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Armenian National Committee of Burbank Announces Endorsements

The last ballots for Burbank’s all-mail General Election were mailed on Thursday, March 21, according to the City Clerk’s office.  This means voters should receive their ballots by Saturday, or at the latest Monday.  Watch for this big white envelope, if you live in the city, advises the ANCA-Burbank.

“Everyone is watching our community since our votes put two candidates over the top, getting them elected in the primary.  That doesn’t usually happen in Burbank,” said Gaidzag Shabazian, Armenian national Committee of America—Burbank Electoral/Political Chair.  “Our votes also helped put two City council candidates into the lead positions going into the April 9 all-mail election.”

Burbank adopted the mail-in ballot system a decade ago.  This makes voters’ lives much easier because they don’t have to go to a polling place on Election Day, which is Tuesday, April 9.  All ballots must be RECEIVED in the City Clerk’s office by 7:00 pm that day.  Otherwise they will not be counted.  A postmark with that date is not valid.

The Burbank ANCA’s endorsed candidates are:

City Council: David Gordon and Jess Talamantes

Board of Education: Larry Applebaum and Steve Ferguson

Voting is easy.  Just fill in the bubbles next to the names of the candidates endorsed by the ANCA. (See the accompanying picture of the completed, two sided, ballot).  Then, tear off the top stub of the ballot and insert the ballot in the secrecy sleeve.  Next, put the ballot/secrecy sleeve in the yellow envelope provided.  Sign the envelope.  Drop it in the mail.  This year, for the first time, the envelope is postage-paid, so voters don’t have to put a stamp on it.

See the accompanying picture of the envelope in which the ballot and voter pamphlet were mailed for the February, so you know what to expect.

“Our Burbank voting system is easy because we all vote from the comfort of home,” said Hagop Hergelian, ANCA-B activist.  “Please be very alert and watch for your ballot.  But, voters often mistake the large white ballot envelope for junk mail and throw it out.  Then, they have to get a replacement, wasting time and effort.”

Participation by the Armenian community is very important.  It demonstrates the concern everyone shares for improving Burbank and gets people elected to office who are most sensitive to the Armenian community’s needs.

If you have any questions, please call the Burbank ANCA at 818/562-1918 or e-mail at: Info@ancaburbank.org

Burbank City Councilman-Elect Bob Frutos Endorses Ferguson for School Board

Elected overwhelmingly to the City Council in February, Councilmember-Elect Bob Frutos has endorsed Steve Ferguson’s candidacy for the Burbank School Board.

“Steve Ferguson will fight for the very best education for our students and he will always put students first. I am proud to support him for School Board,” said Councilman-Elect Frutos in a statement Saturday.

Councilman-Elect Frutos joins a growing list of local leaders who have endorsed Steve Ferguson’s campaign for the Board of Education, including U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman, School Board Member Dr. Roberta Reynolds, Councilmember Dr. David Gordon and former Mayors Mary Lou Howard, Marsha Ramos and Vince Stefano. Jr.

City Clerk Candidate Reports Endorsement

City Clerk candidate Gloria Salas’ campaign has reported that she has been endorsed by the powerful Burbank City Employees Association.

Salas, who has a BA in Legal studies and over 15 years as a Legal Administrator, was interviewed with the other two candidates and chosen as the most qualified.

“I interviewed before the Burbank City Employees Association endorsement group and have received its stamp of approval.  I’m very proud of the endorsement and humbled by it as I am a non-city employee and, yet, met its qualifications for endorsement.” said Salas

“This is particularly impressive and interesting in that she is the only candidate from the private sector and NOT a Burbank City employee like the other two candidates.” said a campaign spokesman.

Frutos Adds Endorsements, New Video From Nos

With the campaign coming down to the final days, candidates continue to receive endorsements.  Campaigning still is hot and heavy with David Nos releasing a new campaign video.

New Video from David Nos


Bob Frutos, Candidate for Burbank City Council has received the endorsement of the two Professional Law Enforcement Associations and additional endorsements including Burbank Community Leaders:

The Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena Airport Authority Police Officer Association (BGPAAPOA)

California Reserve Peace Officers Association

“As a 26 year law enforcement professional you will ensure public safety remains a top priority in Burbank. Your strong leadership on issues in the community will promote innovative approaches and solutions to solve the current and future issues facing the City of Burbank. The Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena Airport Authority Police Officer Association (BGPAAPOA) Board of Directors and its members proudly endorse your candidacy to the Burbank City Council. Sincerely, Jolene Dolan, President BGPAAPOA.”

