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Muir United Focuses On Tolerance And Diversity For The Future

Four-time Emmy-Award-winning actor Jim Parsons gave the keynote speech to students at John Muir Middle School for Muir United on Thursday, November 16, a day filled with presentations focusing on diversity and tolerance for the entire student body.

“Muir United was a day devoted to bringing our students together on issues of acceptance, tolerance and unity,” explained Principal Greg Miller. “Through a great lineup of speakers, we were able to have a day of dialogue with students about their feelings and perspectives on our differences and similarities across race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and more.”

muir united

Emmy-Award-winning actor Jim Parsons gave the keynote speech at Muir United, a Muir Middle School event focusing on tolerance and diversity. Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

More than 25 different presentations ranging from live music, visual arts, comedy and drama to straightforward discussions were given throughout the day for Muir United.

In addition to Parsons, the list of presenters included: Teen Truth, Chris Hendricks of Perfectly Afflicted, Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A., Ten West, Special Olympics, USC Interfaith Council, PFLAG, Eva DeVirgilis, Kourtney Kang, Armenian National Committee of America, Survivors of the Holocaust, Soraya Deen/Muslim Women Speakers Movement, John Muir Drama, Dr. Faustin Uzabakiliho, Shahe Mankerian, Sheldon Borenstein, Shelly Barish, Tori Cuseo, Cathy Howard and Julie Van Lohn, Jose Gonzalez and Amelia Cheatum, Chuck Rhodes, Joanna Vargas, Dr. Davina Kotulski, Brenda B. Smith and Erica Orozco Cruz.

muir united

Dr. Faustin Uzabakiliho, a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda and author of “Flight For Life: A Journey From Rwanda,” spoke to students at Muir Middle School. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Parsons, perhaps best known for his portrayal of the character Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, confided to the Muir student body assembled on Mustang Field that he was still nervous to stand and speak in front of people.

“Middle school is so appropriately titled – it is the middle of a young person’s life,” he said. “Middle school is this really awkward middle bridge between that childhood bubble and that young adult bubble.”

“I don’t think there is a better group of people or age for a day like this – to talk about and to think about what it means to be tolerant of other people, accepting of other people, non-judging of other people – than you who stand here on this very odd bridge,” Parsons continued.

Gay Men’s Choir of Los Angeles performed in the Muir cafeteria. Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“It’s equally important to think about what [the presenters] say in relation to how you treat yourself. Think about what it means to be tolerant and accepting of yourself, too.”

“Be patient with yourself,” Parsons also counseled. “At this age you don’t have to know exactly who you are or what you want to be in order to have room in your heart to be accepting of others who are different.”

“Try to learn from [mistakes], forgive yourself and move on,” he said. “As you go through today, listen for two people – your neighbor… and… yourself. Be kind to your neighbor and be kind to yourself.”

Survivors of the Holocaust gave a presentation in the Muir library. Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Principal Miller noted the outpouring of interest from the school staff and the community when the school site team first decided to organize the Muir United event, earlier this year in April.

“We never envisioned it this big, involving this many presenters,” Miller said. “People are interested in the topic – this idea that you need to educate kids on the need to be accepting… to embrace this idea of unity.”

“The kids were completely engaged and the speakers delivered,” Miller added. “Our hope is that our students are more tolerant and kind to one another and that, rather than this being a great day, it is the start of a great movement and mindset for all of us.”

Muir Middle School Teacher Becomes Published Author

Bill Esparza, a Special Education Teacher at John Muir Middle School, recently had his book, L.A. Mexicano, published.

A recipient of a James Beard award for his coverage of the L.A. taco scene in Los Angeles Magazine, Esparza is considered one of the country’s leading experts on Mexican food. 

In addition to hosting the annual Tacolandia festival in Los Angeles, he also appears regularly on CNN and KCRW’s radio show Good Food

Last weekend, he was a featured speaker at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Muir Shrew Day Engages Eighth-Graders

Eighth-grade students at John Muir Middle School participated in the fourteenth-annual Shrew Day festivities on Thursday, February 2. Sponsored by the PTSA, Muir Shrew Day was the culmination of four weeks of English class study of William Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of the Shrew for all 150 students.

Muir Shrew Day began with a shortened performance of The Taming of the Shrew, produced by Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum, a professional theatre group located in Topanga Canyon.

“Taming of the Shrew” day at John Muir Middle School in Burbank. (Photo Courtesy Jennifer Moses)

The students then split into groups and 15 actors from the troupe led them through Shakespearian-related workshops on juggling, fencing, scansion (metered poetry typical of the time), Elizabethan song and dance and commedia dell’arte characters (stock characters like the fool, an old man, a peasant.)

Each eighth-grader was able to rotate through three workshops in the morning before breaking for lunch. Then students enjoyed original Shakespeare-related songs played by the Shrew Band.

The two-hour student production of The Taming of the Shrew was a group effort by all eighth-grade students, several PTSA parent volunteers and eighth-grade English teachers Justin Riner, Rod Rothacher, Ted DeVirgilis, Mark Norberg and Steven Moos.

“Taming of the Shrew” day at John Muir Middle School in Burbank. (Photo Courtesy Jennifer Moses)

In preparation for the performance, each English class worked on one of the 17 scenes of the play during class time in the weeks preceding Muir Shrew Day, explained DeVirgilis.

