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Burbank-based Unique Vintage Releases “I Love Lucy” Collection

Following heavy anticipation since being announced in mid-2019, Unique Vintage will be releasing its newest clothing collaboration, a line recreating looks from the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy,” in its Burbank store on Saturday, March 14. 

The classic Lucy Ricardo polka dot dress was one of many outfits that served as inspiration for the clothing collaboration with Unique Vintage. (photos courtesy of Unique Vintage)

This in-store release will provide early access to shoppers, and the online presence of the collection will be available to the public on Monday, March 16, at 5pm. The “I Love Lucy” line follows several other successful collaborations for Unique Vintage, including partnerships with Coca-Cola, Care Bears, Universal Monsters, and most recently, Barbie, which was in partnership with Mattel.

After the Barbie x Unique Vintage release, the brand joined forces with CBS, as well as the estate of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, to construct outfits that represent Lucy.

“[Lucy and Desi’s] daughter and granddaughter, Lucie [Arnaz] and Kate [Luckinbill] have been working very closely on this,” said Unique Vintage marketing coordinator Abbi Graddy. “They’ve been such great partners and we’ve been so excited to work with them. It’s been a lot of fun. We’re really excited about it.”

Whereas Unique Vintage’s design team usually has physical garments to work with, this project mainly utilized photos to use as references for the outfits. The goal was to stay true to their originality while making them contemporary for 2020. 

“This collection was a little different because we were working mostly from pictures, but a lot of the looks are adapted more to be wearable today,” Graddy detailed.

12 pieces will be incorporated into the line, including recognizable outfits like the Lucy Ricardo dress, Lucy’s grape stomping outfit from the episode “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” and the “Lucy Does a TV commercial” dress.

Additionally, the clothes will come in a size range of x-small to 5X, which is the standard size range Unique Vintage incorporates to make sure their merchandise is accessible to a wide range of consumers.

“We always love to produce in the fullest size range that we can and make it as inclusive as possible,” Graddy said. “I know that’s kind of a gap in the vintage clothing industry for sure, a lot of things run smaller and are only available up to size large. We are not about that. We want everyone to feel their most bombshell, diva, vintage self.” 

Ball’s enduring popularity, owed to her powerful comedic skills and eye-catching fashion styles, made for a strong collaboration with the Burbank retailer. (photo courtesy of Unique Vintage)

“I Love Lucy,” which first aired nearly 70 years ago, in October of 1951, has stood the test of time and remains well-known due to Ball’s comedic talent and progressive representation of female empowerment. These characteristics appealed to the Unique Vintage brand and made for a fitting collaboration.

“Lucy was so ahead of her time, she was this iconic female trailblazer who really paved the way for female comedians today,” said Graddy. “We’re all about women’s empowerment, and it was a really good match for our brand, [along with] her fabulous, glamorous outfits.” 

The goal is to not only provide beautiful new garments for fans of “I Love Lucy” and Unique Vintage, but to also send a powerful message regarding standing in one’s own power as Ball herself did. 

“I just hope that everyone kind of takes away that spirit of empowerment, Lucy’s joy, celebration of female friendships, and her trailblazing attitude,” Graddy said. “In addition to wearing a super cute dress that makes you feel amazing, I hope that everyone also feels very powerful.” 

To stay up to date on all things Unique Vintage, visit their store, located at 2013 W Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, and follow them on Instagram here: 


Burbank Town Center Remodel Nearly Complete

This year, the $60 million renovations of the Burbank Town Center which started in January 2017 will finally be complete, with new stores, a brighter atmosphere, and a revamped food court among other refurbishments.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Visitors to the eighth largest mall in Los Angeles County have already noticed several new additions, including the renovated food court which has relocated from the third floor to the first floor. The modernized atmosphere has an improved seating area with USB compatible outlets and decorative lights.

“The new food court has a lot more seating available. It’s very spacious and it’s a lot more open. I think that’s one of the best changes they’ve made, moving the food court downstairs,“ said Atticus Bacchus, an employee of All Amusement Fun Center.

Although some restaurants have left the revitalized food court, several restaurants that were on the third level remain, such as Panda Express, Sbarro, and Mongolian Grill, which is coming soon.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“Our goal is to introduce fresh new tenants to Burbank Town Center with an eye to making the dining terrace a go-to-place when visiting Burbank,” said Lance W. Taylor, director at CAPREF Burbank LLC, who has been overseeing the renovation of the mall.

Soon, there will be an outdoor dining terrace with a view toward Verdugo and west toward the Hollywood Hills. A new outdoor escalator will carry shoppers and diners to the space which faces the shops on San Fernando Blvd.

Two new entrances into the Burbank Town Center have been added to the east and west parking garages, allowing better circulation throughout the mall.

A grand staircase leading to an entrance into the mall has been made accessible on E. Magnolia Blvd.

New skylights throughout the mall, along with LED lighting and new flooring, provide a more energetic and positive shopping atmosphere than before.

Following AMC 8’s recent theatre remodel with reclining seats, stores such as New York & Co. and Vans have also been redesigned.

