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Charlene Tabet Has Earned the Opportunity

A Letter to the Editor authored by very well-known community members in January discussed the importance of the school board election. The letter stated our schools are “in need of strong, mature leadership from people who understand how to work within a budget, people who have worked with parents, and have personal experience in working with children and their needs”. The letter went on to call for someone “who makes and keep commitments and bring real work experience to the role”.

I have had the privilege to serve our schools twice as an interim school board member and nearly twenty years working as a volunteer in the district. I have come to learn that it takes more than just saying what one can do or citing a resume, one must really be able to back it up by “walking the talk”. This election comes down to one incumbent and three other candidates vying for two seats. While the community knows the incumbent and his quality service, the voter should analyze the remaining three candidates’ true backgrounds in-depth and compare it with the needs called for in the letter. For me, Charlene Tabet best fits that role.

Charlene is a life-long resident of Burbank. Professionally, she has worked as a teacher and businesswoman. She has twenty years experience working within our schools, serving in the PTA at the elementary and middle school levels and currently is the PTA President at Burbank High. She additionally has worked alongside teachers, staffs, and parents on school site councils and other related projects. Through these efforts, she has consistently been involved and made aware of the issues that our schools are facing This includes budgeting, changes in academic testing, and strict oversight of the Measure S bond to name a few. All while not compromising the quality service our staffs are delivering to our children. For those reasons, she is in the best position of the three remaining candidates to provide a shared vision and balanced leadership from the proper perspective.

Charlene has put her three children through Burbank schools. She is committed to doing what is right because it is right and making the right decision, not the popular one with the best interest of the district in mind. Charlene will follow through on her assignments and not walk away from unfinished business where others may have. I am convinced she is not looking for the next office nor carrying any special agenda. Lastly, she is not for the privatization of our campuses in any way. She is here to learn from our past, work with the present, and help guide to the future.

John Dilibert
Current School Board Member

Burbank Resident Urges Vote for Nos

I have known David Nos for nearly ten years through various business and social circles. David is a rational, reasonable and considerate individual who shares my concerns for the future of Burbank.

The recent election results point to a clear desire for new leadership in our city government. I was pleased to see Bob Frutos’ election to the City Council out-right and believe our next, best choice for change is David Nos. Civic leader, local business owner and former member of the Burbank Unified School District, David is well advised and equipped for the job.

I have been following this campaign very closely, and it appears to me that Bob Frutos and David Nos share a vision for thoughtful, balanced planning in our community. The future of Burbank depends on attracting businesses and creating high-quality jobs while protecting the integrity, value and safety of our neighborhoods.

I urge you to consider David Nos for City Council.


Von Johnson
Burbank Resident for 31 years

Renovated Stadium Brings Pride to Burbank Community

On Saturday, February 25th, I had the pleasure of attending the Dedication Ceremony to open the new Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School. The new stadium, running track, and playing field, is truly magnificent. A standing room crowd of residents, and City Officials, joined in the spirited dedication ceremony. A joint effort between the City and the School District, the planning of which began 15 years ago, this facility will be used by the students as well as the residents of Burbank.

Mayor Talamantes spoke of his High School days playing Football on the field. City Manager Flad was very funny, recalling that while a student at Burroughs, he vowed to one day tear down the stadium after Burbank was victorious in the season ending big game rivalry. Much was made of the importance of this project, originally begun by City Manager Ovrom, passed to former City Manager Alvord, and finally to current City Manager Flad. This reflects on the kind of management we’ve had in the City, with officials focused on what’s good for the community. The end result is really good. If you’re on the High School Soccer Team heading to the play-offs, or you’re an athlete like myself, trying to keep your 40 yard dash time in the 5 second range, you can’t help but to excell on this great playing field.

In a project of this magnitude, many people step forward to play a role. There was a long running fund raising effort, headed up by former Mayor Michael Hastings. Hastings, known for his great will to do things for the right reasons, secured donations from the Burbank Health Care Foundation, Burbank Priority in Education, the Walt Disney Company, and the Cusumano Real Estate Group. With a storied history in Burbank, the Cusumano family has given back to this community for decades. A close knit family, all of them are like your neighbors, grounded and sincere. How cool is it that they made a major contribution to this project. They continually work to better our community. I remember sons Michael and Charlie, carrying fond memories of their High School Football days at Memorial Field, suited up, played, and starred in a alumni Football game, something like 15 years after graduating Burroughs. Totally amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in the rebuilding of Memorial Stadium.

As a resident I am so glad I live in Burbank.

Joe Hooven