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Burbank Police Foundation Family Fun Day Draws Largest Crowd To Date

The Burbank Police Foundation held its annual Family Fun Festival at Johnny Carson Park on Saturday, October 5. This year’s attendance was the largest in the history of the festival.

There were activities for everyone in the family. The Road Kings organized a large car show and the Kiwanis held a pancake breakfast.

There was a lot of Burbank Police Department equipment on display including the Notar Helicopter, SWAT Van, Bearcat and Communications Command Post.

Burbank K-9 officer Joel Rodriguez and his partner Kimo put on a couple of demos.  Burbank Police also showed how they use a new drone for tactical situations and traffic accident investigations.

Here is a photo gallery from the event.

Burbank Police Officers and Staff Honored at Police Foundation’s Fifth Annual Luncheon

On June 19, 2018, JAY BOGAN was at Burger King, expecting to enjoy a nice meal.  He wasn’t expecting to witness a maniac suddenly attack an elderly man and repeatedly stab him in the face.  But for Bogan, to see was to act.  He immediately rushed toward the assailant, hitting him with a chair and wrestling him to the floor.  Bogan proceeded to disarm him and keep him pinned until the police and paramedics arrived.

Johnny Jay Bogan (center) receives The Citizen Award. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

The elderly man had sustained serious injuries, but Bogan’s courageous intervention had saved his life.  Bogan had received minor injuries, a fortunate outcome given the risks of violent confrontation.  But when the police acknowledged his heroic actions, Bogan demurred.  “Isn’t that something everyone should do?”

But risking your life to save that of a stranger is not something that everyone does.  And when a citizen actually takes that risk, it is a cause for public recognition from those who make it their profession to protect and serve. 

And so Bogan received the Citizen Award for his “selfless service to the community” at last Thursday’s Burbank Police Awards Luncheon at the Marriott Burbank Hotel, hosted by the Burbank Police Foundation.

Burbank Police Officer of the Year John Embleton ( Center) Photo by Ross A Benson)

Among those honoring Bogan was Officer of the Year JOHN EMBLETON.  He had been driving along the I-5 when he came across a bad traffic collision.  He found out that a murder suspect had fled from Sacramento hours earlier in one of the vehicles.  The suspect realized he had been made.  He fled on foot.  Officer Embleton gave chase and nabbed the suspect before he could do any more harm.

Officer Embleton joined the Burbank Police department in 2005 and is currently a member of the SWAT team. Since 2010 he has also been a K-9 handler, working closely with his four-legged partner Bran.  His peers cite his “relentless work ethic and positive attitude.”

Both Police Sergeant JAMAL CHILDS and Jailer KIRK DAVIS received Lifesaving Medals for “actions resulting in the saving or preservation of human life.”  On December 20, 2018, Sgt. Childs saw a man climb over a railing and sit precariously on a sign overlooking the I-5.  At a time when many were enjoying the holiday season, others were feeling only suicidal despair.  Sgt. Kirk recognized the sign sitter was one of them. He quickly grabbed the man and pulled him to safety.  If the suicidal man had fallen onto the freeway, he could well have ended more lives than his own.  

Jailer Kirk Davis honored with the Lifesaving Medal. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

When Jailer KIRK DAVIS ushered a distraught inmate into the cell after booking for domestic violence, his instincts told him to check up on him frequently.  And indeed, within minutes the inmate had turned his shirt into a noose around his neck, with the other end wrapped around a nearby faucet. But Davis, true to his gut feeling, arrived in time to stop the inmate from hanging himself.  Paramedics confirmed that the inmate had sustained only minor injuries.


Other awards were directed to outstanding team efforts. “For extraordinary efforts earning the esteem of your colleagues and community,” several officers received the Professional Esteem Award for their work as members of the Burbank Police Gang Unit: Officers DUSTIN RODRIGUEZ, HARRY MARKEY, PAUL FRENCH, COREY CHEFALO, AARON DENNING, and PIETRO PIRA.  Since 2016, these officers have been fighting gang-related crime at the street level. They’ve succeeded in reducing gang graffiti by 83%, in making over 600 arrests and in significant recoveries of illegal firearms.

