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Burbank Unified Elementary and Middle School Teachers Provide Perspectives On Remote Learning

Burbank Unified teachers spent much of their summer preparing for remote teaching, working intently to adjust teaching approaches and plans to fit an online format. What have the past few weeks of 100% distance learning been like for them since classes began on Monday, August 17? We spoke with teachers at William McKinley Elementary and Luther Burbank Middle to find out.

“Our grade level started preparing for distance learning early in July, and I am happy I started when I did. Our preparedness has truly eased the transition into distance learning,” commented McKinley third grade Spanish Immersion teacher Judith Toscano.

Toscano has taught Spanish Dual Immersion for seven years, and the past four years at McKinley. She currently teaches from home and thanks her husband for his help in setting up her kitchen table with “an awesome technology hub” including a “laptop, a document camera, a webcam and an extra monitor to see all my students’ faces while I navigate the lessons on my laptop.”

“These past two weeks have gone really well!” she added. “Prior to class starting, I make sure to set up all of my tabs so that I don’t waste time looking for sites when the kids are in a meeting with me; we have a saying, ‘Cada minuto cuenta – Every minute counts’!”

Laura Mixon, McKinley first grade teacher, works online with her students. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“Distance learning is a rewarding challenge; it takes a lot of preparation, and energy. I say it takes a lot of energy because I find myself in a cheerleader role celebrating and cheering students’ learning!” she continued. “No really… we cheer! We sing, we learn new content, we dance and we share our feelings all while practicing our Spanish!”

“In addition, it is also important to focus on children’s socio-emotional well being. Children have been home for so long, it is nice to finally have some sense of normalcy in an education setting. Even though we started the year off distance learning, my students are so excited to finally see their friends, excited to get the year started, and catch up on their Spanish studies.”

“One of the challenges I am seeing is students not having strong home internet signals. This causes them to get kicked out of our Google Meetings,” Toscano said. “It is frustrating for these children and for their families. Many times all it takes for them to log back in. If they are unable to log back in, I have a separate meeting with students that have been kicked off, so that I can catch them up on what was missed.”

“I am so thankful for my students’ parents,” she also said. “Throughout this process they have been kind, patient and really supportive! I view my students’ parents and myself as a team, a unit, and we just want the best for these children, we want them to be successful.”

Another McKinley teacher, Amanda Pohlman, who has been teaching for 12 years, has chosen to teach her fourth-grade class from the school site.

Fourth grade teacher Amanda Pohlman teaches her class remotely from her empty classroom. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“It’s nice to have all my teaching materials and tools handy, including my document camera I use daily,” she explained. “I try my best to keep a normal schedule for my 24 students, as I would if teaching in person.”

“I expect students to arrive at 8:30 a.m. ready to learn, participate and engage in the learning process,” she said. “The first few days of school had been a positive learning experience for all students, parents and teachers as we identified and worked through issues such as computer glitches, sound malfunctions and connection issues.”

“On top of all of that, community building was a challenge as students are meeting their teachers for the first time through a camera. It was difficult for me to show my personality without my students reading my body language. I believe building a classroom community is the most important piece of starting a new school year.”

“It was a new experience doing that online and will take some time, but I already see the results in just one week,” Pohlman continued. “My students have been so responsive, attending all our live sessions, participating in discussions and community building activities, and completing independent work in the Google classroom. I am utterly amazed at how responsible my 24 fourth graders have been thus far.”

Kindergarten teacher Maria Esquivel connects with her class online at McKinley Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“A lot of credit is due to the parents for the support they are providing,” she acknowledged. “Students are set up in a quiet area with headphones on, materials all nearby, and they are dressed as they would for a normal school day! Having that type of environment embedded at home helps our students to focus and learn as they would at school.”

“I am confident that this way of learning can be successful and effective. Although this is not an ideal situation for everyone, parents and teachers who work together will make an impression on students,” Pohlman also said. “I believe it is important now more than ever to communicate and check in with our students and families. I recognize that this is our current normal for now, but if we remember why we teach in the first place and put our students’ needs first, we will see tremendous success.”

Luther Burbank Middle School seventh grade Social Studies teacher Stefanie Enokian, who has been teaching for 15 years, has some additional perspectives to share on aspects of remote education that work well and others that are challenging.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many of my students are attending our synchronous [live teaching] sessions. I am also amazed at how well behaved my learners in particular have been and well-mannered they are in the chat. I can only speak for my own experiences on this one but it has been a nice treat,” she said. “It is also interesting that some of my periods have more kids with their cameras on and then some periods there are very few kids. But the majority of my students are participating in the chat and answering questions even if their camera is off.”

McKinley first grade teacher Lisa Fuentez works from her empty classroom. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

Enokian teaches from her classroom at Luther and averages 33 students per class in five periods.

“Collaboration amongst the teachers as worked really well. Not just here at Luther but there has been more collaboration District-wide than any other year. There has been a lot of work to support each other and share what we have learned.”

“I’ve also been trying to help support my fellow teachers at Luther by holding technology support meetings where they could come and ask questions or we could trouble shoot some of their issues or even talk about their successes. Many of them feel like this is a safe place to come for help when needed.”

“As of right now the part that’s not working well is the amount of time it is taking to do what feels like the right thing to do for kids,” she said.

Enokian attempted to describe the actions she took to prepare for remote teaching, “There really is no way to put in to words all that went in to preparing for this in a short amount of time.”

Luther Burbank Middle School seventh grade Social Studies teacher Stefanie Enokian records a lesson for her students at home. (Photo Courtesy Stefanie Enokian)

She “reviewed and utilized District Provided Professional Development which consisted of four modules for secondary and elementary around the topics of Instructional Models, Digital Classroom Community, Supporting Special Populations and Grading and Assessment.”

“I spent a lot of time considering my content and learning and researching how I could cover the material in this new format. I did research on the Flipped Classroom model and was able to embrace these ideas and transform my teaching so that I could maximize the limited face to face time I would have with my students. This was especially important for me as I have made videos to give to my learners for their Friday asynchronous lessons.”

Asynchronous lessons are self-guided sessions, during afternoons and Fridays in which the students are expected to check in for attendance and review, complete or work on supplemental material. This is a complementary aspect of remote teaching in addition to the live online class times they have with their teachers during the week on Monday through Thursday.

“I learned new skills such as using Screencastify to do screen recordings so I could record my lessons,” Enokian continued. “Thankfully, the District purchased the upgrade so we could all utilize this great resource without limitations. I’ve even featured my cats and bearded dragon in some of my recordings for my students and they LOVED it.”

First grade teacher Dug Gutierrez teaches his students remotely from McKinley Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

She also collaborated with colleagues about “what would be some of the best practices, how to keep students engaged, whether or not we should require students to keep their cameras, how to meet the needs of kids who don’t have the best access to technology, what we could do to build relationships with kids in this new way of learning and to support their social emotional needs.”

“I am at an advantage because utilizing technology and Google Classroom is not something new for me because they are both things I used regularly when we were in the regular classroom setting before the pandemic hit,” Enokian explained. “I also did some trainings this summer for teachers in this video conferencing type format so it gave me an idea of what it would be like to teach through a screen and how I need to phrase my questions differently to elicit responses and engagement from my students.”

