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Burbank Vikings Scores Through Week 10 (Playoffs)

Burbank Vikings


Week 10 – November 1 (PLAYOFFS)

Bold = Home Game

(0-9-0) Junior Black 18 vs. Lancaster 34
(5-4-0) Midget Black 6 vs. Santa Clarita Chiefs 8
(4-5-0) Midget White 6 @ Highland Bulldogs 40
(9-0-0) Bantam Black 38 vs. Highland Bulldogs 0
(0-9-0) Bantam Green 16 vs. Palmdale 36
(7-2-0) PeeWees 20 @ Palmdale Green 26

Week 9 – October 25

Bold = Home Game

(0-6-0) Senior Black – BYE
(0-8-0) Junior Black 6 @ Camarillo Blue 32
(5-3-0) Midget Black 6 @ Simi Valley 14
(4-4-0) Midget White 20 vs. Santa Barbara 6
(8-0-0) Bantam Black 28 @ Agoura 6
(0-8-0) Bantam Green 6 @ Oxnard 42
(7-1-0) PeeWees 22 @ West Valley Gold 0
(0-8-0) Gremlins 6 @ Fillmore 30

Week 8 – October 18

Bold = Home Game

(0-6-0) Senior Black – BYE
(0-7-0) Junior Black – BYE
(5-2-0) Midget Black 30 @ West Valley 0
(3-4-0) Midget White – BYE
(7-0-0) Bantam Black 42 @ Lancaster 14
(0-7-0) Bantam Green 0 @ Canyon 36
(6-1-0) PeeWees 28 @ Lancaster 0
(0-7-0) Gremlins – BYE

Week 7 – October 11

Bold = Home Game

(0-6-0) Senior Black 6 @ Simi Valley 42
(0-7-0) Junior Black 16 vs. Thousand Oaks 36
(4-2-0) Midget Black – BYE
(3-4-0) Midget White 0 @ Valley Bengals 20
(6-0-0) Bantam Black 28 vs. Santa Clarita Blackhawks 6
(0-6-0) Bantam Green 0 vs. Simi Valley 48
(5-1-0) PeeWees – BYE
(0-7-0) Gremlins 0 vs. North Oxnard 44

Week 6 – October 4

Bold = Home Game

(0-5-0) Senior Black 0 vs. Newbury Park 29
(0-6-0) Junior Black 0 vs. Santa Barbara 36
(4-2-0) Midget Black 40 vs. Santa Barbara 8
(3-3-0) Midget White 6 vs. Highland Eagles 20
(5-0-0) Bantam Black 8 vs. Newbury Park Black 0
(0-5-0) Bantam Green 6 @ N. Oxnard Red 38
(5-1-0) PeeWees 20 vs. Highland Eagles 18
(0-6-0) Gremlins 8 @ Santa Clarita 30

Week 5 – September 27

Bold = Home Game

(0-4-0) Senior Black 0 @ Moorpark 46
(0-5-0) Junior Black 6 vs. Agoura 28
(3-2-0) Midget Black 32 @ N. Oxnard Red 0
(3-1-0) Midget White @ Ventura White
(4-0-0) Bantam Black 38 vs. Ventura Orange 8
(0-4-0) Bantam Green 0 vs. Thousand Oaks 42
(4-1-0) PeeWees 36 @ Valley West 6
(0-5-0) Gremlins 0 @ Ventura 32

Week 4 – September 20

Bold = Home Game

(0-3-0) Senior Black – BYE
(0-4-0) Junior Black 0 @ S.C. Apaches 60
(2-2-0) Midget Black 24 vs. Palmdale 0
(3-1-0) Midget White 46 vs. Ventura Black 40
(3-0-0) Bantam Black 34 vs. Palmdale 0
(0-3-0) Bantam Green 20 @ Newbury Park Gold 43
(3-1-0) PeeWees 30 vs. Palmdale Green 16
(0-4-0) Gremlin 0 vs. Palmdale 64

Week 3 – September 13

Bold = Home Game

(0-3-0) Senior Black 12 @ Canyon 46
(0-3-0) Junior Black 6 @ Canyon 28
(1-2-0) Midget Black 26 @ Canyon 8
(2-1-0) Midget White 6 @ S.C. Apaches 8
(2-0-0) Bantam Black 44 vs. Canyon 22
(0-2-0) Bantam Green – BYE
(2-1-0) PeeWees 36 vs. Canyon 12
(0-3-0) Gremlin 0 vs. Canyon 20

Week 2 – September 6

Bold = Home Game

(0-2-0) Senior Black 0 vs. Highland Bulldogs 28
(0-2-0) Junior Black 6 vs. Highland Bulldogs 68
(0-2-0) Midget Black 0 vs. Highland Bulldogs 22
(2-0-0) Midget White 38 @ S.C. Seminoles 22
(1-0-0) Bantam Black – BYE
(0-2-0) Bantam Green 0 vs. Highland Bulldogs 26
(1-1-0) PeeWees 14 vs. Highland Bulldogs Red 6
(0-2-0) Gremlin 0 vs. Highland Bulldogs 35

Week 1 – August 30

Bold = Home Game

(0-1-0) Senior Black 0 vs. Santa Clarita Warriors 50
(0-1-0) Junior Black 6 vs. Santa Clarita Seminoles 36
(0-1-0) Midget Black 8 vs. Santa Clarita Apaches 12
(1-0-0) Midget White 38 vs. Newbury Park 12
(1-0-0) Bantam Black 28 vs. Valley West 0
(0-1-0) Bantam Green 0 @ Santa Clarita Warriors 38
(0-1-0) PeeWee 6 @ N. Oxnard Red 20
(0-1-0) Gremlin 0 vs. Newbury Park 28


High School Sports Weekly Recap

Burroughs was triumphant in a 33-21 win at Santa Fe (Photos courtesy of Mitch Haddad)

Burroughs was triumphant in a 33-21 win at Santa Fe (Photos courtesy of Mitch Haddad)


Burbank 34 Pasadena 14

The Bulldogs improved to 3-1 on the season as Tony Toledo (137 yards on 22 carries) and Brandon Alba (121 yards on seven carries) led the way. Toledo had touchdown runs of six and two yards and Ryan Meredith’s one-yard touchdown pass to Nick Cantong gave Burbank a 20-0 lead before Pasadena scored to make it 20-7 at the half. Alba broke Pasadena’s back in the fourth quarter on a 61-yard burst to the end zone to increase the lead to 27-14. A late touchdown by Ryan Boyd cemented the 20-point victory for BHS. Meredith completed 8 of 15 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown. Burbank hosts Crescenta Valley on Friday at 7 p.m.

