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“Diversify Our Narrative” Students Join Burbank DEI Subcommittee

Following a petition to expand classroom reading curriculum throughout the Burbank Unified School District, two high school students are now members of a district committee with a similar goal.

Burbank students Sophia Moore and Adelina Hernandez are local proponents of the Diversify Our Narrative campaign, which contains guidelines for implementing a required reading list with more novels telling stories from people of color in schools throughout the state. After receiving a heavy flow of petition signatures, the district reached out on behalf of the BUSD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, offering the two students spots on a subcommittee to tackle the lack of diversity in Burbank educational programs. 

This Curriculum and Instruction Subcommittee consists of discussions between teachers, parents, and other administration personnel in which techniques to structure a diverse and anti-racist school program are being explored.

Moore, now a senior at John Burroughs High School, says that the subcommittee experience has opened up an extensive dialogue regarding how class readings impact the Burbank student body. 

“We talk about…the student experience dealing with the books that we read,” Moore said. “How does that kind of book and the way the topics of that book are dealt with, how does that impact students of color?”

Discussions are set to continue through the year, and May of 2021 is a prospective date for the subcommittee to submit a proposed list of books to incorporate in K through 12 classes, although the timeline is predicted to be ongoing for the group.

Local teacher and subcommittee member Emily Weisberg joined the gathering, which began earlier this summer, in order to gain knowledge on how the BUSD can improve the traditional teachings that reside in California classrooms. Weisberg says she has seen first-hand how static, limited class modules can affect students and notes the value of representation. 

“As a teacher, there is nothing more important for our students than to see themselves in the history we teach, the literature we read, and the scientists, mathematicians and artists we explore,” Weisberg said. “Curriculum and instruction have remained pretty stagnant in regards to what, and how, we teach so this was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the work being done within our district and find ways to deepen, and support that work.” 

Not only is the subcommittee geared towards discovering beneficial additions to curriculum, but also how current teachings can create lasting experiences for students of color.

 “I’ve learned how some books are actually harming children, or the way the books taught have brought on trauma for some students,” said Nadra Ostrom, subcommittee member and BUSD parent.  “The lack of diversity in literature and lack of sensitivity in teaching books with challenging content around race is very harmful to our students.”

Beyond literature, another subject which may be a focus in future talks is history. Like English classes being addressed with novels that display accurate experiences for people of color, classroom history texts often have a narrow point-of-view which subcommittee members hope to broaden.

“In general… the curriculum can do a much better job of teaching accurate U.S. History, showing more perspectives besides the predominantly white male perspective, include more groups of people, include more individuals who have made contributions to our society,” Ostrom said.

BUSD parent TeAnne Chennault became involved in the DEI Committee in 2018 after experiencing personal ignorance and racism within the school district. Chennault initially formed a group with two other local parents raising children of color who shared similar experiences, which later evolved into interactions with BUSD members regarding the best ways to introduce a committee for inclusivity and equity for students of color. 

“So many of us had experiences in the schools where our children were exposed to racist encounters or, at the very least, instances that clearly showed there was an intolerance and an ignorance in how to treat children of color, specifically black children,” Chennault said.

Following BUSD Superintendent Matt Hill’s initiative to create a stronger framework for the committee, which took place at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Chennault has seen a greater amount of participation in the DEI Committee. Chennault hopes this shift will indicate a move towards equal representation for all children in the BUSD.

I want to make sure my daughter, and all the kids who look like her, receive a well-rounded education within the Burbank school system,” Chennault said. “I also want to make sure their unique identity as black and brown children are respected and they see themselves reflected in materials, curriculum, teaching staff, administration, all touchpoints that help children thrive.”

From a student perspective, being a subcommittee member has shown Moore the differences one can make through sharing their personal accounts and taking real action towards change.

“There [are] things that I can do and say and use my experience as a student to positively impact the things that have been impacting me,” Moore said.

“I think this whole thing has really gotten me to be hyper-aware of how much is lacking and how much power I as a student have to change the fault in our curriculum.”

Congratulations to the John Burroughs High School Class of 2020

While the senior class of 2020 was forced to miss all of the pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony, my Burbank wanted to salute all of the seniors with this special page that will live on here for years to come! Our deepest gratitude to the Burroughs administration for their help and assistance in supplying the following information…

John Burroughs Presents Their 2020 Senior Class

Tigran Saakyan and Donovan Sylla

Orla Giffen

ASB President Madeline Medina
Senior Class President Milana Mariel Antonio
Senior Class Vice President Caden Cardenaz
TOP of the TRIBE: Top Twenty Ranked at JBHS


 Top of the Tribe
Andre Fabian, Jocelyn Kim, Neha Ramakrishnan, Alice Weber, Shania Garrison,
Dylan Mahoney,
Ariana Kretz, Tobias Ho, James Patanian, Alyssa LeBarron,
Kate Outwater, Yoni Fogelman, Jacob Levine, Maisy Green,
Maggie Kusumonegoro, Alina Padilla, Alexander Chen, Erin Collins

ASB Indian of the Year Award
Madeline Medina

ASB Ken Tada Award
Milana mariel Antonio

Burbank Council PTA Scholarship Burbank
Orla Giffen

Burbank Magnolia Park Optimist Club Evie Magnante Meet the Challenge Scholarship
Luke Boag, Ariana Kretz, Kate Outwater

Burbank Police Foundation Matthew Pavelka Scholarship
Gabriela Melchor

Community Foundation of the Verdugos Dellinger Scholarship
Ariana Kretz, Dylan Mahoney, Riya Shah

Eleanor Childers Vocational Scholarship
Gabriela Melchor

JBHS PTSA Scholarship
Berlin Aguayo, Eliza Balian, Vatche Balian, Orla Giffen, Ariana Kretz, Jacob Levine,
Kate Outwater, Neha Ramakrishnan, Adriana Villavicencio, Dane Wright

Key Club Service Award
Andre Fabian, Emily Hoang, Sebastian Muga, Joshua Ramoy, Marilynn Uresti

Los Angeles Superior Court Teen Court Program
Luke Boag, Genessis Campos, Brenda De Dios, Jaden Gerard, Shayna Gerard, Ethan Hilliard, Michael Jaramillo, Jace Lambert, Marilyn Leiva, Sarra Lerner, Matthew Mucha,
Evan Pickering,
Daniel Zerkovsky

Marine Corps High School Awards Program Scholastic Excellence Award
Donovan Sylla

Marine Corps High School Awards Program Distinguished Athlete Award
Caden Cardenaz, Lydia Grote

Mike Torrez Award
Carson Cardenaz, Emanuella Nathan, Maya Wilson

National Honors Society
Berlin Aguayo, Eliza Balian, Vatche Balian, Luke Boag, Daria Clark, Dylan Cook,
Arya Desai, Melanie Estrada, Andre Fabian, Yoni Fogleman, Shania Garrison,
Jaden Gerard, Shayna Gerard, Orla Giffen, Emily Hoang, Isabella Kam
Ariana Kretz,
Sarra Lerner, Dylan Mahoney, Rawan Makarem, Dylan Mesina,
Alessandra Mills,
Sebastian Muga, Brinda Narayanan, Kate Outwater,
Alina Padilla,
James Patanian, Kalie Quon-Adams, Neha Ramakrishnan,
Amanda Sanchez,
Riya Shah, Eli Staub, Donovan Sylla, Alice Weber

National Honors Society of Sports Medicine
Berlin Aguayo, Gabriella Barnett, Charline Chloe Marie Chua, Caitlin Daroya,
Irish Demesa,
Giselle Fox, Diana Gonzalez, Megan Knutson, Christopher Rodriguez,
Kevin Gutierrez, Alyssa Paniagua

Tania Hurd Memorial Scholarship
Berlin Aguayo, Adriana Villavicencio

Valley University Women Scholarship
Camille Gengania, Kate Outwater, Adriana Villavicencio

Department Faculty Awards 2020

Aircraft/Small Engines
William Nicholson-Penn, Rafael Radillo

Olivia Bresee, Nina Bussard, Ruby Gara

Cabinet Tech
Theodore Burckart, Esmeralda Iniguez

Culinary Arts
Stephanie Miles, Kimberly Robles

Dance Production
Gretchen Calder, Brenda De Dios, Micah Francine Nilooban, Vivian Reyes-Cruz

Dance Team
Jayce Cicchino, Maliya Coquia, Fiona Crenshaw, Joseph Ian Galera

Digital Media/Broadcast Journalism
Caleb Black, Robert McGraham, Ryan Thomas

Ariana Kretz, Eli Staub, Wyatt Wheeler

Yoni Fogelman, Ariana Kretz, Jacob Levine, Dylan Mahoney, Wyatt Wheeler

Exceptional Learner
Charles Macchia, Shalini Seimon

Foreign Language
Eliza Balian, Tanya Cantrell, Marilyn Leiva, Tigran Saakyan

Instrumental Music
Luis Gomez 

Alyssa LeBarron

Orla Giffen, Neha Ramakrishnan, Tigran Saakyan, Donovan Sylla,

Musical Theatre
Janina Colucci, Arya Desai, Jordyn Holt

Alannah Akers, Paige Good, Madison MacNeill

Eliza Balian, Caden Cardenaz, Shania Garrison, Jacob Levine

Social Studies
Arya Desai, Emery Goulet, Ariana Kretz, Dylan Mahoney

Video Production
Nicolas Skrabak

Vocal Music
Janina Colucci, Jordyn Holt, Eli Staub

Current CSF Sealbearers:

Rej Aguado, Berlin Aguayo*, Marieile Babol, Eliza Balian, Heathermae Bautista*,
Kristina Belangue, Luke Boag*, Olivia Bresee, Caden Cardenaz, Alexander Chen,
Daria Clark,  Erin Collins, Hannah Constantino*, Samantha Cruz, Caitlin Daroya,
Kayla Dawis, Arya Desai, Andre Fabian*, Yoni Fogelman, Shania Garrison,
Camille Gengania*, Jaden Gerard, Shayna Gerard, Orla Giffen*, Emery Goulet,
Teresa Gutierrez, Sophie Hawkins, Tobias Ho, Samantha Hoxsie, Savannah Ibarra, Isabella Kam*, Jocelyn Kim, Suzy Kim*, Ariana Kretz*, Alyssa LeBarron, Colin Lee,
Jacob Levine, Madeleine Lingad*, Taylor Lombardo, Dylan Mahoney, Madeline Medina*, Dylan Mesina*, Alessandra Mills*, Sebastian Muga*, Brinda Narayanan*, Kate Outwater*, Alina Padilla, James Patanian, Kevin Quijano*,
Kalie Quon-Adams*, Neha Ramakrishnan*, Joshua Ramoy, Emily Reyes, Amanda Sanchez*, Goar Saroyan, Arshleen Sethi*,
Riya Shah*, Eli Staub, Ellen Tahmasyan*, Mary Tatarian*, Mallory Thomas, Tyanna Trejo, Adriana Villavicencio*, Trinity Vournas*, Alice Weber*