For her work in handling the high volume of court summons and navigating the Superior Court system generally, Police Technician HELEN QUACH was honored as Non-Sworn Employee of the Year.  Her colleagues universally recognize her as “knowledgeable, responsible and reliable.”

Recognition also extended to City employees who have offered substantial assistance to the Police Department.  As Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy remarked, “It’s a testament to the Burbank Police Foundation and all their supporters that they recognize staff from other City departments who assist police in catching perpetrators and solving crimes.”  She continued, “And it’s a credit to our whole City and the men and women of the Burbank Police Department.”

Traffic Signal Operations Specialist and Public Works Department employee RICHARD LOCKYER received the Professional Esteem Award for assisted police in over 500 investigations this past year. Lockyear helped them glean valuable evidence from traffic cameras throughout the City.

Information Technology Department employees were among those receiving Professional Esteem Awards for their successful efforts to transition the Police Department from paper to digital when making daily field activity reports.  Awardees included project manager LIEUTENANT JOHN PFROMMER, Crime Analyst KEN PANU, Assistant Director of Technology JASON  MILLER (IT),  Network Systems Analyst GAREN ESSAKHANIAN (IT), Network Systems Analyst SEVAN KHACHATOURIANS and Volunteer ELAINE STEVENS.

In view of the ongoing adoption of improved technology, it was particularly appropriate that the awards luncheon remembered retired Police Chief GLEN BELL, who had died last January.  Serving as Burbank’s Police Chief from 1982 through 1990, he had been instrumental in pioneering the Police Department’s transition to modern, digital-based methods in reporting, data gathering and data analysis.  On his watch, he had also instituted the gang detail and the helicopter program.

Volunteer of the Year recognition went to KAYE NORRIS, who has been volunteering for the Police Department since 2007.  She has helped with a variety of activities, including answering the phone and helping with the citation paperwork.  The other volunteers look forward to “Kay Days,” when her unfailingly friendly and upbeat demeanor brightens the whole office.

Receiving “Gold” recognition for 500+ hours of volunteer service were ELAINE STEVENS and the aforementioned KAYE NORRIS.

Receiving “Silver” recognition for 250-499 hours of volunteer service were JOHN KEMMERER and TED SCHONLAW.

Receiving “Bronze” recognition for 100-249 hours of volunteer service were ANNE WHITE, JACKIE LIGHT, LINDA TRONCONE, and SUNNY SINGER.

Burbank police Foundation President Cristina Spratt did the welcomes and introductions, followed by a rousing pipe-and-drum rendition of patriotic tunes by the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society.  The Burbank Police Department Honor Guard (Sgt. Chris Canales, Officer Harry Markey, Officer Jesse Horn and Officer Paul French) did the Presentation of Colors.  Father David Bedrossian gave the Invocation, and Police Chief Scott LaChasse introduced his command staff.  President Spratt introduced the Chief’s Circle Sponsor Cusumano Real Estate Group, represented at the awards ceremony by Michael Cusumano.  Noted radio personality Jim Roope served as Master of Ceremonies.

The awards ceremony was the fifth hosted by the Burbank Police Foundation, a community-based organization seeking to cultivate closer partnerships between the Police Department and the community it serves. Judging by the caliber of the award recipients, the partnerships are close indeed.

Burbank Police Foundation Family Fun Day Provides Fun For All

The Burbank Police Foundation held their Family Fun Day on Saturday, October 20, at Johnny Carson Park. The Family Fun Day included K-9 demos, a Road Kings car show, face painting, a pumpkin patch, police vehicles and more.

Here is a photo gallery from the day’s events:


Burbank Police Foundation Honors Police and Citizen Achievements During 4th Annual Luncheon

On Thursday Burbank leadership, residents, business people, and friends gathered at the Pickwick Gardens to celebrate the dedication and accomplishments of Burbank Police Department and our citizens at the 4th Annual Burbank Police Awards Luncheon.  The event, well-attended by both law enforcement and the community, is hosted by the Burbank Police Foundation. 

Burbank Police Honor Guard. (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse emphasized that “all officers are exceptional and get the job done,” there are some notable achievements by both on and off-duty police officers, as well as community members which deserved special recognition at the event.