Crescenta Valley 48 Burroughs 21 (see story)

Burroughs 33 Santa Fe 21

The Indians improved to 2-1 on the season with a convincing win on the road at Santa Fe. Sophomore transfer Chance Bell rushed for 114 yards while quarterback Andy Amela continued his steady play by completing 18 of 27 passes for 167 yards and a touchdown. Aidan Anding scored two fourth quarter touchdowns and Erick Hernandez added two touchdowns (both in the first half). Andres Aguilar nailed a 45-yd field goal for JBHS.

After overcoming a 7-0 deficit, Burroughs led the rest of the way. The Indians open Pacific League action on Friday vs. Crescenta Valley at Moyse Field in Glendale at 7 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Mitch Haddad


Canyon 35 Burbank 21 (see story)

RIP Jake Gnasso

RIP Jake Gnasso

Burroughs 45 Rosemead 17 (see story)

Calabasas 53 Burroughs 31 (see story)

Burbank 15 Bell Gardens 14

No Ryan Meredith. No James Williams. No problem. The Bulldogs survived a scare Friday night as they fended off Bell Gardens without the services of their two star players. Meredith sat out nursing a badly sprained ankle while Williams got hurt on the opening kickoff.

Tony Toledo’s one-yard touchdown run and back-up quarterback Guy Gibb’s 33-yard TD pass to Dorian Housholder was all the scoring that BHS would need. The Bulldogs’ defense came through preventing a two-point conversion attempt by Bell Gardens with 50 seconds left in the game. Burbank is now 2-0 and next plays at Canyon on Sept. 19 with a bye this week.

Burbank 26 Ayala 14

Ryan Meredith threw for 230 yards and three touchdowns as the Bulldogs won their season opener on the road. Meredith connected on a 13-yd pass to Nick Cantong to give BHS the early 6-0 advantage in the second quarter. With Ayala leading 7-6 entering the second half, Meredith found Dorian Housholder on a five-yard touchdown pass to reclaim the lead 12-7. Cantong returned an interception for a pick-six to make it 19-7 with six minutes to go in the third quarter. Meredith capped off a 14-for-25 performance with a 30-yard TD pass to Tony Toledo during the early part of the 4th period.

Girls Volleyball:

Burroughs 3 Crescenta Valley 0 (25-20, 25-22, 25-21)

Burbank 3 Pasadena 0 (25-15, 25-15, 25-17)

Arcadia 3 Burbank 1 (21-25, 25-14, 25-18, 26-24)

Glendale 3 Burroughs 1 (25-23, 27-25, 14-25, 25-13)

Burbank 3 Muir 0 (25-8, 25-4, 25-2)

Burroughs 3 Hoover 0 (25-7, 25-19, 25-9)

Saugus Tournament-
Burbank finished 5th going 3-2
Lost to Alta Loma 14-25, 16-25
Beat East Bakersfield 25-13, 25-15
Beat Righetti 25-15, 25-23
Lost to Frontier 19-25, 25-18,14-16
Beat Burroughs 25-22, 25-23
Total Stats:
Allison Tiegs 29 kills
Rose Cowart 26 kills, 21 digs
Sara Treadway 78 assists, 7 aces, 21 digs
Burroughs went 1-4
Beat Canyon, 2-0
Lost to Village Christian, 2-0
Lost to Frontier, 2-0
Lost to Saugus, 2-1
Lost to Burbank, 2-0

Burbank Tournament-

Quartz Hill 25 Burbank 14 (gold division semifinals)

Burbank 25 St. Monica 14 (gold division quarterfinals)

Burbank defeated Alemany (25-17, 25-19), St. Genevieve (25-9, 25-13) and Mark Keppel (25-12, 25-5) in pool play


Burbank 3 Canyon 0 (25-10, 25-18, 25-20)

Rose Cowart had 8 kills and 10 digs. Nicole Winters had 7 kills. Denise Daniel had 7 kills. Allison Tiegs had 7 kills. Ashlyn Edwards and Lily Winn each had 11 digs. Sara Treadway had 30 assists and 10 digs.

Burbank 3 Golden Valley 0 (25-7, 25-16, 25-14)

Sara Treadway had 16 assists, 8 kills, and 7 aces. Denise Daniel had 5 kills. Lily Winn had 6 digs and 4 aces.

Boys Water Polo:

Birmingham 15 Burbank 13

La Salle 11 Burroughs 10

Burbank 18 Monrovia 8

Notre Dame 20 Burroughs 9

Segerstrom Tournament-

Segerstrom 19 Burroughs 7

Flintridge Prep 14 Burroughs 3

Estancia 11 Burroughs 4

Downey 14 Burroughs 6


San Marino 16 Burbank 9

Flintridge Prep 14 Burbank 7

San Marino Tournament-

Burbank 19 Arcadia 4

Girls Tennis:

Burbank 10 Crescenta Valley 8

Burbank 15 Pasadena 3

Crescenta Valley 12 Burroughs 6

Arcadia 13 Burbank 5

Hoover 12 Burroughs 6

Glendale 16 Burroughs 2

Burbank 16 Saugus 2

Burbank 17 Burroughs 1 (Bulldogs secure a point in the myBurbank CUP)

Burbank 10 Glendale 8

Burroughs 10 Pasadena 8

Burbank 15 Flintridge Prep 3

La Canada 13 Burbank 5

La Canada 14 Burroughs 4

Alhambra 12 Burroughs 6

Burbank 16 Monrovia 2

Cross Country:


Rosemead Invitational

*Top 15 Times Overall (Garrett – 2nd, Shane – 6th, Heidi – 15th)

