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Beloved Jordan Science Teacher Steve Saracino Retires

Longtime science teacher Steve Saracino retired in December this year after a total of 41 years teaching, with the past 17 years working with the sixth, seventh and eighth-graders at David Starr Jordan Middle School. In the years at Jordan, Saracino has not just taught science, but has been deeply involved in arts programs at the school as well. Many celebrations of the beloved teacher were held in the final months of his tenure at Jordan, including student-organized lunches, a honored spotlight at the Jordan Choir’s holiday show and a recognition by the Jordan PTA for his years of service and dedication to the students and the school.

Song and video tribute for Steve Saracino.  (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Song and video tribute for Steve Saracino at Jordan VMA’s holiday show in December 2013. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

“Part of my success as a teacher is trying to understand your kids at ages 11, 12 and 13,” Saracino told the PTA members, parents and school administrators at the November meeting at which he spoke about his time at Jordan.

“One of the reasons I am so effective with kids this age is that I’ve had a wide variety of experiences which includes being a teacher on special assignment with gang and drug intervention,” Saracino explained further, in an interview on his final day at the school, December 20. He spoke about his previous work in the early-mid 1990s at Garfield Continuation High School in San Diego. “Every other Monday, I got a group of gangsters, basically, who got thrown out of other schools for narcotics and weapons problems, and I had to talk with them and work with them.”

“I’ve taught many different classes… eighth grade science my first year in New Jersey, then I moved to Kansas and taught high school Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science and Psychology. And I think the variety of experiences I’ve had has kept me open to people in general. I treat students as people, rather than as students, and I think that’s key.”

Saracino’s humor and rational approach to sensitive topics was important as he taught the district’s human development/sex ed curriculum as part of seventh-grade science class. “It’s a very fine line. I don’t want it to be a deep dark secret that they’re afraid of and then make up stories about this stuff,” he commented. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there and it comes from not giving kids the truth, not having the facts. It’s a fine line to present it. So I try to make it accessible by combining serious information with humor and everything I taught was district-approved.”

 (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Steve Saracino waves to the parents, students and audience at the December Jordan VMA show. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

“Mr. Saracino was an amazing teacher. He not only taught science but supported the arts and many other programs around the campus,” eighth-grader Sela Moretti-Hitchcock commented. “He was the best teacher around and he was funny, always happy, and really supportive. So, as a brilliant teacher deserves, a few friends and I decided to throw a party for him. Two actually.”

“Because of him, I not only have more friends but more self esteem and more confidence to try new things. He was one of the best teachers I have ever had or probably will ever have. Jordan Middle School won’t be the same without him. I— and my friends and teachers— will miss him greatly teaching at our school.”

That connection with Jordan students also translated into a strong connection with their parents.

“I have taught in New Jersey, Kansas, many schools in San Diego, and Burbank parents are just amazingly great. These kids, of course they have problems here and there and they go through their middle school angst and their high school angst, but the parents in this community… I’ve never felt more supported,” Saracino commented. “When I’ve called a parent and explained rationally what’s going on with a child, they were 100% supportive. I’ve had a lot of parent interactions in 17 years here and Burbank has such great parents – thank you for raising your kids so well. And they’re such great kids as they are.”

Saracino has taught several thousand children over his time at Jordan, with an average of 160 students per year in his academic classes. When the school had the seventh period extracurricular class and Saracino led the theater program at the school, he worked with an additional 150 young people per year. As Director of the Jordan Theater Company for various productions between 2002 – 2009, he presented many popular shows at the school including Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls and The King and I.

Saracino continues to plays guitar and piano. His Christian rock band Broken Bread is working on their second album, due in April 2014, and planning a concert tour starting in April. He is also very involved in his church as a lector.


Photo Courtesy of Steve Saracino

As a master of several dialects with a host of interests, including a love of the stage, Saracino intends to step back into the theater spotlight with acting and writing. He also looks forward to finishing a book he’s been working on and developing a television show about musicians.