“I could no longer ask them to turn to their shoulder partner and RallyRobin ideas back and forth so I needed to come up with other ways to get them engaged. Whether it be they give me a thumbs up, or I have them stand up if they agree or type their responses in the chat, I am constantly having to think of new ways to keep our learning novel.”

McKinley fourth grade teacher Shawn Mulloy teaches from her empty classroom. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“Despite having this comfort with technology and practice over the summer with how to teach to a screen, all of this work is really hard. I not only had to learn how to teach in this format, but learn how to best utilize new programs to keep the kids’ interest,” she also said. “In the first two weeks of school there are already fifteen assignments in my Google Classroom for the kids to complete.”

“Providing meaningful feedback on that amount of work has proven to be challenging. It is something I am still trying to navigate.”

Enokian also talked about other challenges facing teachers with the remote learning model.

“A couple challenges are finding enough time in the day to respond to all parent, student and school related emails and answer all student correspondence when they leave private comments on their assignments. It is also difficult to maintain the separation from school work to home as it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.”

Second grade teacher Amber Edwards engages with her students remotely from her empty classroom at Burbank’s McKinley Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“Communicating with families has been key,” she continued. “I have worked to foster direct lines of communication with all of my families as it is more important now than ever to maintain the partnership with the families and make sure they are up to speed on the information they need.”

“Honestly, there is no perfect right now,” Enokian admitted. “We are constantly learning and changing things together every day. There is always room for us to grow and learn. I am providing my learners and their families with surveys to see how I can make this experience better and support their needs.”

Dina Harney teaches two sections of sixth grade English, two sections of seventh-grade English and is the Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor at Luther Burbank Middle School. She sees the need for socializing and community building as an important aspect of school that students are lacking with remote learning.

Second grade teacher Jennifer Timoney teaches her class remotely at McKinley Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“Our ASB team is small this year, but I’m excited about the things our ASB leadership team will be able to accomplish in our digital environment. So much of our distance learning has been difficult to navigate, but this year our mission in ASB is to promote school culture in our virtual space and build relationships with one another despite the distance between us,” Harney said. “We already have a few ideas brewing to help with socialization and community building at Luther.”

“I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now, and I never imagined that I’d one day be in this position – teaching from campus in an empty classroom to kids I have yet to meet in person,” Harney said.

“I’ve taught online before, received my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, and I consider myself pretty comfortable with many of the digital platforms we use to deliver instruction, but on the first day of school this year, it was like I was teaching for the first time all over again, uncertain of what I might encounter or how I might react, and hoping that it all just went well,” she continued.

“Our learners were the best part of all of this – so many of them have shown their resiliency and excitement and their willingness to make the best out of a bad situation, and I think that’s a true testament to the amazing community of parents that we have and the support they have shown to all of us during this time.”

Fifth grade teacher Rorry Hadden engages with his students from his empty classroom at McKinley Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“With the exception of ASB, most of my English classes have between 32-36 learners in them. I’ve only had a few absences in total over the past two weeks. Even though we have had some technical issues and glitches, we have been able to roll with the punches and carry on.”

“There is a lot of frustration on the part of students, parents, and teachers as far as that is concerned, but on the whole, I’m pleased with the amount of content we have been able to deliver and the overall engagement of the students,” Harney acknowleged. “Perhaps that might change over time.”

“I am exhausted at the end of the day. There is so much to prepare for, stay on top of, and to learn about in this new environment. I do feel like I have to be ‘on’ for the kids when we have our live sessions in order to keep them engaged and to feel connected. I worry about a myriad of things that go beyond lesson planning and grading.”

“As a parent myself of two children in BUSD, I can appreciate many of the challenges and concerns that come up in this model,” Harney also said. “It is difficult, but it is doable. A strong support system is key, as it is in anything having to do with education.”

Superintendent Matt Hill has stated in the most recent Board of Education meeting, on August 20, that the District wants to help families and students be successful with remote learning and encourages caregivers and parents to contact their school site principal if there are needs for technology support and access, child care, Nutrition and Lunch and more.

“Some may be having technology issues, others may be having issues at home. Some people may be out of work right now,” Hill said. “Connect with us. We want to help you. For all of the above, we have resources available that we can help you with that. Or put you in touch with the right individuals.”

Dellutri Sets Record in All-City Middle School Track Meet

Ryan Dellutri wasn’t sure he would be able to run in the Burbank All-City Middle School Track Meet at Burroughs High Friday night.

The seventh grader at Jordan Middle School came into the meet having not done much in the two previous weeks.

“I pulled my right quad two weeks ago and I haven’t done much training since,” Dellutri said.

Dellutri not only ran, but won three events and set a meet record in the boys’ 400 meters, finishing in 58.1 seconds.

“Today I put it all out there and all the training before the injury paid off,” Dellutri said.

Dellutri also won the 100 (12.9) and the 200 (26.4). He is the son of former Burroughs and USC wide receiver Todd Dellutri, who also later coached football and track at Burroughs.

Fellow Jordan seventh grader Nathan Perez also set a meet record in winning the long jump with a best of 18 feet.

Muir seventh grader Sattwik Banerjee set a meet record in the seventh grade boys’ shot put with a best of 44-4.

Aubrey Eaton set a meet record in the elementary girls 800, running 2:48.

See the full results below.

6th Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Carson Chase   (M)11.91Jonathon Vasaquez  (J)64.91Jaylin Fletcher   (M)4’2″
2Anthony Morse   (L)12.12Bryan Juarez  (M)66.92Quinn Zeigert  (J)4’2″
3Daniel Schnek   (M)12.33Connor Durmick  (L)70.63Dylan Conahan  (J)4’2″
4Cody Hauser  (L)13.64Aiden Berry  (J)754Ryder Hoffman  (M)4’1″
5Bailey Cervantes   (J)13.75Shane Blanchard  (M)775Kai Cruz  (M)4′
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Jonathon Vasquez   (J)29.61Dylan LaMarsna   (M).           2.491Ben Cushine  (L)12’9″
2Kingston Askerneese  (J)31.62Ryan Lee   (J)                            2.582Ryder Hoffman  ( M)12’9″
3Anthony Morse  (L)323Brian Butchko   (M)                3.023Rainer Labus  (M)12’8″
4Ben Cushnie  (L)32.54Frank Hernandez  (L)            3.104Anthony Morse (L)12’6″
5Ryan Viyar  (M)32.75Bradyen Spence  (J)                3.135Dylan Conahan   (J)11’11”
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Jonathon Vasquez  (J)141Jonathon Vasquez1Jackson Middleton  (M)31’4″
2Bryan Juarez  (M)14.7Dylan Conahan57.52Jackson McBratney  (J)28’10”
3Kingston Askerneese   (J)14.8JordanKingston Askerneese3Daniel Luga  (M)27’9″
4Shane Blachard  (M)15.2Aiden Berryman4Michael Guiterrez   (L)27’6″
5Alex D’Addario  (L)15.65Rogelo Marquez  (M)26’11”
2Shane Blanchard
Brayn JuarezEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mMuirNichiketh Bellamkonda57.91Bryan Juarez
PlaceRyder HoffmanRyan Viyar5:06
1Dominic Quinadu   (L).         5.49MuirCarson Chase
2Steven Payne  (L)                   5.533Adrian SanchezJames Basco
3Andy Rodas  (L)                      5.56Bryan Juarez59.4
4Jivon Galstian   (L).                6.02LutherDominic Quijado2Francesco Sabato
5Henry Owens   (M)                6.14Conner DurmickLutherRoberto Guiterrez5:08
Teshhawn Barron
Event:  Pole VaultSonny Arana
1Total Pts.
2Muir833Aiden Berryman
3Jordan67JordanSebastina Ulloa5:20
4Luther57Hudson Nichols
Daniel Erickson