The luncheon kicked off with an honor guard and exceptional a cappella rendition of the National Anthem by John Burroughs High School student Grace Sessinghaus.  Rabbi Mark Sobel read an invocation, and Chief LaChasse introduced the Police Command Staff.  Chief LaChasse also provided additional motivation for thought, quoting from Sir Robert Peel’s “Principles of Law Enforcement (1829):”

“The basic mission for which police exist is to prevent crime and disorder as an alternative to the repression of crime and disorder by military force and severity of legal punishment.”

Chief LaChasse further set the stage for the awards presentation by noting that citizen involvement with the Law Enforcement community is reinforced by groups such as the Community (Police) Academy, engaging individuals to familiarize themselves with a variety of topics related to policing, ethics, rule of law, and open up opportunities for volunteers to assist the police in the police station.

Elaine Stevens is awarded her award by the Command Staff of the Burbank Police Dept. ( Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The ceremony was briefly disrupted news of Burbank Mayor Will Rogers’ passing. Following a moment of silence, the luncheon continued with soft side conversations celebrating his life and remembering the fun, light-hearted memories showing the love all Burbankers felt for our mayor and friend.

The Awards Ceremony

The awards were given in 6 separate categories, including:

·        Lifesaving Medal

·        Professional Esteem Award

·        Citizen Award

·        Volunteer of the Year Award

·        Non-Sworn Employee of the Year Award

·        Officer of the Year

In addition, recognition was given to Burbank Police Department Volunteers who gave freely to the police and community.

While all awards were given based on very compelling and inspiring acts of valor and commitment to the safety of our citizens, several stood out.

Officer Josh Kendrick and Sgt Cindy Guillen receiving the Life Saving award. (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Life-Saving Medal

On 5 January 2017, Sgt. Cindy Guillen and Detective Joshua Kendrick responded to a call that a distressed individual was threatening to jump from an overpass on Interstate 5 at Olive Ave. in Burbank. Sgt. Guillen and Det. Kendrick coordinated a quick response with both Burbank Police, the California Highway Patrol, and other agencies to secure the freeway and halt traffic, while keeping contact with the individual. The gentleman finally chose life, encouraged by the humanity and negotiation skills provided by the officers.  A human life saved.

Citizen Award

In Jan 2018 Miguel Vasconcellos noticed a suspicious car in his driveway.  Vasconcellos called the police, who responded and captured a criminal responsible for several robberies in the area.  Citizen awareness and engagement resulted in taking a criminal off the streets and making our Burbank community a safer and better place to live.

Volunteer of the Year

Elaine Stevens is a 2013 graduate of the Community Academy.  Since joining the ranks of Burbank Police Volunteers, she has served in several positions, most notably in 2017 when she took on the task of enhancing department reports, adding sophisticated analytics, performance measurements and management to improve decision making at all levels of the department.  To accomplish this enormous achievement, Ms. Stevens logged more than 1200 volunteer hours during the year.

Non-Sworn Employee of the Year

Forensic Specialist Carly Lott joined the Burbank Police in 2002 as a Police Technician. Since then Ms. Lott has continued her education, developing exceptional skills in forensic sciences, with a concentration on finger printing and biometrics.  Her dedication to master the field of finger printing and biometrics has landed her the esteem of her peers as a critical member of the department’s forensic team, and the Non-Sworn Employee of the Year.

Officer of the Year

Officer Dan Turpin joined the department in 1993, distinguishing himself in a variety of roles within the department.  However, he has made his name as a leader and teacher in the Motor unit of the department. Officer Turpin “leads by example,” introducing innovative and challenging ways to improve skills within the motor units operated by the Burbank Police Traffic Bureau.  The result is a safer community, better officer safety, and better agility in enforcing laws.  Officer Turpin will retire in 8 months after a distinguished career with the Police Department and an esteemed member of our community.

The Burbank Police Foundation, sponsor and host of the Awards Luncheon, has the mission to “cultivate a solid partnership between the Burbank Police Department and the residents, businesses, and institutions it serves in order to enrich the community of Burbank and to enhance police services.”

