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Swimmers Only Getting Faster at Burbank, Burroughs

Swimming is a sport that hasn’t been the most successful since Olympian Cathy Ferguson made her mark locally in the 1960s. But strides have been made in recent years at both Burbank and Burroughs highs with several school records have been broken. This year we could see some more.


The Bulldogs are led on the boys’ side by junior David Lee, the defending Pacific League champion in the 50 and 100-meter freestyle events.

Burbank has a solid core behind Lee. Senior Gevorg Vardanyan should offer help in the 200 individual medley and 100 butterfly.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Junior Ryan Feldman could also have a strong season in the 100 backstroke and 200 freestyle.

Senior Dorian Andrei, like Vardanyan, figures to do well in the butterfly and medley events.

Senior Charlie Thorpe should offer some support in the freestyle events and senior Ashot Gavurmadzhyan is strong in the breaststroke and butterfly events.

“The boys team is looking to remain in the top three in the Pacific League, while also securing automatic cuts for relays for the CIF meet,” Burbank coach Cody Parker said. “David Lee (is aiming) to remain the top sprinter in the league, while qualifying individually for CIF. The girls look to secure a spot in the top three in the Pacific League.”

The Burbank girls’ team is led by senior Michelle Morlock, who is a 50 and 100 meter freestyle specialist.

Senior Melody Moradi offers help in the freestyle events, as does senior Emily Udall, who will also compete in the butterfly.

Juniors Simone and Geneva Bethel are also freestyle specialists. Simone Bethel could also score some points in the breaststroke.


The Indians are led by junior distance swimmer Maya Wilson, who has qualified for CIF competition the last two years.

Senior Aleah Orozco also brings back key experience in the freestyle and relay events.
Junior Emmanuella Nathan returns to give the Indians another swimmer with varsity experience in the relay events.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Sophomores Madeline Spangler and Isabelle Mucha were both on varsity as freshmen.

The top newcomer is freshman Lilliana Noriega.

For the Burroughs boys’ team, senior Reigh Abaoag is the top returner. He is particularly strong in the butterfly and breaststroke events.

Seniors Issack Dowling, Nathan Gault-Crabb and Arshak Berberyan also figure to play key roles.

Sophomore Nicolai Lazarev is a distance swimmer with a bright future ahead.


Burbank, Burroughs Swimming Hoping to Stay Strong

The Burbank and Burroughs High swimming teams are coming off of a solid year and are hoping to maintain that strength into the 2018 season, even though some key swimmers have graduated. Burbank, which set several relay records last season on the boys’ side, will now will led by some distance swimmers. Burroughs will be led by sophomore Maya Wilson, who set a number of school records last year.


The Bulldogs lost star Roman Rostamyan to graduation and will be guided by first-year coach Cody Parker.  This year the Bulldogs will have junior freestyler Charlie Thorpe and senior freestyler Isaac Yang. Junior Dorian Andrei is solid in the 200 individual medley and is particularly strong in the butterfly. Sophomore David Lee will be counted on to score points in the sprint events. Sophomore Ryan Feldman is also solid in the individual medley and will also swim the backstroke and breaststroke events.

For the Burbank girls’ team, junior Emily Udall will be a key performer in the distance events as well as the butterfly. Junior Michelle Morlock is a sprinter, who will also be key on relays. Sophomore Angelina Chavez will also be counted on in the sprint and relay events, as will sophomores Simone and Geneva Bethel. Both Simone and Geneva Bethel swim the freestyle events.


The Indians are led by sophomore Maya Wilson, who is a distance swimmer and should return to CIF competition in the 500 freestyle.  She will also swim in other freestyle events.

The Indians also have returning senior captains Marlena Skrabak, Amabelle Morning and Mia Fallon.

Skrabak is a 50 freestyle specialist, Morning is strongest in the breaststroke and Fallon can be counted on to score points in the 200 and 500 freestyles.

For the Indians boys’ team, junior Reigh Aboang should lead the way. He is solid in the 100 butterfly and 100 breaststroke. Junior Issack Dowling is another key swimmer who is a backstroke specialist. Junior captain Nathan Gault-Crabb will be able to help the Indians out in a number of areas.

“(I’m) looking forward to seeing what our returning varsity swimmers can do after last season,” Burroughs coach Jacob Cook said. “We have a lot of talent returning, which is exciting. We also have a lot of new swimmers that I am excited to work with and to help achieve their goals.”

Burbank, Burroughs Split Swim Meet

The Burbank High boys’ swim team found out very quickly Tuesday afternoon never to take things lightly when the Bulldogs visited rival Burroughs.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Feeling it would easily win the opening event, the 200 medley relay, Burbank narrowly got past Burroughs.

“It really got close in the end,” Burbank’s Justin Miller said. “When it close we knew we needed to push it.”

Burbank won the boys’ varsity competition 98-71. Burroughs took the girls’ competition 98-68.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burbank got a pair of wins from Roman Rostomyan in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke.

Miller won the 50 and 100 freestyle.