*Rosemead Invitational Freshman Course Record – Alexander Hirsch

*Boys – Tied for #1 overall team time at the meet

Senior Boys (264) – 1st

Garrett Boulais (2)                              14:27

Shane Thompson (6)                           14:38

Elias Hoxsie (13)                                 14:56

Jack Howe (24)                                    15:29

David Carrillo (73)                              16:27

Quang Nguyen (107)                           17:06

Jared Perez (114)                                17:11

Dion Mokhtari (147)                           17:55

Michael Contreras (156)                    18:03

Senior Girls (220) – 6th

Valerie Monroy (13)                           18:41

Miranda Acosta (31)                           19:23

Deanna Fierro (49)                             20:11

Lili Hooshivar (97)                               21:52

Bailey Harrison (118)                          22:21

Ignatia Teresa (120)                           22:23

Junior Boys (311) – 1st

Justin Villagran (12)                            15:18

Manne Green (23)                              15:46

Evan Thomas (24)                               15:47

Seth Battilana (32)                              16:13

Trent Harrison (36)                             16:16

Adam Villalpando (39)                        16:18

Christian Fuentes (50)                         16:29

David Olympia (66)                             16:50

Monty Smith (103)                              17:28

Kai Kirylo (119)                                   17:46

Nick Phillippi (168)                              18:49

Junior Girls (238)

Eileen Eckles (17)                                19:16

Betsy Ramirez (35)                             20:20

Maddy David (105)                             22:41

Sophomore Boys (282) – 2nd

Timothy Wells (6)                               15:46

Daniel Fendrich (11)                           15:59

Justin Dorris (12)                                 16:00

Jacob Morales (31)                             16:39

Matt Ordonez (34)                              16:42

Patrick Wells (47)                               16:55

Javier Hurtado (67)                             17:20

Eric Rosado (93)                                  17:46

Branden Sanchez (188)                       19:54

Sophomore Girls (233) – 3rd

Heidi Eligio (1)                                     18:13

Molly Stapelfeldt (14)                         19:49

Jailene Diaz (56)                                 21:28

Michelle Velasco (78)                         22:35

Melissa Cova (98)                               23:14

Lisandra Contreras (100)                    23:15

Ivy Escalante (137)                              24:20

Natalie Herrera (180)                         26:31

Freshman Boys (290) – 2nd

Alexander Hirsch (1)                           15:32

Jacob Calderon (7)                              16:14

Jagdeep Chahal (13)                           16:31

Chris Hoxsie (21)                                 17:06

Andrew Hoxsie (32)                            17:28

Aashwin Roy (66)                                18:42

Ethan Brown (75)                                18:59

Robert Howe (115)                             20:11

Charanpreet Singh (169)                    21:11

Freshman Girls (202) – 5th

Emily Virtue (1)                                   18:39

Sapphire Sandoval (27)                       21:15

Catrina Villalpando (30)                     21:34

Ana Villalpando (43)                           22:09

Kenna Guzman (68)                            23:17


Fastback Shootout at Mt. San Antonio College

The Bulldogs had a fine showing at the Fastback Shootout on Saturday, which was held on Mt Sac’s shorter 1.94 mile course.  Candela Fernandez started the meet off with a stellar performance in the first race of the day.  She won the junior girls’ race with a time of 11:14.  That time would hold up and prove to be the fastest of the day. Not only did this shatter the school record by 46 seconds, only one girl has ever run faster on this course and her name is Sarah Baxter.

Other Top 10 finishers for the girls was Caroline Adams (7th- 12:13) in the junior race and Kira Bochard (6th- 12:22) in the sophomore race.  The Lady Bulldogs won the juniors race, and although the meet wasn’t officially scored, were 6th overall out of 45 teams.  Alexia Hatun (13:09) and Gabby Collins (13:20) rounded out the scoring five.

On the boys side, Top 10 performances were put in by Enrique Vizciano (9th- 10:24) in the senior race, Sam Gorman (5th- 10:35) and Angel Flores (8th- 10:43) in the sophomore race, and Jonah Ring (9th- 11:25) in the freshmen race.  Justin Smith was the first Bulldog to cross the line in the junior race, finish in 17th with a time of 10:38.


Cool Breeze Invitational in Chino

*Top 15 Times Overall (Garrett – 2nd, Shane – 10th, Heidi – 11th, Elias – 13th)

*Boys – #2 Overall Team Time at the Meet

Senior Boys (154) – 1st

Garrett Boulais (1)                              13:57

Shane Thompson (5)                           14:16

Elias Hoxsie (6)                                   14:24

Jack Howe (18)                                    15:00

David Carrillo (45)                              15:51

Jared Perez (72)                                  16:35

Quang Nguyen (77)                             16:45

Dion Mokhtari (99)                             17:23

Michael Contreras (104)                    17:39

Senior Girls (137) – 7th

Valerie Monroy (36)                           18:55

Miranda Acosta (40)                           19:03

Deanna Fierro (61)                             19:45

Lili Hooshivar (85)                               21:15

Bailey Harrison (94)                            21:41

Ignatia Teresa (106)                           22:14

Junior Boys (205) – 4th

Justin Villagran (13)                            14:48

Evan Thomas (26)                               15:24

Manne Green (42)                              15:43

Trent Harrison (46)                             15:49

Christian Fuentes (48)                         15:50

Seth Battilana (55)                              16:03

Adam Villalpando (64)                        16:11

David Olympia (82)                             16:35

Monty Smith (90)                                16:42

Kai Kirylo (114)                                   17:12

Nick Ballesteros (142)                         17:58

Sam Ospina (146)                               18:01

Nick Phillippi (161)                              18:30

Junior Girls (157)