The following lists all awards presented during the event:

Lifesaving Medal

Sergeant Cindy Guillen

Detective Joshua Kendrick

Officer Ashley Burt

Officer Harry Markey

Detective John Voorhis

Professional Esteem Award

Senior Rangemaster Dewayne Wolfer

Range Volunteer Ted Schonlaw


Citizen Award


Jeffrey Takovich

Claudia Gonzalez de Gomez

Jose Luis Martinez

Paul Akard

Robert Nigro

Eric Montoya

Miguel Vasconcellos


Volunteer of the Year Award


Elaine Stevens


Non-Sworn Employee of the Year


Forensic Specialist Carly Lott


Officer of the Year


Officer Dan Turpin


Burbank Police Department Volunteers


Gold (500+ hours of community volunteer service)


Elaine Stevens

Ted Schonlaw


Silver (250-499 hours of community volunteer service)


John Kemmerer

Kaye Norris

Soon Hee Rettig


Bronze (100-249 hours of community volunteer service)


Anne White

Bill Harrold

Connie Lawless

Erin Rettig

Judy Andrews

June Box

Jackie Light

Linda Troncone

Lynn Turner

Patricia Harrold

Sunny Singer

Burbank Police Foundation’s Family Fun Festival Extremely Fun Event for All

Burbank Police Foundation’s first Family Fun Festival held Saturday at the new Johnny Carson Park turned out to be a very fun and exciting event for kids , adult’s and car enthusiast.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Formally known as the Hoofs & Woof program held at The Los Angeles Equestrian Center made a debut this year as The Burbank Police Foundation’s Family Fun Festival. The event was put together to help the foundation raise funds for Burbank Police Department’s K-9 and Equestrian Units.

This year the organization teamed up with Burbank Kiwanis for Fun and Burbank Noon Kiwanis, they had a pancake breakfast in the morning and were grilling and selling BBQ hamburhers, hotdogs and fries and soda all helping the K-9 and equestrians units.

The Burbank Road Kings put on a Car Show with over 150 cars from every year located through the park. There were vendors selling items, including Cotton Candy, Pop Corn, candies shirts, hats, jewelry and more.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The Burbank K-9 units put on displays and demonstrations for the well over two to three thousand people in attendance The Burbank Police had their Bearcat rescue vehicle, along with their SWAT vehicle and their Notar helicopter on display.

There was a Burbank Police Patrol vehicle on display that people could put Post It Notes with notes of Thanks and similar words.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

They had a photo booth setup by UMe Credit Union and also held  a costume contest for kids in attendance.

The weather was fantastic for the crowd along with the several activities provided for young kids and family members of all ages.

Here is a Photo Gallery from the days events.


Burbank Police Foundation Hosts 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon

The Burbank Police Foundation hosted the 2nd Annual Burbank Police Awards Luncheon on Thursday morning at the Pickwick Gardens, honoring police officers, civilian employees, volunteers, and citizens for their “exemplary efforts” in serving our community.

BPD Foundation Awards-6

Michael Hastings President Burbank Police Foundation.

Michael Hastings, President of the Burbank Police Foundation, provided a background for the importance of a close relationship between the community and law enforcement, while painting a broad picture of the personal commitment of the police department in keeping the community safe, and an attractive location for both business and living.

One area resident who participated in the event, Fred Herrman, recently moved to town from the South Bay, and noted that Burbank “is a good place to live, with great police, and a lot to do.” He donates to the Police Foundation every year, because “he really appreciates the job they (BPD) does in keeping this a safe place to live.”

The awards highlighted the courage, commitment, innovative ideas, and citizen contributions to the community. Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse noted that in the words of Albert Schweitzer, “the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

BPD Foundation Awards-7

Police Star Awards L/R Cameron Brown, Cody Roberts, Det. Todd Burke.

July 2015. Officer Todd Burke and Detective Cody Roberts arrived on scene and saw a house that was completely overtaken by smoke. Hearing voices, they immediately went into action, crawling into the house on their stomachs, guiding 3 persons out, including a 90 year old woman. All would have certainly perished had both officers not set personal safety aside, putting the lives of others above their own.

For their bravery and selfless actions, placing the safety of our citizens above their own, officers Burke and Roberts were awarded the Police Star.

