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Here is Something to Sing About, Porn Star Karaoke is Back on Tuesday Nights

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Burbank, like go for a tour of Warner Bros Studios or see a show at the Garry Marshall Theatre. However, there is one thing that is truly unique to the city and it is Pjorn Star Karaoke (new management, new name, same great PSK). However, when Sardo’s closed its doors back in 2017, PSK went with it. Or so we thought.

After a two-year hiatus, it is finally back on Tuesdays nights for everyone over 21 to enjoy at Crawfords Pass on Pass Avenue in the Von’s Shopping Center. Thanks to popular demand. The people wanted it, and Crawfords Pass decided to give it a trial run. Well, the trial run is over and PSK is officially back.

What is PSK? For 14 years, some of the biggest names in Adult Entertainment would get together to feel normal every Tuesday night and sing other people’s tunes in their own special way. Sometimes better than the original artist. Most importantly, it is about getting together with old friends and new ones to have some fun, blow off some steam and sing their hearts out. If singing is not your thing, then you can dance as if no one is watching. You know do a Billy Idol or you can sing Dancing with Myself after a few drinks. However, don’t drive home if you had too many.

Besides singing and dancing, there is plenty of free parking in the lot, drink specials, welcoming vides, scrumptious fried chicken and Karaoke. Lots and lots of Karaoke.

You never know who you are going to see there. In the past people like Ron Jeremy, Hal Sparks and many others stopped by. Now, you can watch one of the regulars like Riley Nixon, Siouxsie Q, Sovereign Syre, Loni Legend, Jojo Kiss, Chris Cock, Rod Jackson, Stirling Cooper belt out their favorite tunes.

You do not have to just watch, you can get up there and sing, sing a song. Next Tuesday (October 29th), they are having a costume night and the best look wins a $100. Which means you can celebrate Halloween early and get a huge treat.

It is the treat that keeps on giving every Tuesday night. Whether you are a newbie or you have been there before, it is an enjoyable experience that you will soon not forget. Let’s get the party started this week and pack the house as they did in the good old days.

For more information and videos from past weeks’ performances, check out @PornStarKaraoke on Twitter.

Crawfords Pass located at 259 N Pass Ave.