“Students either acted in the scene – complete with costumes by costume/foods teacher, Donna Collier – or help to direct it,” DeVirigilis added. “Language learners and special needs students also acted in the student performance of The Taming of the Shrew.”

“The complex play, in which a domineering Petruchio ‘tames’ a shrewish (read: wild) woman, is also an opportunity for teachers to discuss how the roles of men and women have changed over the centuries,” DeVirgilis went on to say.

“Although the play has been called misogynistic by a few critics, Kate, the shrew, delivers the most powerful lines of the play: ‘My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart, concealing it, will break. I will be free as I please in words.'”

“Students are better for analyzing and reciting the words of William Shakespeare,” he said.

“Taming of the Shrew” day at John Muir Middle School in Burbank. (Photo Courtesy Jennifer Moses)

“Students had a blast speaking the words of ‘The Bard’ and seeing their friends dressed up in Elizabethan garb,” DeVirigilis added. “Following the performance, students had a chance to ‘Win Dr. Miller’s Money’ if they could answer trivia questions on Shakespeare and Elizabethan life.”

The John Muir PTSA supplied all the funding to bring in the Will Geer professional and teaching artists.

“The eighth grade English teachers at Muir are proud that the thousands of students who have gone through our school over the past fourteen years have had a positive first experience with Shakespeare,” DeVirgilis said.

“The Taming of the Shrew is successful at Muir because the only way to truly appreciate and understand the greatest English playwright is to ‘speak the speech…trippingly on the tongue,’ as Hamlet, from another Shakespearean classic, once said.”

Muir Outdoor Classroom Supports Outside The Box Learning

Burbank Unified and City of Burbank officials, middle school students, Nickelodeon Studios and Woodbury University personnel gathered on Friday, October 21, to dedicate the John Muir Outdoor Classroom.

“In the space where a condemned bungalow once stood, there is now a beautiful outdoor classroom on the campus of John Muir Middle School,” commented Principal Dr. Greg Miller. “The project came together through a wonderful partnership with Woodbury University and Nickelodeon.”

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

Miller specifically thanked Woodbury School of Architecture Professors Jeanine Centouri and Oscar Corletto, for their efforts and their students’ efforts creating the design for the Muir Outdoor Classroom.

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

He also thanked Carson Smith from Nickelodeon for allocating resources and focusing volunteer efforts of several studio employees and interns.

Miller recognizes the work of several employees of BUSD Facilities including Pedro Mejia, John Uribe, Mark Clarke, Randy Ogawa and Kurt Hauffe, who have been instrumental in the building and beautification of the project.

He noted the efforts of the Mosaic Tile Team of Erica Bootchk, Kristina Panfilova and Yukako Inoue, as their mosaic art installation for the space continues to develop.

The previous occupant of the space, an aging bungalow which had not been able to be used for several years, was removed in the summer of 2015. Muir Middle School contacted Woodbury University’s School of Architecture and asked for help to design an outdoor classroom, explained Miller and were connected with Centouri, the director of the University’s Architecture and Civic Engagement (ACE) Center.

“The design and, most importantly, the installation of the outdoor classroom at Muir became the spring semester project for a group of nine upper class students in the School of Architecture,” said Miller.

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

Centouri and Corletto, along with their student team, interviewed Muir teachers, staff and parents to get an understanding of what they envisioned for the space.

“After several options were presented to the Muir stakeholders, a singular design was agreed upon.”

The team started building the wall, stage and seating in January. All told, the 40-seat, 2,000 square foot structure took four months to construct.

In May, as part of the company’s annual Viacommunity Day, Nickelodeon sent over 50 volunteers to dig holes, plant hedges, trees and greenery and fill in the space with over 25 cubic yards of mulch, added Miller.

The space is now enjoyed on a daily basis by Muir’s 1,400 students. English, science, math and enrichment classes have all been held in the Muir Outdoor Classroom since students returned to school in August.

“It’s a great place for 11, 12 and 13 -year-olds to hang out,” he said.

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

Muir Students Prepare “Homeland: Poetry In Performance” Encore

English Language Development (ELD) students at John Muir Middle School recently presented Homeland: Poetry in Performance onstage at the school auditorium for family, friends and school officials. Students give an encore performance Friday, February 5, at the Muir Middle School Auditorium for Burbank City officials and invited guests.

Approximately 48 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students, most of whom have emigrated to the United States within the past few years, participated in a series of workshops in November and December 2015 and January 2016 to prepare for Homeland: Poetry in Performance.

Students from John Muir Middle School present "Homeland: Poetry in Performance." (Photo Courtesy of Jessica Wertlieb)

Students from John Muir Middle School present “Homeland: Poetry in Performance.” (Photo Courtesy of Jessica Wertlieb)

Led by artist teacher Kate Randolph and funded with a grant from Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA) and seed money from Walt Disney Studios and the Music Center, students in Jessica Wertlieb and Jim Koontz’ Beginner and Early Advanced ELD classes analyzed and wrote poetry and studied works of a few American poets.

Some of the students wrote about what they missed the most about their country, about their house and their bedroom and what they’d like to go back and see, said seventh-grader Fima Kaoumi. Kaoumi emigrated from Syria and has been in the Burbank area for a little more than three years.