BPD Foundation Awards-2

Chief Scott LaChasse and MC Jim Roope.

Jim Roope, a local media personality, provided great narratives behind each award, putting the bravery and accomplishments of each awardee into a very human perspective.

In January 2015, Officer Cameron Brown responded to a house fire near the 7100 block of Landis. Officer Brown learned there may be an elderly woman in the house, and he immediately raced in the burning home to investigate. He found the woman, and quickly brought her to safety.

For his bravery in entering the burning home, with the intent to save a human life, Officer Brown was awarded the Police Star.

Other awards provided a view into the difficulty officers have in dealing with painful, yet very human situations, such as child abuse.

In October 2012, Sergeant Celia Hawver was investigating the tragic death of a 5 week old baby. Suspecting potential child abuse, Sgt. Hawver was determined to bring justice to this poor soul’s life, and death. Using excellent interrogation technique, she was able to bring the baby’s father to confess to the crime, and closure to the tragedy.

BPD Foundation Awards-5

Burbank Command Staff with Professional Esteem Award Recipient Celia Hawver.

For her commitment to bring justice this helpless, lost soul, Sgt. Hawver was awarded a Professional Esteem Award.

Other categories of awards highlighted the actions of citizens, such as the Caamal family, who went nose to nose with a home invasion suspect armed with an assault rifle. Or the police department’s citizen volunteers, including John Kemmerer, who has devoted thousands of hours to the department, or civilian employees of the department, including Crime Analyst Michelle Larson who is well known for her work with crime analytics and statistics, and developing a comprehensive departmental online training system.

Chief LaChasse emphasized that “each award recipient shares a common attribute – selflessness” and a desire to serve their communities.BPD Foundation Awards-3

You can learn more about the Burbank Police Foundation at their website (burbankpolicefoundation.org).

The complete list of awards for 2015 included:

POLICE STAR AWARD – For Bravery and Heroism in the Line of Duty

  • Officer Cameron Brown
  • Officer Cody Roberts
  • Detective Todd Burke

PROFESSIONAL ESTEEM AWARD – For Extraordinary Efforts Earning the Esteem of Your Colleagues and the Community

  • Sergeant Celia Hawver
  • Lieutenant JJ Puglisi
  • Sergeant Sean Kelley
  • Sergeant Stephen Turner
  • Sergeant Aaron Kendrick

OFFICERS OF THE YEAR – For Your Selfless Service to the Community

  • Officer Joshua Kendrick
  • Officer (Sgt) Cindy Guillen
  • Detective Adam Baumgarten


  • Sergeant Brian Gordon
  • Sergeant Mitch Ross
  • Sergeant Stephen Turner
  • Detective Adam Baumgarten
  • Detective Todd Burke
  • Detective Jamal Childs
  • Detective Neil Gunn
  • Detective Brittany Henneberque
  • Detective Marsha Laufer
  • Detective Kenneth Schiffner
  • Traffic Engineer Richard Lockyer
  • Crime Analyst Jessica Statland


  • DetectivE Steve Karagiosian

CIVILIAN OF THE YEAR – For Your Selfless Service to the Community

  • Crime Analyst Michelle Larson

CITIZEN AWARD – For Your Selfless Service to the Community

  • Dexter Johnson
  • Michael van Leeuwen
  • Edwin Mirzabeigi
  • Brennan Maxwell
  • Leo Anicua
  • Joe and Diana Caamal
  • Wendy Bentkowski
  • Mike McAndrews
  • Angela Ortiz

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR – For Your Selfless Service to the Community

  • John Kemmerer


Burbank Police Foundation Honors Those Who Serve

Burbank Police, community volunteers, and community members gathered at the Airport Marriott on Thursday to honor those who have shown “exemplary efforts in serving the Burbank community.” The First Annual Burbank Police Awards Luncheon, hosted by Michael Hastings, President of the Burbank Police Foundation, honored not only those Burbank police officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, but also citizens who have shown commitment, resourcefulness, and courage.