Sixth Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Jailynn Turner  (J)12.21Olivia Sanchez (L)70.91Samantha Aguinaldo  (M)4′
1Alanna Neal (M)12.22Alanna Neale  (M)72.22Evalyn Rodriguez  (M)3’10”
3Danielle Bax   (J)12.63Juliette Lambert   (M)74.83Kelsey Finnegan  (M)3’8″
4Kaia Couden  (M)12.74Madison Evans-Armandariz(L)82.24Gracie Miller  (J)3’8″
5Sarabeth Palacio  (L)13.25Alexis Gentry  (J)103.65Payton St.Clair  (L)3’6″
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Madison Williams  (M)311Julette Lambert  (M).    2.581Mia Reese  (L)12’8″
2Olive Sanchez  (L)31.82Tara Rauenswinder  (M).   2.592Jailynn Turner11’8″
3Danielle Bax  (J)32.23Canizales  (J).                  3.203Alexis Bell  (M)11’5″
4Alaleh Dolatshahi. (M)32.84Faith O’Keefe  (M).        3.264Alyssa Allen  (L)11’1″
5Stephanie Domine. (J)36.555Natalie Romero  (L)10’5″
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Maddison Williams  (M)14.21Madison Williams1Daniela Alvarez.  (L)27’8″
2Polien Abovian (M)14.8Riley Jenkins2Riley Solares. (L)27’2″
3Leanne Santos-Cerdo. (L)15.1MuirAlanna Neale58.73Danielle Bax. (J)25’7″
4Sadie Lomet. (J)15.2Polien Abovian4Riley Valento. (M)25’4″
5Alyssa Allen  (L)15.35Sydney Lin.  (M)24’10”
2Sadie Lomet
Jessica WardEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mJordanJanelle Ward621Juliette Lambert
PlaceDanielle BaxAlanna Neale5:17
1Alyssa Allen  (L).                6.43MuirAlexis Bell
2Alexandra Slek. (M).         6.493Maddie DemmertEvalyn Rodriguez
3Kelsey Finnagan. (M).      6.50Mackenzie Meisenbach64
4Ashley Sosa. (M)                6.53LutherBridget Crenshaw2Mattiasi Gonzales
5Claren Merrill. (M).           6.57Olivia SanchezLeela Vonderhey5:30
JordanJanelle Moreno
Event:  Pole VaultNatalie Patrick
1Total Pts.
2Muir1073Olive Sanchez
3Jordan41Alyssa Allen5:50
4Luther58LutherMackenzie Meisenbach
Bridget Crenshaw

Seventh Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Sattwik Banerjee. (M)11.21Ryan Dellutri  (J).        Rec58.11Jagg Richer. (J)4’8″
2Jagg Richer. (J)11.32Sebastian Zamora. (L)642Koji Nakazawa. (M)4’8″
3Dylan Robinson  (M)11.43Branton Lewis  (M)64.33Joe Maslyk. (M)4’6″
4Damien McNeely. (J)11.54Dylan Webster. (J)64.94Kenzie Sawyer. (L)4’6″
5Sebastian Zamora  (L)12.75Zakk Estrada. (M)65.85Reece Adams. (L)4’4″
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Ryan Dellutri  (J)26.41Siyoung  Heo. (M)         2.231Nathan Perez. (J). REC18′
2Johnny Osequeda  (L)27.92Kevin Pereira  (M).       2.322Gabriel Mier. (L)16’6″
3Kyle Rodriguez. (M)28.23Nathan Shindich. (J).    2.333Koji Nakazawa  (M)15’4″
4Ronny Preza. (L)28.64Andy Rodas   (L).           2.344Joe Maslyk. (M)14’8″
5Zakk Estrada. (M)29.55Sebastian Zamora. (L). 2.355Kaleb O’Neil. (L)13’10”
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Ryan Dellutri  (J)12.91Zakk Estrada1Sattwik Banerjee. (M)44”4″  Rec
2Patrick Masoudi. (M)13.3Patrick Masoudi.            Rec52.32Eddie Antonio  (L)42’1″
3Sebastian Zamora. (L)13.5MuirKoji Nakazawa3Garik Kirkosyan. (M)35’8″
4Zakk Estrada. (M)13.9Joe Maslyk4Marlon Rivas.  (L)35’6″
5Gabriel Meir. (L)145Sebastian Zamora. (L)33’11”
2Rony Perez
Gabriel MillerEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherJosh Novarro54.61Brenton Lewis
PlaceCameron SinkoskiKyle Rodriguez
1Siyoung Heo. (M).         5.17MuirSiyoung Heo
2Kyle Daou. (L).               5.323Ryan DellutriKevin Pereira
3Dylan Robinson  (M).   5.33Jagg RicherDQ
4Andy Rodas.  (L)            5.35JordanNathan Perez2Rony Preza
5Ozzie Gara. (L)               5.54Dylan WebsterReece Adams
LutherJosh Navarro
Event:  Pole VaultKyle Daou
1Total Pts.
2Muir923Jagg Richer
3Jordan55Kyle Rodriguez
4Luther59JordanDamien McNeely
Nathan Shindich

Seventh Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Madison Soforenko. (M)12.61Joanna Camcho. (M)701Kara Aldana-Pera  (L)4’4″
2Dylan Berger. (L)12.92Vivi Cannon. (J)70.42Anna Hidalgo. (M)4’2″
3Annabelle Steel   (M)13.33Julia Narmore. (L)70.53Elodie Lambert. (M)4’2″
4Linday Mazarei.  (J)13.44Jolene Molina. (M)714Ivana Rasov. (L)4′
5Victoria Krol  (L)13.55Eden Butcher. (L)71.55Mia Castro  (M)3’10”
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Mia Castro  (M)29.81Vivi Cannon. (J).            2:561Maleya Gould  (J)12’4″
2Jolene Ngo. (M)31.82Annalise Gonzalez. (M).     2:582Victoria Krol. (L)12’2″
3Eden Butcher  (L)32.73Kiara Bolger  (M).         3:043Luna Wyatt. (M)11’4″
4Otelia Lighthill. (L)33.14Rachel Little. (L).           3:054Daphne Sakavellas  (M)11’3″
5Amy Pelico. (J)33.65Nicole Mirales. (L).        3:075
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Mia Castro   (M)14.21Anna Hildago1Brooke Bailey. (L)31’5″
2Delilah Alvardo. (L)14.4Mia Castro2Karen Castillas.  (M)31’4″
3Anna Hildago. (M)14.6MuirMackenzie Salerno3Leanna Tatarian. (L)28’2″
4Luna Molina. (J)14.7Samantha Reyes4Irene Abramyan. (M)27’6″
5Kylie Severson. (L)15.15McKenzie Nuss. (J)27’1″
2Leanna Tatarian
Julia NarmoreEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherMaria Pilavian1Joanna Camacho
PlaceKylie SeversonJolene Ngo
1Samantha Buckley. (M).     6.27MuirDanirlle Roarke
2Jolene Ngo. (M).                    6.293Vivi CannonSamantha Buckley
3Kiara Bolger. (M)                 6.30Montana Benz
4Madison Soforenko. (M).   6.46JordanLuna Molina2Rachel Little
5Milly Dmitrieff. (M).            6.47Maleia GouldEden Butcher
LutherAnika Lingad
Event:  Pole VaultJulia Narmore
1Total Pts.
2Muir1143Ava Moore
3Jordan30Vivi Cannon
4Luther62JordanCaitlyn Mendoza
Adira Fogleman