She worked on a group script with several other students. Here is an excerpt:

Piunik: I feel sad that I’m not with my grandmother in Tehran.

Clara: I worry about my cousins Kevin and Mousa in Syria.

Alexandr: Home is my country, Armenia, my friends and my family and me.

Nora: I worry about the rose in my garden because it gets frozen.

Karen: I see a picture of my friend and me when we were little and we were playing chess.

Fima: I worry if somebody took the pictures off the wall of my bedroom.

Alina: I try to remember my room.

Piunik: I dream of peace and joy for my country.

Clara: I say to my mom that I will not forget how to speak Arabic.

Alexandr: I dream that I’m going to be the President of Armenia.

Nora: I say that it’s not good to be fighting, because the humans are friends, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents.

Fima: I dream about seeing my friends once again and jumping rope and laughing.

Alina: I hope that my friends still remember me.

Karen: I hope to go and see my home again.

Muir Middle School seveth-graders Nora Fulup, Fima Kaoumi and Mishel Hartooni all enjoyed the process of creating "Homeland: Poetry In Performance." (from left to right) (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Muir Middle School seventh-graders Nora Fulup, Fima Kaoumi and Mishel Hartooni all enjoyed the process of creating “Homeland: Poetry In Performance.” (from left to right) (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Nora Fulup, also in seventh-grade, came to Burbank from Romania about seven months ago. She wonders what will happen to the beautiful purple and red roses at the home she left, because the weather is freezing now in Romania.

It was very scary for her to get up on stage for the performance because she had never done that before, Fulup said, but she was really happy she gave the performance.

She really enjoyed the experience, saying, “It was good for studying and for remembering the homelands. And, for making friends.”

Hailing from Iran, seventh-grader Mishel Hartooni has been in Burbank for about three years. He also enjoyed studying poetry and writing his part for the group performance.

“[We] wrote mostly about our family and our friends in our countries and homelands. For example, my friend Alex [wrote] about his friends,” said Hartooni. “Mine was about my grandpa and his car… It was all about our homes.”

Students from John Muir Middle School rehearse "Homeland: Poetry in Performance." (Photo Courtesy of Jessica Wertlieb)

Students from John Muir Middle School rehearse “Homeland: Poetry in Performance.” (Photo Courtesy of Jessica Wertlieb)

Students worked on presentation skills, including articulation and non-verbal movements, with Randolph to help communicate moods and meanings found in the poems, explained Wertlieb.

“The purpose of this program is for the English Language Development (ELD) students to work with a professional actor, Kate Randolph, to explore and write poetry, universal themes and to present individually and as a group,” she added. “The performance enables the students to practice the reading, speaking and listening skills they need while building self confidence.”

“The students show incredible growth during and after this experience, not just in their basic skills, but in their self-confidence as well.”

The 2015-16 school year marks the fourth year in a row Randolph has visited Muir for the weekly series of workshops, held over three months.

“This year was different, however, because she incorporated the students’ own writing into their performances,” said Wertlieb.

Kaoumi enjoyed learning the movements to the different poems, working with the other kids and performing, too.

“It helps me improve my English and I learned a lot of new words that I never heard before,” she added.

The students hail from countries including Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Russia, Iran, Thailand, Romania, Hungary, Syria, El Salvador, Mexico, Czech Republic, Brazil and France.  In addition to their self-created poems, the middle-schoolers recited works from poets Mahmoud Darwish, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Harumi Ikeda.

Muir Middle School Hall Of Heroes Unveiled

John Muir Middle School unveiled “Hall of Heroes,” a new series of murals painted by local artist Randall Williams, at a ceremony on Thursday afternoon, October 8. Fifteen notable figures from throughout the world have been painted in large portrait-style in the school’s 100 hallway.

“I wanted to make each person really come to life in the paintings,” Williams commented. “I’ve been an artist all of my life and with this project, I wanted to have the students look at them and say, ‘wow.’”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“My hope is that these kids research these figures and learn more about them,” he continued. “I want [the portraits] to speak to them beyond the images.”

The notable leaders portrayed in the mural were selected by the teachers and administrators, and each portrait includes a quote to inspire students.

The Muir Middle School Hall of Heroes includes:

  • Susan B. Anthony – Women’s Rights Activist
  • Cesar Chavez – Civil Rights Activist
  • Malala Yousafzai – Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • Frida Kahlo – Painter
  • Helen Keller – Author/Political Activist
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – Activist/humanitarian
  • Herman Melville – Novelist
  • Little Richard – Song Writer and Musician
  • Theodore Roosevelt – U.S. President
  • Aung San Suu Kyi – Burmese Politician
  • William Saroyan – Dramatist/Author
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Women’s Rights Activist/Abolitionist
  • Harriet Tubman – Abolitionist
  • Elie Wiesel – Writer/Political Activist
  • John Muir – School Namesake and Naturalist/Author/Environmental Philosopher
(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Maha Bitar, ASB President, opened the program with the Pledge of Allegiance. The Muir Symphonic Band, led by Suzie Snell, performed the “Star Spangled Banner” and the Muir Imaginations choir, led by Lydia Lee, performed “This Land Is Your Land.”

