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Graceffo Retires From City, Will Join Boys & Girls Club

After 41 years with the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department, Recreation Coordinator Mike Graceffo has retired.

A longtime fixture at Verdugo Park, Graceffo’s last day was Friday. But the 58-year-old will not be leaving the community. He will begin a part-time position with the Burbank Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley next week.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“I think I was just ready for something different,” Graceffo said. “It wasn’t anything on the city’s part. They were awesome.”

Graceffo had been working for the Parks and Recreation department since before he graduated from Burroughs High in 1976. In addition to his regular job, Graceffo has coached many youth sports teams in the community and has also coached at Burroughs and Burbank highs, St. Finbar and St. Francis Xavier Parochial schools.  He is still coaching at St. Francis Xavier and is a member of the Catholic Youth Organization Hall of Fame.

Graceffo said the Boys and Girls club will give him an opportunity to do what he really loves to do.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“This sounded like something that sounded fun. It brings me back to my roots when I first started with the city when I was programming,” Graceffo said. “I love the programming aspect.  I’m too wired and hyper. I have to be mobile and moving and being with the public. I like running programs and being outside.”

Graceffo said he has received lots of support.

“Wow. The end of truly remarkable era,” former Burroughs and University of Washington quarterback J.K. Scott wrote on Instagram.

Wes Hutchison, a former star baseball pitcher at Burroughs who later played in the minor leagues, also thanked Graceffo on Facebook.

“Thank you for being a positive influence on thousands of humans Mike,” Hutchison said. “You are a class act and an awesome human! Bless your future endeavors! It was a pleasure growing up in the Burbank parks and working for you!”

Graceffo said he has so many memories that he will take with him.

“Out of the 41 years I worked with Parks and Rec, I can honestly say, 40.99 (years) of the time I was happy,” he said. “How many people can actually say that about their jobs?”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Graceffo said he hopes to continue his summer MVP basketball camp, other endeavors and perhaps get back into high school coaching.

“I’m hoping that if the opportunity presents itself, I’d love to get back into it,” he said.


Parks and Recreation Offers Volleyball, Cross Country and Flag Football

Opportunities for youth to play volleyball, flag football and running cross country are available through the city parks and recreation department.

Success by Burbank and Burroughs highs have helped make these programs popular.

The volleyball season begins Aug. 15. It is open to boys and girls from third grade through eighth grade.  A manager’s meeting is scheduled for July 21.

Games will be played week nights at the local middle school gymnasiums. One can sign up in the sports office at the Olive Park Recreation Center, located at 1111 W. Olive Ave.

The cross country season begins Sept. 7. Practices will be held at the newly remodeled Johnny Carson Park.  It is open to boys and girls ages 5 to 13. One can register at the Olive Park Recreation Center or go to www.burbankca.gov/sports.

It's off to the races for the Burroughs and Burbank cross country teams (Photo by Craig L.Sherwood)

It’s off to the races for the Burroughs and Burbank cross country teams (Photo by Craig L.Sherwood)

The flag football season will begin Aug. 15. Games will be played week nights at either Brace or Foy Park. It is open to boys and girls from third through eighth grade.

For more information on any of the programs, contact Jon McGinley at jmcginley@burbankca.gov or  Jason Dyer at jdyer@burbankca.gov. One can also call the sports office at (818) 238-5330.