*Achieved  “active” status for four semesters by completing requisite service hour points

Thank You Scholarship
Eliza Balian, Gabriella Barnett, Teagan Barton, Kristina Belangue, Luke Boag, Caden Cardenaz, Randy Cervantes Alvarado, Alexander Chen, Niko Coccio, Elijah DuMonde,
Yoni Fogelman,
Giselle Fox, Shania Garrison, Camille Gengania, Orla Giffen, Tobias Ho, Isabella Kam, Megan Knutson, Ariana Kretz, Jacob Levine, Madeleine Lingad,
Taylor Lombardo,
Amauri McPherson, Alessandra Mills, Sebastian Muga,
Emanuella Nathan, Kate Outwater,
Aunia Palmer, Neha Ramakrishnan,
Camila Sanchez Tellez, Eli Staub, Alex Vizcaino,
Cecilia Whitney, Dane Wright,
Yana Zaynullina

President’s Education Award
Milana Abrahamian, Rej Vincer Aguado, Berlin Aguayo, Milana mariel Antonio,
Christopher Avakian, Marieile Babol, Eliza Balian, Vatche Balian, Joseph Ballesteros,
Teagan Barton, Heathermae Bautista, Shaylin Becton, Arman Beglaryan,
Kristina Belangue,
Aletheia Beltran, Logan Berger, Maya Berkovitz, Caleb Black,
Luke Boag, Olivia Bresee,
Caden Brigstocke, Laura Brown-Arbelaez, Joelle Burras, Gretchen Calder, Chloe Caneday, Caden Cardenaz, Olivia Cashman,
Lusanush Chalkdzhyan, Alexander Chen, Jayce Cicchino,
Daria Clark, Jasper Clement, Erin Collins, Chet Conlan, Hannah Constantino, Dylan Cook, Maliya Coquia,
Fiona Crenshaw, Samantha Cruz, Caitlin Daroya, Kayla Dawis,

Sadie Deitchman, Irish Demesa, Arya Desai, Joseph DiForte, Elijah DuMonde,
Arthur Eldridge, Daniel Esquivel, Andre Fabian, Micangelo Ferrante, Samantha Fierro,
Ileana Figueroa, Yoni Fogelman, Giselle Fox, Shania Garrison, David Garza,
Camille Gengania,
Jaden Gerard, Shayna Gerard, Orla Giffen, Jamie Gomez,
Sophia Gonzalez, Emery Goulet,
Maisy Green, Natasha Greenhaw, Emma Grill,
Ashley Guardia Camacho, Teresa Gutierrez,
Melissa Ha, Sophie Hawkins,
Mikayla Hayes,
Martina Hemstreet, Celso Miguel Hermoso, Elleana Hettler,
Tobias Ho,
Emily Hoffman, Haven Holcomb, Jordyn Holt, Samantha Hoxsie,
Joel Huerta-Gomez,
Savannah Ibarra, Isabella Kam, Jocelyn Kim, Suzy Kim,
Sarkis Kitsinian,
Megan Knutson, Ava Kramer, Ariana Kretz, Maggie Kusumonegoro,
Mary Grace Leafgreen,
Alyssa LeBarron, Colin Lee, Sarra Lerner, Jacob Levine,
Karla Linares,
Madeleine Lingad, Taylor Lombardo, Jesenya Lugo, Cathleen Macias,
Dylan Mahoney,
Rawan Makarem, Rosa Martinez Argueta, Richard Martini,
Dihani Mataraarachchi,
Kylie McGinness, Robert McGraham, Madeline Medina,
Gabriela Melchor,
Dylan Mesina, Alessandra Mills, Matthew Mucha, Sebastian Muga,
Hamlet Murazyan,
Brinda Narayanan, Emanuella Nathan, Micah Francine Nilooban,
Kate Outwater,
Troy Outwater, Alina Padilla, James Patanian, Amy Preza,
Natalia Quiceno,
Kalie Quon-Adams, Marleigh Ragle, Neha Ramakrishnan,
Joshua Ramoy,
Nicole Reardon, Emily Reyes, Christopher Rodriguez, Max Rosen,
Nicole Rury,
Tigran Saakyan, Vahagn Saakyan, Amanda Sanchez, Nicolas Santizo,
Goar Saroyan, Arshleen Sethi, Riya Shah,
Nicolas Skrabak, Eli Staub, Lily Stillwater,
Tyler Swanson, Donovan Sylla, Ellen Tahmasyan, Mary Tatarian, Mallory Thomas,
Ryan Thomas, Tyanna Trejo, Mariana Valadez, Kaitlyn Van Item, Adriana Villavicencio,
Alex Vizcaino, Linda Vu,
Babette Wagener, Daisy Walker, Alice Weber, Wyatt Wheeler,
Cecilia Whitney, Maya Wilson, Megan Wilson, Mary Wood,
Cole Workman,
Yana Zaynullina, Daniel Zerkovsky


100 Service Learning Hours Award
Berlin Aguayo, Deacon Alff, Josephine Anderson, Milana mariel Antonio,
Christopher Avakian, Alice Bagdasaryan, Eliza Balian,
Vatche Balian, Gabriella Barnett,
Katrina Bey,
Caleb Black, Luke Boag, Matthew Bonilla, Laura Brown-Arbelaez,
Dylan Callahan, Alexis Campos, Genessis Campos, Brenden Cano, Tanya Cantrell,
Caden Cardenaz, Carson Cardenaz, Owen Chamberlain, Alexander Chen, Coleman Chennault, Jayce Cicchino, Daria Clark,
Ayana Coha, Erin Collins, Hannah Constantino,
Samantha Cruz Caitlin, Daroya Kayla Dawis,
Arthur Eldridge, Trent Elliott,
Devan Esquivel,
Melanie Estrada, Andre Fabian, Samantha Fierro, Olivia Fitch,
Isaac Flores,
Yoni Fogelman, Ruby Gara, Alexandrea Garcia, Richard Garcia,
Shania Garrison, Camille Gengania, Jaden Gerard, Shayna Gerard, Orla Giffen,
Andry Gomez,
Jamie Gomez, Diana Gonzalez, Hailey Gonzalez, Emery Goulet,
Hailey Green,
Maisy Green, Maxine Ha, Melissa Ha, Sophie Hawkins, Isabella Hedman,
Elleana Hettler,
Tobias Ho, Emily Hoang, Haven Holcomb, Jordyn Holt,
Lindsey Houlemarde,
Samantha Hoxsie, Joel Huerta-Gomez, Julissa Huerta-Leon, Monique Inojosa, David Karagezyan, Shaylee Kelman, Jocelyn Kim, Suzy Kim,
Sarkis Kitsinian, Megan Knutson, Ariana Kretz, Alyssa LeBarron, Marilyn Leiva,
Jesria Esther Licardo, Taylor Lombardo, Jesenya Lugo, Dylan Mahoney,
Rawan Makarem, Alverne Maramara, Dihani Mataraarachchi, Amauri McPherson,
Madeline Medina, Isai Mejia, Gabriela Melchor, Luis Mendez, Kelton Mersch,
Dylan Mesina, Carter Miller, Alessandra Mills, A’sia Morales, Matthew Mucha,
Sebastian Muga, Brinda Narayanan, Madhav Narayanan, Emanuella Nathan,
Emily Navarrete, Kate Outwater, Troy Outwater, Alina Padilla, Alyssa Paniagua,
Alejandro Pardo, James Patanian, Evan Pickering, Natalia Quiceno,
Kevin Quijano, Marleigh Ragle, Neha Ramakrishnan, Abril Ramirez, Joshua Ramoy,
Christopher Rodriguez, Samantha Rodriguez, Amanda Sanchez, Marisa Sanchez,
Nicolas Santizo, Goar Saroyan, Kai Schroeder, Shalini Seimon, Arshleen Sethi,
Riya Shah, Ellington Simmons, Eli Staub, Harley Stirling, Ellen Tahmasyan,
Mary Tatarian, Angel Tejeda, Mallory Thomas, Tyanna Trejo, Marilynn Uresti,
Joseph Vallero, Kaitlyn Van Item, Trevor Villagran, Adriana Villavicencio,
Trinity Vournas, Alexandria Lou Watson, Alice Weber, Wyatt Wheeler,
Megan Wilson, Mary Wood, Dane Wright


John Burroughs High School –  Graduates of 2020

Milana Abrahamian
Bonifacio Aceves Mazas
Rej Vincer Aguado
Berlin Aguayo
Courtney Aguilar Gonzalez
Stefano Alburqueque
Deacon Alff
Katie Allen
Andrew Amarni
Robert Amaya
Josephine Anderson
Jonathan Angel
Andrew Angelheart
Tayler Anginone
Milana Mariel Antonio
Steve Arana
Nica Araullo
Sebastian Arenas
Kimberly Arias-Cruz
Jacob Armstrong
Karla Arredondo
Allen Arriaga Rodriguez
Magdalen Aston
Jack Aubey
Christopher Avakian
Aja Avalos
Irwin Avendano
Chloe Avila
Jason Aviles
Matthew Awad

(Photo By Ross Benson)


Marieile Babol

Montana Baer
Alice Bagdasaryan
Scott Bakas
Eliza Balian
Vatche Balian
Joseph Ballesteros
Ernesto Banuelos
Gabriella Barnett
Austin Barrondo
Teagan Barton
Hudson Bartram
Heathermae Bautista
Shaylin Becton
Virginia Begakis
Arman Beglaryan
Kristina Belangue
Aletheia Beltran
Daniel Benavides
Amber Benitez
Carter Bennett
Logan Berger
Maya Berkovitz
Owen Beste
Dylan Beverly
Katrina Bey
Caleb Black
Lily Blevins
Luke Boag
Rafael Bolanos
Matthew Bonilla
Olivia Bresee
Caden Brigstocke
Alexis Brown
Laura Brown-Arbelaez
Ciera Bryant
Patrik Buchanan
Theodore Burckart
Joelle Burras
Connor Burroughs
Rose Burton
Nina Bussard

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Gretchen Calder
Dylan Callahan
Rupert Joshua Camacho
Jessica Camberos
Hayden Campbell
Alexis Campos
Genessis Campos
Chloe Caneday
Brenden Cano
Tanya Cantrell
Gabriel Carbajal
Caden Cardenaz
Carson Cardenaz
Valeria Cardona Santivanez
Austyn Casarez
Olivia Cashman
Jonathan Castro
Andrew Cervantes
Randy Cervantes Alvarado
Elyse Cervik
Lusanush Chalkdzhyan
Owen Chamberlain
Alexander Chen
Adia Chennault
Coleman Chennault
Angel Chora
Charline Chloe Marie Chua
Jayce Cicchino
Daria Clark
Jasper Clement
Niko Coccio
Ayana Coha
Erin Collins
Chet Conlan
Hannah Constantino
Dylan Cook
Maliya Coquia
Cynthia Corona
Hugo Correa Espinoza
Angelica Craig
Fiona Crenshaw
Isaac Cruz
Maria Cruz
Samantha Cruz
Natalie Cuevas
Scarlette Curiel
Sidnie Dabbadie
William Dang
Caitlin Daroya
Dayana Davila
Kayla Dawis
Brenda De Dios