Burbank’s girls’ team was led by Michelle Morlock, who won the 50 freestyle and the 100 backstroke.

Burroughs boys’ team was led by Reign Abaoag, who won the 100 butterfly and the 100 breaststroke.

Maya Wilson led Burroughs’ girls’ team. She won the 200 freestyle and the 100 butterfly.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“It was a great meet. The energy was high,” Burroughs coach Jacob Cook said. “Everyone was shaking hands before and after the races. It is a friendly rivalry.”

Burbank Boys Swimming 98, Burroughs 71
200 Medley Relay1.Burbank  (Roman, Rostomyan, Brent Min, Ashot Gavurmadzhyan, Justin Miller)BHS
  2.Burroughs (Josh Flinchbaugh, Reign Abaoag, Derick Duran, Drew BaellyJB1:43.35
  3.Burbank (Ryan Feldman, Maximilian Panfilov, Dorian Andrei, Ben Diaz)BHS
200 Free1.Roman RostomyanBHS
 2.Nathan Gault-CrabbJBHS
 3.Ben DiazBHS
200 IM1.Ashot GavurmadzhyanBHS
 2.Paxton AndersonJBHS2:20.0
 3.Brent MinBHS
50 Free1.Justin MillerBHS
 2.Drew BaellyJBHS23.56
 3.David LeeBHS
100 Fly1.Reign AbaoagJBHS53.67
 2.Derick DuranJBHS56.17
 3.Ashot GavurmadzhyanBHS
100 Free2.Justin MillerBHS
 2.Drew BaellyJBHS
 3.Dillon RosenBHS
500 Free1.Nathan ArmstrongJBHS5:20.87
 3.Nathan Gault-CrabbJBHS
 4.Maximilian PanfilovBHS
200 Free Relay2.Burbank (Justin Miller, David Lee, Ashot Gavurmadzhyan, Roman Rostomyan)BHS
 3.Burroughs (Nathan Gault-Crabb, Davis Dysthe, Charlie Gove, Derick DuranJBHS1:39.86
 3.Burbank (Dillon Rosen, Isaac Yang, Ryan Feldman, Ben Diaz)BHS
100 Back1.Roman RostomyanBHS
  2.Josh FlinchbaughJBHS1:00.51
 3.David LeeBHS
100 Breast 1.Reign AbaoagJBHS1:00.82
  2.Brent MinBHS
  3.Ryan FeldmanBHS
400 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Derick Duran, Reign Abaoag, Nathan Gault-Crabb, Drew Baelly)JBHS3:30.48
2.Burbank (Dillon Rosen, Dorian Andrei, Ben Diaz, David Lee)BHS
3.Burbank (Isaac Yang, Alden Choe, Brent Min, Charlie Thorpe)BHS
Burroughs Girls Swimming 98, Burbank 68
200 Medley Relay1.Burroughs (Mariena Skrabak, Annabelle Morning, Maya Wilson, Aleah Orozco)JBHS2:05.29
2.Burbank (Michelle Morlock, Tina Melkonian, Naphtali Avalos, Angelica Perez)BHS
3.Burroughs (Georgia Young, Annette Kogan, Elyse Cervik, Robin Dangaran)JBHS2:14.75
200 Free1.Maya WilsonJBHS1:59.48
2.Mia FallonJBHS2:12.3
3.Marlena SkrabakJBHS2:27.23
200 IM1.Bianca SanchezJBHS2:36.99
2.Naphtali AvalosBHS
3.Annette KoganJBHS2:50.58
50 Free1.Michelle MorlockBHS
2.Lily MarshJBHS27.98
3.Robin DangaranJBHS29.83
100 Fly1.Maya WilsonJBHS1:01.55
2.Emily UdallBHS
3.Naphtali AvalosBHS
100 Free1.Aleah OrozcoJBHS1:01.39
2.Bianca SanchezJBHS1:03.29
3.Geneva BethelBHS
500 Free1.Mia FallonJBHS5:55.48
2.Emily UdallBHS
3.Lorraine IshidaBHS
200 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Marlena Skrabak, Aleah Orozco, Bianca Sanchez, Lily Marsh)JBHS1:53.92
2.Burbank (Tina Melkonian, Angelica Perez, Naphtali Avalos, Michelle Morlock)BHS
3.Burroughs (Andrea Silva, Viktorya Saroyan, Georgia Young, Elyse Cervik)JBHS2:02.32
100 Back1.Michelle MorlockBHS
2.Isabelle CaneloJBHS1:18.14
3.Geneva BethelBHS
100 Breast1.Annabelle MorningJBHS1:17.42
2.Tina MelkonianBHS
3.Simone BethelBHS
400 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Maya Wilson, Aleah Orozco, Mia Fallon, Lily Marsh)JBHS4:13.01
2.Burbank (Haley Kolus, Scarleth Ortiz, Emily Udall, Simone Bethel)BHS
3.Burroughs (Robin Dangaran, Alice Martrinez, Andrea Silva, Kim ArgumedoJBHS4:48.97