Eighth Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Joseph Zimmermann. (L)10.21Brennan Dragomer. (M)57.81Blaine Austin. (M)5′
2Rudy Perez. (L)10.32Anthony Reyes. (L)58.11Joseph Zimmermann (L)5′
3Joseph Santorico. (M)10.53Jonathan English. (J)59.43Caed Ceuvorst. (M)5′
4Sebastian Ottoson  (M)10.64Dylan Stewart. (M)59.94Joseph Santorico. (M)4’10”
5Luke Dearth. (J)11.85Adrian Flores  (L)60.25Rudy Perez. (L)4’8″
Event:  100mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Sebastian Ottosson. (M)12.51Jalen Leighton. (L)                  2.181Joseph Zimmermann (L)17’11 1/2″
1Aiden Kaloustian. (L)12.52Mason Ortega. (L).                  2.232Rudy Perez. (L)17’11”
3Kylen Gibson. (J)12.73Dylan Stewart. (M).                2.243Caed Cuevost. (M)15′
4Brennan Dragomer. (M)12.84Xander Peneflor. (L).             2.264Seven Spaulding  (M)14’8″
5Carlos Rodriguez. (J)12.95James Kwon. (M).                    2.285Ethan Wertlieb. (L)14’5″
Event:  200mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Aiden Kaloustian. (L)25.61Sebatian Ottosson1Isaac Reyes. (L)38’2″
2Sebastian Ottosson.  (M)26.5Caed Ceurvost                Tie Rec50.12Michael Mansour. (M)37’1″
3Carlos Rodriguez. (J)26.4MuirJoseph Santorico3Joseph Zimmermann. (L)36’8″
4Brennan Dragomer. (M)26.5Chirasak Phongsapan4Dylan Stewart  (M)35’4″
5Kylen Gibson. (J)26.65Diego Salas. (J)34’1″
2Anthony Reveles
Aiden Kaloustian50.3Event:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherJade Vasquez1Brennan Dragomer
PlaceEthan WertliebDylan Stewart4:09
1Mason Ortega. (L).                     5.04MuirFreddy Cardenas
2Jalen Leighton  (L)             5.053Jonathon EnglishCaleb Fauntleroy
3Xander Penaflor. (L).         5.06Kylen Gibson50.7
4Freddy Cardenas. (M).      5.20JordanKarmello Allipio2Anthony Reveles
5James Kwon. (M)                5.28Carlos RodriguezJacob Fabian4:11
LutherRocco Morse
Event:  Pole VaultJaden Vasquez
1Total Pts.
2Muir783Karmello Allipio
3Jordan18Gunnar Nichols4:55
4Luther111JordanDrake Vickers
Aristotle Bianchini

Eighth Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Emma Cusumano. (M)1Natalie Perez. (L)69.61Emma Cusumano. (M)4’8″
2Elli Sumera. (M)2Zoe Askerneese. (J)70.42Paige Cizek. (M)4’8″
3Brielle Williams  (J)3Adeline Thrope. (M)70.93Piper Loring. (M)4’4″
4Natalie Perez  (L)4Elli Sumera  (M)714Anaiya Harvey. (J)4’2″
5Dani Solarzano. (L)5Jenny Redillo. (J)74.85Charlotte Sanchez. (L)4′
Event:  100mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Emma Cusumano. (M)13.71Charlotte Sanchez. (L).       2:531Megan Schmidt. (J)13’11”
2Megan Schmidt. (J)14.62Adeline Thorpe. (M).           2:542Paige Cizek. (M)13’10”
3Julie Kim  (M)14.613Jenny Radillo. (J).                  2:553Meghan Lynch. (J)11’9″
4Anaiya Harvey  (J)14.94Evaluna Oleas-Mekitarian (M).  3:064Elisa Laloudakis. (M)11’3″
5Faith Perera  (L)16.65Judith Marando. (L).             3:085Dani Solarzano. (L)10’9″
Event:  200mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Megan Schmidt. (J)30.21Emma Cusumano1Stephanie Wilson. (L)34’5″
2Zoe Asakerneese. (J)30.4Julie Kim2Kelly Volpe. (J)30’7″
3Julie Kim. (M)30.91MuirMadison Chase56.63Katherine Bui. (M)30’1″
4Elli Sumera  (M)30.92Aviah Priestly4Kiara Hernandez. (L)29’2″
5Natalie Perez. (L)31.35Kelly Long. (L)28’3″
2Megan Schmidt
Jenny RadilloEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mJordanZoe Askerneese58.51Jensen Campbell
PlaceAnaiya HarveyMia Brumbaugh
1Charlotte Sanchez. (L).       6.13LutherCharlotte Sanchez5:01
2Sukruti Shome  (L)              6.143Faith PereraLilliana Noriega
3Christina Ohanians. (M).    6.39Hailey Dowthwaite61.3
4Evaluna Oleas-Mekhitarian. (M). 6.45LutherSukruti Shome2Adeline Thorpe
5Isabella Smith. (M)              6.55Kendall St. ClaireElli Sumera5:02
MuirCalista Espino
Event:  Pole VaultLilit Khulyan
1Total Pts.
2Muir913Esabella Munguia
3Jordan61Zoe Askerneese21:00.0
4Luther55JordanSarah Valenzuela
Sophia Lazzar
2018 All City Elementary Final Results -800m
Boys Record
2:40    Nicholas Schlander    Brett Hart  2015
1Henry Virtue.                     2.45.7
2Dominick Ybarra              2.45.9
3Julian Stevens                    2.55
4Kyle Smith                          3.02
5Andrew Cox                       3.04
6Connor Calett                    3.09
7Keawe Kalama                  3.11
8Tripp Raitt                         3.16
Girls Record
2:55    Kaylee Hirsch    Roosevelt  2015
1Aubrey Eaton           Rec   2.48
2Angelina Dellutri              2.55
3Avery Brown                     2.58
4Olivia DelCastillo              3.04
5Jessica Han                         3.10
6Morgan Schmidt               3.14
7Jamielyn Villalobos.         3.17
8Hannah Mendoza.            3.23

Scoring by School

2018 All City Track Results
Overall Points
John Muir565
Luther Burbank402
Grade Level
8th  Boys8th  Girls
7th  Boys7th  Girls
6th  Boys6th  Girls

Luther Career Day Engages Students, Explores Possibilities

Luther Burbank Middle School students explored career possibilities and job interview preparation skills at the annual Luther Career Day earlier this month.

