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Hollywood Burbank Airport & Hudson Add PPE Vending Machines in Passenger Terminals

PPE vending machine in Terminal A, pre-security. Photo credit: Derrick Cheng

The health and safety of our travelers, employees, and all Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) users is our top priority. Stepping up efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, two PPE vending machines have been installed in both Terminals A and B, making personal protective equipment readily available by all users of the Airport.

Working with Hudson, the Airport’s current travel convenience concessionaire, now you can purchase a variety of PPE right inside the Airport. One PPE machine will be located pre-security in Terminal A, next to the airline ticket counters and before TSA check point, photograph on page 2. The second PPE machine will be located pre-security in Terminal B, in the baggage claim area. Items for sale include:

  • A variety of face coverings – disposable, cloth and KN95.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes.
  • Nitrile gloves.
  • Infrared and digital thermometers.
  • All-in-one hygiene kits.
  • UV-C cell phone sanitizer case.
  • UV-C toothbrush sanitizer case.

“We’ve been a proud partner of Hollywood Burbank Airport since 2016, and so it is our responsibility to ensure we are providing their travelers with the product offerings and shopping experiences they are looking for,” said Brian Quinn, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of Hudson. “With the introduction of our PPE vending machines, we are making it easier than ever for travelers to purchase essential health and safety products needed to stay safe and comfortable during their travels.”

“We’re pleased that Hudson is not only providing the basic PPE items such as face coverings, hand sanitizers and gloves, but also taking it a step further and providing infrared and digital thermometers, along with UV-C cell phone and toothbrush sanitizing cases, in the vending machines inside the Airport,” said Frank Miller, executive director of Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport will continue to make modifications to how we do business when necessary, upholding that the Airport continues to operate safely. The Airport will continue to disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily and asks everyone to wear a face covering in public spaces of the Airport as ordered by State of California, practice social distancing, and encourage frequent hand washing.

Hollywood Burbank Airport to Reopen Terminal B, Valet for Passenger Services

After temporarily closing the Valet parking on March 30 and Terminal B operations on April 10, due to reduced passenger traffic related to COVID-19, Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) will reopen Terminal B on Thursday, July 2 and reopen its valet parking services to passengers wishing to valet their vehicles while traveling.

All departing and arriving flights on Alaska and United, their ticket counter and baggage services, as well as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security screenings, will resume from Terminal B.


  • Spirit Airlines ticket counters will remain in Terminal A, but passengers will proceed to Terminal B for TSA security screening, boarding aircraft, and baggage services.
  • American and Southwest will continue to operate in Terminal A as normal.
  • Delta and JetBlue services are temporarily suspended until further notice.

We will continue to make modifications to how we do business when necessary, upholding that BUR continues to operate safely, asking everyone to wear a face-covering in public spaces as ordered by the State of California, practice social distancing, hand washing, and will continue to disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, SP+, the valet operator, will be implementing the following safety procedures when you drop off your vehicle:

  • Valet team members must always wear face masks and gloves when handling vehicles.
  • Markers will be placed on the ground to remind customers to practice socialdistancing while waiting for their vehicle or paying their parking fees.

Here are all the ways to pay for Valet parking at BUR while social distancing:

  • Pre-book and pay directly throughHollywoodBurbankAirport.com on your own device prior to your trip.
  • Use the Airport’s Express payment kiosks that accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and pre-booked reservation QR codes.
  • To retrieve your vehicle from Valet, call or text 818-626-3922, or use an Airport courtesy phone and enter your ticket number, or utilize an express pay terminal

Hollywood Burbank Airport Temporarily Consolidates Terminal Operations

As Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and airlines continue to experience reduced passenger traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BUR will temporarily close Terminal B operations on Friday, April 10.

All Alaska, Delta, and United airlines departing and arriving flights, ticket counter and baggage services, as well as Transportation Security Administration security screenings, will move to Terminal A. American, JetBlue, and Southwest airlines will continue to operate in Terminal A as normal. Signs will be posted outside Terminal B directing passengers to Terminal A.

We will continue to make modifications to how we do business when necessary, upholding that BUR continues to operate safely, while promoting social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily.

Hollywood Burbank Airport Increasing Cleaning

Hollywood Burbank Airport, in cooperation with its janitorial contractor, Diverse Facility Solutions (DFS), is having DFS workers spray every surface of the Airport with a highly effective disinfectant, using the Protexus sprayer made by EvaClean.

The Protexus is a cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer that charges a dilution of a 3M disinfectant product known to be effective against C. diff and coronaviruses. The disinfectant currently meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria for disinfectant that are effective against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The spray is a very fine mist that adheres to hard non-porous surfaces as well as to soft surfaces such as fabrics or upholstery. The electrostatic charge allows the spray to attract to the surface, rather than float in the air, bringing 360-degree, touchless disinfection and sanitizing capabilities. The product is dry in 10 minutes.