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Jon de Fabry
Sebastian De Jesus
Tristan Deetz
Sadie Deitchman
Matthew Del Valle
Irish Demesa
Arya Desai
Enrique Diaz
Nataya Dieujuste
Carlos Diez
Joseph DiForte
Julia Dilacar
Viviana Dimas
Seth Dodia
Dylan Dragan
Billy Duckett
Fernando Duenez
Elijah Duller
Elijah DuMonde
Lydia Duran
Rebecca Duran
Javier Duran III

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Kiraly Edeza
Arthur Eldridge
Trent Elliott
Sabrina Englebrecht
Harold Entz III
Gabriel Escobar
Jatzibe Espinoza
Daniel Esquivel
Devan Esquivel
Kobe Estrada
Maria Estrada
Melanie Estrada

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Andre Fabian
Mario Fagioli
Michael Fagnani
Micangelo Ferrante
Samantha Fierro
Ileana Figueroa
Samantha Fiorella
Olivia Fitch
Isaac Flores
Yoni Fogelman
James Forrester Reategui
Aspen Fox
Giselle Fox
Adriana Franco
Jessica French

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Analina Galaviz
Joseph Ian Galera
Ruby Gara
Alexandrea Garcia
Brian Garcia
Nicholas Garcia
Richard Garcia
Alexia Garifallakis
Mykayla Garrett
Shania Garrison
David Garza
Camille Gengania
Jaden Gerard
Shayna Gerard
David Gerlach
Orla Giffen
Matthew Glenn
Joseph Godoy
Michael Goleco
Andry Gomez
Jamie Gomez
Luis Gomez
Diana Gonzalez
Hailey Gonzalez
Sophia Gonzalez
Paige Good
Gabriel Gott
Emery Goulet
Daniella Gray
Maisy Green
Natasha Greenhaw
Daemon Griffith
Emma Grill
Lydia Grote
Ashley Guardia Camacho
Sian Guirao
Christopher Gunasingha
Jorge Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez
Kevin Gutierrez
Mariam Gutierrez
Teresa Gutierrez

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Maxine Ha
Melissa Ha
Michaela Haas
Lorraine Hackett
Ruby Hagerman
Amanda Hall
Kaitlyn Haro
Sophie Hawkins
Mikayla Hayes
Isabella Hedman
Jon Heidenreich
Martina Hemstreet
Celso Miguel Hermoso
Anabel Hernandez
Isabella Herrera
Elleana Hettler
Jackson Hill
Ethan Hilliard
Tobias Ho
Emily Hoang
Emily Hoffman
Haven Holcomb
Jordyn Holt
Natalie Hooper
Lindsey Houlemarde
Pateel Hovsepian
Samantha Hoxsie
Julian Huerta
Joel Huerta-Gomez
Julissa Huerta-Leon

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Angela Ibarra
Savannah Ibarra
Massimo Iezza
Esmeralda Iniguez
Evan Iniguez
Monique Inojosa

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Michael Jaramillo
Autry Jesperson
Andrew Jimenez-Flores
Katherine Jimenez-Jinez
Brian Johnson
Khaivon Johnson
Angelina Joven

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Kailee Kahikina
Malena Kaloustian
Isabella Kam
David Karagezyan
Shaylee Kelman
Jocelyn Kim
Suzy Kim
Sarkis Kitsinian
Megan Knutson
Ryan Koenig
Andrew Kosgeryan
Ava Kramer
Ariana Kretz
Maggie Kusumonegoro

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Jace Lambert
Nico Langdale
Brenda Lara
Jacob Lara
Tanner Lay
Mary Grace Leafgreen
Alyssa LeBarron
Colin Lee
Kai Lee
Marilyn Leiva
Liam Lennstrom
Adrian Leon
Sarra Lerner
Jacob Levine
Jesria Esther Licardo
Karla Linares
Madeleine Lingad
Magali Lira
Levon Litmanovich
Taylor Lombardo
Andres Lone-Pineda
Anthony Lopez
Brianna Lopez
Katelyn Lopez
Victoria Lopez
Damian Lopez-Gonzalez
Shehla Lopez-Khan
Tristan Loria
Jesenya Lugo

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Charles Macchia
Cathleen Macias
Nicholas Macias
Madison MacNeill
Nathan Magdaleno
Noah Mahler
Dylan Mahoney
Rawan Makarem
Eduard Makhshikyan
Alverne Maramara
Colgan Martin
Adali Martinez
Denise Martinez
Javier Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
Rosa Martinez Argueta
Richard Martini
Dihani Mataraarachchi
Angela Mays
Roland Mazzeo-Comeione
Kylie McGinness
Robert McGraham
Willow McGrath
Kayla McKeighan
Amauri McPherson
Madeline Medina
Isai Mejia
Gabriela Melchor
Luis Mendez
Brandon Mercado
Dylan Mesina
Aaron Meza
Emily Meza
Stephanie Miles
Carter Miller
Jenna Miller
Alessandra Mills
Liliana Mkhitarian
Christopher Mohos
Carlos Mora Martinez
A’sia Morales
Guadalupe Morales
Nicole Moralez
Matthew Mucha
Sebastian Muga
Memorie Munoz
Abihud Munoz Vargas
Hamlet Murazyan
Felix Murguia

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Christopher Nalbandian
Brinda Narayanan
Madhav Narayanan
Alexandria Nasrallah
Emanuella Nathan
Emily Navarrete
Robert Neathery
Kurt Nelson
Bach Nguyen
John Nguyen
Micah Francine Nilooban

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Sophia Ojeda
Arial Olshanky
Alanis Orozco
Brianna Ortega
Vincent O’Shea-Blankevoort
Kate Outwater
Troy Outwater

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Alina Padilla
Lean Cedric Paguia
Aunia Palmer
Jordan Palmer
Caleb Pang
Alyssa Paniagua
Marie Panneton
Alejandro Pardo
Manuel Pascual Guevara
James Patanian
Carly Pellot
Carlie Peltier
Adan Perez
Cruz Perez
Osvaldo Perez
Ricardo Perez
Oscar Pette
Evan Pickering
Anthony Pineda
Victor Pobanz
Daniel Ponomariov
Abigail Powell
Albert Prado
Amy Preza
Maribel Puebla

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Natalia Quiceno
Kevin Quijano
Arianna Quinine
Eric Quintero
Zymone Ulrich Quizon
Kalie Quon-Adams

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Rafael Radillo
Christopher Rafailan
Marleigh Ragle
Neha Ramakrishnan
Abril Ramirez
Joshua Ramoy
Matthew Rampacek
Nicole Reardon
Emily Reyes
Vivian Reyes-Cruz
Thomas Rieu
DeRyan Rivera
Valerie Rivera
Kimberly Robles
Zoey Robles
Uletzy Rocha
Ethan Rockwell
Karen Rodrigues
Amy Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez
Juan Luis Romero
Andrew Romero-Nolasco
Shannon Romo-Garcia
Olivia Ronstadt
Juan Rosales
Jimmy Rosas
Max Rosen
John Roth
Skylar Ruddell
Joshua Rury
Nicole Rury

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Tigran Saakyan
Vahagn Saakyan
Malek Sadi
Rafael Salazar
Samantha Salcedo
Amanda Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez
Marisa Sanchez
Noah Sanchez
Camila Sanchez Tellez
Luisa Sandoval
Andrea Santana
Jasmin Santarriaga
Nicolas Santizo
Jacob Santos
Goar Saroyan
Jennifer Saucedo
Hana Savola
Haley Schlossman
Jenna Schlossman
Trinity Schmitz
Kai Schroeder
Shalini Seimon
Christian Sermeno
Arshleen Sethi
Riya Shah
Ellington Simmons
Liam Siuffi Ordonez
Leah Sklarski
Nicolas Skrabak
Ajaidyn Smart-Robinson
Caleb Smith
Corwin Smith
Richard Solano
Sophia Solis
Joseph Soto
Bridger Spell
Chance Spinks
Eli Staub
Mackenzie Steury
Lily Stillwater
Harley Stirling
Adric Stone
Clayton Stricker
Eleanor Sullens
Dylan Summers
Tyler Swanson
Devin Swingler
Dominic Swingler
Donovan Sylla

(Photo By Ross Benson)

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Independent Learning Academy –  Graduates of 2020

Alannah Akers
Abigail Auon
Tara Butler
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Alma Mater

All hail alma mater,
to thee we will ever sing. 
All hail, Burroughs High School,
O long will our praises ring. 
Strength and protection,
love and devotion,
stalwart and ever true. 
We honor thy name,
and sing thy fame.
O Burroughs High
we pledge our hearts to you.




Burbank Unified Ponders Elimination Of Stage Craft Technology, Many CTE Programs

Faced with the proposed elimination of the popular and, as many see it, vital Stage Craft Technology program at both Burbank and John Burroughs High Schools, many Burbank Unified School District parents, students and other stakeholders are rallying support and sending statements on the importance of the program to members of the Board of Education.

Since parcel tax Measure I narrowly failed to pass in March, proposals to cut $3.8 million to balance the budget and pay the District’s looming annual pension bill will be discussed, along with fundraising strategies at the next school board meeting on Thursday, April 16.

“Last year, we worked with our elected officials to request one-time funding from the State to reduce the pension liability,” commented BUSD Superintendent Matt Hill. “The Governor included it in this year’s budget, but did not include additional funding in his January budget proposal for next year. We were continuing to advocate for more funding, but with COVID-19, it is unlikely that will occur; however, we are going to advocate for the Governor to use the Rainy Day funds to assist school districts during this difficult time.”

Many Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs are on the chopping block, in a bid to cut $250,000 from that section of the 2020-21 budget. The cost to run the Stage Craft Technology program is roughly $100,000 per year for both schools combined, according to District officials.

Also referred to as Tech Crew, the Stage Craft Technology programs currently have 52 students in two classes at JBHS and 30 students in one class at BHS. The program at JBHS is held during periods five and six of the school day, while Burbank High’s Stage Craft Tech students meet after school for a credited class that meets twice weekly for a total of five hours.

stage craft technology

Burbank High Stage Craft Technology students work on “Alice in Wonderland”: lights, sound and stage management, run of show.
(Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

The Burroughs High Performing Arts Department (instrumental music, vocal music, drama and dance), along with ASB, is heavily supported by teacher Jon King and Tech Crew. Similarly, teacher Karen Broderick and BHS Stage Craft Technology students also support all performing arts department shows as part of their curriculum, with the exception of BHS show choir performances, which hire professionals.