“Our goal for Career Day is to get our students thinking about their future,” explained counselor Laurie Harmon. “They look at their strengths and interests, and how this could translate into a meaningful career.”

Middle school students participate in mock interviews on Luther Career Day.

“Students are exposed to many different careers through classroom presentations and a Career Fair. This gets students thinking about the pathway they need to be on to reach their goals.”

“Our English teachers foster real world skills by teaching students to write a resume and cover letter,” Harmon went on to say. “The students then take their resume and cover letter and participate in a mock interview with volunteers from many different Burbank businesses.”

In math classes, students applied skills they learned to real world situations. Science teachers talked about science careers in their classes.

“Overall, Career Day is a day of possibility,” Harmon said. “It was  created to get our students motivated to find the path that will lead them to a  happy, productive career.”

luther career day

Hair and makeup artist Samantha Harmon demonstrates her work.

The Career Fair was filled with representatives from local colleges and career centers, in addition to City services such as Water & Power, the Burbank Fire Department and Parks & Recreation.

Former National Teacher of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki gave a presentation. A number of Burbank City Councilmembers and local business people assisted with the interviews.

Hair and makeup artist Samantha Harmon talked about her career while she created a gory-looking gash on student’s arm, to demonstrate some of her day-to-day work.

Television producer Mike Harney and Anna Iranosian, a clinical dietician at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, talked about their careers.

“The goal for Career Day is for our eighth grade learners to explore career possibilities,” stated Luther Principal Oscar Macias. “We want our boys and girls to start thinking beyond their lives after high school.”

“We are hoping to engage them in conversation and thought about their future,” he added. “We are grateful for the many volunteers [who shared] their professional career stories. We are especially grateful for all the hard work and preparation that Mrs. Harmon has done for our eighth graders.”

Familiar Names Steal Show in Middle School Track Meet

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The 2017 Middle School Track meet certainly had some stars that have surnames that are no strangers to Burbank.

Some of the top performers Friday night at Memorial Field have long family ties to the city.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

One of the most interesting matchups was in the 6th grade boys’ 400 meters. Konner Barrett of Luther matched up against Ryan Dellutri of Jordan.

Barrett’s father Jeff was a legendary Burroughs quarterback who later played at Brown University. Dellutri’s father Todd was a Burroughs track star and wide receiver, who played football at USC.

Both destroyed the previous record of 1:03.7. Barrett won in 59.9 seconds. Dellutri was on his tail going 60.2.

Dellutri will certainly look to top his father’s 56.5 in the 440-yard dash in two years. The 400 meters is nearly similar to the 440, which is no longer run.

Speaking of meet records, Dellutri set one in the 200 meters by going 27.1. The previous record had been 29.8.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Among 8th grade boys, several records fell, including all three individual sprint events.

Jordan’s Jack Sapyta set the meet record in the 100 (11.4) and the 200 (23.6), destroying the previous records of 11.8 and 24.7, respectively.

Muir 8th grader Israel Madariaga set the 400 meter record by going 57.2 seconds, breaking the previous record by one tenth of a second.

The girls’ competition saw just one record that equaled a meet record.

Emma Cusumano tied the meet record in the 7th grade girls’ high jump by going 4 feet, 8 inches.

Please see the entire meet results with top five finishers in each race.



Majestic Mural Unveiled on Luther Burbank Day

 Luther Burbank Middle School celebrated Luther Burbank Day with the unveiling of a grand and stunning mural of Dr. Luther Burbank created by local artist Randall Williams, all generously sponsored by Logix Federal Credit Union. The festivities took place on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

In addition, the school is proudly partnering with Logix to collect more than 4,000 food items from February 29th to March 4th for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center.

The unveiling ceremony included the Luther Burbank Middle School band and choir performing for an audience of School Board members, district office administrators, faculty, staff and parents. Everyone was then treated to cake and refreshments to celebrate Luther Burbank’s birthday.

The magnificent 30-foot mural is located outside the student library and portrays Dr. Burbank surrounded by a variety of the fruit, flowers, and vegetables he developed including cherries, daisies and potatoes.

“Our students and teachers have really rallied around the celebration of Dr. Luther Burbank,” said Principal Oscar Macias. “It is a privilege to have their support, as well as the sponsorship from Logix Federal Credit Union. The employees there have helped us roll out a food drive for Burbank Temporary Aid Center, as well as commissioned Burbank artist Randall Williams to create a mural of Dr. Burbank.”

The collection drive for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center begins this week as students will go home with a reusable bag to fill with items from BTAC’s wish list, including canned goods, dried goods, household and personal care items.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Our teachers are excited to help motivate our students to give to BTAC; social responsibility is important for them to understand,” Principal Macias said. “They enjoy contributing to the community. And, the City of Burbank’s Public Works Department will be back again in mid-March to help us move the items from our school to BTAC.”

Classrooms will also be competing for prizes during the collection. Those that bring in the most items will win $250 for their classroom and each student will receive a $5 frozen yogurt gift card, all provided by Logix Federal Credit Union. There will be one classroom winner per grade level.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“We’re so happy to have such great business partners,” Luther PTSA President Sandi Shearer said. “Just last week, Logix presented a check in the amount of $2,500 to fund some of our efforts to help our student body programs.”

Logix Federal Credit Union received the Burbank Top Award for Citizenship at BTAC’s annual gala in 2013, donating more than $100,000 since 2008, and countless volunteer hours.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)


“BTAC is one of our employees’ favorite charities, and we know the student at Luther share that same level of appreciation,” Branch Sales Manager Tracey Mateko said. “It is a critical nonprofit organization in Burbank that serves the community in many unique ways. We are proud to work with these sixth, seventh and eighth graders to make a difference.”

Luther Burbank Middle School Cheer Wins Jr. USA National Championships


The Luther Burbank Middle School Competition Cheer team brought home the Jr. USA National winning title! The girls won first place in the Jr. USA Nationals competition on Sunday, February 28, at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. Under the skillful eye and direction of Coach Jenifer Coderko, the cheer team has placed first in two regional qualifying competitions held previously in the school year at Summit High School in Fontana and Agoura Hills High School in Agoura Hills.

12764790_10208431360171057_5107128736078289633_oLast year, Luther Burbank Middle School Competition Cheer placed second at the Jr. USA Nationals competition at Disneyland.  In 2014 Luther took home first place and won the Jr. USA National championship.

In the preliminaries at Jr. USA Nationals, after a flawless performance, and competing against five other amazing teams, the Luther Cheer team was announced as one of the finalists to compete in the finals for the second round.  Tensions were high in the final competition, but after giving it their all, the girls took home the National win!

12764910_10208431374771422_7395974318005563776_oThe other five schools in Luther Cheer’s division were Ethan A. Chase Middle School from Menifee, CA, Union Middle School from San Jose, CA, Becker Middle School from Las Vegas, NV, Canyon Lake Middle School from Lake Elsinore, CA, and Palm Desert Charter Middle School from Palm Desert, CA.