Burbank High School twelfth-grader Brandon Kilham gave a presentation in the character of the school’s namesake, John Muir. A tribute to Little Richard, written by teachers Glen Jaffe and Steven Moos was performed by Jaffe, Moos, teacher Bill Esparza and eighth-grader Khalil Mansour.

The Muir Middle School Hall of Heroes was sponsored by Logix Federal Credit Union. The project took 11 weeks over the summer break to complete.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“We’re proud to have both Logix Federal Credit Union and Randall Williams partner with us again to create these portraits of historical leaders,” Principal Greg Miller said. “Our students will have the opportunity to see these people who made a difference and some still continue to improve the world. We’ve already incorporated their stories into our classroom conversations.”

In 2014, Logix sponsored a 5,000 square-foot mural of Yosemite, Yosemite Valley, in the sixth-graders lunch area. This piece was one of many that Williams has completed for Burbank Unified Schools and the largest mural in the City of Burbank.


John Muir Service Day Volunteers Beautify Middle School Campus

More than 120 students, parents, volunteers and staff turned out for John Muir Service Day during the morning hours of Saturday, April 18. The grounds of the large campus were weeded and trimmed and new plants and trees were placed in the ground.

“It was a huge success,” commented John Muir Middle School Principal Dr. Greg Miller. “It was amazing to see so many different people come together today to beautify the Muir campus.”

John Muir Middle School Principal Dr. Greg Miller (kneeling, lower left) with school employees and volunteers spruce up the school campus for Muir Service Day. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

John Muir Middle School Principal Dr. Greg Miller (kneeling, lower left) with school employees and volunteers spruce up the school campus for Muir Service Day. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

“It was equally impressive to see how much work could be done when everyone helps out,” he added.

The volunteers and staff planted 70 flats of groundcover between the 100 and 300 halls and 10 rose bushes in the front of the school and near the teachers’ cafeteria. They also planted 16 additional ornamental bushes to create a hedge for the new outdoor classroom and two Chinese Elm trees on the school’s Lower Field.

Volunteers plant colorful rose bushes near the entrance of John Muir Middle School. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Volunteers plant colorful rose bushes near the entrance of John Muir Middle School. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Additionally, the Student Garden area was completely weeded, trimmed and cleaned, in preparation for the restart of the garden club in the 2015-16 school year.

John Muir Service Day coincided with the school namesake’s April 21 birthday. Muir Middle School honors the famed naturalist annually in various ways. Last year, the school unveiled the Yosemite Valley art installation at the school’s covered lunch patio.

Student volunteers clean up the Student Garden area at John Muir Middle School.(Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Student volunteers clean up the Student Garden area at John Muir Middle School.(Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Logix Federal Credit Union and Nickelodeon co-sponsored the event, providing supplies and materials.

“John Muir Service Day was a great success in so many ways,” Miller also said. “We had a lot of involvement from every element of the Muir community, everyone had a lot of fun and we were able to add so much beautiful greenery to the campus.”

John Muir Holds Off Luther and Jordan to Win All-City Track Meet

John Muir crossed the finish line once again as the City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir crossed the finish line once again as the City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School proved dominant once again in the Tri-Middle School All-City Track and Field championships held last Saturday at Memorial Stadium. The Mustangs reigned supreme over Luther Burbank Middle School and David Starr Jordan Middle School.

Muir claimed four of the six divisions (every level except 8th grade girls and 6th grade girls). The Mustangs swept both the 7th grade boys and girls divisions while splitting 8th grade with Luther (girls champs) and 6th grade with Jordan (girls champs). Overall, Muir won the boys title with 270 points and the girls title with 236.5 points. Luther took second and Jordan placed third.

After combining all the points from the boys and girls events for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, John Muir tallied 506.5 points, Luther Burbank finished with 399.5 and David Starr Jordan had 328.

It was the Mustangs’ 13th city championship over the last 14 years including nine consecutive titles.

List of MVPs for each grade level are listed below.

Results for 8th grade, 7th grade, 6th grade and cumulative points below-

1st- MUIR 92 1st- LUTHER 103
2nd- JORDAN 64 2nd- JORDAN 54
3rd- LUTHER 50 3rd- MUIR 47
1st- MUIR 82 1st- MUIR 113
1st- LUTHER 82 2nd- LUTHER 77
3rd- JORDAN 38 3rd- JORDAN 17
1st- MUIR 96 1st- JORDAN 97
2nd- JORDAN 58 2nd- MUIR 76.5
3rd- LUTHER 54 3rd- LUTHER 33.5
1st- MUIR 270.0 1st- MUIR 236.5
2nd- LUTHER 186.0 2nd- LUTHER 213.5
3rd- JORDAN 160.0 3rd- JORDAN 168.0
1st- MUIR 506.5
2nd- LUTHER 399.5
3rd- JORDAN 328.0
6th Grade Boys 6th Grade Girls
Jack Sapyta – Jordan Jayla Flowers – Jordan
1st – 100 Meters 1st – 4X100 Relay / Record
1st – 200 Meters 1st- 100 Meters / Record
2nd- 70 M Hurdles
2nd- 4 X 100 Relay Emily Rohan – Jordan
1st- 4X100 Relay / Record
Jimmy Nealis – Luther 1st- Long Jump
1st- 800 Meters New Record 1st- High Jump
1st- 1600 Meters
7th Grade Boys 7th Grade Girls
Fernando Morales – Muir Kiara Teixeira – Muir
1st – 400 Meters 1st- 70 M Hurdles
1st- 800 Meters 1st- 100 Meters
2nd- Long Jump High Jump 1st- 4X400 Relay
2nd- Long Jump Hurdles 2nd- Long Jump
Katie Treadway – Muir
1st- 200 Meters/Record
1st- High Jump
1st- 4 X 400 Relay
2nd- 100 Meters
8th Grade Boys 8th Grade Girls
Joshua Johnson – Jordan Lakely Nealis – Luther
1st – 100 Meters / Record 1st – 1600 Meters
1st – 200 Meters / Record 1st – 800 Meters
1st – 4X100 Relay 1st – 4X400 Relay
1st – 400 Meters
Luke Johnson – Muir
1st – 1600 Meters Jada Martinez-Reese – Luther
1st- 800 Meters 1st – 100 Meters / Record
1st- 4 X 400 Relay 1st – 70 M Hurdles
1st – Long Jump