Although Saracino has retired from teaching, that doesn’t mean he’ll be slowing down or leaving Burbank behind. In fact, he plans to step up his involvement in arts-related programs, including developing a series of national workshops for show choirs with Jordan Choir Director Christine DeMore, Burroughs High School Choir Director Brendan Jennings and Burroughs choreographer Jen Oundjian among others. Saracino also plans to work with Burbank Arts For All foundation, on the encouragement of BAFA Community Outreach Director Suzanne Weerts.

“I’m never going to give up helping people and helping kids. It’s just in me,” Saracino added. “Burbank is just a beautiful town. When I came up here in June of 1997 to interview – I was just so impressed with the friendliness of people up here and the cleanliness of the town. They really cared about our youth. People here in Burbank are just wonderful people.”

“My daughter grew up in this community. When we moved here, she was in kindergarten. She graduated from Burroughs in 2009,” Saracino concluded. “I love Burbank, it’s where my daughter grew up, and we had great times here and will continue to have great times here. I love the town.”


Jordan Middle School To Host ‘STOP-IT’ Campaign Meeting

Jordan Middle School will be hosting a Community Information Night  on March 28, to inform community members about its “STOP-IT” campaign aimed at creating a positive school culture and halting the spread of bullying on campuses in the Burbank Unified School District and beyond.

The meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening,  will take place in the school’s library. All local community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  The school is located at 420 S. Mariposa St.

“STOP-IT,” which stands for “stop teasing, offending, pushing, intimidating today” was created by the school’s new Assistant Principal of Discipline Leonidas Tarca, who was previously an administrator in the Simi Valley Unified School District.

More information about the campaign can be found at  www.thestopitcampaign.com.

Tri-School Track Meet Returns to Newly Refurbushed Memorial Field

Some traditions continued as new ones were born when the three middle schools opened the gates of the new Memorial Field Saturday, March 10 for their annual Tri-School Track Meet.


Muir's Cade Hollingsworth finshes the 400 meter in record time of 57.4 a meet record. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School won the meet for the 10th time in 11 years in the first ever sporting event at the new Memorial Field. After the event some members of the public stuck around to set foot on the surface of the new field for the first time.

The Mustangs scored a total of 493.5 points, topping Luther (410.5) and Jordan (312) for bragging rights in the city for another year.

“Once again we are proud of the kids at Muir” Mustangs’ Coach Doug Nicol said, “But more than anything else we are proud to be able to be able to bring all of the kids together for an event like this in the new stadium.”


Muir's Brandon Alba jumps 13.1 feet ion the long jump during Burbank's All City Track Meet.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The three middle schools renewed the longstanding tradition in 2001 after a hiatus since 1984, when the sites had been 7th through 9th grade and were still junior highs. Many Physical Education teachers at the middle schools are former Burbank Unified School District alumni and were thrilled to bring the event back eleven years ago.

“We have memories of it and wanted our students to have the same type of memories,” said Branko Sevic, also a PE coach at Muir.

Muir placed first in the overall boys’ totals with a mark of 272.5 and the overall girls’ totals with a mark of 221. Luther finished second in both areas with scores of 194.5 and 216. Muir also won both the boys and girls for both the 7th and 8thgrades while Luther placed first for both the boys and girls results in the 6th grade.

Jordan’s Elizabeth Switzer was the 6th grade girls’ MVP finishing second in the 4×100 relay and the long jump and second in the 60 and 100 meter dash. Luther’sJacob Calderon won the 6th grade boys’ MVP taking first in four events – the 60M, 400M, the 4×100 relay and the 4×400 relay. The performance in the 400M (65.40) was a meet record as was his team’s 4×400 relay performance ( 4:47).Drew Gorsuch, Christian Valles and Alex Carvajal were his teammates in the later.

Muir’s Khalid Taylor and Jordan’s Izzy Funes with the MVPs of the 7th grade – each set three records on the day. Taylor won the 60 M, 100 M, 4×100 relay (with John Atherton, Dillon Rosen and Joey Miller) and finished second in the hurdles. Funes won the 400M, the long jump and the 100M. She also was a part of the Cougars’ 4×400 relay team alongside Dominique Silva, Emma Bartam and Bella Nava.