Stage Craft Technology students run lights and sound and manage the stage for each high school’s shows, as well as build sets. There has been significant financial investment by the school district and parents in each school’s tech and stage setups and auditoriums over the years, and without oversight of a Stage Craft teacher, there is high risk of loss, theft and damage.

The district also rents out school auditoriums, with BUSD Facilities requiring that the Stage Craft teacher is hired to oversee and run lights, sound and manage stage. The concern is that outside vendors and employees will not care for the equipment as the Stage Craft teacher does.

Many Stage Craft Technology students have found work right after high school graduation, while several others go on to study lighting and sound design at college and other technical programs. Stage Craft Tech is one of the most successful programs in BUSD that follows the State mandate for schools to develop College & Career Pathways, and which BUSD has received grants for their efforts. Students are easily placed as interns and hired outright in the many local media and entertainment businesses, for lighting, sound, props and production, for independent and major film, television and video studios.

JBHS Tech Crew buildling a set. (Photo Courtesy Liz Bax)

BUSD partners such as Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. have also invested in the high school Stage Craft programs. Concerned stakeholders are worried about the kind of message abandoning a well-established and growing program sends to BUSD partners.

The Stage Craft Technology class has been in place at Burbank High and John Burroughs High for more than a decade, officially, and for a lot longer as part of the Drama and Choir programs before becoming an official class.

JBHS parent Malia Whitaker recently started a Facebook Group called “Save BUSD Tech Crew Programs,” that she hopes will motivate and garner support for the program from throughout the community. Many parents, BUSD graduates and local professionals have joined to organize their support for the high school program.

“We have many Burroughs graduates in our entertainment union earning area standard wages with health benefits due to working in the entertainment business. Most of this is from taking part in Jr. High school and High School (at that time called) Drama classes,” IATSE Local 33 Business Agent, Ron Valentine, a graduate of JBHS, commented on the Facebook Group page. “This class and the Techs are of vital importance to the future in the live entertainment business.”

BHS Tech Crew supports Drama Department’s “Alice in Wonderland”, October 2019, stage build 1 (Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

“With the non-stop change of technology, these classes are of value. Not only do we do entertainment but take part in city functions such as setting up political rallies with platforming, audio/video, rigging city streets for special events, we have an emergency response team for setting up temp hospital shelters for the recent COVID-19 event, or any other disaster claimed area to assist with first responders,” Valentine added. “These are the middle class jobs that support our city economically while putting food on the table, healthcare for your family, and a little money in the bank.”

What CTE programs will be recommended to be cut at April 16’s Second Interim Budget meeting?

Play Production at Jordan Middle School (after school class), Stage Craft Technology at John Burroughs High School, Stage Craft Technology at Burbank High School and after school classes in Animal Care, Retail Marketing, Film/Video Production and Animation, according to Sharon Cuseo, BUSD Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services. The Digital Media and Animation classes held during the school day would remain intact.

“The dual enrollment courses that are offered in partnership with Los Angeles Valley College and Glendale Community College will continue. The colleges pay for the staffing and the district pays the cost of the facility and the textbooks. These courses include: Armenian 1 & 2; Communication Studies (Speech); Child Development; Media Arts (Introduction to Screenwriting); Art (Drawing).”

JBHS Tech Crew lighting design. (Photo Courtesy Liz Bax)

“The impact of the elimination of the Stage Craft Technology courses at John Burroughs High School and Burbank High School will have an impact on the schools,” Cuseo admits. “We do not have another mechanism of support for the schools and their productions.”

“The reductions would be in effect for the 2020-2021 school year. The Board and Superintendent will be discussing the proposed cuts at the next Board meeting and will also discuss potential fundraising strategies… [and priorities for the entire 3.8 million dollars worth of cuts, not just the 250K specifically for CTE],” Cuseo added. “It is our hope we can work creatively with the community to mitigate some of these terrible cuts.”

“Not only do they help to run all shows in the [Performing] Arts Departments, the Tech Crew also works to make all assemblies, pep rallies, dances, extra school events, as well as graduation, to run,” commented JBHS parent Liz Bax, who co-chairs the Tech Crew parent volunteer group with Dawn Mateo. “All this work is done on top of their academic school day. I really wonder how all of these jobs will get done without these non-paid students.”

BHS Tech Crew: “Alice in Wonderland”, set build 2. (Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

“These students are all devastated that this program has become a recommended cut,” Bax added. “By being in this program, these students have the chance to get real hands on training along with being able to go directly into the job force after graduation, if they choose. For these students it has become their passion and their community.  For some, their time in high school has dramatically changed, making a difference in these students lives.”

“I do know the district  and the school board has a hard job ahead of them,” she also said. “I am aware that Tech Crew is not the only program that is on the chopping block. These cuts are incredibly hard to make. Please understand I think very highly of the school board and the administrators. My hope is that ultimately the school board will chose to NOT cut this valuable CTE program or find another way to at least fund the Burroughs and Burbank High School Tech Crew Program.”

“I was in the program from 2014-2017,” commented JBHS ’17 graduate Katrina Villareal, who currently works in Entertainment Tech Services for Disney doing lighting and SPRAT rigging. “It became such a passion I would spend hours learning lighting and quickly started designing shows. I was the LD for almost all our big productions in Drama, and the VMA. Tech Crew is such a special craft that truly did bring together kids from all walks of life and extremely different personalities but we all managed to become best friends after.”

JBHS Tech Crew set building. (Photo Courtesy Liz Bax)

“The program taught me a foundation to lighting design, networking, and programming that I needed to get jobs in the outside world. We went through hours of packets breaking down audio, lighting, and rigging, to make sure we understood the ins and outs of all the equipment we had and the intricacies and science to how our tech works. Through Jon King and the program, he allowed me this creative freedom I really didn’t believe I had. I’ve gotten nominations from the Jerry Herman Awards, Certificates for Lighting, and just seeing the shows I even impressed my family when they saw what I did.”

“If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t have been able to travel around the country and the world doing what I love. When I graduated and got that volunteer service medal I had over 900 hours of work because that’s how much I cared for the program and wanted to be better at the craft,” Villareal also said.

“This program is a true testament to hard work really paying off. Me and some of my best friends from the program today found secure jobs because of what we knew and who we met through this program. Otherwise we would’ve been in very different places in our lives today,” she said. “I care a lot about these kids and the program that I came back this year to help them as they went to different choir competitions and to teach them whatever they needed to learn lighting and video wise.”

“The Technical Theatre class at Burroughs is the main reason of where I am today. I was only in the program for 3 years, 2012-2015, but it gave me all the knowledge I needed to go in to the event lighting industry,” commented Billy Yakes, a JBHS ’15 graduate. “Thanks to this class I already had a great connection with a local lighting company and was able to start working almost immediately, I think it was within a month or two of graduating.”

Aaron Wilson (BHS graduate), helps with lighting class, Spring 2019. (Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

“Typically I’m hired as a Lighting Technician but am starting to move towards a crew lead/master electrician role. I probably work on over 100 different productions yearly so the titles are always changing,” added Yakes, who has returned to JBHS to mentor students for recent large shows.

“No performing arts program, be it band, choir, or theater, can exist without a support crew. The people behind the scenes are the ones who literally  make these performances happen,” commented JBHS parent Scott Whitaker, whose sophomore son Connor started taking the class for the 2019-20 school year. “What is JBHS going to do to replace the kids in Tech Crew? Parent volunteers? Unlikely. Hire out? That would cost more than two teachers’ salaries.”

“Tech Crew is what motivates my son to do his best in school. I am truly afraid of what will happen if that is taken away,” continued Whitaker. “He struggles academically and is unlikely to attend any college or university. Tech Crew would give him a skill set that would allow him to enter a career right out of high school, especially in a city like Burbank where the entertainment industry is so pervasive.”

“The repercussions of eliminating Tech Crew goes well beyond cutting the budget,” Whitaker added. “It would essentially cripple JBHS performing arts programs and, for kids like my son, would do permanent damage to their ability to have a career out of high school.”

JBHS Tech Crew. (Photo Courtesy Liz Bax)

“I joined the stage tech class my freshmen year after doing it at my middle school,” commented Burbank High sophomore Elen Vardanyan. “After experiencing the class last year, I decided I want to pursue something in the industry as a career and the class gave me opportunities to learn and experience how different shows were set up and ran. The class offered an experience I won’t be able to get anywhere else.”

“Students were allowed to work directly with the directors of each performing arts program and discuss what they wanted and figure out a plan that worked for everybody. I was planning to take the class for all four years of high school and I planned my schedules around the class,” Vardanyan continued. “I’ve been a student for over a decade and I’ve never felt more connected to a class and the students in the class and especially the teacher.”

“This class not only provided a fun work environment but it provided us with opportunities and real world experiences that would shape us to be our best selves the industry. For many of us it was a safe space where we could be ourselves and simply focus on what we loved to do without any judgment from anyone since we were all so similar,” Vardanyan added. “Our class worked like a well oiled machine and it’s very sad to think that my friends and I won’t be able to make any more memories in our favorite class.”

Burroughs senior Owen Chamberlain said, “Tech Crew made me more confident in myself. Tech Crew taught me how to work with people that I don’t get along with. Tech Crew taught me how to work hard. Like really hard. And it taught me to love to work. Tech Crew taught me how to juggle loads of responsibilities. Tech Crew taught me how to work calmly under pressure. Tech Crew taught me how to bounce back from mistakes. Tech Crew gave me unforgettable friends and memories. Tech Crew gave me loads of practical knowledge for various jobs. Tech Crew gave me direction in high school that I lacked before.”

BHS Stage Craft Tech class set building. (Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

“My son Robert is part of Tech Crew this year and it’s the best thing that has happened to him since he started going to school,” commented Burroughs parent William Roth, whose son is a sophomore. “The hard work and genuine hands on learning is something rare in this day and age. Even rarer still is the enthusiasm these kids bring to the program which has the spill over effect of also improving their other grades and general attitude about school in general. I am truly hoping that we can find a way to keep this program going not only for our kids in Tech Crew but for the wide ranging activities that they support on campus and off.”

“When I was going into high school I asked my dad what I should do in high school. I said that I wanted a small group of closely knit people that work really hard and he told me to join tech,” commented BHS ’18 graduate Aaron Wilson, who is currently a sophomore studying lighting design at California Institute of the Arts. “So I did it on a whim and I can’t imagine my life without it now.”

“I came into tech not really caring about school and just going to school cause I have to but tech changed that about me. I had a reason to get up and go to school and I was always excited to go to school. Well I was excited to get through the day and be in class at the end of the day,” he continued.

“I was never a good classroom learner and tech helped me calm down while also teaching me important skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. It taught me leadership and working with other people in stressful situations which now in college is extremely useful,” Wilson said. “Without tech I don’t think I would have a future because I didn’t see one for myself before tech.”

