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Erratic Carjacking Pursuit Ends on Riverside Drive

On the morning of Wednesday, May 30, California Highway Patrol chased a man who had carjacked a vehicle from Pasadena to Burbank, where the pursuit came to an end.

Earlier that morning, California Highway Patrol responded to calls about a grey SUV driving erratically in Pasadena. After the driver reportedly crashed into a white SUV on the 210 Freeway near San Gabriel, he carjacked the victim’s vehicle and drove westbound.

After the suspect’s failed attempt to carjack a Metro Freeway service patrol car, police followed him as he got off the freeway in Burbank and drove on Riverside Dr.

Soon, the suspect started to drive on wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic, and onto the sidewalk and the grass, hitting other vehicles in the process.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and attempted to run away from police. An officer chased the suspect, who ran back to the stolen vehicle and began driving with the door open, swerving the SUV onto the grass in desperation to avoid arrest. The officer was able to pull the suspect from the driver’s seat and arrest him.

Man Threatening Security Guards at Metrolink with Pellet Gun Arrested

On Wednesday, May 2 at 2:00 p.m., Burbank Police responded to a call about a man possibly holding a gun near the Metrolink Station on Front St.

One of the first units on the scene was Burbank’s Air Unit and the Tactical Flight Officers in the helicopter saw the man who appeared to be holding a handgun aimed at two security guards. The suspect was seen getting into a minivan and leaving the Metrolink Station. Responding officers witnessed the van get on the I-5 freeway and pulled it over south of Alameda Ave. The minivan turned out to be an Uber.

Police detained the driver and discovered a pellet gun inside the vehicle, which resembled a real handgun.

The suspect has been identified as Anthony Barraza, 23 of Sun Valley.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

It seems that an argument between Barraza and Metrolink security guards over a smoking ordinance allegedly caused him to lash out and threaten them with the pellet gun.

Before leaving the Metrolink Station, the suspect attempted to get into another vehicle by displaying the pellet gun at a driver.

He was arrested and booked for attempted carjacking and criminal threats.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Barraza is currently being held on $100,000 bail and is due in court Friday, May 4.

Lexus Carjacking Suspect Apprehended With Car

On Wednesday, February 14 at 2:30 p.m., Burbank Police received a report that the owner of a 2018 gray Lexus ES350 4D was pulled out of his car and punched in the head. Police later arrested the Palmdale man who allegedly stole the vehicle.

LASD located the stollen Lexus the following night at 7:30 p.m. in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. The driver, Kevin Green, a 25-year-old Palmdale resident, matched the description previously given of a black male, 5’5” and 150 pounds.

Ron Stearns, the carjacking victim who is in his 70s, is uninjured and is waiting for his car to be returned after police inspect it for forensics.

As officers on the scene were taking a report on the carjacking, additional officers used the new Lexus’ Saftey Connect cellular and GPS tracking software to find the vehicle’s location, on the move in Lancaster. Burbank Police worked with counterparts in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department who found the car and made a felony stop on the sole occupant, a black male driver.

The alleged carjacking suspect was arrested and Burbank Police detectives responded to Lancaster to interview the suspect. Burbank patrol officers also drove to Lancaster and brought the alleged carjacking suspect back to Burbank’s jail.

“I’m so pleased on how quickly BPD responded to my dads 9-11 call and how soon after they made an arrest (within five hours),” said Elise Stearns Nielsen, a Burbank Police Commissioner who is also the victim’s daughter.

“Their professionalism and kindness to my folks during this whole incident is to be commended.”

Green was booked for carjacking, and is also likely to be charged with elder abuse. He is currently being held on $100,000 bail and is due in court tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: For the record, this story previously reported that the car had been returned to its owner. In fact, according to the car’s owner the vehicle remains in the possession of the Sheriff’s Dept. so that crime forensics can be completed


Three Arrested in Connection to Burbank Carjacking in Santa Barbara

On Monday, January 18, 2016, at about 11:10pm, officers responded to the area of Olive Avenue and Sixth Street regarding a carjacking that had just occurred.