Coderko, a former Burbank High School cheerleader and 2008 graduate, has led the squad for the past six years.  “I was so proud of the girls, the way they performed and how they carried themselves. They did their best and as a coach you can’t ask for more. I am so blessed to have such hardworking and talented girls on my team.”

12512475_10204772568548630_8220818810995328319_nEighth graders Mikayla Hayes, Brianna Ortega, Angie Joven, Milana Antonio, Shaylee Kelman, Jessica French, and Stephanie Miles competed in their final Jr. USA Nationals for the Luther Competition Cheer team. Team members also include Marinna Salazar, Dani Swaisgood, Amanda Coye, Connie Mckeehan, Dainava Petrulis, Darby Nealis, Elizabeth Flores, Grace Mokrack, Jade Riley, Kendall King, Lana Mesina, Lindsay Reardon, Luci Kelman, Melissa Ramos, Regina Ramos, Sofia Ford Smith and Sophia Terrano.

12771905_10208431345530691_3830467843335709992_o 12795222_10208431411092330_8874697871997536145_o

Luther Rocks The 80s Raises Funds For Arts Education

Luther Burbank Middle School PTSA held Luther Rocks The 80s on Friday, April 24, and raised approximately $2000 towards promoting the arts in education, according to event organizers.

“I was encouraged to see so many parents and community members either donate or come out to support this event,” commented Luther Rocks The 80s co-chairperson Nicole Kvarda.

Yellow Jacket Faculty Band performs "Walking on Sunshine": (from left to right) teacher Luke Gattuso, guitar; teacher Deborah Reynolds, guitar; Assistant Principal Laura Vinyard, vocals; Choir Director Tony Redman, keyboard; Assistant Principal Robyn Anders, bass. (Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

Yellow Jacket Faculty Band performs “Walking on Sunshine”: (from left to right) teacher Luke Gattuso, guitar; teacher Deborah Reynolds, guitar; Assistant Principal Laura Vinyard, vocals; Choir Director Tony Redman, keyboard; Assistant Principal Robyn Anders, bass. (Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

Ten student bands hit the stage with hits from the 1980s, including Unanimous, The Fierce Fooshizzles, Furious 5, Krooked, I Rock U Roll, Electric Groove, The Explosions, The Cooli-os, Antonium Tanix and Broken Bones.

Cheyenne Arroyo from Luther’s Spotlight Choir sang and played guitar and the Yellow Jacket Faculty Band also performed. The school’s Associated Student Body (ASB) also performed and held an 80s costume contest.

The Yellow Jacket Faculty Band, comprised of teacher Luke Gattuso (guitar), teacher Deborah Reynolds (guitar); Assistant Principal Laura Vinyard (vocals), Choir Director Tony Redman (keyboard) and Assistant Principal Robyn Anders (bass)  performed “Walking on Sunshine.”

80s Costume Contest. (Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

80s Costume Contest. (Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

“Many local businesses, including Krimson Salon, Rocket Fizz, Universal Studios, Personal Pilates and Ra Organic Spa, donated raffle items,” explained Kvarda.

“Others sold food or provided services at the event and donated a portion of their proceeds. Santoro’s Submarine Sandwiches donated 100% of their sales from the event to the PTSA! It shows that the community sees the value in keeping the arts alive in public education.”

Furious 5 after performing "Rio": (from lefto to right) Will Durrance, guitar; Ells Nitzsche, bass;  Ryan McGowan, keyboards; Tanner Vanole, vocals; Cole Kvarda, drums.(Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

Furious 5 after performing “Rio”: (from lefto to right) Will Durrance, guitar; Ells Nitzsche, bass; Ryan McGowan, keyboards; Tanner Vanole, vocals; Cole Kvarda, drums.(Photo Courtesy of Regan McGowan)

Kvarda also felt special appreciation to Ed and Laura Wynne and the staff of Burbank Music Academy who coordinated the bands and donated their services to prepare the bands for the show.

“Hats off to the students who were brave enough to step out of their comfort zones, try something new, learn to work as a group in their bands, practice for a month and step onto a stage to make music for an audience to enjoy,” added Kvarda.

“For many of them, this was their first time playing an instrument or singing in front of an audience. Most adults wouldn’t be willing to take that chance.”

John Muir Holds Off Luther and Jordan to Win All-City Track Meet

John Muir crossed the finish line once again as the City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir crossed the finish line once again as the City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School proved dominant once again in the Tri-Middle School All-City Track and Field championships held last Saturday at Memorial Stadium. The Mustangs reigned supreme over Luther Burbank Middle School and David Starr Jordan Middle School.

Muir claimed four of the six divisions (every level except 8th grade girls and 6th grade girls). The Mustangs swept both the 7th grade boys and girls divisions while splitting 8th grade with Luther (girls champs) and 6th grade with Jordan (girls champs). Overall, Muir won the boys title with 270 points and the girls title with 236.5 points. Luther took second and Jordan placed third.

After combining all the points from the boys and girls events for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, John Muir tallied 506.5 points, Luther Burbank finished with 399.5 and David Starr Jordan had 328.

It was the Mustangs’ 13th city championship over the last 14 years including nine consecutive titles.

List of MVPs for each grade level are listed below.

Results for 8th grade, 7th grade, 6th grade and cumulative points below-

6th Grade Boys6th Grade Girls
Jack Sapyta – JordanJayla Flowers – Jordan
1st –100 Meters1st –4X100 Relay / Record
1st –200 Meters1st-100 Meters / Record
2nd-70 M Hurdles
2nd-4 X 100 RelayEmily Rohan – Jordan
1st-4X100 Relay / Record
Jimmy Nealis – Luther1st-Long Jump
1st-800 Meters New Record1st-High Jump
1st-1600 Meters
7th Grade Boys7th Grade Girls
Fernando Morales – MuirKiara Teixeira – Muir
1st –400 Meters1st-70 M Hurdles
1st-800 Meters1st-100 Meters
2nd- Long JumpHigh Jump1st-4X400 Relay
2nd- Long JumpHurdles2nd-Long Jump
Katie Treadway – Muir
1st-200 Meters/Record
1st-High Jump
1st-4 X 400 Relay
2nd-100 Meters
8th Grade Boys8th Grade Girls
Joshua Johnson – JordanLakely Nealis – Luther
1st –100 Meters / Record1st –1600 Meters
1st –200 Meters / Record1st –800 Meters
1st –4X100 Relay1st –4X400 Relay
1st –400 Meters
Luke Johnson – Muir
1st –1600 MetersJada Martinez-Reese – Luther
1st-800 Meters1st –100 Meters / Record
1st-4 X 400 Relay1st –70 M Hurdles
1st –Long Jump