JBHS Stage Craft Technology in action. (Photo Courtesy Liz Bax)

Burbank High Stage Craft Technology teacher Broderick, who’s taught the class at BHS for the past five years, had this to say, “While the vast majority (64%) of Burbank voters supported the parcel tax that would have filled this gap and allowed the district to keep these programs, it was just shy of what was needed. In our district where entertainment is our leading industry, Stage Craft was recently added as a class to introduce students to jobs requiring creative problem solving, teamwork, empathy and openness to using new technology in creative ways.”

“Stagecraft students have learned to be the first team there, the last to leave, to help with anything, and they are the bright, creative problem solvers who you want to have your back,” Broderick added. “Exactly the type of people we need now as we shelter at home watching entertainment and media content to help in our current crisis. I wish the 3% of Burbank voters who could have made the difference in the parcel tax vote could have understood this.”

Burroughs High Stage Craft Technology teacher King shared some background on the development of the program at JBHS over many years: “Stagecraft was a section of a choir class that I coached starting in 2004. Mary Rago, the choir teacher, was not educated in stagecraft, so she hired me to teach the students about sound, lighting, and how to run a show. There were less than 10 students at the time, and they only worked on choir shows.”

“Each performing arts program had to fend for themselves for their events, and did not work together or share any equipment or resources. In 2008, Stagecraft became a separate class through the Regional Occupational Program (ROP), and enrollment numbers, along with our collaboration with the other performing arts programs, began to grow. At first classes met during period 0 and 1, but later I moved them to period 5 and 6 so that students could easily continue work in progress for after school rehearsals and shows. Now I have 52 students and we support events for Choir, Band, Drama, Dance, ASB, and other organizations both inside our theater and elsewhere.”

BHS Tech Crew prep for Dance performance, Fall 2019. (Photo Courtesy Karen Broderick)

“We collaborate with each other on shows and are able to invest in equipment that benefits all of us. My students earn double credit and put in at least 180 hours per semester (and sometimes upwards of 400 hours per semester) learning the trade and getting hands-on experience with professional equipment while helping these other programs excel,” King continued.

“Over 600 students from these other organizations will be directly impacted when there in no longer anyone to run their events behind the scenes, and thousands more will be negatively affected as the quality of over 50 events annually will decrease. Parents and boosters in these organizations may need to raise thousands of extra dollars to hire outside professionals to run these events, instead of saving that money or using it to provide more educational opportunities for the students.”

“Many of my students have gone on to careers in the entertainment industry, working for companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, and Marvel,” King also said. “It would be a shame if this career pathway ceased to exist for students like them in Burbank. I can only hope that the damage to Arts Education in the city is not too great.”

The Burbank Board of Education will discuss the Second Interim Budget on Thursday, April 16, at 7:00 p.m. More information will be forthcoming from the District about the meeting by Friday, April 10. Public comments should be mailed, emailed or phoned in by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15.

As this will be BUSD’s first virtual meeting, patience is requested by District officials. Live audio of the meeting is expected to be available via the Board of Education’s webpage, with the possibility of video as well. The agenda for April 16 should be posted online with the updated information by Friday, April 10.

Videos and agendas for past meetings are available on the Burbank Board of Education webpage as well. Email addresses for the Burbank Board of Education members are listed here. The mailing address for the Burbank Unified District office is 1900 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91506 and the main number is 818-729-4400.

Burroughs Vocal Music Association Presents “Pop Show 41”

The John Burroughs High School Vocal Music Association presents “Pop Show 41: Eye to Eye” showcasing the VMA’s amazing tradition of excellence with singing, dancing, dazzling costumes and eye-catching sets from the nationally acclaimed, award-winning Powerhouse & Sound Sensations advanced competition choirs, as well as the intermediate Decibelles and Sound Waves competition choirs and perennial fan-favorite “Men At Work.” Evening shows are on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th beginning at 7PM. A 2:00 PM matinee performance will take place on Saturday March 7th and Sunday, March 8th. Tickets are now available online at www.jbhsvma.com

In addition to the VMA’s five competition choirs performing their highly anticipated 2020 competition sets, “Pop Show 41” will also feature a variety of small groups, duos and soloists performing music and choreography they have chosen themselves, as well as a special performance by the VMA’s Dance Ensemble. In total, “Pop Show 41” will feature over 200 students from the JBHS VMA, as well as the talents of select students from the Burroughs Instrumental Music Association and the JBHS Tech Crew.

This year marks the 41st anniversary of Pop Show! The Vocal Music Association was launched in the Fall of 1978, by Mary Rago, who at the time was the vocal music director of John Burroughs High School. The JBHS VMA was one of the nation’s very first competitive show choir programs. Ms Rago was succeeded as director in 2006 by her former student, Brendan Jennings, who is assisted by artistic director, Jen Oundjian (also former student); musical director, Dan Scoville; and a team of talented choreographers.

Along with Pop Show 41, the JBHS VMA has an incredibly busy Spring, competing in numerous regional competitions; traveling to New York city to compete in a national showchoir competition and hosting its own Music Showcase event   on April 17th  and 18th where over 60 choirs will compete over the course of the two-day event. The choirs’ 2020 season will finish on Thursday, May 14th with the presentation of its annual Spring Concert in the John Burroughs Auditorium. 

The John Burroughs High School Vocal Music Association includes five competitive show choirs, involving over 200 student choir, tech and musical performers.  The program’s advanced mixed choir, POWERHOUSE, has long been recognized as one of the nation’s finest show choirs. An inspiration for the television series “Glee,” POWERHOUSE was invited to perform on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010 as a representative of the modern high school show choir phenomenon. In recent years, POWERHOUSE has performed opposite the cast of “Glee,” Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Harry Connick, Jr., and Foreigner. Additionally, the group was featured in “Gleeful: The Real Show Choirs of America”, a British documentary as well as profiled on the “CBS Evening News.” The choir has performed at the famed Hollywood Bowl, and has traveled to a variety of cities around the U.S., as well as to China on two occasions to perform in the internationally televised Chinese New Year Parade and other prominent events. 

For more information on the John Burroughs High School VMA Show Choirs, go to www.jbhsvma.org.

John Burroughs High School Honors Longtime Coach Mike Kodama

Following a 4-0 victory on Thursday night at Memorial Field, the John Burroughs High School boys’ soccer team had more to celebrate than the final scoreboard digits.

(from left) Emily Gabel-Luddy, Mike Kodama, Tim Murphy, Jess Talamantes, and Bob Frutos gather for a photo as Kodama is presented with a City Proclamation. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

A large crowd was in attendance after the win against their rival, Burbank High School, to honor longtime Burroughs boys’ soccer coach Mike Kodama, who stepped down from his role as head coach this past season. Kodama has coached at Burroughs since 1987, with a brief absence in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Over the course of his career at JBHS, Kodama led the school to 11 league titles.

His impact was palpable as former players and city personnel were in attendance and speaking on behalf of Kodama and his contributions. Vice Mayor of Burbank, Bob Frutos, as well as City Council Members Emily Gabel-Luddy, Tim Murphy, and Jess Talamantes were amongst those in attendance and presented Kodama with a City Proclamation for his contributions to the program.

Councilwoman Gabel-Luddy has known Kodama for over 15 years and expressed how players have benefitted from his presence. 

“He’s a delightful human being, and shows both kindness and generosity,” Gabel-Luddy said.

“With all of the players he’s coached over the years, it’s like he has hundreds of sons. They’re all skilled and know how to be thankful winners and lose like champions.”

Jose “Luigi” Munoz graduated from Burroughs in 2017 and played for Kodama for two years. Munoz says that Kodama instilled in his players a valuable discipline that came from a positive place. 

“He was strict at times, but he’s a good man. He did it because he loved the players and for the love of the game,” Munoz said.

Mike Kodama poses for a photo with a group of former and current soccer players at John Burroughs High School. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Kodama showed gratitude and humility as he addressed the crowd and gave a speech. 

“I’m very humbled, what a great honor,” Kodama said.

Staying true to the virtuous nature attendees described, Kodama emphasized his joy in using coaching as a tool to help players mature through meaningful guidance.

“The important thing is taking the sport and turning it into life lessons,” Kodama said.“With all the guys coming back, it means the world. I really enjoy winning, but more than winning, I enjoy the journey, and watching these guys grow.”

“Non-credible” Threat Made Against Burroughs High School

Burbank Unified School District Superintendent Matt Hill sent out a message to parents on Monday morning about a nonspecific threat made to Burroughs High School.

Someone allegedly made a fake Instagram BUSD account and used it to make the threat. School officials are working with the Burbank Police Department to investigate.

Here is the letter from Hill sent to the parents:

Dear Parents, Guardians, and BUSD Staff,

I am communicating to inform you that we received information that students have heard about a non-credible threat that was made on a fake BUSD Instagram account. There was a post about a threat to John Burroughs High School. (This Instagram post has since been taken down). We are working with the Burbank Police Department to monitor this site and take appropriate action.

Please note that we take all threats seriously. If someone sees or hears something that is out of the ordinary, they need to report it to school administrators and/or the police. These types of threats are unlawful, regardless of intention, and may result in serious criminal and civil consequences that include possible financial restitution for hours spent on investigations.

Matt Hill, Ed.D.

Burroughs High School Seniors March in Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to the following Burroughs graduates who received their diplomas on May 23, 2019, on Memorial Field