Take the example of Lt. Jay Hawver, who in October 2012 was leading a motorcycle training mission in the Los Padres National Forest. According to the citation, Lt. Hawver was flagged down by a motorist who explained a cyclist had crashed and fallen off the road into a steep ravine.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police Lieutenant Jay Hawver receives the Police Star during awards ceremony. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Lt. Hawver, a certified EMT, rushed into action climbing into the steep and rocky ravine to provide assistance to the downed rider. Lt. Hawver located the man on an unstable outcropping of loose rocks, and provided first aid while awaiting emergency response from Ventura County Sheriffs, and continuing to aid the victim until he was secured and air lifted to a nearby hospital.

For his actions Lt. Hawver was awarded the Police Star

Local radio personality Tim Conway Jr. stepped back from his comedic roots and and took on the role of Master of Ceremonies for the event. Conway delivered descriptions of each officer and civilian action with reverence, including a story of heroism in the face of great personal risk.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

On December 29th, 2014 an urgent call went out for a residential fire on So. Griffith Park Drive. Detective Brent Fekety was first on the scene, and was informed by a neighbor that an elderly person was likely still inside the residence.

Det. Fekety determined he needed to enter the residence, and forced the door open. He then got on his hands and knees, worked his way through the smoke and fire, located the victim, and dragged him out of the house.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police Detective Brent Fekety recieves the Police Star during Thursday’s ceremonies.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Had Det. Fekety waited the man would have died. Without concern for his own safety, Det. Fekety ran towards danger, and now has the life long honor of having saved a human life. For this action he was awarded the Police Star.

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse believes a community grows stronger, and safer, when there is a good sense of partnership between the citizens and the police.  The police also are aware “of the selfless actions of citizens,” noted Chief LaChasse. Of several compelling civilian actions, perhaps the one which highlights citizen engagement and empathy for fellow community members is the story of Mr. Robin Madrigal.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police present Mr. Robin Madrigal a citizen’s award during Thursday’s ceremonies.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

On November 27th, 2014, Madrigal noticed a young woman possibly preparing to commit suicide by jumping off a freeway overpass n Burbank. The easy thing to do would have been to call 911 and then stand back and wait for emergency response. However, sensing an urgency in the woman’s condition, Madrigal approached the woman, gained her confidence, and kept her talking until the police arrived and were able to secure her safety. For his actions Madrigal was presented the Citizens Award.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police present Mr Konrad & Jennifer Lightner a Citizen’s award following a dramatic rescue they were involved in last year.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The three actions described above were only a sample of the accomplishments and acts of courage, persistence, professionalism, and simply quick thinking by police officers and members of the Burbank community team. The Burbank Police Foundation and Burbank police Department would like to honor all award recipients as listed:

Officer Awards

Police Star

  • Lieutenant Jay Hawver
  • Detective Brent Fekety
  • Officer Jason Embleton
  • Officer Michael Woolner (Glendale Police Department)

Police Medal

  • Officer Jesus Espindola
  • Officer Ryan Benavidez
  • Officer Neil Gunn
  • Sergeant Thomas Merich
  • Officer Cameron Mencuri
  • Officer Christopher Hemsley

Professional Esteem Awards

  • Officer Kristiana Sanchez
  • Jennifer Hunt
  • Detective Charles Howell
  • Detective Brent Dyrness
  • Sergeant Mitchell Ross
  • Sergeant Gerardo Mizquez
  • Crime Analyst Jessica Statland
  • Lieutenant Armen Dermenjian
  • Crime Analyst Michele Larson
  • Lieutenant J.J. Puglisi

Officer of the Year – Officer Timothy Dyrness

Civilian Awards

Volunteer of the Year – Ms. Elaine Stevens

Civilian of the Year – Ms. Jessica Statland

Citizen Awards

  • Hector Barrera
  • Francisco Godinez
  • Zully Sosa
  • Louisa Gomez
  • Giovanni Quiroz
  • Marcos Huerta
  • Ira Barseghian
  • Robin Madrigal
  • Konrad Lightner
  • Jennifer Lightner

Hastings emphasized this will be the first of many more activities bringing the police and community closer together. “Burbank is second to none in local communities, and the safe, healthy community is a primary reason why people come to live in the city” said Hastings. The Police Foundation and Burbank Police Department will continue to boost their presence, create more community touch points, and “bring the community together as partners.”

Congratulations to all award winners