The disinfectant will be applied nightly to all surfaces throughout the Airport on all high touch areas, doorknobs, flooring and carpets, computer workstations, seating and restrooms.

“The Airport’s new Safety Management System program led by Sumire Spurlock, has provided the Airport with a path to identify and purchase the Protexus sprayer and 3M disinfectant product for DFS to use throughout the Airport to help slow down this pandemic,” said Frank Miller, executive director of Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Deadline for Real ID Changed Due to Coronavirus

The Department of Homeland Security has changed the deadline for Real ID compliance to October 1, 2021, one year from the original date of Oct. 1, 2020, due the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading across America.

If Burbank residents plan on flying home for the Holidays or leaving on a vacation after the deadline, you will need a Real ID or other federally approved form of identification to board your domestic flight; without the correct ID, you will be left standing in the airport lobby watching your vacation leave without you.

All travelers flying domestically, including those leaving out of Hollywood Burbank Airport, will require an approved form of identification to board their flights. A Real ID is a federally approved state driver’s license or ID card that can be used to enter secured federal facilities, nuclear power plants and eventually to board federally regulated airliners. Plane tickets or a standard state ID or driver’s license will not be accepted by the TSA as identification, and travelers will not be allowed past their security check points. Kids under 18 will not need a Real ID. Other forms of ID that will be accepted include: state-issued enhanced driver’s license—California does not offer enhanced driver’s license—Military ID and valid passports. Information on Real ID can be found at the DHS website. Real IDs will not be required for international flights.

Real IDs are issued by the DMV. Having the new Real ID is not required by California. The public will still be able to obtain a standard state driver’s license or ID card.

In an effort to alert Burbank’s travelers to the change, the Hollywood Burbank Airport has been working with the California DMV and TSA to educated travelers about the new ID requirements.

“We have a video playing at Terminal A [70% of flights go through Terminal A checkpoint], and we have been putting posters all around the airport,” said Director of Public Affairs and Communication Lucy Burghdorf

Because of the pandemic, the DMV has asked those who do not have an urgent need to go to a DMV office to delay making Real ID appointments. Updates on the status of the DMV will be posted on their website.

The Real ID Act was passed in 2005 to improve the security of driver’s license and personal ID cards. The Act was the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission Report; its intent was to prevent terrorists from boarding domestic flights. However, right to privacy group’s lawsuits and objections from states delayed its implementation. Fifteen years later nearly all of the US states and territories have complied with the Act’s requirements, but as of January they have only issued 95 million Real IDs out of the 245 million cards total.

Sixth Meeting of the Noise Task Force Held

FAA Representatives listen to presentations. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

While FAA representatives sat listening with passive, stone-like faces, studies and suggested solutions were presented at the sixth meeting of the Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force held Feb. 19 to discuss solutions for the ongoing problem of airliner jet noise over the Southern region of the San Fernando Valley–including the City of Burbank.

HMMH Inc., an environmental and transportation consulting firm, gave a detailed and lengthy presentation supplying studies, research and the pros and cons of the suggested solutions; the Task Force and community groups listened intently.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

When HMMH confirmed air traffic from Hollywood Burbank and Van Nuys Airports had increased from 2017 to 2020, cheers and clapping erupted from the frustrated residents in the audience. Community groups have long said the extreme noise did not start until 2017 after the implementation of the FFA’s NextGen program. The NextGen satellite-based airliner navigational system, created to make flights safer, efficient and quieter, moved flight routes over the Valley from their historic paths.                   

A collective proposal by several community groups gave their own research and recommendations. Potential solutions included having planes climb to a higher altitude immediately after takeoff, dispersing flight routes in a wider range over the Valley, so no single community would suffer the bulk of jet noise and that the routes be returned to their historical paths. The FAA has said they will not return the routes to their earlier paths.

Beth Fulton, president of the Valley Village Homeowners Association said, “We have taken pieces of each group’s presentation and tried to figure out how is there a piece of this that can work, so everybody can try and get some relief. Our continued message is, share, share, share.”

 The FFA disqualified most of the recommendations claiming FAA regulations, limitations on airspace, airliner safety, traffic from other airports and many other explanations.  

A newcomer to the Task Force meetings was Pacoima Beautiful representing the North East San Fernando Valley.

 “Some of the proposals that have been submitted in terms of changing flight paths is really concentrating most of the flight paths North of the airport–basically over our communities. We have a problem with that,” said Andres Ramirez, director of Pacoima Beautiful.

Burbank Mayor Sharon Springer. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

“We just have to be very fair in our recommendations,” said City of Burbank Mayor Sharon Springer. “We will make recommendations and those recommendations will go to the FAA, and they will say yes or no. The FAA may know another way to achieve that same outcome.”

Several community groups from the affected areas and representatives of the local congressional districts and California’s Senators were in attendance.