Two victims, a 64 year-old female and a 39 year-old male, reported they were approached by three males, one armed with a handgun. The suspect threatened the male victim, while taking the female’s purse.

Two of the three suspects got into the victims’ car, a 2007 Kia Spectra, while the third suspect fled on foot and entered a white Toyota Camry, which was parked nearby. Both cars left the area northbound toward Kenneth Road. The loss included jewelry and cell phones.

Early Tuesday morning, January 19, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department notified Burbank Police they had recovered the victim’s stolen Kia Spectra after a short vehicle pursuit in Carpinteria, CA.

Two passengers in the Kia, who have been identified as 24 year-old Freddie Gutierrez of Carpinteria and 18 year-old Cynthia Alvarez of Santa Barbara, were immediately apprehended after the vehicle crashed. The driver, 23 year-old John Connell of Santa Barbara, was arrested a short distance away with the assistance of a K9 team. A white Toyota Camry was also located nearby at a motel associated with the suspects.

The trio was booked into jail in Santa Barbara County on various charges, including evading, possession of stolen property and automobile theft.

Burbank Police Investigators are working with their counterparts with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department to coordinate efforts in filing charges against the suspects in this case.

Attempted Robbery of Burbank Business Owner as LAPD Watches

What might have looked like a movie scene on Lake Street near Orange Grove Wednesday afternoon was actually an attempted robbery and carjacking.

Burbank Police investigate the scene of a Robbery/Carjacking Wednesday Afternoon at Orange Grove & Lake St.( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police investigate the scene of a Robbery/Carjacking Wednesday afternoon at Orange Grove and Lake St.( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The victim, who is a Burbank business person, was driving a deposit to a local bank and was forced to stop after two suspects attempted to rob her, forcing her car up over a curb. After the unsuccessful robbery attempt, they then carjacked another car and attempted to make their getaway.

While Burbank Police were responding, their dispatcher was notified that one of the cars involved was being followed by a surveillance unit of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Commercial Crimes Unit. LAPD then directed Burbank marked patrol cars to Chestnut, west of Keystone, where a felony stop was initiated and one suspect taken into custody.

Burbank Police detain 3 suspects following a Robbery/Carjack attempt. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police detain three suspects following a Robbery/Carjack attempt. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Shortly later, three more suspects were detained on Burbank Blvd. at Lincoln Street and later arrested after a witness allegedly identified them as being a part of the crime.

All of the suspects were transported back into Los Angeles jurisdiction by Burbank patrol units were they will be held.

According to LAPD Media Relations, the case is ongoing and will be investigated by their Commercial Crimes Unit and Burbank Detectives.

The name of the Burbank business was not released by police officials.

BPD Carjacking Suspects-1

BPD Carjacking Suspects-2

Pair Robbed While Sitting at Car Eating at Carl’s Jr.

Two victims came into the Burbank Police station early Thursday morning to report they had been robbed.  Both victims were sitting in their vehicle in the parking lot of Carl’s Jr. eating when they were approached by two males.

One of the suspects approached the driver side door, produced a handgun, and asked the driver, “Do you want to die?”  One of the suspects then demanded his wallet and cellular phone.  The second suspect approached the other victim on the passenger side and demanded his cell phone and wallet too.

Fearing for their safety both victims provided the items demanded of them.  Both suspects fled to a nearby vehicle and out of the area.

Officers were able to provide the suspect’s descriptions and vehicle description to nearby agencies.

A short time later the vehicle was located, with one occupant, in the Los Angeles area by CHP Officers.  It was later determined that the vehicle was stolen and had been taken in a recent carjacking.

Arrested for carjacking was  Adrian Guerrero, 18 yers-old, from Los Angeles.  The other suspect remains on the loose.