Muir’s 8th grade tandem of Josh Cantong and Candela Fernandez were MVPs for the Mustangs – each took first place in three events. Cantong won the 800M, 4×400 relay, 4×100 relay and finished second in the 400M race. Fernandez won the 800M, 400<, 4×400 relay and the 100M. Cantong’s record setting teammates in the 4×400 included Niko Guerrero, Connor Garden and Adam Navar with a time of 4:08.7. Fernandez was joined by Paige Pauff, Dalia Farazdaghi and Erin McGuire in the 4×400 relay. She also broke a record in the 800M with a time of 2:44.

1st- MUIR 89.5 1st- MUIR 78
2nd- LUTHER 71.5 2nd- LUTHER 68
3rd- JORDAN 46 3rd- JORDAN 58
1st- MUIR 105 1st- MUIR 83
2nd- LUTHER 64 2nd- LUTHER 71
3rd- JORDAN 38 3rd- JORDAN 53
1st- LUTHER 91 1st- LUTHER 77
2nd- MUIR 78 2nd- JORDAN 70
3rd- JORDAN 47 3rd- MUIR 60
1st- MUIR 272.5 1st- MUIR 221
2nd- LUTHER 194.5 2nd- LUTHER 216
3rd- JORDAN 131.0 3rd- JORDAN 181
1st- MUIR 493.5
2nd- LUTHER 410.5
3rd- JORDAN 312.0
6th Grade Boys 6th Grade Girls
Jacob Calderon – Luther Elizabeth Switzer – Jordan
1st – 60 Meter Dash 1st – 4X100 Relay
1st – 400 M Run / Record 1st- Long Jump
1st – 4X100 Relay 2nd- 100 M Dash
1st – 4X 400 Relay / Record 2nd- 60 M Dash
7th Grade Boys 7th Grade Girls
Khalid Taylor – Muir Izzy Funes – Jordan
1st – 60 M Dash /Record 1st- 400 m Run / Record
1st- 100 M Dash / Record 1st- Long Jump / Record
1st- 4X100 Relay / Record 1st- 4X400 Relay / Record
2nd- Hurdles 1st- 100 M Dash
8th Grade Boys 8th Grade Girls
Josh Cantong – Luther Candela Fernandez – Muir
1st – 800 M Run / Record 1st – 800 M Run / Record
1st – 4X400 Relay / Record 1st – 400 M Run
1st – 4X100 Relay 1st – 4X400 Relay
2nd- 400 M Run 5th- 100 M Dash