Eileen Eckles (20)                                19:02

Betsty Ramirez (49)                            20:20

Maddy Davis (89)                                22:25

Sophomore Boys (222) – 4th

Timothy Wells (11)                             15:28

Justin Dorris (15)                                 15:36

Daniel Fendrich (19)                           15:44

Matt Ordonez (52)                              16:48

Jacob Morales (55)                             16:52

Eric Rosado (75)                                  17:23

Javier Hurtado (77)                             17:28

Patrick Wells (103)                             18:01

Branden Sanchez (175)                       20:12

Michael Wong (191)                           21:09

Eduardo Serrano (199)                       21:40

Sophomore Girls (202) – 10th

Heidi Eligio (4)                                     17:35

Molly Stapelfeldt (33)                         19:29

Jailene Diaz (66)                                 21:10

Lisandra Contreras (84)                      21:54

Ivy Escalante (136)                              23:58

Natalie Herrera (179)                         27:17

Freshman Boys (262) – 2nd

Alexander Hirsch (1)                           14:47

Jacob Calderon (8)                              16:22

Jagdeep Chahal (10)                           16:29

Chris Hoxsie (27)                                 17:14

Asif Chowdhury (35)                           17:28

Andrew Hoxsie (36)                            17:28

Ashwin Roy (75)                                  18:30

Charanpreet Singh (195)                    21:20

Freshmen Girls (198) – 7th

Emily Virtue (4)                                   18:38

Sapphire Sandoval (32)                       21:01

Ana Villalpando (50)                           21:56

Kenna Guzman (75)                            23:05

Catrina Villalpando (76)                     23:10

Bianca Sanchez (80)                            23:25

Girls Golf:

Crescenta Valley 221 Burroughs 248 at DeBell GC

Golden Valley 207 Burbank 237 at El Cariso (par 31)

Irene Maemura 32
Amy Tran 43
Alexis Poche 48
Caitlin Brooks 58
first match ever for the following freshman girls:
Erin Tanner 55
Melissa Yang 59
Michiko S. 62

Burroughs shot a 244 (4th) while Burbank had a 269 (5th) in the second Pacific League match at DeBell Golf Club. Burbank’s Irene Maemura shot a 37 to finish second overall.

DeBell ###### Par 36 230 qualifying score
Arcadia Burbank
1 Kayla Yn 41 1 Irene Maemura 37
2 Gabbi Lewis 37 2 Alexis Poche 53
3 Cynthia Guo 44 3 Amy Tran 45
4 Jannell Lo 50 4 Caitlin Brooks 69
5 Alicia Wang 42 5 81
6 Natea Cooke 49 6 Erin Tanner 65
213 269
Cresenta Valley John Burroughs
1 Audrey Chung 40 1 Katrina Villareal 50
2 Andrea Han 41 2 Ashley Phelps 52
3 Gina Chung 42 3 Maddie Riggs 47
4 Laura Perez 50 4 Raelinn Arnold 50
5 Emily Redecker 50 5 Bella Nava 46
6 Gloria Namkung 51 6 Annie Adachi 51
223 244
La Canada San Marino
1 Keilee Bessho 42 1 Cameron McCrary 40
2 Rachel Oh 50 2 Trussy Li 40
3 Emma McGuinness 59 3 Vivian Sun WD
4 4 Bella Setio 36
5 Andie Chung 69 5 Elizabeth Wang 40
6 Hannah Chew 58 6 Alex Chen 39
278 195
Teams wins loss Medalist
1 SMHS 10 0 1 Bella Setio 36
2 AHS 8 2 2 Irene Maemura 37
3 CVHS 6 4 2 Gabbi Lewis 37
4 JBHS 4 6 4 Alex Chen 39
5 LCHS 1 9 5 Trussy Li 40
6 BHS 1 9 5 Audrey Chung 40
5 Cameron McCrary 40
5 Elizabeth Wang 40

Burroughs shot a 237 (4th) while Burbank recorded a 280 (6th) in the first Pacific League match at La Canada Country Club. Burbank’s Irene Maemura shot a 34 for low medalist honors.

2014 Golf Season 9/2/2014
La Canada 9/2/2014 Par 34 1 Irene Maemura 34
Arcadia Burbank 2 Alexis Poche 59
1 Kayla Yn 38 1 Irene Maemura 34 3 Amy Tran 49
2 Gabbi Lewis 38 2 Alexis Poche 59 4 Caitlin Brooks 61
3 Cynthia Guo 42 3 Amy Tran 49 5
4 Jannell Lo 48 4 Caitlin Brooks 61 6 Katrina Villareal 43
5 Alicia Wang 50 5 77 7 Ashley Phelps 43
6 Jessica Yue 50 6 77 8 Maddie Riggs 49
216 280 9 Raelinn Arnold 55
10 Bella Nava 48
11 Annie Adachi 54
Cresenta Valley John Burroughs 12 Audrey Chung 42
1 Audrey Chung 42 1 Katrina Villareal 43 13 Andrea Han 39
2 Andrea Han 39 2 Ashley Phelps 43 14 Gina Chung 43
3 Gina Chung 43 3 Maddie Riggs 49 15 Laura Perez 48
4 Laura Perez 48 4 Raelinn Arnold 55 16 Emily Redecker 48
5 Emily Redecker 48 5 Bella Nava 48 17 Gloria Namkung 51
6 Gloria Namkung 51 6 Annie Adachi 54 18 Elizabeth Wang 34
220 237 19 Trussy Li 36
20 Vivian Sun 42
21 Bella Setio 40
La Canada San Marino 22 Valerie Wang 48
1 Keilee Bessho 39 1 Elizabeth Wang 34 23 Alex Chen 45
2 Rachel Oh 47 2 Trussy Li 36 24 Kayla Yn 38
3 Yoojin Kim 58 3 Vivian Sun 42 25 Gabbi Lewis 38
4 Hannah Chew 62 4 Bella Setio 40 26 Cynthia Guo 42
5 Andie Chung 54 5 Valerie Wang 48 27 Jannell Lo 50
6 Emma McGuinness 51 6 Alex Chen 45 28 Alicia Wang 50
249 197 29 Jessica Yue 50
30 Keilee Bessho 39
31 Rachel Oh 47
32 Yoojin Kim 58
Teams wins loss Medalist 33 Hannah Chew 62
1 AHS 4 1 Irene Maemura 34 B 34 Andie Chung 54
2 CVHS 3 2 Elizabeth Wang 34 SM 35 Emma McGuinness 51
3 JBHS 2 3 Trussy Li 36 SM 36
4 LCHS 1 4
5 SMHS 5 0
6 BHS 0 5


Burbank Vikings Registration Sign-ups Have Begun


Interested in playing tackle football for Burbank’s #1 youth program?

Interested in coaching for the Burbank Vikings?

Then read the following message and check out our website. Please email us for any questions or further information.

The Burbank Vikings Youth Tackle Football and Cheer Program registration is now open for the 2014 season. Please go to www.burbankvikings.com for registration instructions. 