8th Grade Boys and Girls

8TH GRADE BOYSLuther –50
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stChance Van HookMuir10.801stLuke JohnsonMuir02:22.0
2ndMichael LeLuther10.902ndJaden MartinMuir02:23.0
3rdLouie ZekowskiLuther11.003rdChase LeggoretaJordan02:28.0
4thChristian RamosMuir11.204thAaron AmaniosJordan02:30.0
5thChase LeggoretaJordan12.405thEthan GallowayLuther02:31.0
1600 M RunShot Put
1stLuke JohnsonMuir05:16.01stSammy LoazarJordan34″10 1/2″
2ndEthan GallowayLuther05:24.02ndCarter KessingerMuir33 10 1/2″
3rdJoaquin ArdonLuther05:25.03rdJake BarrazaLuther33′ 3 1/4″
4thRobert MaliwanagMuir05:25.04thKalam ParkMuir32′ 4″
5thCesar CuevasJordan05:37.05thAaron ChangLuther31′ 4 1/4″
100 M DashLong Jump
 Record  1stJoshua JohnsonJordan11.801stReign AbaoagJordan15′ 8″
2ndLoyal TerryJordan12.402ndZion ChavezMuir15′ 3 1/2″
3rdNicco ChuidianLuther12.603rdLouie ZekowskiLuther15′ 0″
4thChance Van HookMuir12.804thCarter KessingerMuir14′ 6″
5thSebastian RodriguezMuir13.405thLorenzo BoydLuther14′ 2 1/2″
400 Meter RunHigh Jump
1stChristian RamosMuir59.001stChance Van HookMuir5′ 4″
2ndCarlos PonceJordan60.002ndErik HarutyunyanMuir4′ 10″
3rdChris StanisMuir60.103rdSammy SolisJordan4′ 10″
4thLuke KvardaLuther64.70Tie   4thSteven JohnsonLuther4′ 6″
5thConnor McDonaldJordan65.00Tie   4thSammy LoazarJordan4′ 6″
200 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayJake Panikowski
 Record  1stJoshua JohnsonJordan24.70Joshua JohnsonJordan50.8
2ndNicco ChuidianLuther26.40Reign AbaoagMuir51.8
3rdChristian RamosMuir26.90Loyal TerryLuther53.1
4thSebastian RodriguezMuir28.404 X 400M RelayChris Stanis
5thLuke KvardaLuther29.90Sebastian HernandezMuir04:11.0
Tim GibbsLuther04:15.0
Luke JohnsonJordan04:34.0
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stJada Martinez-ReeseLuther11.901stLakely NealisLuther02:51.0
2ndSmantha LeanoLuther11.952ndVanessa RevelesLuther02:53.0
3rdNicole RojasJordan11.963rdTeresa PerezJordan03:01.0
4thMaddie MayJordan12.204thAmaya BroylsMuir03:01.0
5thNina AgaronianMuir12.305thLinsey GagliardiMuir03:02.0
1600 M RunShot Put
1stLakely NealisLuther05:58.01stRobyn KassensMuir29′ 1 1/2″
2ndIsabel PartidaJordan06:00.02ndJill KukawskiLuther29′ 1 1/4″
3rdEmily UdallMuir06:21.03rdJulianna VanlooJordan28′ 2 3/4″
4thEmily McHorneyLuther06:22.04thSofia AslanyanLuther27′ 1″
5thKimberly OchoaJordan06:24.05thAmy LarsonMuir26′ 3 1/2″
100 M DashLong Jump
 Record  1stJada Martinez-ReeseLuther13.301stJada Martinez-ReeseLuther13′ 1″
2ndTeresa PerezJordan13.802ndOlivia PriceMuir12′ 9″
3rdKaitlyn EscamillaLuther14.003rdMaddie MayJordan12′ 6 1/2″
4thJasmine ChavezJordan14.104thKaitlyn EscamillaLuther12′ 5 1/2″
5thAlex DavisMuir14.805thCitali MendezLuther11′ 11″
400 Meter RunHigh Jump
1stLakely NealisLuther67.701stAli DiazMuir4′ 0″
2ndAyumi DeherreraJordan68.102ndJill KukawskiLuther4′ 0″
3rdSamantha EatonMuir71.403rdHannah MacaranasLuther3′ 10″
4thSamantha LeanoLuther73.904th
5thPaula JaramilloMuir75.405th
200 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayTeresa Perez
 Record  1stPheonix ReiversJordan27.20Pheonix ReiversJordan55.4
2ndValerie RevelesLuther29.10Nyilah BrownMuir58.5
3rdAshleigh MartinezMuir29.50Jasmine ChavezLuther60.3
4thKaitlyn EscamillaLuther29.604 X 400M RelayLakely Nealis
5thNyilah BrownJordan29.80Megan Rangel-LynchLuther04:50.0
Emily McHorneyMuir04:58.0
Abigail RiggsJordan05:22.0

7th Grade Boys and Girls

7TH GRADE BOYSJordan –38
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stRyan ThomasLuther11.001stFernando MoralesMuir02:31.0
2ndFernando MoralesMuir11.502ndAustin BarrondoLuther02:32.0
3rdBronson O’ConnorLuther12.603rdNicolas SantizoLuther02:33.0
4th4thIan HaleyLuther02:33.0
5th5thTrevor VillangranLuther02:40.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stDaniel NelsonJordan05:23.01stJames SmythMuir35′ 10 1/2″
2ndAustin BarrondoLuther05:23.02ndBronson O’ConnorLuther35′ 3 1/4″
3rdTrevor VillagranLuther05:30.03rdWilliam DanielMuir33′ 1 1/4″
4thNicolas SantizoLuther05:30.04thLuis MartinezMuir31′ 11 1/2″
5thCole WorkmanLuther05:53.05thDaniel NelsonJordan29′ 10″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stAjaidyn SmartJordan13.201stAdan PerezLuther13′ 8″
2ndKourosh DolatshahiMuir13.302ndDaniel NelsonJordan13′ 6″
3rdLuis MartinezMuir13.703rdKourosh DolatshaniMuir12′ 9″
4thMalakai RojasLuther14.204thSebastian De JesusJordan12′ 3″
5th5thGabe GottLuther12′ 2″
200 M DashHigh Jump
1stKourosh DolatshahiMuir28.101stEmery GouletLuther4′ 6″
2ndCole WorkmanLuther28.202ndFernando MoralesMuir4′ 6″
3rdVincent VangMuir28.703rdEllington SimmonsJordan4′ 4″
4thSebastian De JesusJordan29.104thNathan MaiMuir4′ 2″
5thQinton WhiteLuther29.205thAjaidyn SmartJordan4′ 2″
400 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayEllington Simmons
1stFernando MoralesMuir63.80Daniel NelsonJordan54.2
2ndIan HaleyLuther66.00Carlos MartinezMuir55.1
3rdNicolas SlaughterMuir69.60Ajaidyn SmartLuther55.9
4thLogan BergerLuther70.004 X 400M RelayNicolas Slaughter
5thAlbert PradoJordan75.10Jack CartierMuir04:29.4
Brian DavidLuther04:29.5
Leo Tahmasian
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
 Record  1stKiara TeixeiraMuir11.201stMaisy GreenLuther02:47.0
2ndLindsey MillerMuir11.602ndMia SaundersMuir02:49.0
3rdOrla GiffenJordan12.503rdSydney Azurin-SugarsMuir02:57.0
4thElyse CervikLuther13.104thJulia SkillskyMuir02:57.0
5thKate OutwaterJordan13.205thMariana ValadezLuther03:10.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stMia SaundersMuir06:19.0Tie  1stKendall JensenLuther24′ 11″
2ndiIzalina BittencourtMuir06:31.0Tie  1stSabrina EnglebrechtLuther24′ 11″
3rdSol FernandezMuir06:34.03rdKhyla LipscombMuir24′ 7″
4thMariana ValadezLuther06:37.04thHana SavolaLuther23′ 11″
5thKaethe ShaeferMuir07:00.05thDanielle MorejonMuir20′ 10″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stKiara TeixeiraMuir13.901stKendall JensenLuther13′ 1″
2ndKatie TreadwayMuir14.002ndKiara TeixeiraMuir12′ 8 1/2″
3rdMaddie LingadLuther14.503rdOrla GiffenJordan12′ 8″
4thElyse CervikLuther14.534thElyse CervikLuther12′ 7″
5thGwenna-Rose ProzziozeJordan15.805thSarah BarkdullMuir11′ 7 1/2″
200 M DashHigh Jump
 Record  1stKatie TreadwayMuir29.201stKatie TreadwayMuir4′ 4″
2ndMaddie LingadLuther31.202ndNiev KochoutMuir4′ 0″
3rdOrla GiffenJordan31.40 Tie     3rdMikayla HayesLuther3′ 10″
4thConnie KaranovicMuir31.70 Tie     3rdMelanie EstradaLuther3′ 10″
5thMaisy GreenLuther31.805thKristina BelangueLuther3′ 8″
400 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayKiara Teixeira
1stAva KramerLuther69.50Katie TreadwayMuir59.7
2ndChristine BrionesMuir70.30Lindsey MillerLuther60.1
3rdIsabella KamMuir73.40Iman WinfreeJordan62.1
4thMariana ValadezLuther77.204 X 400M RelayMariana Valadez
5thJulie ShehirianJordan78.30Maisy GreenLuther05:13.0
Isabella HedmanMuir05:20.0
Maddie LingadJordan06:12.0