“Dear Mr. Frutos: It is a pleasure to inform you that the California Reserve Peace Officers Association enthusiastically endorses your candidacy to the Burbank City Council. Your support of law enforcement and victim’s rights is to be commended. Sincerely, James C. Lombardi, President CRPOA”

“I am honored these two Professional Law Enforcement Organization have enthusiastically joined other Burbank Leaders in supporting me with their endorsement. I am also thankful to receive the following recent endorsements:” -Bob Frutos

Bob Bowne, Former Burbank Mayor and his wife, Dinanne Bowne,

Burbank City Employees Association (BCEA),

LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO,

Armenian National Committee of America, Burbank,

Jackie Waltman, Civil Service Board Member

Mullins Receives Multiple Endorsements in Bid for Clerk’s Seat

Mullins emdorsement

Congressman Adam Schiff with Zizette Mullins

Zizette Mullins, currently filling the term of Burbank’s previous City Clerk Margarita Campos, who retired in June, 2012 has received multiple endorsements from local officials in her own
bid for the City Clerk’s position.

“I’m very gratified by the endorsements and encouragement given to me by State Senator Carol Liu, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, Burbank’s Vice Mayor Gabel-Luddy and Council Members Bric, Gordon and Talamantes, along with former City Clerks Marge Lauerman and Merle Woodburn” said Mullins. “I’m especially thankful for the support of my staff, former City Clerk Mrs. Campos and the many community members who have helped me achieve a successful transition into this office through their advice and suggestions.”

Mullins has been a Burbank resident for more than 30 years and holds a degree in Business Management. Previously, she worked for the City of Glendale for 25 years, most recently filling
the position of Community Relations Manager.

“Elections are only successful if we can encourage a large number of residents to get out and vote,” Mullins said. “I’m asking all Burbank voters to return their ballots by February 26 th and
help us achieve the biggest turnout ever.” Mullins added that the postage on the ballots is being paid by the City this year so, “voting is free.”

Armenian National Committee of Burbank Announces Endorsements

The Armenian National Committee of America—Burbank (ANCA-B) has issued its endorsements for City Council, Board of Education, City Clerk and Measure S— a school bond, for the upcoming all-mail elections and separate March 5 election for the bond.

“We are proud to continue our two decades of participation in Burbank’s elections.  It is part of our efforts to integrate the growing Armenian community in town with all other parts of Burbank’s polity”, said Gaidzag Shahbazian, Electoral/Political Chair.

For City Council Bob Frutos, David Gordon, and Jess Talamantes are endorsed in the February 26 Primary election.  A total of six candidates are vying for three seats on the Council.

Dr. David Gordon, an optometrist, is a seven-year incumbent and was endorsed by the ANCA four years ago when he ran for reelection as.  He has been the strongest, on the current city Council, in supporting issues of concern to the Burbank Armenian community.

Jess Talamantes, a retired firefighter, lifelong Burbank resident, and incumbent, has also been helpful when the community needed matters addressed, and actively reached out seeking the community’s support.

Bob Frutos, a law enforcement professional who has served on Los Angeles’ bomb squad, has worked with Armenian community members on issues of concern.  He was endorsed by the ANCA two years ago when he first ran, and failed to get elected by a slim margin.

Larry Applebaum and Armond Aghkhanian are endorsed in the Board of Education race.  A total of five candidates are vying for two seats on the Board.

Larry Applebaum is a two term incumbent, a former pharmacist, builder, and electronics businessman who has earned the ANCA’s endorsement every time he has run.  He has been helpful countless times to the Armenian community, particularly when Homenetmen has needed facilities for its athletes to use.

Armond Aghkhanian is himself an ANCA activist, educator, and has long been politically active.  He brings the passion of a recent father who wants great schools for his child and will serve as a strong voice for the Armenian community’s needs.

Zizette Mullins is endorsed for City Clerk. A contested election for City Clerk does not often occur.  This time there are three candidates, since the previous Clerk retired several months ago.  In short time she has served, the appointed incumbent, Mullins, demonstrated that she is supportive of our minority community’s needs through her helpfulness.  This is a carryover of her actions from when she served in the Glendale City Manager’s office.

For all these positions— City Council, Board of Education, and City Clerk —the endorsed candidates might get elected outright, or, depending on the vote tallies, move on to the April 9 General election.

Measure S, a proposed bond to pay for Burbank schools’ modernization is also being endorsed, though it will be on the March 5 ballot.    Because of a legal quirk, Measure S will be voted on during a separate, regularly scheduled election on March 5, when Burbank residents will vote for Los Angeles Community College Board members.  This election is a traditional, polling place election.

Measure S is a proposal that will help bring the best of modern technology, whether in the form of computer systems or solar panels, to Burbank’s schools.  By doing this, it will reduce some the operating costs, allowing funds to be allocated to other pressing needs.  All this will come at a cost of just over a dollar and a half per month for the average Burbank homeowner over the next 25 years.