8th Grade Boys and Girls

8TH GRADE BOYS Luther – 50
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Chance Van Hook Muir 10.80 1st Luke Johnson Muir 02:22.0
2nd Michael Le Luther 10.90 2nd Jaden Martin Muir 02:23.0
3rd Louie Zekowski Luther 11.00 3rd Chase Leggoreta Jordan 02:28.0
4th Christian Ramos Muir 11.20 4th Aaron Amanios Jordan 02:30.0
5th Chase Leggoreta Jordan 12.40 5th Ethan Galloway Luther 02:31.0
1600 M Run Shot Put
1st Luke Johnson Muir 05:16.0 1st Sammy Loazar Jordan 34″10 1/2″
2nd Ethan Galloway Luther 05:24.0 2nd Carter Kessinger Muir 33 10 1/2″
3rd Joaquin Ardon Luther 05:25.0 3rd Jake Barraza Luther 33′ 3 1/4″
4th Robert Maliwanag Muir 05:25.0 4th Kalam Park Muir 32′ 4″
5th Cesar Cuevas Jordan 05:37.0 5th Aaron Chang Luther 31′ 4 1/4″
100 M Dash Long Jump
   Record  1st Joshua Johnson Jordan 11.80 1st Reign Abaoag Jordan 15′ 8″
2nd Loyal Terry Jordan 12.40 2nd Zion Chavez Muir 15′ 3 1/2″
3rd Nicco Chuidian Luther 12.60 3rd Louie Zekowski Luther 15′ 0″
4th Chance Van Hook Muir 12.80 4th Carter Kessinger Muir 14′ 6″
5th Sebastian Rodriguez Muir 13.40 5th Lorenzo Boyd Luther 14′ 2 1/2″
400 Meter Run High Jump
1st Christian Ramos Muir 59.00 1st Chance Van Hook Muir 5′ 4″
2nd Carlos Ponce Jordan 60.00 2nd Erik Harutyunyan Muir 4′ 10″
3rd Chris Stanis Muir 60.10 3rd Sammy Solis Jordan 4′ 10″
4th Luke Kvarda Luther 64.70 Tie   4th Steven Johnson Luther 4′ 6″
5th Connor McDonald Jordan 65.00 Tie   4th Sammy Loazar Jordan 4′ 6″
200 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Jake Panikowski
   Record  1st Joshua Johnson Jordan 24.70 Joshua Johnson Jordan 50.8
2nd Nicco Chuidian Luther 26.40 Reign Abaoag Muir 51.8
3rd Christian Ramos Muir 26.90 Loyal Terry Luther 53.1
4th Sebastian Rodriguez Muir 28.40 4 X 400M Relay Chris Stanis
5th Luke Kvarda Luther 29.90 Sebastian Hernandez Muir 04:11.0
Tim Gibbs Luther 04:15.0
Luke Johnson Jordan 04:34.0
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Jada Martinez-Reese Luther 11.90 1st Lakely Nealis Luther 02:51.0
2nd Smantha Leano Luther 11.95 2nd Vanessa Reveles Luther 02:53.0
3rd Nicole Rojas Jordan 11.96 3rd Teresa Perez Jordan 03:01.0
4th Maddie May Jordan 12.20 4th Amaya Broyls Muir 03:01.0
5th Nina Agaronian Muir 12.30 5th Linsey Gagliardi Muir 03:02.0
1600 M Run Shot Put
1st Lakely Nealis Luther 05:58.0 1st Robyn Kassens Muir 29′ 1 1/2″
2nd Isabel Partida Jordan 06:00.0 2nd Jill Kukawski Luther 29′ 1 1/4″
3rd Emily Udall Muir 06:21.0 3rd Julianna Vanloo Jordan 28′ 2 3/4″
4th Emily McHorney Luther 06:22.0 4th Sofia Aslanyan Luther 27′ 1″
5th Kimberly Ochoa Jordan 06:24.0 5th Amy Larson Muir 26′ 3 1/2″
100 M Dash Long Jump
   Record  1st Jada Martinez-Reese Luther 13.30 1st Jada Martinez-Reese Luther 13′ 1″
2nd Teresa Perez Jordan 13.80 2nd Olivia Price Muir 12′ 9″
3rd Kaitlyn Escamilla Luther 14.00 3rd Maddie May Jordan 12′ 6 1/2″
4th Jasmine Chavez Jordan 14.10 4th Kaitlyn Escamilla Luther 12′ 5 1/2″
5th Alex Davis Muir 14.80 5th Citali Mendez Luther 11′ 11″
400 Meter Run High Jump
1st Lakely Nealis Luther 67.70 1st Ali Diaz Muir 4′ 0″
2nd Ayumi Deherrera Jordan 68.10 2nd Jill Kukawski Luther 4′ 0″
3rd Samantha Eaton Muir 71.40 3rd Hannah Macaranas Luther 3′ 10″
4th Samantha Leano Luther 73.90 4th
5th Paula Jaramillo Muir 75.40 5th
200 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Teresa Perez
   Record  1st Pheonix Reivers Jordan 27.20 Pheonix Reivers Jordan 55.4
2nd Valerie Reveles Luther 29.10 Nyilah Brown Muir 58.5
3rd Ashleigh Martinez Muir 29.50 Jasmine Chavez Luther 60.3
4th Kaitlyn Escamilla Luther 29.60 4 X 400M Relay Lakely Nealis
5th Nyilah Brown Jordan 29.80 Megan Rangel-Lynch Luther 04:50.0
Emily McHorney Muir 04:58.0
Abigail Riggs Jordan 05:22.0