We are also looking for coaches. If interested or would like more information, please email burbankvikings@earthlink.net.

Last season we had 10 teams play at various levels with our JUNIOR GREEN and MIDGET GREEN winning the PYFL Super Bowls. Two championships for our town here in Burbank! Come join the fun every Saturday in the fall!!

Burbank Vikings All-Stars Announced

It was a banner year for the Burbank Vikings (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

It was a banner year for the Burbank Vikings (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

2013 Pacific Youth Football League
East Division
All Stars
Burbank Vikings
Senior Division
Darnell Williams / RB / Senior Black
Erwin Hernandez / C / Senior Black
Kevin Hebri / T / Senior Black

Junior Division

Andrew Graves / C / Junior Black
Joshua Johnson / LB / Junior Black
Bryce Young / QB/CB / Junior Green
Dante Coxsom / RB / Junior Green
Loyal Terry / RB / Junior Green
Sebastian ‘Sunshine’ Leal / WR / Junior Green
Manny Pimentel / G/DT / Junior Green
Malachi Meeks / DT / Junior Green
Michael Sorokin / DE / Junior Green
Jacob Moore / LB / Junior Green
Franco Alonso / LB / Junior Green

Midget Division

Tobi Baklayan / QB / Midget Green
JimE DeYoung / RB/LB / Midget Green
Anthony Spearman / RB / Midget Green
Cooper Meek / WR / Midget Green
Larry Franco / C / Midget Green
Tadashi Butler / G / Midget Green
Gabriel Ayala / T / Midget Green
Zion Chavez / DT / Midget Green
Niko Candido / DE / Midget Green
Mason Cotton / CB / Midget Green

Bantam Division

Jordan White / RB / Bantam White
Maurice Johnson / TE / Bantam White
Atticus Coots / G / Bantam White
Shawn Wilson / DE / Bantam Black
Russell Diep / LB / Bantam Black
Luke Rogers / CB / Bantam White
Lorenzo Leal / S/WR / Bantam White
NOTE: These names and positions were provided by the Burbank Vikings. Any mistakes are not of the myBurbank.com staff

Burbank Vikings Park & Rec Have Strong Showing in Tournament


The Burbank Vikings (Park and Rec) flag football team came in second place in the San Gabriel Valley Tournament last weekend.

Here are the results and stats-

Beat Arcadia 15-13  (Nicco Chuidian – 60 yard int TD return & 3 int’s total for game / QB Max Meltzer threw a TD pass to Revin Diego)

Beat Pasadena 40-24  (Steven Villagran threw 4 TD passes / QB Meltzer injured in first game) / Nicco Chuidian caught 2 TD’s & He had another int)

Lost Championship game to San Marino 40-0

The Burbank Vikings have qualified for the Southern California SCHMAF Tournament on Dec. 7th & 8th in Pasadena.


J.T. Machuca, Nathan Turner, Davis Buick, Nicco Chuidian, Max Meltzer, Steven Villagran, Revin Diego, Nick MacDonald, Collin Johnson, Julian Jaramillo, Louie Torres, Jacob Calderon, Gabriel Toscano

Coaches: Bobby Machuca, Steve Turner, David Machuca

Burbank Vikings Junior Green & Midget Green Win PYFL Super Bowls

Junior Green won back-to-back Super Bowls and have won 26 games in a row (Photo courtesy of Jim Floyd)

Junior Green won back-to-back Super Bowls and have won 26 games in a row (Photo courtesy of Jim Floyd)

Midget Green- Super Bowl champions (Photo courtesy of Jim Floyd)

Midget Green- Super Bowl champions (Photo courtesy of Jim Floyd)

By Rick Assad
Special to MyBurbank

Week 13 – November 23rd


(12-0-0) Junior Green 14  Camarillo Roadrunners 8

(12-0-0) Midget Green 54  North Oxnard Red 6

Games played at Thousand Oaks High School


Midget Green 54 North Oxnard Red 6

All photos courtesy of James Floyd- www.leftcoastpix.com

Junior Green 14 Camarillo 8

An unprecedented two-year run of excellence continued for the Burbank Vikings Junior Green, which added the Camarillo Roadrunners to the mounting list of teams having fallen after a 14-8 victory in the Pacific Youth Football League East Conference Super Bowl on Saturday.

The Vikings (12-0) now own a 26-game winning streak and became the only Burbank squad to claim back-to-back titles, but it came with quarterback Bryce Young’s injury in the first quarter.

Burbank’s game-winning drive was dramatic and covered the length of the field as wide receiver Isaac Cordova, who stepped in for Young, capped the trek by finding wide receiver Sebastian Leal (22 yards on two receptions) with a 13-yard pass in the final quarter for a six-point lead.

After a scoreless opening quarter, the Vikings made productive use of an inside and outside running attack that led to the game’s first points.

Tailback Dante Coxsom (46 yards on 14 carries) is an outside speed demon, while fullback Loyal Terry (59 yards on five rushes and one catch for 11 yards) does his best work inside the tackles. To put it mildly the combination is tough to contain.

The scoring drive was finalized when Leal (nine rushes for 36 yards) took a handoff from Cordova (five of eight pass attempts for 85 yards) and scooted into the end zone from seven yards out that made it 6-0. Cordova (64 yards on 11 carries) kept the ball on the two-point conversion as the Vikings led 8-0.

Burbank had the opening possession of the second half, but fumbled the football at its 12-yard line. Camarillo, which faced the Vikings in Week two and were routed, took advantage of the short field and seven plays later found pay dirt.

The Roadrunners, who managed 60 yards on the ground and 24 yards through the air, were successful on the two-point try and it was deadlocked at 8-8.

The Vikings were paced on the defensive side of the ledger by Jake Moore, Malachi Meeks and Manny Pimentel as each contributed five tackles.

Michael Sorokin also recovered a fumble, Coxsom had an interception and another pick he returned 80 yards at the end of the second quarter that was called back. Leal added an interception, and Trystan Daggs one pass defended on a critical fourth and long that halted a Camarillo drive.