“As a parent, I’m proud that we’re endorsing two strong candidates for our School Board and supporting an important bond measure that will improve conditions for all Burbank students.  This continues our tradition of supporting matters important to Burbank, much as we did with Measure L in 2003 to support our libraries,” said Zareh Khachatourian, ANCA Burbank activist.

Elected Leaders Endorse Aghakhanian for School Board

Per a release issued Monday, the following statewide and legislative leaders endorse Armond Aghakhanian for the February 26th Burbank School Board (vote by mail only) election.

John Chiang, California State Controller
Kevin de León, California State Senator
Alex Padilla, California State Senator
Curren D. Price, Jr., California State Senator
Raul Bocanegra, California State Assemblymember
Bob Blumenfield, California State Assemblymember
Reggie Jones-Sawyer, California State Assemblymember
Katcho Achadjian, California State Assemblymember
Mike Feuer, Former California State Assemblymember
Dario Frommer, Former California State Assemblymember
Felipe Fuentes, Former California State Assemblymember
Mike Eng, Former California State Assemblymember
Warren Furutani, Former California State Assemblymember
“I am proud to have the support of these great leaders.  Their work and accomplishments have been an inspiration to me.  I know they share my commitment to education and I will work hard to measure up to the high standards they have set,” Aghakhanian said.
Aghakhanian is a professor at Burbank’s Woodbury University. For the past five years, he has taught courses in business, management, organizational leadership and government. Aghakhanian also serves the community on the Burbank and Greater East Valley Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, the City of Burbank’s Community Development Goals Committee and the Burbank Kiwanis Club. In 2010, Aghakhanian was honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
Aghakhanian earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Business Administration from Burbank’s Woodbury University. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.
Armond Aghakhanian and his wife, Dr. Gayane Gasamanyan, are residents of Burbank.  Their son recently celebrated his first birthday.

L. A. County Democratic Party Announces Endorsements for Local Elections

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) has endorsed the following candidates and measures for the March 5, 2013 local elections.  Additional endorsements are pending.

For a full list of endorsements or for more information, visit www.lacdp.org/endorsements.

Burbank City Clerk

Gloria Salas

Burbank City Council

David Gordon*

Juan Guillen Jr.

No Endorsement

Burbank Unified School District

Armond Aghakhanian

No Consensus

Burbank Teachers Endorse Two in School Board Race

The Burbank Teachers Association announced today its endorsements for two  seats on the Burbank Unified School District Board of Education to be elected in February.

“I am pleased that the Burbank Teachers Association has endorsed Armond Aghakhanian for school board,” said BTA president Lori Adams. “As a new parent and a university professor, Armond can see the perspective of all parents in the community and has a vested interest in the quality of education that we provide for our students. Armond brings many new ideas to the table as well as the perspective of our newcomers to our community and various political representatives. We look forward to working with Armond on many new projects that will enhance our curriculum as well as the finances of the District in the future. ”

“We are equally pleased to support Steve Ferguson for School Board,” continued Adams. “Steve has been very involved in many areas of city government in Burbank and will bring new ideas and energy to the board. He will listen to all members of the community and ultimately will do what is right for our students. We look forward to a positive campaign to show how knowledgeable and passionate Steve is about strengthening our schools.”

Aghakhanian is a university professor with extensive legislative and political expertise in education and health care issues. Ferguson previously served on the Burbank Board of Education as a student representative and has since served as a student trustee at Glendale Community College, on the board of the Boys and Girls Club and on the district’s Bond Oversight Committee.

BTA’s endorsement process included recommendations from a candidate interview committee and the BTA Board of Directors, and a vote of its Represent Council where each school site is represented.

Ferguson Begins to Lineup Important Endorsements From Elected Officials

In an email to supporters, Burbank School Board Candidate Steve Ferguson announced Tuesday that he has received the endorsement of Burbank City Council Member Dr. David Gordon.

“I endorse Steve Ferguson because he will bring a new and vital perspective that will energize our students by addressing the challenges faced by our district as a whole.” Said Dr. Gordon, who continued “Steve will bring the experience and dedication necessary to successfully guide our schools through these troubled economic times ”

Steve Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson also recently received the endorsement of Burbank Board of Education Clerk Dr. Roberta Reynolds.

“I’m looking for a different perspective on the board than the ones we already have. There is one candidate who not only has a strong commitment to our community and the experience in city government to hit the ground running, but who can also understand the students in our classrooms today. Mr. Steve Ferguson is that candidate.” Said Dr. Reynolds of her endorsement for the Ferguson campaign.

These recent endorsements add to an already broad and growing coalition of parents, community members, and local leaders who have signed on to support Steve Ferguson for School Board and are rapidly propagating a community-wide conversation about the need for new leadership to preserve and enhance public education through local participation.