6TH GRADE BOYS Jordan – 47
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Alex Carvajal Luther 11.70 1st Yeahoo Lee Muir 02:44.0
2nd Nicholas Roe Muir 11.78 2nd Jagdeep Chahal Luther 02:46.0
3rd Jaden varela Jordan 11.80 3rd Brett Boucher Jordan 02:56.0
4th Nicholas Manna Luther 11.80 4th Paul Won Muir 02:58.0
5th Jorge Gomez Muir 12.10 5th Ervin Hartoonian Muir 03:00.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Alex Hirsch Luther 05:56.0 1st Andrew Condran Muir 27′ 9″
2nd Ethan Jay Muir 06:00.0 2nd Julian Read Luther 26′ 9″
3rd Blake Oasay Jordan 06:08.0 3rd Michael Segura Muir 25′ 4″
4th Jagdeep Chahal Luther 06:21.0 4th Joel Micioni Luther 25′ 2″
5th Paul Won Muir 06:32.0 5th Sebastian Rodriguez Jordan 24′ 11″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Sebastian Leal Muir 14.30 1st Julian Read Luther 13′ 5″
2nd Topli Petko Jordan 14.60 2nd Jorge Gomez Muir 13′ 0″
3rd Jorge Gomez Muir 14.60 3rd Arden Carnes Jordan 12′ 7″
4th Rakot Rahman Jordan 15.00 4th Christian Valles Luther 12′ 2″
5th Asif Chowdhury Luther 15.10 5th Sebastian Leal Muir 11′ 11″
60 M Dash High Jump
1st Jacob Calderon Luther 8.50 NEW 1st Julian Read Luther 4′ 10″
2nd Sebastian Leal Muir 8.84 MEET 2nd Ervin Hartoonian Muir 4′ 4″
3rd Alex Carvajal Luther 8.90 RECORD 3rd Diego Rosal Jordan 4′ 0″
4th Ben Peters Jordan 9.40 4th Christian Valles Luther 4′ 4″
5th Narek Shirvanian Muir 9.60 5th Hakob Shamilian Muir 3′ 10″
400 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay Alex Carvajal
1st Jacob Calderon Luther 65.40 NEW 1st Jacob Calderon Luther 58.0
2nd Drew Gorsuch Luther 69.30 MEET 2nd Nicholas Manna Jordan 59.4
3rd Alan Edgar Muir 73.30 RECORD 3rd Christian Arroyo Muir DQ
4th Brett Boucher Jordan 76.80 Mile Relay Alex Carvajal
5th Nick Mac Donald Muir 77.00 NEW 1st Jacob Calderon Luther 04:47.0
MEET 2nd Drew Gorsuch Muir 05:01.0
RECORD 3rd Christian Valles Jordan 05:52.0
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Presely Miraglia Luther 12.60 1st Gabby Perez Jordan 03:03.0
2nd Monica Guzman Jordan 13.30 2nd Natalie Celio Jordan 03:04.0
3rd Marin Grote Jordan 13.35 3rd Odalys Marin Luther 03:04.5
4th Julia Ware Muir 13.80 4th Monica Labib Muir 03:05.0
5th Kate Jones Luther 14.20 5th Hannah Fierro Luther 03:06.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Bianca Sanchez Luther 06:38.0 1st Maria Rendon Luther 25′ 7″
2nd Emily Virtue Luther 06:39.0 2nd Savannah Mercia Muir 23′ 3″
3rd Catrina Villapondo Jordan 06:39.5 3rd Sofia Nipote Muir 23′ 1″
4th Hannah Fierro Luther 06:57.0 4th Zoe Hellwig Jordan 22′ 8″
5th Marin Grote Jordan 06:58.0 5th Camylle Robinson Luther 21′ 9″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Lizbeth Mancilla Luther 14.90 1st Elizabeth Switzer Jordan 12′ 7″
2nd Elizabeth Switzer Jordan 15.50 2nd Katie Marcy Muir 12′ 1″
3rd Suzana Torosyan Muir 15.55 3rd Macie Jensen Luther 11′ 1″
4th Diane Mendez Jordan 15.70 4th Danielle O’Brien Luther 10′ 10″
5th Alejandra Cano Luther 16.20 5th Elaine Koo Muir 10′ 7″
60 M Dash High Jump
1st Lizbeth Mancilla Luther 9.10 1st Julia Ware Muir 4′ 0″
2nd Elizabeth Switzer Jordan 9.15  2nd Reace Rushing Muir 3′ 10″
3rd Natasha Ortiz Muir 9.60  3rd Emily Virtue Luther 3′ 10″
