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Councilman Bob Frutos and BPD Honored at Luncheon

On the morning of November 3, the Burbank Coordinating Council hosted their second annual luncheon at Burbank Presbyterian Church, in which City Councilman Bob Frutos was honored along with the Burbank Police Department. 

During the luncheon, funds were collected for holiday baskets to donate to needy families. Last year, they collected enough to donate over 500 baskets, and they hope to give even more this Christmas season.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“The selfless efforts and generosity of the honorees give us an outstanding example of the spirit of generosity that made America strong — and that continues to thrive in Burbank,” said Marsha Ramos, MC for the event.

“Bob and the honorable men and women of the Burbank Police Department have dedicated their lives to public service seeking to protect and improve the lives of children and families in our community.”

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Councilman Frutos, a Burbank resident of 25 years, has dedicated his life to public service. Beginning at a young age as a police cadet and later becoming a police community liaison officer, he continues in retirement to serve as a reserve officer. Frutos has been on the Burbank City Council for six years, serving one year as mayor.

“He is a generous spirit that stands out, he attracts good, inspires many and seeks to unite us.  He generously offers his time, talent and treasure in support of many worthy causes such as youth and senior services, our public schools, and many community-based organizations and charitable efforts here in Burbank,” said Ramos.

Councilman Frutos was awarded the “Spirit of Giving Award” by the Khalifeh family, on behalf of the BCC. He then said a few words, humbly thanking the community.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The BPD also received the same award this year. Following the BCC’s recognition of Frutos’ life-long communal service, Ramos spoke about the police department’s positive impact on Burbank residents.

“The men and women in our police department selflessly service the public with courage, honor, and excellence. From responses to residential house calls to the extraordinary coordination of efforts in response to the LA Tuna Fire, the commitment of BPD to preserve life and property is demonstrated every day, 24-7 and an utmost professional way.”

Throughout the year, the BPD is involved with several programs to grow in their interactions with the community. Around Christmastime, officers make phone calls to schedule holiday basket deliveries, collecting food among other gifts, and giving the baskets to families in-person.

For 22 years, they have also participated in “Operation Chill,” a program that rewards kids with free 7-11 Slurpee coupons for good behavior and abiding by the law. Over 19 million coupons have been given out since the program began.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Ramos listed several other communal activities the BPD have put on, including “Shop With A Cop” and “Coffee With A Cop,” both allowing residents to spend time and have conversations with local law enforcement.

During this time of year, officers partner with the Salvation Army to provide Thanksgiving Meals to families who can’t afford to celebrate on their own. BPD has also raised funds for the Boys & Girls Club, Arts for All, and the National Police Officers Memorial.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“It has been said that a hero is someone who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who gives as much as possible to help people. The men and women of The BPD fit the description, an exact match for this definition of a hero,” said Ramos.

A few of the sponsors who helped put on the luncheon include Capes4Cures, Cartoon Network, Burbank Water and Power, Burbank Federal Credit Union, and Handy Market.

Burbank’s Officer Angela Burrows Set to Jump Out of a Plane for Charity

Last month, Officer Angela Burrows was the recipient of the Rex Andrews $1,000 Scholarship award. Now, Officer Burrows is getting ready to jump out of a plane to raise money for Operation Jump 22. I had a chance to talk to Angela as she prepares for her jump.

As the the date nears, how do you feel about the notion of jumping out of a plane? 

I am more excited than ever and I am truly beginning to feel the butterflies flutter in my stomach. As of today, we are officially one month out from my event to take place on 11/11.  

Have you done any training or preparation for the event? 

I sure have.  I went to Ifly at Universal City Walk.  It is a tunnel that simulates what it feels like to be out in the open sky.   It was such a fun experience for me and now I have an idea of how strong the wind is going to be against my body and in my face.   I know it does not quite compare to the feeling of jumping and free falling from a perfectly good plane, but it sure does come close.  My fear of heights has held me back from trying new experiences, so I am excited to conquer this fear once and for all.  As it gets closer to the big day, I mentally prepare and remind myself of why I am doing this.  My skydive is for a great cause and it is so much more meaning than my fear.  The support I have been getting from my family, friends and community has been tremendous.  We are still accepting donations on my page and I am hoping to beat my personal goal soon!

( Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

You’re raising money for U.S. Veterans by jumping out of a plane. Could you elaborate on how residents of Burbank can donate/sponsor you? 

22 Veterans commit suicide each day.  Operation Jump 22 is a fundraiser that was established in partnership with Mission Volant to help raise funds for combat wounded Veterans.  Mission Volant started as a simple idea.  To change the lives of combat-wounded Veterans in a spectacular way, by helping them adjust back to Civilian life.  Sadly, this is a major challenge for Veterans.  For those who have been wounded, the struggle is even more significant.  Our goal is to provide services and training for the true heroes who have risked their lives to protect our freedom.

Operation Jump 22 was created by Brandon Feco, owner of KNB Capital in Westlake Village.  Brandon’s own passion for Skydiving inspired him to create a fundraiser that would encourage and challenge others to face their fear by jumping for a great cause.  

Brandon told me about his idea and I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved.  This fundraiser is personal to me since I have many friends and Co-workers who serve in the Military. My own fear of heights and respect for Veterans inspired me to sign up to Skydive.  The event will take place on Veteran’s Day on 11/11/17 at Skydive Santa Barbara in Lompoc from 10am-3pm.  There will be entertainment, food and raffles.  If you would like to donate or sponsor my jump, please go to  WWW.OPERATIONJUMP22.COM/DONATIONS/ANGIE


All proceeds will go directly to Mission Volant.  If anyone is interested in donating items as raffle giveaways, please call 805-813-4100 or email dbfeco@knbcapital.com!

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Road Kings Donate $18,000 to Local Charities

By Joyce Rudolph

The Burbank Road Kings car club shifted into high gear and distributed $18,000 to its community charities during a dinner meeting on Sept 11 at the Elks Lodge. The funds were raised by two car shows during the year.

Road Kings President Rick Kalisz, center, with representatives from local charities, from left, Lisa Deluca, Rosemarie Witten, Deborah Spang and Rose Sliepka. (Photo by Joyce Rudolph)

President Rick Kalisz conducted the meeting and called for a moment of silence to remember victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and their families.

Representatives from local charities took the stage to thank the Road Kings for their donations and deliver a synopsis of what their organizations do.

Burbank Historical Society board members Les and Elaine Rosenberg accepted the donation. Elaine Rosenberg noted that the society’s Gordon R. Howard Museum, next door to the Creative Arts Center in Izay Park, is one of Burbank’s greatest treasurers — as well as the city’s best kept secret.

“We really don’t want to be,” Elaine Rosenberg said, adding the facility is open from 1 to 4 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday, has guest speakers, tours for children, a vintage auto display and displays of such businesses in town like Lockheed, Disney and Warner Bros.

Also receiving donations were Burbank Police Captain Denis Cremins, representing the Burbank Police and Fire Museum, and Assistant Fire Chief Kenet Robertson and Engineer Terry Mencuri, accepting a donation for the Burbank Muster Club. The Muster Club, a group of firefighters that are history buffs, is restoring two antique fire vehicles they will have on display at Road Kings car shows and other special community events.

Donations were given to Burbank Park and Recreation Management Services and Joslyn Adult Center, and were accepted by city employee Lisa Deluca. Funds raised go to programs for children through adults at local parks and programs, resources, activities for seniors 55 and older, Deluca said.

“Thank you for bringing more into Burbank to make life fun,” she told the Road Kings.

Other donations were made to Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley, Boy Scouts of America Verdugo Hills Council, Boys & Girls Club, Burbank Temporary Aid Center, Burbank High School auto shop, Burroughs small engine repair, La Providencia Guild of Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Tierra del Sol, Relay for Life, Haiti Children’s Playground, high school scholarship fund, National Hot Rod Assn. Museum and food and gifts for two families in the Burbank Coordinating Council Holiday Basket program.