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Tangkhpanya Picks Up Endorsements of Former Students

Release from Jesse Tangkhpanya:

Stanford University student Matthew Daniel, the Valedictorian for the Burbank class of 2013-14, endorsed Jesse “Tangk” Tangkhpanya for Burbank school board today, underscoring Tangk’s strong support from Burbank youth.

“When I graduated school, my number one concern was the rising cost of tuition,” Tangk said, “I would never have made it without subsidized loans and Pell Grants. That is why I am committed to address at the local level ways to lower overall student debt. Win or lose this election, I plan to highlight this discussion during our public forums, and demand that our next leaders come up with proactive solutions.”

Additionally, 13-14 graduates Casey Moore and Johnnie Han endorsed Tangk as well. Moore and Han had the honor of being the only graduates that school year to be selected for full rides to Harvard University, a recent distinction for the Burbank Unified School District. Although pleased that these academic students received full rides, Tangk said that there was more that the District could do for those not as fortunate to receive fully paid college entry.

Opining on a recent event reported on the Burbank Leader, Tangk released a statement for the media: “This board unanimously voted to spend $80,000 on woodchips for one school,” Tangk said. “That to me is unacceptable. That money could have went to supporting additional honors courses; courses that if taken, would have reduced the overall tuition debt of entering college students.”

The top academic students have been politically active in honor courses and the fine arts. Moore was most recently a board member of the California YMCA Youth and Government group.