                                 Reigh Andrew Abaoag

Megan  Abrams

Alexander   Acedo

Riley  Acevedo-Osorio

Michael  Adair

Jaedon Ryan    Adriatico

Jared  Agagas

Elin   Aghakhani

Joseph  Aguayo

Brandon   Aguilar

Anthony  Aguirre

Esteban    Alcantar

Julian  Alejandre

Alexis Allen

Fernando   Alpizar

Michael  Altawil

Kimiko  Alvarez

Malisa   Alvarez

Aaron    Amanios

Izabella Ambartsumyan

Mathilde  Anik

Anthony  Aragon

Bryan  Arreaga Rodriguez

Cheyenne  Arroyo

Jose  Arroyo

Matias  Artiga

Ryan  Austin

Ashley  Avelar

Samantha    Avendano

Narek  Avetisyan

Julio Aviles-Gonzalez

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Tucker  Babchuck

Ashley  Baelly

Drew  Baelly

Cencere Baker

Camilla  Barbaduomo

Martin  Barco

Dalton  Barker

Jake   Barraza

Sharai  Barrera

Trevor  Bates

Kayla  Beals

Kayla  Becker

Sara   Bender

Leander   Benedicto

Amy  Berberyan

Arshak  Berberyan

Simone Beres

LeAnn   Bermudez

Raymond   Berrellez

Jaelynn Bijasa

Noah     Birnbaum

Sophie  Birnbaum

Nicholas  Black

Andrew    Blocher

Isabella Bonino

George Boote

Jacob  Bosco

Jose   Brenes

Owen   Brennan

Deanna   Briseno

Rebecca  Butterworth

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Crystal  Cabanillas

Ericka  Cabungcal

Alexandra Cadena

Aliyah Cain

Alexia Calderon

Kathleen Calugcugan

Santiago  Camacho

Isabelle  Canelo

Ava  Cannon

Elizabeth   Cardenas

Matthew Cardenas

Nicholas   Cardenas

Rose  Carney

Anthony  Casanova

Journey  Cash

Brianna Castaneda

Brandon  Castillo

Miguel  Castillo

Christal Castro

Robert  Ceja

Nicholas Centeno

Kevin  Chan

Omar Chavez

Fredis Chavez Villegas

Dylan Childs

Daniel Cho

Maya Christian

Angela  Christopher

Niccolo Lorenzo Chuidian

Sara Ciani

Timothy  Clark

Benjamin Contreras

Logan  Corcorran

Mia  Corona

Trent  Corona

Deja  Cortes

Luis Cortes Zuniga

Kevin Cortez

Keely Craig

Rylie Cremarosa

Alec  Cruz

Samuel Cruz

Vanessa  Cruz

Veronica  Cruz

Yesenia  Cuchillas

Jackson Cunningham

Noah  Cushman

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Mery Dada

Jalen Dagdagan

Mary  Dagher

Anthony  D’Andrea

Pranathi  Darbhala

Marisa-Belle  De La Torre

Ayumi  DeHerrera

Dominique Christie Del Rosario

Christian   Dela Cruz

Geoff  Denis

Alexzandur  Deptula

Nancy  Devora

Dracko  Diaz

Jonathan  Diaz

Mark  Do

Joshua Anthony Domantay

Dominic  Dominguez

Savannah  Dorris

Caroline   Dowers

Isaack   Dowling

Caden   Dreyer

Adrian   Duarte

Xavier   Dubon

Sophia  Dujovne

Aliah    Duran

Faith    Duston

Davis   Dysthe

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Omid   Ebrahimi

Sarah   Edward

Isaac   Ehring

Lawrence   Eichwald

Emaad  Elhardouzi

McKenzie  Ellingwood

Andrew   English

Isabella Erickson

Kaitlin   Escamilla

Hacel   Escobar Argueta

Isabel  Espinoza

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jonathan   Factora

Ariana   Farias

Jeanette  Fasheh

Patrick  Fegan

Jayden  Ferrer

Marilyn Fierro

Alexander  Figueroa-Cisneros

Leslie  Figueroa-Lozano

Peter  Filippi

Cory   Fisher

Bronwyn  Fitting

Christian  Flores

Devin  Flores

Cameron  Flowers

Lepara  Flowers

Claire  Flynn

Emma  Fonseca

Trevor  Fournier

Daniel  Foxx

Ethan  Frangella

Luna   Freitas

Alano Kai  Fukumoto

Keely  Funston

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Haroutyun    Gabrielyan

Ethan   Galloway

Alesia  Galvez

Mia   Galvez

Heidi  Garayoa

Ethielin Garcia

Jonathan Garcia

Laura   Garcia

Lorena  Garcia

Melissa Garcia

Julia  Gates

Nathan Gault-Crabb

Gianna  Geary

Etan Goldberg

Alfonso   Gomez

Jesse   Gomez

Cindy   Gonzalez

Hector  Gonzalez

Soraya  Gonzalez

Emily   Goyanes

Steven  Grandinetti

Eleanor Grant

Charles Graves

Jagger   Green

Colin Gressler

Nicole  Grimaldo

Mario  Guadarrama Ocampo

Citlally  Gutierrez

Emily  Gutierrez

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jariah Haas

Zachary  Hagen-Smith

Caden  Hale

Lynn Hanada

Grey  Hanket

Emma  Harley

Micaiah  Harounian

Nathan Harounian

Andy   Harris

Curtis   Harris

Maggie Harris

Sierra  Harvey

Veronica     Haug

Sara Hawa

Troi  Hawkins

Samuel Hawksworth

Adrian  Hernandez

Allen  Hernandez

Ana   Hernandez

Orion   Hernandez

Tien   Hernandez

Ferdy Hernandez Garcia

Nicholas  Hernandez-Haubenreisser

Kevin   Herrera

Kyle Heyman

Joshua  Hooker

Justice  Howe

Jake  Howick

Ivan  Huerta

Leslie     Huerta-Leon

Rebecca   Huezo

Lillian   Hughes

Ryan   Hunter

Ayaan  Hussain

James   Hutchinson

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Aaron Isago

Kailiana Isley

Carlos Izaguirre

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Ashlee  Jackson

Danielle   Jackson

Leah   Jackson

Joseph  Jaramillo

Julian  Jaramillo

Ella  Jennings

Julian    Jensen

Naomi   Jimenez

Collin Johnson

Steven  Johnson

Alexander  Jones

Jordan  Jones

Kasmira    Jones

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Jaspinder Kahlon

Narek   Kajikian

Amanda    Kang

Vahan   Kasparian

Angelina   Kassenborg

Caroline   Keenan

Robert  Khalulyan

Samantha  Khoury

Skylar   King

Kansas  Klocki

Tyler   Knutson

Katerina Kojababian

Jillian   Kukawski

Luke    Kvarda

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Gerianne   Lacap

Adriana  Lagunas

Peter     Lainson

Brian    Lam

Haley   Lamb

Alexa   Lass

Samy   Lazaar

Michael  Le

Son Le

Samantha  Leano

Alyssa   Ledesma

Haley   Lefevre

Richard Legorreta

Jacques  LeMay

Sandy   LeMay

Preston  Lemus

Isabella Mari  Lepatan

Michelle  Lester

Caitlin  Lim

Anahi  Linares

Mykala Listorti

Israel  Loma

Ashley  London

Alyssa   Lopez

Christopher  Lopez

Jonathan Lopez

Leyla    Lopez

Lorenzo  Lopez

Rio  Lopez

Zarina  Lopez

Zoe  Lorenc

Camryn    Lotka

Nastazia  Lukic

David   Ly

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Hannah   Macaranas

Michael   Macaya


Ethan   Magdaleno

Christopher  Magoon

Christopher  Makarem

Sara  Manzo

Naomi  Marquez Delgado

Alicia  Martinez

Amy  Martinez

Ashleigh  Martinez

Cristian Martinez

Genesis  Martinez

Magaly Martinez

Jada   Martinez-Reese

Maquel   Marzo

Tyler   Mashore

Anika  Maskara

Alexis Mathis

Seth   Matias

Madeline  May

Miriam  Mazo

Jacob  McClure

Natalie  McCollough

Connor McDonald

Darren  McDuffie

Shea   McGovern

Emily  McHorney

Michael  McHugh

Myia   McIver

Sage   McNeely

Jaden  Mejia

Jonathan Mejia

Paige   Mejia

Caitlin  Melgar

Citlali   Mendez

Iliana   Mendias

Bianey  Mendoza

Elijah   Mendoza

Hailey  Mendoza

Jimmy   Mendoza

Brianna Meneses

Julian   Mercado

Josue    Merchan

Morgan  Mersola

Vereena  Metry

Nathaniel  Metz

Darcy   Meyers

Aram  Meymarian

Kyler  Michel

Xochitl  Miele

Walker  Miller

David   Miller  II

Nicholas Minatiskan-Vargas

Edward Minjarez

Naya    Minniti

Edgar   Miron

Coby  Mitchell

Iliana  Mitchell

Arman  Mkrtchyan

Bella  Mochrie

Samuel Mokracek

Sabrina Monterrosa

Jake  Moore

Preston  Moore

Christian Morales Rodriguez

Joelene  Morales-Garcia

Mariam Morcus

Sunhee Morgan

Luke  Muhlenkamp

Kimberly  Munguia

Rafael   Munguia

Kaylee  Munoz

Ana Isa Murguia

Priscilla Murillo

Alessandro  Muro

Hailey Myers

Luke Myers

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Madison Nagashiki

Julianna Navarro

Lakely   Nealis

Kalea Neiviller

Megan  Ng

Joseph  Nguyen

Phuong  Nguyen

Georgiana  Nituleasa

Artur   Noramiryan

Zyla Nyahay

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Bryan  Oasay

Logan  O’Barr

Kimberly Ochoa

Spencer  Ohrt

Hunter  Olson

Leslie     Ordaz

Cassandra   Orjuela

Aleah  Orozco

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jonathan  Padungyothee

Kyle Sebastian  Paguia

Valeria  Palma Cisneros

Nyilah   Palmer

Matthew  Pando

Sarah   Pando

Jake   Panikowski

Camila Panozo

Ava  Paraszkay

Justin  Pazmino

Lauren  Pellot

Daniela Perez

Ivan  Perez

Jacqueline  Perez

Turner  Perez

Sydney Persaud

Gabija   Petrulis

Alyssa   Phelps

Chavisa Phivnil

Bill Phung

Katherine  Pichaj

Alexis  Pilkington

Nathan Piper

Jhazmin Pitts

Kate   Platten

Carlos    Ponce

Jordan  Powell

Kayla   Powell

Kendyl  Powell

Emmanuel  Preciado

Isabella Primera

Cole  Protzman

Alysson   Prudencio-Menjivar

Sedona Puglisi

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Tarra Isabella     Quiambao

Alison    Quijada

Nicole   Quiterio

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Nicholas  Rabadi

Akila  Rajapaksha

Tobi   Ralph

Ethan  Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Brianna Ramos

Andrea Ramos Landaverde

Megan  Rangel-Lynch

Danica   Razov

Miranda Reed

Valerie  Reveles

Vanessa Reveles

Caleb  Reyes

Gavino  Reyes

Kimberly  Reyes

Ethan  Ricker

Ryan   Rife

Abigail  Riggs

Carlos   Rivera

Yasleen Robinson

Anthony Rodriguez

Edgar  Rodriguez

Hannah Rodriguez

Jesse  Rodriguez

Dalila Rodriguez-Lopez

Trenton Rogers

Nicole   Rojas

Vivian  Rojas

Dylan  Rolando

Daniel  Roman

Natalie  Romero

Isabel  Rosado

David   Rosales

Milo Rothensee Siles

Dylan  Roy

Jose  Rubio

Andrea Ruiz

Emily  Ruiz

Michael  Rumfola

Nicole   Rumfola

Julian  Ruvalcaba

Dylan Ryan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Nikki  Sabo

Andres Salazar

Andrea Salazar-Jimenez

Jocelyn Salcido

Syreze-Sky  San Andres

Elena   Sanchez

Enoch  Sanchez

John  Sanchez

Joshua  Sanchez

Lailani  Sanchez

Madelyn Sanchez

Sebastian Sanchez-Amado

Alishia   Sandoval

Johnny Sandoval

Manny  Sandoval

Melody   Santiago

Valery   Saravia

Gabriella  Sassenrath

Virginia Saucedo

Jordan  Savar

Ashley  Sawyer

Megan  Sawyer

Quinn  Sawyer

Kendall Scarone

Sean  Schray

Andrew  Schulman

Yejee  Schulze

Nathaniel  Semsen

Alina  Serpas

Verzhin  Shagrikyan

Duha   Shatila

Phillip Nathan  Shearer

Myles  Sherry

Craig  Shippey

Talin  Silva

Hannah   Skinner

Aidan  Smith

Ruby    Smith

Brian  Sol

Jolene   Soliman

David Solis

Estevan   Solis

Coen  Sosa

Andrew   Souza

Kenneth Spickler

Alexis   Spinello

Japheth  Sta Juana

Liam  Stackhouse

Paris Stacy

Kaleb   Stapelfeldt

Mia  Storer

Brisa  Suarez

Patrick  Suarez

Catalina  Sutter

Rose  Svonkin

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Brian   Tabak

Allison  Takahashi

Matthew  Talisay

Kaitlyn  Talley

Kimberly  Tan

Timothy Taratchila

Zander  Tassart

Peter Tawdros

Xander Taylor

Nicholas  Tchaousoghlou

Alfredo Tejeda

Amber  Tello

Julia Terrano

Grace Thiemann

Joseph Thom

Sarah Thomas

Angelica Thompson

Samuel Tipton

Julian  Tobar

Devin  Tom

Allyson Torrance

Daniel   Torres

Nathaniel Torres

Sergio   Torres

Gabriel Toscano

Alexander  Toth

Jestine  Tovar

Sara   Tovar

Catherine  Tran

Elaine   Tran

Michelle Tran

Maria  Trejo

Joshua  Trevizo

Evan  Troncoso

Nathan Turner


Jakob  Ulrich

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Lauryn  Valencia

Jennifer  Valle

Juliana  Van Loo

Joelle   Vasquez

Natalia  Vasquez

Arcendu Velasco

Harshil  Vijayan

Azucena  Villalta Hernandez

Leslie   Villatoro

Grace  Vinyard

Gabriel Taren  Vitug

Kathryn Vlick

Steve  Vo

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Sophie  Wade

Brandon Wainstain

Kevin   Warendorp

Chloe  Warmoth

Cassandra  Washburn

Maggie Webber

Jack  Weerts

Jacob  Wetzel

Jacob  Whaley

Destiny Whitlock

Marlaina Whitney

Avery  Williams

Gabrielle Williams

Megan  Williams

Jyrnee  Willis

Thomas  Wilson


Dylan  Young


Louis    Zekowski

Kasi Zimmermann

Youssef  Zubi

Burbank, Burroughs High Present Homecoming Courts

As always, it was a battle on the gridiron with Burbank High coming away with a 54-20 victory by the Bulldogs over the Indians in the 70th battle between these two high schools.

Before the game, however, both schools presented their Homecoming Courts.

Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Since Burbank won the BIG GAME, we will announce their court first!

For Burbank High:

Representing the Burbank Senior Class, this year’s 2018 Homecoming

Queen: Regine Buendia and King: Julian Camacho

Photo by Ross A Benson

Representing the Burbank Senior Class are:  

Princess Dani Maurcere and Prince Kris Azizkhani.

Princess Amber Perkins and Prince Chadz Vang.

Princess Ciara Clutario and Prince Karo Kosharyan.


Representing the Burbank Junior Class are:  

Princess Jordan Delgado and Prince Justin Robinson


Representing the Burbank Sophomore Class are:  

Princess Grace Hutchin and Prince Owen Cusumano


Representing the Burbank Freshman Class are:  

Princess ­­­Jasmine Im and Prince Michael Aquirre


For Burroughs High:

Photo by © Ross A Benson

From Burroughs Senior Class, this year’s 2018 Homecoming

Queen: Michelle Tran and King: Sam Tipton

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

From Burroughs Senior Class are:

Princess Katerina Kojababian and Prince David Solis


From Burroughs Senior Class are:

Princess Emily Gutierrez and Prince Jagger Green


From Burroughs Senior Class are:

Princess Nicole Rojas and Prince Trevor Bates


From Burroughs Senior Class are:

Princess Faith Duston and Prince Andres Salazar


Representing John Burroughs High School 2017 past Homecoming Court are:

King Cerain Baker and Queen Leah Davis

Burroughs High Holds Graduation Ceremonies

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Complete list provided by Burroughs of the Class of 2018 who graduated at Memorial Field on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photographed by Ross A. Benson