Burbank Town Center is currently home to 150 retail stores and soon, Cost Plus World Market will add to that number. The 17,000 sq ft store will be located on the first floor of the mall and is said to open in June or July.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Additional changes include the relocation of See’s Candy from across the hall to provide more room for H&M, which will be located on the second and third levels. The fast fashion retailer is expected to open around summer or during the fall.

In 2017, H&M was the highest ranked fashion outlet according to Forbes America’s Best Employers and made the list of “Best Companies to Work for in Fashion” for Business of Fashion. New stores such as H&M and Cost Plus will likely benefit the local economy in providing job opportunities and better shopping experiences.

“With the $60 million mall renovation nearing completion and the addition of these new tenants, we are seeing increased activity from national and local retailers interested in calling Burbank Town Center home and we anticipate additional retailer announcements this year,” said Taylor.

Such new additions are enticing locals who are used to doing their shopping online or in other cities.

“The updates to the mall are exciting as it will bring about a much-needed change and update to the area. Many people drive to Glendale for stores like H&M and Cost Plus, so it will be great that their tax dollars will be staying here in Burbank,” said Wes Taylor, a resident of Downtown Burbank.

Although many new shops are coming to the mall, several stores that have become favorites in the community remain. LA County’s last mall arcade, the “All Amusement Fun Center” which has been in business for 24 years, has been relocated from the first floor to the third floor after it was nearly closed in 2017. In response to community outcry, owners Jim and Susan Rowton collaborated with Lance Taylor to find a suitable new location and were able to keep the arcade open while adding several new games.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

On March 3, the All Amusement Fun Center hosted a community event, allowing visitors to play games, get their faces painted, and have balloon animals made— all free of charge.

New resting stations with USB compatible outlets give shoppers downtime to sit and relax between stores. For young families, there are two new play areas which provide a chance for parents to monitor their kids as they take a break from shopping.

Recently added Tesla Superchargers are located on the top of the Burbank Town Center parking garage at 495 North Third St. The station, which allows drivers to charge their cars much quicker than at home, is among the largest in the country, with 20 public-access stalls at the rate of $0.20 per kilowatt hour.

On the third level near Sears, interactive murals were recently installed by students from Burbank High, Providencia Elementary, Brett Hart Elementary, and Jordan Middle School. The murals feature illustrations encouraging shoppers to pose and take part in the images to share on social media.

Burbank Town Center is located at 201 East Magnolia Blvd.

Traffic Accident Sends One Vehicle into Power Pole

At around 10:15 p.m. Sunday night, Burbank Fire and Paramedics along with Burbank Police responded to reports of a two car traffic collision with a vehicle striking a light pole at the intersection of Hollywood Way and Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank Firefighters work to free a woman after the car she was driving was involved in an accident, sending it into a pole at the corner of Magnolia and Hollywood Way (Photo By Nick Colbert)

Burbank Police were first on scene and reported one car with minor damage in the middle of the intersection, and one car up against a light pole on the northwest corner of the intersection. The vehicle that struck the pole, a beige sedan, was reported to have gone through the intersection heading westbound on Magnolia just as the light turned red, clipping the car that was turning north onto Hollywood Way off of Magnolia.  The sedan was then flung sideways and smashed into the pole on the passenger side.

The driver of the sedan had her dog on her lap during the accident but the dog was unharmed. The woman however suffered multiple injuries but refused transport by paramedics to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle was the only occupant and was unharmed.
Multiple lanes around the intersection were blocked by the emergency crews, and westbound traffic on Magnolia was blocked at the intersection for close to an hour for the duration of the investigation and the clean-up.

Woman Hit By Car In Front Of Handy Market

Burbank Paramedics package up a patient who was struck on Magnolia just East of Buena Vista Saturday afternoon. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police and Firefighters responded to the 2500 block of W. Magnolia Blvd. on Saturday afternoon,  after several citizens called 911 to report that a woman had been  struck on by a car in front of the Handy Market.

Police responded “Code 3” (red lights and siren) along with firefighters.  When they  arrived on scene, they found a woman lying in the number one lane of eastbound traffic.    Paramedics treated the unidentified victim at the scene, and transported her to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center with the complaint of pain.

Several traffic officers started interviewing all the witnesses who saw the accident happen.  On Saturdays, the Handy Market sets up a large grill in their parking lot, and sells barbecued tri-tip and chicken.   Additional officers blocked Magnolia Blvd. in both directions until the accident was cleared up.


Accident at Reese and Magnolia Sends Driver to Hospital

Burbank police and fire units were called to the intersection of Magnolia Blvd. and Reese Pl. for a two car traffic accident Thursday afternoon.  A older model Ford pick-up truck and a compact sedan collided in the intersection, which is controlled by a traffic signal.

Burbank Fire Department Paramedics transported the driver of one of the cars to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, with moderate injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation to determine who was at fault.


Burbank Paramedics treat the driver of this car following a collision at Reese & Magnolia Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)