4th Diane Mendez Jordan 9.68 4th Marin Grote Jordan 3′ 10″
5th Bianca Sanchez Luther 9.70 5th Haven Dragomer Muir 3′ 10″
400 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay Elizabeth Switzer
1st Bene Snyder Muir 75.50 1st Monica Guzman Jordan 61.5
2nd Catrina Villapondo Jordan 77.10 2nd Aimee Alanis Luther 62.9
3rd Anysia Gonzalez Muir 77.15 3rd Diane Mendez Muir 63.1
4th Emily Virtue Luther 80.70 Mile Relay Payton Jensen
5th Marin Grote Jordan 82.50 1st Mia Staub Luther 05:14.0
2nd Bianca Sanchez Muir 05:20.0
3rd Emily Virtue Jordan 05:22.0
7TH GRADE BOYS Jordan – 38
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Dillon Rosen Muir 10.40 NEW NEW 1st Sam Gorman Muir 02:29.0
2nd Khalid Taylor Muir 10.90 MEET MEET 2nd Patrick Wells Luther 02:39.0
3rd Davion Green Jordan 11.40 RECORD RECORD 3rd Henrik Anassian Muir 02:40.0
4th Everett Kanoho Jordan 11.60 4th Steven Knezevich Jordan 02:41.0
5th Paul Malo Luther 12.00 5th Matt Ordonez Jordan 02:48.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Tim Wells Luther 05:26.0 NEW 1st Andy Reyes Luther 36′ 11″
2nd Sam Gorman Muir 05:40.0 MEET 2nd Danny Porras Muir 36′ 3″
3rd Zeke Isbaell Muir 05:45.0 RECORD 3rd Oscar Perez Jordan 33′ 9″
4th Henrik Anassian Muir 05:49.0 4th Jake kelley Muir 33′ 4″
5th Justin Dorris Luther 05:56.0 5th Adam Provost Muir 32′ 8″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Khalid Taylor Muir 12.80 NEW 1st Adam Provost Muir 15′ 5″
2nd Preston Hernandez Luther 13.10 MEET 2nd Forest Fajardo Muir 15′ 3″
3rd Sam Duran Jordan 13.20 RECORD 3rd Andy Reyes Luther 15′ 3″
4th John Atherton Muir 13.90 4th Steven Knezevich Jordan 15′ 1″
5th Mike Woods Jordan 13.95 5th Journey Shank Jordan 14′ 4″
60 M Dash High Jump
1st Khalid Taylor Muir 8.20 NEW 1st Daniel Han Luther 5′ 0″
2nd Preston Hernandez Luther 8.28 MEET Tie   2nd Adam Provost Muir 4′ 3″
3rd Davion Green Jordan 8.30 RECORD Tie   2nd Alec Saavedra Luther 4′ 3″
4th Dillon Rosen Muir 8.38 4th Journey Shank Jordan 4′ 3″
5th Jjourney Shank Jordan 8.56 5th Jake kelley Muir 4′ 3″
400 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay Khalid Taylor
1st Samy Duran Jordan 60.10 NEW NEW 1st John Atherton Muir 53.4
2nd Adam Provost Muir 63.80 MEET MEET 2nd Dillon Rosen Luther 53.6
3rd Forest Fajardo Muir 64.80 RECORD RECORD 3rd Joey Miller Jordan 54.6
4th Cobie Cortz Luther 75.50 Mile Relay Alec Saavedra
5th Josiah Orellana Luther 75.80 NEW 1st Andy Reyes Luther 04:43.1
MEET 2nd AJ Akobian Muir 04:53.5
RECORD 3rd Preston Hernandez Jordan
7TH GRADE GIRLS Jordan – 53
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Kamryn Cardenaz Luther 11.60 1st Gabby Collins Muir 02:54.0
2nd Ryan Ickes Muir 12.10 2nd Dru Kim Luther 02:55.0
3rd Briana Johnson Jordan 12.15 3rd Xochitl Torres Muir 02:56.0
4th Victoria Carrasco Luther 12.40 4th Graison Anderson Luther 02:59.0
5th Kristin Broderick Muir 12.90 5th Molly Staplefeldt Luther 03:00.0
1600 Meters Shot Put
1st Kira Bochard Muir 05:56.5 NEW 1st Kamryn Cardenaz Luther 29′ 2″
2nd Maddie Riggs Luther 06:30.0 MEET 2nd Nadime Younan Luther 25′ 8″
3rd Xochitl Torres Muir 06:32.0 RECORD 3rd Daniella Yanez Luther 25′ 0″
4th Emma Bartram Jordan 06:35.0 4th Melissa Quintanr Muir 24′ 11″