7th Grade Boys and Girls

OFFICIAL RESULTS Luther  – 82  Tie
7TH GRADE BOYS Jordan – 38
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Ryan Thomas Luther 11.00 1st Fernando Morales Muir 02:31.0
2nd Fernando Morales Muir 11.50 2nd Austin Barrondo Luther 02:32.0
3rd Bronson O’Connor Luther 12.60 3rd Nicolas Santizo Luther 02:33.0
4th 4th Ian Haley Luther 02:33.0
5th 5th Trevor Villangran Luther 02:40.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Daniel Nelson Jordan 05:23.0 1st James Smyth Muir 35′ 10 1/2″
2nd Austin Barrondo Luther 05:23.0 2nd Bronson O’Connor Luther 35′ 3 1/4″
3rd Trevor Villagran Luther 05:30.0 3rd William Daniel Muir 33′ 1 1/4″
4th Nicolas Santizo Luther 05:30.0 4th Luis Martinez Muir 31′ 11 1/2″
5th Cole Workman Luther 05:53.0 5th Daniel Nelson Jordan 29′ 10″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Ajaidyn Smart Jordan 13.20 1st Adan Perez Luther 13′ 8″
2nd Kourosh Dolatshahi Muir 13.30 2nd Daniel Nelson Jordan 13′ 6″
3rd Luis Martinez Muir 13.70 3rd Kourosh Dolatshani Muir 12′ 9″
4th Malakai Rojas Luther 14.20 4th Sebastian De Jesus Jordan 12′ 3″
5th 5th Gabe Gott Luther 12′ 2″
200 M Dash High Jump
1st Kourosh Dolatshahi Muir 28.10 1st Emery Goulet Luther 4′ 6″
2nd Cole Workman Luther 28.20 2nd Fernando Morales Muir 4′ 6″
3rd Vincent Vang Muir 28.70 3rd Ellington Simmons Jordan 4′ 4″
4th Sebastian De Jesus Jordan 29.10 4th Nathan Mai Muir 4′ 2″
5th Qinton White Luther 29.20 5th Ajaidyn Smart Jordan 4′ 2″
400 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Ellington Simmons
1st Fernando Morales Muir 63.80 Daniel Nelson Jordan 54.2
2nd Ian Haley Luther 66.00 Carlos Martinez Muir 55.1
3rd Nicolas Slaughter Muir 69.60 Ajaidyn Smart Luther 55.9
4th Logan Berger Luther 70.00 4 X 400M Relay Nicolas Slaughter
5th Albert Prado Jordan 75.10 Jack Cartier Muir 04:29.4
Brian David Luther 04:29.5
Leo Tahmasian
7TH GRADE GIRLS Jordan – 17
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
   Record  1st Kiara Teixeira Muir 11.20 1st Maisy Green Luther 02:47.0
2nd Lindsey Miller Muir 11.60 2nd Mia Saunders Muir 02:49.0
3rd Orla Giffen Jordan 12.50 3rd Sydney Azurin-Sugars Muir 02:57.0
4th Elyse Cervik Luther 13.10 4th Julia Skillsky Muir 02:57.0
5th Kate Outwater Jordan 13.20 5th Mariana Valadez Luther 03:10.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Mia Saunders Muir 06:19.0 Tie  1st Kendall Jensen Luther 24′ 11″
2nd iIzalina Bittencourt Muir 06:31.0 Tie  1st Sabrina Englebrecht Luther 24′ 11″
3rd Sol Fernandez Muir 06:34.0 3rd Khyla Lipscomb Muir 24′ 7″
4th Mariana Valadez Luther 06:37.0 4th Hana Savola Luther 23′ 11″
5th Kaethe Shaefer Muir 07:00.0 5th Danielle Morejon Muir 20′ 10″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Kiara Teixeira Muir 13.90 1st Kendall Jensen Luther 13′ 1″
2nd Katie Treadway Muir 14.00 2nd Kiara Teixeira Muir 12′ 8 1/2″
3rd Maddie Lingad Luther 14.50 3rd Orla Giffen Jordan 12′ 8″
4th Elyse Cervik Luther 14.53 4th Elyse Cervik Luther 12′ 7″
5th Gwenna-Rose Prozzioze Jordan 15.80 5th Sarah Barkdull Muir 11′ 7 1/2″
200 M Dash High Jump
   Record  1st Katie Treadway Muir 29.20 1st Katie Treadway Muir 4′ 4″
2nd Maddie Lingad Luther 31.20 2nd Niev Kochout Muir 4′ 0″
3rd Orla Giffen Jordan 31.40   Tie     3rd Mikayla Hayes Luther 3′ 10″
4th Connie Karanovic Muir 31.70   Tie     3rd Melanie Estrada Luther 3′ 10″
5th Maisy Green Luther 31.80 5th Kristina Belangue Luther 3′ 8″
400 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Kiara Teixeira
1st Ava Kramer Luther 69.50 Katie Treadway Muir 59.7
2nd Christine Briones Muir 70.30 Lindsey Miller Luther 60.1
3rd Isabella Kam Muir 73.40 Iman Winfree Jordan 62.1
4th Mariana Valadez Luther 77.20 4 X 400M Relay Mariana Valadez
5th Julie Shehirian Jordan 78.30 Maisy Green Luther 05:13.0
Isabella Hedman Muir 05:20.0
Maddie Lingad Jordan 06:12.0

