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Kasey Lansdale & Dark Delicacies Raise Over $15,000 in Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser

Last week, a large Hurricane Harvey fundraising event was held at Burbank’s Dark Delicacies, located in Magnolia Park. The fundraising event was headlined by a group of celebrities, all of which were there to help the event be the best it can be. In the days leading up to the event, citizens of Burbank contributed an overwhelming inventory of supplies, ranging from protein snacks to blankets and beds.

Photo By: Kelsie Hernandez

The event was also coupled with a simultaneous online auction for those who couldn’t make it. During celebrity signings, Kasey Lansdale stood on a chair and conducted the online auction.

On hand to lend their support for the fundraiser were actors Lance Henrickson (Pumpkinhead, Aliens) and Lew Temple (The Walking Dead, Kidnapped). Before a wave of people flooded the Dark Delicacies floor, I got a chance to sit down with Lew Temple to ask him how he heard about this fundraising event.

It was on the internet and social media. One of my friends had indicated he was going to Dark Delicacies on Tuesday to sign some autographs for Houston. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh! What a great event!’

Being from Houston, and wanting to serve and help out any way I can, especially because it’s Houston, I called Del and Sue, who run Dark Delicacies and who I’ve known for a long time, and they said to come on down! I’ll sign whatever, take pictures with people, represent my end of ‘The Walking Dead’ or my end of ‘Devel’s Rejects,’ or any of Rob Zombie’s films!

I have family in Houston and some friends. Everybody’s okay, but there are some displaced from their homes, but all in good health, God Bless. I know that isn’t the case for everybody, but for those who have suffered, we are trying to help as best we can. I’m just proud of Houston, the State of Texas, and also our nation. We’ve all sort of rallied – there’s not a Red or a Blue, or Black or White – it’s just people helping people, which is the right thing to do. It gives us renewed faith in the Human element. We’re just planetary inhabitants riding, and I feel like we have to serve each other. That’s what we’re doing tonight!

Actor Lance Henrickson was also in high spirits throughout the event, signing posters, figures, and other memorabilia belonging to his storied career.

Photo By: Kelsie Hernandez

As a lengthy line formed just a few feet away from his table, I had a quick minute to ask him why he was here:

Look, every time I go to Texas, something good happens. I do love Texas. This was an opportunity for me to give something back. It’s a little something. It’s no big effort to come out and do this. It’s Houston! We have to give them everything we can give them.

In all, the fundraising event raised over $15,000 in cash and goods. You can find more information on where the funds are going here. If you’d like to see more photos of the event, check out the gallery below!

Kasey Lansdale & Dark Delicacies Throw Harvey Fundraiser

Country Music Star, Writer, and Actress Kasey Lansdale is throwing a fundraising and donation event, with the help of the folks over at Dark Delicacies. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th, and will benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Tuesday event is headlined by special guests and celebrity talent who are available for autographs at $20 an item. The guests include:

Lance Henriksen (Aliens)

Cerina Vincent (Original Cabin Fever)

Paul Dini (Batman & Harley Quinn)

Misty Lee, Brea Grant (Halloween II)

Katie Featherston (Paranormal Activity)

Izzy Lee (Innsmouth)

Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare on Elm St)

David J. Schow (The Crow)

AJ Bowen (You’re Next)

Lew Temple (Walking Dead)

Jackson Stewart, Graham Skipper, Brea Grant & Chase Williamson (Beyond the Gates)

Online Auction

Organizers are asking that everyone who attends the event to please bring cash. Additionally, for those who can’t make it, an online auction will be set up and run live on Facebook. The auction will include items such as:

John Carter Cash & Ana Cristina Cash are donating Johnny Cash memorabilia for the auction.

Cerina Vincent

Kane Holder  

David Morrell

Bracken MacLeod’s “Come to Dust” limited edition 

Art by Bill Paxton

Joe R. Lansdale

*Indie horror kids Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson and Jackson Stewart will also be in attendance! They got IFC to donate posters for them and Brea Grant to sign from Beyond the Gates! Crushing it!

24″ by 36″ ‘Rise Up’ poster of Season 7 signed by all season regulars

Signed ‘Breaking Bad’ pilot script up for auction.

Charlaine Harris is sending auction items.

We will have Walking Dead memorabilia or Photos of Pollyanna McIntosh from ‘The Walking Dead’ signed personally to you.

Volumes 3&4 of Clive Barker’s limited edition fine art book, will be up for sale.

Chris Cuffaro, who has “shot” every bad ass band in LA is donating a signed, framed photograph. He has also volunteered to do a photoshoot for anyone who wins the in store raffle.

George R.R. Martin

 Game of Thrones Anniversary illustrated edition 
 Song of Ice and Fire set of five book in Spanish from Plaza Jane 
 Wild Cards hardcover set of Inside Straight, Busted Flush, Suicide Kings 
 Knight of the Seven Kingdoms illustrated
 Mystery Knight Comic
 World of Ice and Fire 
 Dance with Dragons Subterranean Press Limited edition box set fully illustrated (Out of Print) 
– Tuf Voyaging limited edition 
– FFC chapter books X4 
– Coins
– Funko pop dolls X2
– Stuffed Dire wolves plushy X2


Donations had already started accumulating at Dark Delicacies and they have since run out of room in the store. If you are planning on attending the event and still want to donate, event organizers have asked that you please donate money instead. However, Dark Delicacies will also be accepting payment by card both online and in-store.

The event is on Tuesday, September 5 at 7 PM at Dark Delicacies, which is located at 3512 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California 91505.

For more information, including new announcements regarding memorabilia up for auction, you can find the Facebook event page here. Hope to see you all Tuesday!