5th Gabby Collins Muir 06:40.0 5th Ani Serkisyan Muir 24′ 9″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Izzy Funes Jordan 14.20 NEW 1st Izzy Funes Jordan 15′ 3″
2nd Dominigue Silva Jordan 14.30 MEET 2nd Brieanna James Luther 12′ 8″
3rd Mikaela Teixiara Muir 14.60 RECORD 3rd Ryan Ickes Muir 12′ 6″
4th Melanie Tirado Luther 15.00 4th Danielle Yanez Luther 11′ 11″
5th Kennedi Lipscomb Muir 15.10 5th Nicole Winters Muir 11′ 9″
60 M Dash High Jump
1st Dominique Silva Jordan 8.70 1st Makenzie Dolan Muir 4′ 2″
2nd Kamryn Cardenaz Luther 8.93 2nd Ryan Ickes Muir 4′ 0″
3rd Kennedi Lipscomb Muir 9.10 3rd Hailey Heath Muir 4′ 0″
4th Carly Palmisano Muir 9.20 4th Brieanna James Luther 3′ 10″
5th Melanie Tirado Luther 9.25 5th Danielle Yanez Luther 3′ 8″
400 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay
1st Izzy Funes Jordan 65.40 NEW NEW 1st Maddie Riggs Luther 57.7
2nd Kira Bochard Muir 70.70 MEET MEET 2nd Melanie Tirado Jordan 57.9
3rd Carly Palmisano Muir 71.80 RECORD RECORD 3rd Kamryn Cardenaz Muir 59.4
4th Maddie Riggs Luther 81.00 Mile Relay Izzy Funes
5th Aubriana Rohan Jordan 97.80 NEW 1st Dominique Silva Jordan 04:50.0
MEET 2nd Emma bartram Muir 04:51.6
RECORD 3rd Bella Nava Luther 05:28.0
8TH GRADE BOYS Jordan – 46
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Brandon Alba Muir 10.00 NEW NEW 1st Josh Cantong Luther 02:12.0
2nd Cade Hollingsworth Muir 10.06 MEET MEET 2nd Kray Brady Muir 02:24.0
3rd Brandon Ordonez Jordan 10.70 RECORD RECORD 3rd Isaac Zubia Muir 02:24.0
4th Jacob Micioni Luther 11.10 4th Andrew Barrondo Luther 02:24.0
5th Max Weisman Luther 11.15 5th Bryan Strande Luther 03:00.0
1600 M Run Shot Put
1st Andrew Barrondo Luther 05:25.0 TIED NEW 1st Johnny Sahagun Jordan 41′ 7″
2nd Isaac Zubia Muir 05:27.0 MEET MEET 2nd Johnathon Russo Muir 37′ 3″
3rd John Huang Jordan 05:33.0 RECORD RECORD 3rd David Barta Jordan 36′ 2″
4th Sergio Orozco Jordan 05:33.0 4th Harrison Pyros Muir 35′ 9″
5th Bryan Strande Luther 05:36.0 5th Aram Krakirian Muir 33′ 11″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Ian Arlington Muir 12.50 NEW 1st Jacob Micioni Luther 16′ 7″
2nd Niko Guerrero Luther 12.83 MEET 2nd Alex Michailov Muir 15′ 9″
3rd Adam Navar Luther 12.84 RECORD 3rd Johnny Sahagun Jordan 15′ 3″
4th Brandon Ordonez Jordan 12.90 4th Nevin Velasquez Muir 15′ 1″
5th Brandon Alba Muir 13.00 5th Brandon Alba Muir 15′ 1″
400 Meter Run High Jump
1st Cade Hollingsworth Muir 57.40 NEW 1st Niko Guerrero Luther 5” 2″
2nd Josh Cantong Luther 59.00 MEET 2nd Cade Hollingsworth Muir 5′ 0″
3rd Trent Harrison Jordan 63.00 RECORD 3rd Angelo Solis Jordan 4′ 10″
4th Bryan Strande Luther 65.00 Tie   4th Aram Khakirian Muir 4′ 8″
5th Daniel Caetta Muir 65.50 Tie   4th Jacob Micioni Luther 4′ 8″
200 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay Josh Cantong
1st Ian Arlington Muir 25.70 1st Michael Huynh Luther 51.1
2nd Eric Hernandez Jordan 25.80 2nd Max Weisman Jordan 52.2
3rd Cade Hollingsworth Muir 25.90 3rd Adam Navar Muir 52.5
4th Adam Navar Luther 26.70 NEW Mile Relay Josh Cantong
5th Max Weisman Luther 26.75 MEET 1st Niko Guerrero Luther 04:08.7
RECORD 2nd Connor Garden Muir 04:14.9
3rd Adam Navar Jordan 04:34.9
8TH GRADE GIRLS Jordan – 58