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Patricia Abonita

Victoria Acevedo

Randy Acosta

Annie Adachi

Gavin Aguilar

Jose Aguilar

Juan Aguilar

Juliana Aguilar

Cypher Aiken

Alexandra Akobian

Rozitte Alajijian

Aimee Alanis

Samantha Alcantara Gutierrez

Yamileth Alfonso Lezama

Jamilah Ali

Rafael Almazar

Carlos Almendarez Mendez

Kaitlin Alpeza

Arely Alvarez

William Alvarez

Eden Amanios

Jessica Amaya

Ambartsum Ambartsumyan

Paloma Anderson

Nathan Anicich

Eric Aperian

David Arakelyan

Paul Arana

Azad Arnaud

Gabriel Arocho

Gabriela Arreguin

Christian Arroyo

Magnus Aston

Jessie Avila

Tatiana Ayala

Caitlinn Ayers

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Gavin Baca

Kyle Anthony Bacierto

Cerain Baker

Noah Bannon

Jacqueline Barbosa

Dominique Barney

Matthew Barraza

Samantha Barraza

Andrew Barrera

Rebecca Barron

Elisa Bastoni

Caitlyn Batchelor

Estefania Bautista Huerta

Sadie Beebe

Louise Nicole Benedicto

Jose Levi Benitez

Aileen Benitez-Santos

Ryan Bernal

Olin Bernal-Villalpando

Alyssa Best

Michelle Bibee

Nicole Bigos

Axel Binczek

Andrew Bingham

Joseph Bird

Ramon Bolanos

Diego Borja Valdez

Julia Borkowski

Aidan Brahms

Karen Braun

Ethan Brown

Rachel Brown

Wallace Browne

Sarah Bruno

Casey Malaika Buhlmann

Donald Byrnes

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Ashley Caballero

Salvador Cabezas

Sasha Calderon

Marnelle-Kaira Calingo

Rebecca Callahan

Haylee Campos

Andrea Canas

Zoe Carino

Daniel Carney

Daniel Carrillo

Elijah Castro

Savannah Castro

Mario Castro Sabas

Ivan Castro-Cabanillas

Jadyn-Nina Cebedo

Nathalie Celio

Tyler Centeno

Jagdeep Chahal

Daniel Chavez

Nicholas Chicas

Asif Chowdhury

Joshua Christiansen

Christopher Cisneros

Jack Clancey

Carson Clarke

Harmoni Clawson

Evelyn Coffey

Aaron Cohen

McKenna Colton

Heather Conkle

Ashlee Cooper-Showalter

Emmie Corona

Noelia Cortes

Julianna Cottrell

Melody Covarrubias

Rodolfo Covarrubias

Daniel Cristea

Casey Cromie

Kiana Cruz-Esposto

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Markie Dabbadie

Nicholas D’Agostaro

Peyton Dang

Lana Danzeisen

Leah Davis

Coleen De Guzman

Xavier De La Paz

Adrian De Leon

Megan De Leon-Giron

Danielle De Los Reyes

Laura Asherit Dealba Yount

Matthew Diaz

Kaitlyn Didi

Revin Diego

Tabitha Dietz

Danielle DiFonzo

Cierra DiGiacomo

Ognen Dinevski

Zadah Jeanelle Diolosa

Ryan Tyler Donato

Sienna Downey

Anthony Duarte

James Duarte

Hannah Mae Duat

Devon Dunn

Britney Duong

Daniel Duran

Eduardo Duran

Gadiel Duran

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Paige Eccles

Oliver Eccleston

Addison Edgar

Gevork Ekimyan

Mona El Masri

Adam Engelman

Emily Entz

Christopher Escobar

Sofia Escobar

Manuel Esparza

Azael Estrada

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Mia Fallon

Sergio Farias Castro

Darius Alexander Faustino

Rachel Favela

Mon Raphael Fernandez

Kody Fields

Hannah Fierro Mejia

Rose Filichia

Evan Fiol

Alejandro Flores

Cameron Flores

Jeffrey Fong

Master Stefon Foster

Miguel Fragoza

William Fraser

Carly Frintner

Briana Frontuto

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Andre Gadimyan

Jenny Galvan

Angela Garcia

Celia Garcia

Ethan Garcia

Gabriella Garcia

Gizelle Garcia

Jose Andrei Garcia

Melanie Garcia

Sidney Garcia

Kamryn Garza

Sameh Gharieb

Danny Ghoghas

Brandon Giraldo

Joaquin Godinez

Eduardo Godoy III

Hunter Goffin

Daniel Gold

Brenner Goldsen

Ashley Gomez

Olivia Gomez

Ashley Gonzalez

Emily Gonzalez

Heber Gonzalez

Heidy Gonzalez

Irene Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez

Matthew Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez

Genesis Gonzalez-Piedra

Drew Gorsuch

Grace Goyanes

Safeer Gray

Naomi Griffin

Marin Grote

Sierra Guerrero

Kyra Guth

Brian Gutierrez

Justin Ryan Gutierrez

Ana Gutierrez Umanzor

Kenna Guzman

Monica Guzman

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Harley Hamm

Samya Harb

Lauryn Hardy

Devin Harrison

Nicole Hartounian

Angelea Hayes

Kevin Hebri

Alexandria Hellman

Ethan Herisse

Kevin Hermosura

Adrian Hernandez

Erwin Hernandez

Ometeotl Hernandez

Ramon Hernandez

Sally Hernandez

Vanessa Hernandez

Spencer Herndon-Hummel

Hakeem Hickman

Kailee Hickson

Patrick Hillesland

Alexander Hirsch

Kiet Hoang

Malia Holcomb

Grant Housley

Hannah Houston

Robert Howe

Andrew Hoxsie

Christopher Hoxsie

Jerry Hoxsie

Ruben Hoyos

David Hubbell

Piper Hunt

Miranda Hyman

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Jose Iniguez

Jose Iniguez

John Iraheta

Angel Izaguirre

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Star Jalanugraha

Alissa Jaramillo

Sophia Jaramillo

Eric Jaszkowiak

Derek Jensen

Elizabeth Jessen

Alexandra Jimenez

David Jimenez

Deker Jimenez

Jesus Jimenez

Madeleine Jimenez

Viviana Jimenez-Jinez

Khalil Johnson

Emma Jones

Kate Jones

Jorge Jovel-Posada

Madison Joy

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Mikaela Kaekul

Louie Kahn

Cole Kaitz

Sebastian Kalemkerian

Sophia Kaloustian

Sawyer Kaplan

Noor Kasim

Anna Kasper

Sean Keane

Samita Keawkingkeow

Taylor Keppel

Samuel Kerkijian

Spencer Kierstein

Thomas Kinney

Kent Kiya

Emma Kobin

Kuyper Krawczeniuk

Kayla Kuhn

Natalie Kwant

Anne Kwon

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Jack Lambert

LaRosa Noah

Miranda Le

Joseph Ledbetter

Dominick Lee

Natalyn Lehman

David Lennstrom

Daniel Leonard

Gabriel Lepe

Kyle Lewis

Destiny Lizaola

Joshua Llamas

Mateo Lone-Pineda

Aileen Lopez

Andres Lopez

Celeste Lopez

Desiree Lopez

Gwyneth Andrelle Lopez

Melissa Lopez

Tiago Lopez

Victor Lopez

Erin Low

Alex Lowder-Himmel

Sarah Lozano

Sara Luque Avila

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Ryan Macasaddu

Kyla Macatlang

Miracle Macias Burgos

Dylan Magallanes

Megan Manahan

Sara Marble

Kendric Marcy

Odalys Marin

Daniel Marinero

Nickolas Markou

Madison Marquez

Lillian Marsh

Alice Martinez

Edward Martinez

Everardo Martinez

Isabella Martinez

Jazlynn Martinez

Joseph Martinez

Marylou Martinez

Richard Martinez

Samantha Martinez

Kamil Martinez Arca

Samantha Martini

Ellen Masson

Isabella Mastrolia

Valerie Mata

Rafayel Matanyan

Lindsey Mauricio

Megan Mazer

Miriam McCoole

Kelley McKeehan

Denisse Mejia

William Melgar

Evan Melito

Angelique Mendez

Jacqueline Mesropian

Joseph Metcalf

Hanna Mikaelian

Conor Millar

Amber Miller

Kyle Mills

Gevorg Minasyan

Natalie Mira

Presley Miraglia

Genesis Miramontes

Hasmik Mkhitarian

Alice Mohler

Deserie Molina Hernandez

Jacob Monberg

Savannah Monterrosa

Andrew-Amir Montgomery

Carlos Mora

Rene Mora

Jason Morales

Adrian Moreno

Roman Moreno

Sela Moretti-Hitchcock

Amabelle Morning

Mary Morris

Robert Morrow

Melissa Moya

Michael Munoz

Esteban Munoz-Hernandez

Shekinah Murilo

Jewel Musich

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Daniel Nakanishi

Lucia Napolitano

Andrea Nasev

Jacqueline Nava

Gissele Navas

Rita Navasardyan

Andrew Navia

Iscaret Negrete

Christine Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Lan Thy Nguyen

Natalie Nguyen

Nhi Nguyen

Sharon Nguyen

Christopher Noorani

Jenell Norvell

Gianni Nova

Photo by © Ross A Benson

Danielle O’Brien

Brian Olah

Lauren Olea

Jennifer Oliver

Emma O’Mara

Emily O’Rourke

