Dave Kemp, Roberta Reynolds, Charlene Tabet and Larry Applebaum attended the HSA banquet, along with BUSD Superintendent Dr. Jan Britz and BUSD Directors Emilio Urioste, Tom Kissinger and Sharon Cuseo. The event was put together and hosted by Brenda Burroughs from Burbank Council PTA.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“This is always one of my favorite evenings of the year because volunteer service is so important to PTA and it’s great to have a chance to give some recognition to the people and organizations who are out there everyday supporting our schools and the community,” commented Steve Fritner, Burbank Council PTA President. “None of the people honored at the banquet were doing this work for recognition or awards, they were doing it because they care about children, about the schools and about Burbank.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Steve Fritner and Brenda Burroughs flank Council honorees Annette Fiol and Barbara Miller. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The evening was a great success. Brenda and her committee did a first class job putting the event together,” Fritner added. “Many of our past HSA honorees come to the banquet each year. It’s great to see them, it helps remind everyone that PTA has a long history of volunteering in the schools and the community.”

HSA awards are given out by unit, council and district PTAs to acknowledge outstanding community service to children and youth, explained Fritner.

“I was especially happy to present the Council Awards to Barbara Miller and Annette Fiol. These two ladies personify what volunteer service is,” he also said.

John Burroughs High School Brass Quintet and the JBHS Woodwind Ensemble entertained the attendees and members of Burbank Girl Scout Troup 11456 were also on hand to present the Flag Ceremony.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Roosevelt honorees (from left to right) Gema Sanchez, Jana Mattison, Linda Walmsley and Kelly McGowan. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Two people and one organization were awarded the Golden Oak Service Award, the most prestigious of the HSA awards. It is given to recognize significant contributions made toward the welfare of children and youth in a school or community. Linda Walmsley from Roosevelt Elementary and Georgine Archer from Muir Middle School were awarded the Golden Oak, while Washington Elementary recognized Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

“Linda Walmsley, our beloved Kindergarten teacher and advocate for our community, received the Golden Oak Award for her 43 plus years of service to our kids and community!” said Kathy Wills, who has taught Kindergarten at Roosevelt alongside Walmsley for 15 years.

“She was raised in Burbank and went through the school here. She has always been involved in the Burbank Schools and is so knowledgeable about Burbank politics and history,” added Wills. “She is a great Burbank resource and has quite a reputation.She has always jumped into efforts that improve the life of kids.”

“[Linda] has dedicated her days to the classrooms but her weekends and evenings she [has] worked hard to bring programs, services and funds to the all the youth of Burbank.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Nickelodeon Animation Studio honorees. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The reason why our Parent Teacher Association awarded Nickelodeon with the Golden Oak is because of their continuous help and support at our school,” commented Aylin Ghookhassian, Washington PTA President.

“For over a decade, Nickelodeon’s artists come to our school and take part in the Chalk Day and surprise the kids with all of their cartoon character drawings all over the school play yard. Not a spot is left empty and after the kids come out they spend time teaching them and giving them few tips.”

“This year, they even committed to do more for our school and they send their artists into classrooms from K-5 to do drawing lessons,” Ghookhassian added. “The kids are loving it and the parents really appreciate it.”

Archer “does so much for our school community, from attending Muir PTA meetings, working in the school garden, organizing math field days, as well as endless noteworthy work with twenty years of work with the Girl Scouts and a fifty year member of Delta Gamma making a difference in the community,” stated the event program, describing Archer’s service to Muir.

“Whether it is a family in need, an abandoned pet or a dying plant, Georgine Archer will find a way to help. She calls it an investment in family. We call her an investment in our world. Thank you Georgine Archer for your tireless work for our school.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Honorary Service Award recipients for 2013-14:

Walt Disney Elementary

Shannon DiForte – Honorary Service Award

Dillon Ross – Honorary Service Award

Christina DiGiacomo – Honorary Service Award


Thomas Edison Elementary

Michael Spencer – Honorary Service Award

Jenny Geary – Honorary Service Award

Nalini Brigstocke – Honorary Service Award

Jennifer Tracy – Honorary Service Award

Michele Zepeda – Continuing Service Award


Ralph W. Emerson Elementary

Stephanie Lee – Honorary Service Award

Iberia and George Brogmus – Honorary Service Award

James Coomes – Honorary Service Award


Bret Harte Elementary

Sylvia Kelman – Honorary Service Award

Bernadette Reardon – Honorary Service Award

Robert Sanchez – Honorary Service Award


Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Stacy Eaton – Honorary Service Award

Nichole Moore – Honorary Service Award

Julie Barnhart – Honorary Service Award


William McKinley Elementary

Kathy Petzoldt – Honorary Service Award

Jamee Tingley – Honorary Service Award

Jenny Harris – Honorary Service Award


Joaquin Miller Elementary

Jennifer Bastian – Honorary Service Award

Christina Yang – Honorary Service Award

Debra Gaskin – Honorary Service Award


Providencia Elementary

Liz Pardo – Honorary Service Award

Natalie Porter – Honorary Service Award

Liz Watters – Honorary Service Award


Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

Jana Mattison – Honorary Service Award

Kelly McGowan – Honorary Service Award

Gema Sanchez – Continuing Service Award

Linda Walmsley – Golden Oak Service Award


Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary

Bernadette Galaviz – Honorary Service Award

Susan Gold – Honorary Service Award

Lisa Loomis – Honorary Service Award

Michelle Thornsberry – Honorary Service Award

Tina Rondinella – Outstanding Teacher Award

Karin Anderson – Outstanding Teacher Award


George Washington Elementary

Chandra Collins – Honorary Service Award

Arcy Covarrubias – Continuing Service Award

Susan Martin – Outstanding Teacher Award

Nickelodeon – Golden Oak Service Award


Luther Burbank Middle School

Black Sheep Squadron – Honorary Service Award

Vicki Thalheimer – Outstanding Teacher Award

Brian O’Rourke – Outstanding Administrator Award


David Starr Jordan Middle School

Jennifer Hughes – Honorary Service Award

Mike Graceffo – Continuing Service Award

Leonidas Tarca – Outstanding Administrator Award


John Muir Middle School

Michele Harris – Continuing Service Award

Georgine Archer – Golden Oak Service Award


Burbank High School

Tigran Khachikyan – Honorary Service Award

Augustine Garcia – Honorary Service Award

Kay Cee Mills – Outstanding Teacher Award


John Burroughs High School

John Paramo – Honorary Service Award

Yvonne Seta – Continuing Service Award


Burbank Council PTA Recipients

Barbara Miller – Continuing Service Award

Annette Fiol – Continuing Service Award