70 M Hurdles Name School Time 800 Meter Run Name School Time
1st Samantha Hebri Jordan 11.90 NEW 1st Candela Fernandez Muir 02:44.0
2nd Brooke Radcliff Jordan 11.95 MEET 2nd Dalia Farazdaghi Muir 02:51.0
3rd Jazmine Valdez Luther 11.96 RECORD 3rd Melissa Udall Muir 02:52.0
4th Emma Wochner Luther 12.20 4th Cami Christopher Jordan 03:03.0
5th Paige Pauff Muir 12.30 5th No Runner
1600 M Run Shot Put
1st Dalia Farazdaghi Muir 06:17.3 NEW 1st Adela Martinez Luther 28′ 3″
2nd Alexis Moreno Jordan 06:22.0 MEET 2nd Kelly Kaufman Muir 28′ 3″
3rd Antonia Nituleosa Jordan 07:06.0 RECORD 3rd Melissa Garcia Luther 27′ 10″
4th Ashley Hinterlong Muir 07:08.0 4th Blake Taylor Jordan 27′ 4″
5th Cami Christopher Jordan 07:14.0 5th Sabrina Steward Luther 27′ 3″
100 M Dash Long Jump
1st Jazmine Valdez Luther 14.40 1st Sabrina Steward Luther 13′ 4″
2nd Brooke Radcliff Jordan 14.43 2nd Juliana LaFrance Muir 13′ 2″
3rd Emily Cox Luther 14.48 3rd Brooke Radcliff Jordan 13′ 1″
4th Samantha Hebri Jordan 15.00 4th Monica Brown Jordan 12′ 10″
5th Candela Fernandez Muir 15.10 5th Jazmine Taylor Luther 12′ 9″
400 Meter Run High Jump
1st Candela Fernandez Muir 70.40 1st Juliana LaFrance Muir 4” 6″
2nd Jordan Meltzer Muir 70.40 2nd Melissa Garcia Luther 4′ 6″
Tie   3rd Jessica Rury Luther 74.90 3rd Jordan Meltzer Muir 4′ 4″
Tie   3rd Noelle Garcia Jordan 74.90 4th Jessica Rury Luther 4′ 2″
5th No Runner 5th Danielle Ryan Luther 4′ 2″
200 Meter Run 400 Meter Relay Juliana LaFrance
1st Skylar McDonald Luther 31.50 1st Cailey Stevenson Muir 58
2nd Sabrina Steward Luther 33.00 2nd Paige Pauff Jordan 58.6
3rd Kate Wilke Jordan 33.50 3rd Jordan Meltzer Luther 59.2
4th Taryn Mejia Jordan 33.70 Mile Relay Candela Fernandez
5th No Runner 1st Paige Pauff Muir 04:54.3
2nd Dalia Farazdaghi Jordan 05:08.1
3rd Erin McGuire Luther 05:25.7
1st Christian Valles Luther 5′ 6″
2nd Alex Carvajal Luther 4′ 0″
1st Preston Hernandez Luther 5′ 6″ 1st Lucy Brooke Luther 5′ 0″
2nd Miles Lopez 4′ 0″ 2nd
1st Scott McHorney Luther 7′ 3″
2nd Max Weisman Luther 6′ 6″
3rd Nick Barnett Luther 6′ 6″
4th Cole Gurley Luther 5′ 0″

Luther Burbank Boys, Jordan Girls Dominate In Tri-City Basketball Championships

Middle School teams from Luther and Jordan traveled to Muir for the games held on Wednesday (Photo By Steven J. Lynch)

On Wednesday, John Muir Middle School hosted the Tri-School Boys and Girls Basketball tournament.  The tournament is played between the three middle schools in the district, Luther Burbank, Jordan, and Muir.  Each school has two boys teams and two girls teams, with teams playing the entire day to decide who has the best basketball teams in the city.  This year, Luther Burbank dominated the boys division as the Yellowjackets had both of their teams play in the championship game, giving Luther Burbank the Boys championship.  In the girls division, Jordan won an exciting championship game by beating Luther Burbank by three points.  It was an incredibly successful day and all of the student-athletes who participated should be proud of their efforts.

(above) The championship girls team from Jordan Middle School, and the Boy's team from Luther Burbank both were crowned champions (below) at the Tri-City meet. (Photos By Steven J. Lynch)