Suzanne Lewis, board member of the Valley Village Neighborhood Council was direct, “You know who regulates them [FAA].  Congress. That’s who they’ll listen to. So that’s who we need to be putting pressure on. I’m glad our congressmen are here. Even the senators… their representatives are here.”

The Task Force has just under a month to recommend possible solutions to the complex issue of Valley jet noise. The next meeting of the Task Force will be April 2 at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport Reports Increased Numbers in November

Airline passenger traffic at Hollywood Burbank Airport maintained the upward trend of passenger increases for the month of November 2019. The November 2019 passenger count of 525,279 is an increase of 9.50 percent over the November 2018 passenger count of 479,719. Year-to-date, January through November 2019 total passenger count of 5,429,217 is an increase of 13.14 percent over January through November 2018 total passenger count of 4,798,818.

Commercial aircraft operations increased 8.43 percent, and general aviation operations increased 20.24 percent when compared to November 2018.

Total aircraft operations increased in November 2019 with 12,054 total aircraft operations, a 14.85 percent increase compared to 10,495 total aircraft operations in November 2018.

The top three airlines in November 2019 based on passenger count were Southwest Airlines (360,137), Alaska Airlines (41,684) and United Airlines (33,279).

Residents Continue to Voice Frustration With Jet Noise

The Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force held their fifth meeting Wednesday, where elected officials and frustrated San Fernando residents voiced complaints over the loud jet noise assaulting their communities from above.

Groups representing Burbank and several southern Valley communities gave presentations and asked questions of the elected officials and FAA representatives. During their presentations suggestions and requests to solve the noise problem were made. Burbank Mayor Sharon Springer and Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy were in attendance.

Quiet Burbank Skies gave a detailed study showing the increase of flights in recent years from Burbank airport. Burbank citizens complained of loud daily jet noise—sometimes as extreme as 80 to 100 decibels—jets flying at low altitudes which increased their noise loudness while passing overhead and noise from flights taking off as late as 3am waking residents. According to the study Burbank airport has not been enforcing its own noise regulations or after curfew take off rules. The last flight allowed to be scheduled at Burbank airport is 10 p.m.

In Nov. 2019, 6,000 complaints about loud jet noise were made.

“It’s just noisy all the time,” said Judith Fraser who lives in Laurel Canyon. “We have had noise but not like this. This is really sever. It seems like they are flying lower…more flights and lower.”

Quiet Burbank Skies claimed the extreme jet noise started after the Next Generation Air Transportation System, called NexGen, was implemented in 2017.  NextGen, a satellite-based navigation system was created to make flights safer, quieter, and more efficient. The city of Los Angeles sued the FAA in Dec. 2019 because of plane noise over the San Fernando Valley and the FAA’s lack of action. The suit asks that the FAA return flights to pre-NextGen routes.

Planes taking off at a higher altitude, making their turns over the Valley sooner, Burbank airport imposing fines for violations of noise and after curfew plane take offs and returning to pre-NextGen flight routes were all solutions given by the community groups.  

Questions asked to the FAA’s representatives by elected officials and residents were not answered. The agency replied they could not answer questions due to the litigation with Los Angeles. The refusal to provide any information frustrated and angered the meeting’s audience members some of who were holding up signs reading Fix it Now, Play Fair and Liar.

The panel of elected officials and representatives said no action would be considered until the series of task force meetings was finished. The final airport task force meeting will be held Feb. 19 at the Los Angles Marriott Burbank Airport hotel.

L. A. City Attorney to FAA: Fix Hollywood Burbank Flight Paths

L. A. City Attorney Mike Feuer has sent two letters to the FAA.

One to the Western-Pacific Regional Administrator, Raquel Girvin, demanding that the FAA direct the tower to tell flights to stay within the route used before ‘NextGen’ was implemented.

The full letter can be read here.

The second letter was sent to the FAA Operations Support Group in Washington State that the FAA prepare an environmental assessment before aircraft resume the new routes.

The full letter can be read here.

The has been no comment from either the City of Burbank or the Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport Commission as of this time.



Hollywood Burbank Airport Announces Open House for Final Charrette Workshop

Hollywood Burbank Airport invites the community to the sixth and final design charrette workshop on Saturday, October 26, 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

The design charrette workshop process is coming to an end and we’re celebrating with an open house event at Hollywood Burbank Airport. We will unveil the complete community-based vision for the replacement passenger terminal (RPT) as well as debut the official project name.

Taking place on-site of the RPT, this family-friendly event has activities for all ages including interactive games, balloon artists, giveaways, food and more!

The open house format will display all the work created at our previous five charrette workshops and give the community one last chance to provide comments on the design features and amenities they would like to see in the RPT.

Attendees of more than three of the previous design charrette workshops will be entered into a raffle to win one of three prizes.

Charrette #6 Open House: .

Hollywood Burbank Airport
2821 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

Free parking in Lot A at the intersection of Hollywood Way and Winona Avenue