6th Grade Boys and Girls

6TH GRADE BOYSLuther –54
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
 Record  1stMarcus HalmMuir10.90 Record  1stJimmy NealisLuther02:38.0
2ndJack SapytaJordan11.602ndJarren FlowersJordan02:45.0
3rdJosh CuevasLuther12.103rdMatthew BallashMuir02:46.0
4thElijah GrekovMuir12.504thDaniel RodillaJordan02:46.0
5thJacob ConahanJordan12.595thArsen RostomyanMuir02:50.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stJimmy NealisLuther05:53.01stJacob CardenasLuther30′ 1/4″
2ndArsen RostomyanMuir06:04.02ndKade McGovernJordan29′ 1 1/4″
3rdAbiel PearlMuir06:09.03rdKelton SheaMuir27′ 3″
4thManuel GonzalesJordan06:14.04thMichael LawrenceMuir25′ 4″
5thWill DurranceJordan06:15.05thDamian LopezLuther25′ 3″
100 M DashLong Jump
1stJack SapytaJordan13.701stRyan KingMuir13′ 5″
2ndKendall FauntleroyMuir13.802ndEric SernaMuir12′ 5″
3rdWilliam RodriguezMuir14.403rdBrandon MendezLuther12′ 1 1/2″
4thEli Gault-GrabbJordan14.404thJack KwantJordan11′ 6″
5thMaxx GarciaLuther15.605thTanner VanoleLuther11′ 3″
200 M DashHigh Jump
1stJack SapytaJordan29.901stEric SernaMuir4′ 4″
2ndKaze GibbsLuther31.202ndJaden RezMuir4′ 4″
3rdMaxx GarciaLuther32.103rdSal PisaMuir4′ 0″
4thJarren FlowersJordan32.704thSean DurmickLuther3′ 10″
5th5thJosh CuevasLuther3′ 10″
400 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayKendall Fauntleroy
1stIsrael MadariagaMuir69.90William RodriguezMuir56.9
2ndChristian ChoeMuir70.90Ryan KingJordan58.6
3rdKaze GibbsLuther72.30Vartan AvetisyanLuther61.6
4thEli Gault-GrabbJordan74.704 X 400M RelayIsrael Madariaga
5thNicholas DiazJordan76.30Christian ChoeMuir04:54.0
Brandon PenaJordan05:18.0
Vartan AvetisyanLuther05:38.0
6TH GRADE GIRLSLuther –33.5
70 M HurdlesNameSchoolTime800 Meter RunNameSchoolTime
1stOlivia AguilarJordan12.101stErika BilenkaMuir03:05.0
2ndKobi WynneJordan12.202ndAlison HanMuir03:09.0
3rdJasmine GloverMuir12.503rdMaddie SchadeMuir03:11.0
4thVictoria SanchezMuir12.564thKaycee PerezMuir03:11.0
5thElizabeth FraserLuther17.605thMei Li O’NeilLuther03:12.0
1600 MetersShot Put
1stLiliana PartidaJordan06:33.01stMakayla BedfordJordan25′ 5 1/2″
2ndKylee ObermeyerJordan06:37.02ndIzabela MarinyanMuir23′ 2 1/2″
3rdSarah TominagaMuir06:53.03rdIsabella PentinioMuir22′ 4 1/4″
4thAriana KilziLuther06:57.04thChloe ChoulMuir20′ 7 1/2″
5thVanessa VasquezMuir07:07.05thSara NackeLuther19′ 2″
100 M DashLong Jump
 Record  1stJayla FlowersJordan13.601stEmily RohanJordan12′ 2″
2ndKobi WynneJordan13.702ndAlison HanMuir12′ 0″
3rdJasmine GloverMuir13.903rdKylee ObermeyerJordan11′ 3″
4thTamryn BettsMuir14.104thOlivia AguilarJordan11′ 2″
5thKiara CruzLuther14.605thJade RileyLuther10′ 6″
200 M DashHigh Jump
 Record  1stJasmine GloverMuir29.901stEmily RohanJordan4′ 0″
2ndKiara CruzLuther30.60Tie 2ndAshley ChristoffersenJordan4′ 0″
3rdKayla WrobelLuther31.80Tie 2ndKayla WrobelLuther4′ 0″
4thPaige MazzolaMuir33.004thJasmine GloverMuir3′ 10″
5thLiliana PartidaJordan35.70Tie 5thPeltier / HanL / M3′ 10″
400 Meter Run4 X 100M RelayKobi Wynne
1stJessie VirtueJordan75.50New RecordJayla FlowersJordan57.9
2ndMei Li O’NeilLuther77.10Catie VirtueMuir59.6
3rdBella BoulaisJordan77.15Emily RohanLuther63
4thGabriella FlorianMuir80.704 X 400M RelayBridget Barrera
5thMcKynzee KelleyMuir82.50Lauryn BaileyLuther05:13.0
Kiara CruzMuir05:28.0
Daniella TiradoJordan05:46.0

John Muir Conquers Tri-Middle School Basketball Tournament

John Muir: City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir: City champions (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

John Muir Middle School won the 8th grade boys and girls divisions in the annual Tri-Middle School city basketball tournament. All three schools showed tremendous sportsmanship and respect for one another as the event hosted by David Starr Jordan Middle School was successful. Luther Burbank Middle School will be the host next year.

Here is a gallery of photos from the event-