(On a side note, we would like to congratulate Coach Corey Enman on his team’s success. More importantly, we would like to thank Coach Enman for ALL of his game summaries that he sent to us for the ENTIRE season. Many of the head coaches chose not to share information to the public. This is all about the kids and unfortunately we had too many no-shows from the coaches. Corey Enman, however, cared enough to share the positive news with all of you each and every week!)


Burbank Vikings Win One Championship; Prepare for Two Others

Burbank Vikings

By Rick Assad
Special to MyBurbank

Week 12 – November 16th 

(11-0-0) Junior Green 30 vs. Highland Eagles 8
(11-0-0) Midget Green 30 vs. Palmdale 0
(5-6-0)   Bantam Black 26 @ S.C. Apaches 6
Bold = Home Game

Bantam Black won the Jim Thornton Invitational Championship on Saturday. Junior Green and Midget Green clinched their PYFL Super Bowl berths. The PYFL Super Bowls will be played this Saturday at Thousand Oaks High School. 

PYFL Super Bowl XXI schedule

Junior Green vs. Camarillo  (4:30 pm)

Midget Green vs. North Oxnard Red  (2:00 pm)

Junior Green 30 Highland 8

In the pregame warm-up prior to the Pacific Youth Football League East Conference semifinal game, the Highland Eagles tried to appear as fierce and menacing as possible.

This tactic failed miserably once the contest began as the defending Super Bowl champion Burbank Vikings Junior Green (11-0) took command early and romped to an easy 30-8 victory on Saturday at Valencia High.

The clash featured a potent Vikings’ running attack, a powerful aerial assault and a hard-hitting defense that surrendered a lone Highland touchdown and two-point conversion in the waning moments.

The onslaught began in the opening quarter when the Vikings pulled in front 14-0. The initial scoring drive came after two rugged runs by All-Star tailback Dante Coxsom, who had 123 yards on six carries.

Coxsom’s physical bursts were followed by a terrific catch from All-Star wide receiver Sebastian Leal (seven touches for 96 all-purpose yards) that led to quarterback Bryce Young’s 50-yard rocket to wide receiver Isaac Cordova (three receptions for 72 yards) that made it 6-0.

Young then found Leal with a 52-yard strike on the next series as the Vikings pulled ahead 12-0, and it became 14-0 on Young’s two-point toss to Cordova in the back of the end zone.

Burbank tacked on a touchdown and two-pointer in the second quarter as the Vikings took over at their 11-yard line.

On the first play fullback Loyal Terry gashed the Eagles for four yards up the middle before Coxsom’s 85-yard sprint down the Eagles’ sideline made it 20-0.

Making like one-time Detroit Lions’ All-Pro running back Barry Sanders, Coxsom started, stopped and then started again as the crowd simply watched in amazement.

Leal’s two-pointer was also dazzling as he evaded several Highland tacklers as the Vikings, who compiled 355 total net yards on 26 plays from scrimmage, pulled in front, 22-0.

Neither team scored in the third quarter, but Coxsom snared a well-timed screen pass from Young (six of 12 pass attempts for 174 yards) and raced 36 yards, which set up Leal’s five-yard waltz into the end zone that made it 28-0 in the fourth quarter. Young’s two-pointer gave the Vikings a 30-0 edge.

On the defensive side of the ledger, Burbank linebacker Cordova and defensive tackle Malachi Meeks each finished with 12 tackles.

Cordova had three solo hits and assisted on nine, while Meeks contributed two solo shots and assisted on 10.

Banged up linebacker Jake Moore had nine tackles, linebacker Manny Pimentel eight, linebacker Franco Alonso eight and defensive back Max Mota chipped in with seven.

(NOTE: the game summaries were turned in by the head coaches of their respective teams. ALL coaches were asked to send in recaps after each game. If you are a parent and would like to see your son’s information published, make sure your coach responds to our repeated requests. Thank you)


Burbank Vikings Send Three Teams to Semifinals

By Rick Assad
Special to MyBurbank

Week 11 – November 9th  

(4-6-0)   Junior Black 8 @ Highland Bulldogs 24
(10-0-0) Junior Green 42 vs. Lancaster 18
(10-0-0) Midget Green 30 vs. S.C. Redskins 0
(4-6-0)   Bantam Black 22 @ S.C. Indians 0
(9-1-0)   Pee Wee Black 36 vs. Valley 38
Bold = Home Game


Junior Green 42 Lancaster 18

All photos courtesy of James Floyd- www.leftcoastpix.com

What changed for the Burbank Vikings Junior Green was the venue and temperature, but not the result as they once again knocked off the Lancaster Junior Jets, this time 42-18 in a Pacific Youth Football League East Conference second-round playoff game on Saturday under considerably warmer conditions.

Make that 24 straight wins for the defending Super Bowl champions.

The Vikings (10-0) took care of the Jets a season ago in the title match with the temperature hovering at 57 degrees, and continue their postseason drive after putting together an offensive showing that featured tailback Dante Coxsom and fullback Loyal Terry each breaking the century mark.

Not to be outdone was Sebastian Leal, who added 94 all-purpose yards and located the end zone via the ground and through the air.

Leal’s 15-yard scamper offset the Jets’ star running back Jamal Bell, who raced 32 yards down the left side line for a touchdown that made it 6-0 on the game’s first play from scrimmage.

In fact these were the first points the Vikings Junior Green allowed at home this season.

The Vikings tacked on 24 points in the second quarter and took a 30-6 lead into the half behind the strength of a balanced assault.

Quarterback Bryce Young, who connected on four of seven pass attempts for 87 yards with an interception, found Leal with a 23-yard toss that made it 12-6, and when Young drilled wide receiver Isaac Cordova with a two-point pass it became 14-6.

When Terry (six carries for 113 yards) took an inside handoff and raced 48 yards, Burbank’s lead swelled to 14 points and Young’s two-point run gave the Vikings a 22-6 lead.

Just before halftime Coxsom (137 yards on 14 rushes), an All-Star, plowed his way into pay dirt from five yards out as the Vikings surged ahead 28-6 before Leal’s two-pointer catapulted Burbank in front by 24 points.

There was no scoring in the third quarter, but the Jets closed the gap and came within 30-12 on the opening series of the fourth quarter when Bell took a screen pass and bolted 80 yards for a touchdown.

On Burbank’s next possession the Jets picked off Young and brought the football back to the Vikings 25-yard line.