6th Grade Boys and Girls

6TH GRADE BOYS Luther – 54
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
   Record  1st Marcus Halm Muir 10.90    Record  1st Jimmy Nealis Luther 02:38.0
2nd Jack Sapyta Jordan 11.60 2nd Jarren Flowers Jordan 02:45.0
3rd Josh Cuevas Luther 12.10 3rd Matthew Ballash Muir 02:46.0
4th Elijah Grekov Muir 12.50 4th Daniel Rodilla Jordan 02:46.0
5th Jacob Conahan Jordan 12.59 5th Arsen Rostomyan Muir 02:50.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Jimmy Nealis Luther 05:53.0 1st Jacob Cardenas Luther 30′ 1/4″
2nd Arsen Rostomyan Muir 06:04.0 2nd Kade McGovern Jordan 29′ 1 1/4″
3rd Abiel Pearl Muir 06:09.0 3rd Kelton Shea Muir 27′ 3″
4th Manuel Gonzales Jordan 06:14.0 4th Michael Lawrence Muir 25′ 4″
5th Will Durrance Jordan 06:15.0 5th Damian Lopez Luther 25′ 3″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Jack Sapyta Jordan 13.70 1st Ryan King Muir 13′ 5″
2nd Kendall Fauntleroy Muir 13.80 2nd Eric Serna Muir 12′ 5″
3rd William Rodriguez Muir 14.40 3rd Brandon Mendez Luther 12′ 1 1/2″
4th Eli Gault-Grabb Jordan 14.40 4th Jack Kwant Jordan 11′ 6″
5th Maxx Garcia Luther 15.60 5th Tanner Vanole Luther 11′ 3″
200 M Dash High Jump
1st Jack Sapyta Jordan 29.90 1st Eric Serna Muir 4′ 4″
2nd Kaze Gibbs Luther 31.20 2nd Jaden Rez Muir 4′ 4″
3rd Maxx Garcia Luther 32.10 3rd Sal Pisa Muir 4′ 0″
4th Jarren Flowers Jordan 32.70 4th Sean Durmick Luther 3′ 10″
5th 5th Josh Cuevas Luther 3′ 10″
400 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Kendall Fauntleroy
1st Israel Madariaga Muir 69.90 William Rodriguez Muir 56.9
2nd Christian Choe Muir 70.90 Ryan King Jordan 58.6
3rd Kaze Gibbs Luther 72.30 Vartan Avetisyan Luther 61.6
4th Eli Gault-Grabb Jordan 74.70 4 X 400M Relay Israel Madariaga
5th Nicholas Diaz Jordan 76.30 Christian Choe Muir 04:54.0
Brandon Pena Jordan 05:18.0
Vartan Avetisyan Luther 05:38.0
6TH GRADE GIRLS Luther – 33.5
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Olivia Aguilar Jordan 12.10 1st Erika Bilenka Muir 03:05.0
2nd Kobi Wynne Jordan 12.20 2nd Alison Han Muir 03:09.0
3rd Jasmine Glover Muir 12.50 3rd Maddie Schade Muir 03:11.0
4th Victoria Sanchez Muir 12.56 4th Kaycee Perez Muir 03:11.0
5th Elizabeth Fraser Luther 17.60 5th Mei Li O’Neil Luther 03:12.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Liliana Partida Jordan 06:33.0 1st Makayla Bedford Jordan 25′ 5 1/2″
2nd Kylee Obermeyer Jordan 06:37.0 2nd Izabela Marinyan Muir 23′ 2 1/2″
3rd Sarah Tominaga Muir 06:53.0 3rd Isabella Pentinio Muir 22′ 4 1/4″
4th Ariana Kilzi Luther 06:57.0 4th Chloe Choul Muir 20′ 7 1/2″
5th Vanessa Vasquez Muir 07:07.0 5th Sara Nacke Luther 19′ 2″
100 M Dash Long Jump
   Record  1st Jayla Flowers Jordan 13.60 1st Emily Rohan Jordan 12′ 2″
2nd Kobi Wynne Jordan 13.70 2nd Alison Han Muir 12′ 0″
3rd Jasmine Glover Muir 13.90 3rd Kylee Obermeyer Jordan 11′ 3″
4th Tamryn Betts Muir 14.10 4th Olivia Aguilar Jordan 11′ 2″
5th Kiara Cruz Luther 14.60 5th Jade Riley Luther 10′ 6″
200 M Dash High Jump
   Record  1st Jasmine Glover Muir 29.90 1st Emily Rohan Jordan 4′ 0″
2nd Kiara Cruz Luther 30.60 Tie 2nd Ashley Christoffersen Jordan 4′ 0″
3rd Kayla Wrobel Luther 31.80 Tie 2nd Kayla Wrobel Luther 4′ 0″
4th Paige Mazzola Muir 33.00 4th Jasmine Glover Muir 3′ 10″
5th Liliana Partida Jordan 35.70 Tie 5th Peltier / Han L / M 3′ 10″
400 Meter Run 4 X 100M Relay Kobi Wynne
1st Jessie Virtue Jordan 75.50 New Record Jayla Flowers Jordan 57.9
2nd Mei Li O’Neil Luther 77.10 Catie Virtue Muir 59.6
3rd Bella Boulais Jordan 77.15 Emily Rohan Luther 63
4th Gabriella Florian Muir 80.70 4 X 400M Relay Bridget Barrera
5th McKynzee Kelley Muir 82.50 Lauryn Bailey Luther 05:13.0
Kiara Cruz Muir 05:28.0
Daniella Tirado Jordan 05:46.0