Adam Orozco

Andres Orozco

Brianna Orozco

Jonathan Ortega

Brandon Ortega-Nunez

Jaymee Ortiz

Kimberly Ortiz

Victoria Ortiz

Evan Osegueda

Zachary Ospina

Idalia Padilla-Cruz

Nathan Palafox

Nigel-Romaine Palmer

Maya Paredes

Justin Angelo Paredes-Sison

Evan Parisi-Sanchez

Giannina Pastorelli

Ricki Patenaude

Jonathan Patricio

Emily Payne

Marco Paz

Kobe Pereda

Anthony Perez

Grecia Perez

Randy Perez-Santiago

Benjamin Peters

Toplica Petko

Zackery Phelps

Savannah Pickens

Yshbel Piedrasanta

Evelyn Pina

Karina Pineda

Samantha Pineda Villalon

Elke Pinuelas

Lusya Poladyan

Melissa Porter

Khalil Powell

Emma Prado

Leah Prystupa

Eduardo Puebla

Henry Puebla

Arianna Pulido

Jacob Purdy

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Salvador Quinonez

Nicholas Quiogue

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Amanda Rabadi

Rosa Radillo

Rakat Rahman

Majah Rahmani

Fernando Ramirez

Timothy Ramos

Matthew Ramos Macias

Matthew Rangel

Jacob Real

Sofia Reinoso

Emma Reiter

Guillermo Remes

Stephanie Reyes

Lezley Reyes Villalon

Julian Reyes-Cruz

Nicolette Ricciardella

Jade Richardson

Dylan Richman

Kevin Rickman

Faith Ricotta

Clinton Riddle

Andrea Rios

Jonathan Rivas

Irvin Rivas Hernandez

Alexander Rivera

Connie Rivera

Mackenzie Rivera

Camylle Robinson

Julio Rocha

Zackery Rocha

Patrick Roche

Alexandra Rodriguez

Alyssa Rodriguez

Charlie Rodriguez

Daniella Rodriguez

Jocelyn Rodriguez

Cesar Rodriguez Tenorio

Arianna Roman

Nicholas Roman-Manna

Lea Romano

Stephanie Romero

Beatriz Romero-Fernandez

Kevin Romero-Nolasco

Holly Rondinella

Crystian Rosado-Martinez

William Rosales

Diego Rosal

Donovan Roth

Aashwin Roy

Angela Rubio

Sofia Ruiz

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

John Sacha

Janette Salcedo

Jonah Ruth Sales

Jacqueline Samsell

D’Neiah Samuel

Ariel Sanchez

Bianca Sanchez

Estelamary Sanchez

Ricardo Sanchez

D’Alver Sanchez-Gomez

Byron Sandoval

Sapphire Sandoval

Brandon Sandoval Preciado

Alejandra Santana

Diana Santos

Jonah Santos

Joshua Benaiah Santos

Shri Saravana

Jasmine Sasano

Alexandra Saucedo Alvarado

Scott Sauve

Lauren Schlander

Louis Schmidt

Mia Scott

Omar Searcy

Arianna Sellon

Madeline Sena

Jizzelle Sepulveda

Sarahi Sepulveda

Kristine Sermeno

Fatima Serrano

Grace Sessinghaus

Jack Sheflin

Carina Sierra

Alan Silva

Andrea Silva

Jennalee Silva

Daniel Simeone

Kiana Simokovic

Charanpreet Singh

William Singleton

Marlena Skrabak

Neo Slason

Anna Smith

Earyn Smith

Jose Solano

Alondra Solis

Sarah Soriano

Zoe Sparks

Savannah Spatafora

Kara Spaulding

Sierra Spencer

Adam Sporkin

Marcus Sta Maria

Mia Staub

Genesis Stevens

Jeron Straker

Malia Suarez

Medinat Sulaiman

Sabrina Sullivan

Elizabeth Switzer

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Tharisa Talapatcharoenkit

Hannah Talavera

Sabrina Tantsikian

Sarkis Tatarian

Samuel Tepper

Jason Testa

Malcolm Teuscher

Camryn Thompson

Lucas Thorn

Dominique Janeah Tisby

Allison Torrico

Jack Tovar

Jennifer Townsend

Ashley Tran

Lynn Tran

Rosy Tran

Alejandra Trujillo

Jessy Trujillo

Khoa Truong Vo

Prajwal Tumkur Mahesh

Gwendolyn Kailea Turla

Breanne Turner

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Daniel Umanzor

Bryce Upshur

Sigifredo Uriarte Garcia

Miranda Urias

Robert Urquizo

Ian Patrick Uvas

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Connor Van Dyke

Mia Van Houten

Jaden Varela

Isaiah Vargas

Christopher Vega

Jason Vejar

Brian Velasco

Ethan Vera

Chloe Vigil

Kaylee Vigil

Jasmine Vilchis

Vanessa Villa

Nataly Villalobos

Ana Villalpando

Catrina Villalpando

Ada Vintar

Emily Virtue

Marissa Vizcarra

Jake Von

Paul Vu

Marko Vucetic

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Lily Walker

Sabina Wiley

Bethany Wilke

Daniel Williams

Olivia Williams

Raymond Winter

Ian Wolf

Alison Wolfenden

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Eunseo Yoo

Hailee Zacariaz

Lauren Zedlar

Maximilian Zekowski

Michelle Zelaya

Hannah Ziegler

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burroughs VMA Presents “Pop Show 39: Can’t Stop The Feeling”

Release from Burroughs High School:

The John Burroughs High School Vocal Music Association presents “Pop Show 39: Can’t Stop The Feeling” showcasing the VMA’s amazing tradition of excellence with singing, dancing, dazzling costumes and eye-catching sets from the nationally acclaimed, award-winning Powerhouse & Sound Sensations advanced competition choirs, as well as the intermediate Decibelles and Sound Waves competition choirs and perennial fan-favorite “Men At Work.” Evening shows are on Thursday, March 1st, Friday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd all beginning at 7PM. A 2PM matinee performance will take place on Sunday, March 4th. Tickets are now available online at www.jbhsvma.com

In addition to the VMA’s five competition choirs performing their highly anticipated 2018 competition sets, “Pop Show 39” will also feature a variety of small groups, duos and soloists performing music and choreography they have chosen themselves, as well as a special performance by the VMA’s Dance Ensemble. In total, “Pop Show 39” will feature over 200 students from the JBHS VMA, as well as the talents of select students from the Burroughs Instrumental Music Association and the JBHS Tech Crew.

Along with Pop Show 39, the JBHS VMA has an incredibly busy Spring, competing in numerous regional competitions; traveling to Orlando, Florida to compete in a national showchoir competition and hosting its own Music Showcase event   on April 13th and 14th where over 60 choirs will compete over the course of the two-day event. The choirs’ 2018 season will finish on May 17th with the presentation of its annual Spring Concert. 

The John Burroughs High School Vocal Music Association includes five competitive show choirs, involving over 200 student choir, tech and musical performers.  The program’s advanced mixed choir, POWERHOUSE, has long been recognized as one of the nation’s finest show choirs. An inspiration for the television series “Glee,” POWERHOUSE was invited to perform on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010 as a representative of the modern high school show choir phenomenon. In recent years, POWERHOUSE has performed opposite the cast of “Glee,” Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Harry Connick, Jr., and Foreigner. Additionally, the group was featured in “Gleeful: The Real Show Choirs of America”, a British documentary as well as profiled on the “CBS Evening News.” The choir has performed at the famed Hollywood Bowl, and has traveled to a variety of cities around the U.S., as well as to China on two occasions to perform in the internationally televised Chinese New Year Parade and other prominent events. 

Launched in the Fall of 1978, by Mary Rago, who at the time was the vocal music director of John Burroughs High School, the JBHS VMA was one of the nation’s very first competitive show choir programs. Rago was succeeded as director in 2006 by her former student, Brendan Jennings, who is assisted by artistic director, Jen Oundjian; musical director, Dan Scoville; and a team of talented choreographers.

For more information on the John Burroughs High School VMA Show Choirs, go to www.jbhsvma.org.