But Leal returned the favor by intercepting Lancaster’s field general which made possible Coxsom’s second touchdown that made it 36-12. Manny Pimentel’s extra-point kick failed.

On the drive Young found Cordova (64 yards on three receptions) with a 53-yard pass and an eight-yard toss.

After the Jets were forced to punt, Terry had perhaps the most remarkable scoring run of the season when he pushed aside four would-be Lancaster tacklers as the Vikings cemented a 30-point lead.

Lancaster scored late in the fourth quarter and moved within 24 points when a Jets’ ball carrier fumbled into the end zone which a teammate recovered.

(NOTE: the game summaries were turned in by the head coaches of their respective teams. ALL coaches were asked to send in recaps after each game. If you are a parent and would like to see your son’s information published, make sure your coach responds to our repeated requests. Thank you)

Burbank Vikings Set Sail With Five Wins in Opening Playoff Round

By Rick Assad
Special to MyBurbank

Week 10 – November 2nd 

(4-5-0) Senior Black 0 @ Lancaster 36
(0-9-0) Senior Green 0 @ Canyon 46
(4-5-0) Junior Black 42 vs. Canyon Green 14
(9-0-0) Junior Green 58 vs. Santa Clarita Warriors 0
(2-7-0) Midget Black 20 vs. N. Oxnard Gray 55
(9-0-0) Midget Green 29 vs. Simi Valley 6
(3-6-0) Bantam Black 8 @ Highland Eagles 6
(5-4-0) Bantam White 26 vs. Palmdale 28
(9-0-0) Pee Wee Black 36 vs. Palmdale 34
Bold = Home Game


Midget Green 29 Simi Valley 6

Palmdale 28 Bantam White 26

All photos courtesy of James Floyd- www.leftcoastpix.com

Pee Wee Black 36 Palmdale 34

No one said the Pacific Youth Football League East Conference playoffs would be an easy trek as the Burbank Vikings Pee Wee Black found out on Saturday at Burbank High.

The Vikings’ 36-34 victory over the Palmdale Falcons was nip-and-tuck with the deciding points being a two-pointer that the Vikings converted, while the Falcons failed on a pair of two-pointers.

Now the Vikings (9-0) will host the Valley Bengals in a quarterfinal match this Saturday at the same site with a 2:45 p.m. kickoff.

With the contest knotted at 22-22, the No. 2 seeded Vikings powered ahead with two touchdowns in the third quarter.

The first score was Jonas Baklayan’s run with Dahnte Russell’s two-point conversion making it 30-22.

The Vikings’ next tally was Russell’s burst after Palmdale’s fumble was recovered by defensive tackle Logan Rice.

Palmdale, the No. 7 seed, inched closer with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but was turned back twice on the two-point try.

The second two-pointer was foiled when middle linebacker A.J. Vargas blitzed while Diego Reynaldo tackled the ball-carrier behind the line of scrimmage.

Russell’s touchdown and two-point dash in the opening quarter saw the combatants enter the second quarter tied at 8-8, and the Vikings trailed at the intermission, 16-14, despite Russell tacking on his second touchdown.

Baklayan’s score on a long jaunt along with Russell’s two-pointer made it 22-16, however the Falcons tied it at 22-22.

Defensively the Vikings had open-field tackles from Cristian Elizalde, Ricky Garcia, Baklayan and Russell, while the middle of the field was patrolled by nose guard Reynaldo, defensive tackle Anthony Diaz and linebacker Vargas.

Junior Green 58 Santa Clarita 0

Meanwhile the Burbank Vikings Junior Green had a walk in the park after trouncing the Santa Clarita Warriors 58-0 in an opening-round playoff game.

The Vikings (9-0) were out of the starting block fast as they scored on the opening play and settled into a 30-0 lead after one quarter and led 38-0 at the intermission.

On the first play from scrimmage fullback Loyal Terry rambled 65 yards to make it 6-0, and quarterback Bryce Young’s two-point attempt handed the Vikings an 8-0 lead.

One play later the Vikings forged a 14-0 cushion on Young’s 36-yard streak pass to running back/wide receiver Dante Coxsom, while Terry’s two-point conversion made it 16-0.

On the fourth play Coxsom’s seven-yard bolt gave the Vikings a 22-0 edge, and the lead became 24-0 after tailback Sebastian Leal’s two-point attempt was successful.

Young added a 15-yard scramble that made it 30-0, while running back Maximus Mota contributed a 22-yard romp and a two-pointer for a 38-0 lead.

The second half kickoff was grabbed by wide receiver/defensive end Michael Sorokin who fielded the squib kick and raced into the end zone untouched for a 44-0 advantage.

It became 50-0 when Mota fumbled the football into the end zone which tight end Mike Lopez recovered. The Vikings’ margin became 52-0 after offensive/defensive lineman Malachi Meeks scored on the two-point try.

With the contest well in hand defensive lineman Diego Santillan was allowed to play quarterback and he found the end zone after a 13-yard run for the game’s final points.

Junior Black 42 Canyon 14

In other playoff action the Burbank Vikings Junior Black over-powered the Canyon Outlaws Green, 42-14, behind Josh Johnson’s 175 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

The Vikings (4-5), who will next face the Highland Bulldogs, are still without the services of tailback Malik Jackson, who broke his wrist, but this didn’t slow down the Junior Black.

Quarterback Chase Tachau contributed 50 passing yards and 50 rushing yards along with a touchdown. Fullback Jake Barraza added 30 yards on the ground with a pair of scores, and wingback Diego Garcia churned out 60 yards.

Johnson also had a game-high 10 tackles with an interception, cornerback Julian Brady had a pick, and defensive end Kyler Michel finished with three tackles and a sack.