John Muir Conquers Tri-Middle School Basketball Tournament

John Muir: City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir: City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School won the 8th grade boys and girls divisions in the annual Tri-Middle School city basketball tournament. All three schools showed tremendous sportsmanship and respect for one another as the event hosted by David Starr Jordan Middle School was successful. Luther Burbank Middle School will be the host next year.

Here is a gallery of photos from the event-

A Day of Celebration at Burbank High and John Muir

Burbank's finest- (Left to Right) Cameron Briggs, Caitlyn Brooks, Irene Maemura, Yazzy Sa'Dullah (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank’s finest- (Left to Right) Cameron Briggs, Caitlyn Brooks, Irene Maemura, Yazzy Sa’Dullah (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank High School and John Muir Middle School each celebrated an event last week that brought fun and excitement to their respective campuses.

Family members join the quartet of Bulldog signees (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Family members join the quartet of Bulldog signees (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank High School celebrated four athletes who signed their National Letters of Intent to play at Division One schools in the 2015-16 year.

Cameron Briggs (UC Davis- baseball) Caitlyn Brooks (University of Notre Dame- softball), Irene Maemura (Wisconsin- golf) and Yazzy Sa’Dullah (West Virginia- basketball) achieved their goals of playing collegiately by being offered scholarships and then committing by signing their NLI with friends, family, coaches and teachers supporting them during a lunchtime ceremony. Congratulations to this special group of Bulldogs!

Coach Bob Hart on Cameron Briggs- “As a coach the greatest success is the personal growth and achievement of your players. I’ve watched Cameron mature on and off the field. His passion and competitiveness along with his willingness to do whatever it is it takes to win sets him apart. He’s talented and he works at his game. The future looks bright.”

Alongside her mom and dad, Caitlyn Brooks signed with the University of Notre Dame and is considered one of the top softball players in the country (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Alongside her mom and dad, Caitlyn Brooks signed with the University of Notre Dame and is considered one of the top softball players in the country (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Coach Mike Delaney on Caitlyn Brooks- “Caitlyn is very deserving of her scholarship. She has worked extremely hard both on the field and in the classroom. She sets a great example for our current and future student-athletes.”

Coach Branko Sevic on Irene Maemura- “It was a pleasure watching Irene grow as an individual and into an exceptional player. One could see the improvement in her game from year to year, as she worked hard to reach her goals. It will be a while before we get someone at Burbank with her skill level and work habit. She will be missed at Burbank, but Wisconsin is getting a great individual and a great player.”

Coach Bruce Breeden and the Lady Bulldog basketball team wearing WV shirts in Yazzy's honor (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Coach Bruce Breeden and the Lady Bulldog basketball team wearing WV shirts in Yazzy’s honor (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Coach Bruce Breeden on Yazzy Sa’Dullah- “In my 17 years of coaching girls basketball I have some good basketball players, but nothing like Yazzy. Since she has transferred here she has been a team player. She has lifted this team to a higher level. I am very proud to have the opportunity to coach Yazzy and watch her grow at the next level. It is great to be a Bulldog.”


Meanwhile, the LA Kings Street Hockey team returned to Burbank to donate equipment to John Muir Middle School while providing lessons and teaching fundamentals to the students in attendance. Last year the LAK made a similar kind of gesture and donation to Jordan Middle School.