(NOTE: the game summaries were turned in by the head coaches of their respective teams. ALL coaches were asked to send in recaps after each game. If you are a parent and would like to see your son’s information published, make sure your coach responds to our repeated requests. Thank you)


Burbank Vikings Conclude Regular Season With Five Wins

By Rick Assad
Special to MyBurbank

Week 9 – October 26th 

(4-4-0) Senior Black 30 @ Santa Clarita Seminoles 6
(0-8-0) Senior Green 6 @ Palmdale 28
(3-5-0) Junior Black 12 @ Canyon Gold 34
(8-0-0) Junior Green 42 vs. Highland Bulldogs 0
(2-6-0) Midget Black 20 vs. Santa Clarita Seminoles 56
(8-0-0) Midget Green 44 vs. Lancaster 6
(2-6-0) Bantam Black 0 @ Santa Clarita Chiefs 32
(5-3-0) Bantam White 24 vs. Canyon 14
(8-0-0) Pee Wees 26 vs. Santa Clarita Warriors 24
(1-6-0) Gremlins 0 vs. Valley 36
Bold = Home Game


Pee Wees 26 Santa Clarita 24

Valley 36 Gremlins 0

All photos courtesy of James Floyd- www.leftcoastpix.com

Junior Green 42 Highland 0

This is becoming old hat for the Burbank Vikings Junior Green, who for the second consecutive regular season went undefeated after Saturday’s 42-0 blitz of the Highland Bulldogs, and now prepare for the playoffs. The Junior Green have won 22 in a row.

The Vikings (8-0) pulled ahead 12-0 after the first quarter, and then scored 22 points in the second quarter.

Burbank’s assault commenced when quarterback Isaac Cordova located running back Dante Coxsom with a 29-yard pass down the right sideline that made it 6-0.

The Vikings took charge 12-0 after Cordova, who completed all three passes attempts for 88 yards, hit Sebastian Leal with a 54-yard bomb after runs by Kade Lewis (38 yards on six carries) and Chandler Auguste.

Fullback Loyal Terry rambled 78 yards for a touchdown that made it 18-0, and Leal’s two-point attempt gave the Vikings a 20-0 cushion.

The lead became 26-0 when Lewis darted into the end zone from 17 yards out, while safety Bryce Young intercepted a pass and ran it back 19 yards for a touchdown that pushed the Vikings’ lead to 32-0. Cordova, who finished with 42 yards rushing on eight carries, added the two-pointer that made it 34-0.

Max Cotton’s 52-yard pick for a score and Cordova’s 16-yard run were called back because of penalties, but Auguste’s 16-yard stroll counted as the Vikings bolted ahead 40-0. Cordova’s two-pointer put the icing on the cake.

The Vikings’ defense allowed the Bulldogs minus-12 yards on the ground, and was paced by defensive tackle Malachi Meeks who contributed seven tackles (three solo) and one-and-a-half sacks, while defensive end Michael Sorokin had five tackles (three solo) and two-and-a-half sacks.

Midget Green 44 Lancaster 6

The Burbank Vikings Midget Green followed suit as they also closed the regular season without a loss after belting the Lancaster Jets, 44-6.

The Vikings, who will be the No. 1 seed in the playoffs and will have the home field as long as they win, opened the scoring with a 50-yard drive that was capped off when quarterback Tobi Baklayan located the end zone from seven yards out and 8:09 left in the opening quarter. Baklayan’s two-point pass to Niko Candido made it 8-0. The march also included a 43-yard toss from Baklayan to Anthony Spearman.

The Vikings (8-0) drove 54 yards and Spearman scored on a four-yard burst with 4:18 showing in the same quarter that made it 14-8. Baklayan had a 29-yard scamper and Baklayan’s pass to Jime De Young on the two-point try made it 16-8.

Candido recovered the kickoff, but Baklayan was later picked off. The Jets took over at their 15-yard line, and Max Birch tackled the running back for a nine-yard loss. On fourth down Tadashi Butler chased and tackled the punter.

De Young’s three-yard run off tackle with 11:47 left in the second quarter provided the Vikings with a 22-6 lead.

Lancaster’s next drive was halted when Zion Chavez, Calvin Laughlin and Spearman, who ripped the football from the Jets’ quarterback, all handed out jarring tackles.

Cooper Meek’s 26-yard field goal was wide left, but Chavez blocked a punt and returned the ball 22 yards for a score that made it 28-6 and 5:25 left before the half. Baklayan’s two-point run gave the Vikings a 30-6 lead.

After stopping the Jets, Burbank took over at the Lancaster 44-yard line. Soon Max Cotton’s 16-yard run and Baklayan’s 25-yard scoring dash propelled the Vikings ahead 36-6 with 1:40 left in the second quarter. Baklayan converted the two-pointer to make it 38-6.

The Vikings’ final touchdown was a thing of beauty as they marched 82 yards on 17 plays as Spearman dented the end zone from four yards out.

The Burbank Vikings Midget Green will next play the Simi Valley Patriots, who are 4-4 and have won four straight games.

Bantam White 24 Canyon 14

The Burbank Vikings Bantam White placed a capper on the regular season with a 24-14 triumph over the Canyon Outlaws, and also awaits the postseason.

It didn’t take long before the Vikings (5-3) were on the board three plays into their opening drive when fullback Maurice Johnson scored from 15 yards out.

Before the tally Vikings quarterback Jordan White accounted for 40 yards rushing, and his two-point attempt was successful as Burbank led, 8-0.

The Outlaws matched the Vikings as they drove downfield and scored and also added the two-point try that knotted it at 8-8.

With 1:30 left before the intermission, spectacular blocks from guard Atticus Coots, tackle Shant Hovsepian, center Isaiah Martinez and tackle Frankie Cervantes all helped lead Johnson into the end zone after an option pitch from White that made it 14-8. White’s run for the two-point conversion was successful and the lead became 16-8 at the half.

The Vikings’ defense was stingy as they picked off three passes in the third quarter and were turned in by cornerback Luke Rogers (who finished with three interceptions), cornerback Nick Schlander and linebacker Johnson.

Canyon was able to get into the end zone to make it 16-14, but was turned back on the two-point try as defensive tackle Richie Flores, linebacker Mario Rodriguez and linebacker Rudy Perez converged on the tackle.

The Vikings added a final touchdown as Johnson dragged defenders into the end zone. Johnson was assisted by runs from White, and also picked up a well-timed block from wide receiver Lorenzo Leal. White’s two-point try made it a 10-point spread.

(NOTE: the game summaries were turned in by the head coaches of their respective teams. ALL coaches were asked to send in recaps after each game. If you are a parent and would like to see your son’s information published, make sure your coach responds to our repeated requests. Thank you)